The Magnificence of GOD and The Mock Lock

I went on a walk with my friend early this morning, in an area unknown to me. She led the way to a lake and surrounding fenced park and walked towards a padlocked, rather narrow and very ordinary tall gate, which looked more like a rusty old doorway into someone’s backyard than the entry to a public park.

I had spotted the padlock straight away, looked at it and thought, “How are we going to get in?” My friend gently pushed the gate open and I realised that the padlock had only been attached to the gate and nothing else and said, “That’s a mock lock.” We laughed and continued on our walk.

But what has that got to do with God?

Well, other than being a funny rhyme – mock lock – it reminded me of the obstacles we humans put in the way between us and the innate knowing of the magnificence of God. We pretend we don’t know and can’t feel it; we deny God’s Beingness, His all-encompassing presence; we believe that we need an intermediary in the form of a member of the clergy, of whatever ilk we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We imbue God with our human spirit’s traits. We depict Him as vengeful, demanding of sacrifices, insisting on obedience; as angry, as meting out forgiveness; as supporting this as opposed to that, as taking sides – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We theorise that God takes sides and pays allegiance to some over others. We claim Him for the Catholic church, for the Islamic faith, for the Protestants, Anglicans and whatever divisions we can come up with – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We call on God in many ways, whether we say we believe in Him or not. We utter things like, “Oh God” or “Oh my God”; we kneel on hard floors or benches that hurt our knees; we prostrate ourselves on cold stone floors; we stretch out our arms in supplication across the distance towards heaven we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We have many images of God. We depict Him as a type of wizard with a long beard, grey hair and sitting on a throne; we paint his outstretched hand coming through the clouds and creating man; we think He lives behind the gates of heaven, guarded by saints and angels; we think He is a man and some think He must be a woman because that is only fair and bugger the patriarchy  – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We try to capture God and put words in His mouth. We craft scriptures hundreds of years after true messengers and masters have walked the earth and turn them into institutionalised religions. We wield dogma and come up with tenets and rules that throw the cloak of secrecy over paedophilia and condone and justify holding sway over a flock of followers – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We exert force in the name of God. We go to war and kill fellow human beings because their version of God differs from ours and must therefore be eradicated. We torture and seek revenge because our interpretation and image of God must be defended and strengthened but is in truth so shaky that we succumb to the vilest behaviour imaginable – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We make sure God is kept busy as we think befits human life. We pray for personal favours and try to haggle and bargain with Him. We swear off a behaviour if only God came to the table and delivered. We pray for others because we think we know what is right for them – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We make God responsible for the wrongs of this world. We think He should have put an end to war, cruelty, torture, domestic violence, rape and everything else that is wrong in this world whilst we shirk responsibility and keep frantically busy creating more of the mess that we demand or implore Him to fix up on our behalf – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

And while all this is going on, God is there in His magnificence and we, merrily or not, live in His atmic body and with the free will to deny, lie, demean, wilfully create, beseech, ignore and pretend whatever takes our fancy next until we understand free will, get honest, drop the pride, stop pretending and take responsibility.

And then?

We realise there is no gate, that there has never been a gate and thus, it and the padlock have been imaginary and our own creation all along.

And then?

We get to know and reacquaint ourselves with the reality of our grandness and that we have always been part of the magnificence that is God.

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

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662 thoughts on “The Magnificence of GOD and The Mock Lock

  1. I recently experienced a group of women drop into one of the qualities that shows the magnificence of God – stillness. Moments before, it had appeared that God was not in the building, yet after closing our eyes gently and becoming aware of our breath and body, ‘bingo’! – the quality was there. This showed me once again that the God denying/ignoring existence we see as normal is a super fine veil over the magnificence that is always waiting there for us.

    1. Divinity is forever available, on tap so to speak. It is up to us whether we make the choice to connect to it or not.

  2. “We realise there is no gate, that there has never been a gate and thus, it and the padlock have been imaginary and our own creation all along” – fantastic expose on entire life and its creation that we fall for from our imagined state of inebriated unawareness…. thank you for this sobering awareness Gabriele; for the awareness of God’s loving magnificence that is surrounding and enveloping us all, no matter what.

  3. All images of gates and padlocks are illusionary in the end. We are huge beings and on a more divine level, we are one. We descended so low that we seem to have padlocks as a physical proof, still of the misty doors we put ourselves.

  4. In our resistance to walking, living and breathing in connection to God and our divine Godliness, we instead allow ourselves and each other to exist in the harmful descent of all that is not of love, where abuse, disregard and lies are the standards we then accept as normal. Yet far from normal these are, as our relationship with God can never be truly severed as we are of His light and each of our Souls here on earth are inescapably part of His beholding love, here to shine the light of who we are, and all that we are divinely and magnificently representing.

    1. I just love your comments; I can feel you take your time, allow space for things to unfold and the words to come to you. Your voice counts, in more ways than one.

    2. This is penned with such authority Carola that the reader can’t turn away. What you share here, therefore, has to be considered deeply whether we agree with it or not, allowing for an opportunity to absorb the pertinence you share if we are open to it. Thank you.

  5. We don’t just have images of God, but images of everything… and this gets in the way of us seeing the truth in every aspect of life. It’s like we live life through our pre-conceived filters and can only see what we want to see and not what might actually be there.

    1. We prefer the familiar and comfortable and forfeit evolution, or try to as best as we can. It doesn’t work but that doesn’t deter us, until it does and we change our way.

  6. Creating whatever works to keep a boundary between God and us to avoid realizing our own godliness in order to hold on the the little kingdom we call our own: individuality.

    1. Little kingdom indeed, little fiefdom more likely. A fiefdom of its own making, like the Vatican maybe? All smoke and mirrors and only propped up by the thinnest of illusionary veils.

  7. I love how from such a practical everyday scenario your Mock Lock has brought so much understanding and exposed how we are choosing to deny all that we are.

  8. We will never come to know the magic of God until “we understand free will, get honest, drop the pride, stop pretending and take responsibility.” This is so well said Gabriele. I am struck today by the need to drop the pride part. It is very humbling to admit that we have gotten it all wrong here on earth, that we are out of control and that the only way forward is to drop our pride and arrogance and admit that there is another way to live that is about love and not separation.

      1. It is nothing, means nothing and is in fact powerless in contrast to the everything that love is, and the studendousness of the magnificence of multi-dimensionality that is known and felt through our connection to God – words really cannot describe.

  9. How much do we miss out when we deny the truth about God, who He is, what He does and how much love He showers over us? And it is always our choice to reconnect to truth.

  10. The sad thing is this mock lock truly imprisons us, despite the fact it does not exist. It’s a willful trick of our spirit to make what’s universally available seem scarce. Returning to the true understanding of God is the only way this lock can be undone. Thank you Gabriele.

  11. So many ways we make God out to be to fit in with what suits us, yet God remains all loving and non judgemental of the creations we make, holding us in the magnificence that we are.

    1. Isn’t it funny how so many world religions try to fit God into a human like character. Now this makes sense to me why so many people then have an issue with the word God.

      1. Yes, the bastardisation of the word and understanding of God is a tragedy which plays out at our expense and we have a wholes bolus chaos and array of devastation to show for it.

  12. It is always us who put on the locks as it is convenient to not see all that we are able to see. When we realise again who we are, the game we play is over.

  13. Dropping the facade, and all the accompaniments that seemly enthrall us becomes simple when we understand that we are all connected to a divine essence that will give us the key to undo all ill energy.

      1. Then is it possible when divinely connected that letting go of lies is a learning curve, that we are all going to go through one day. As we start to understand from our divinity the illusion and all its illusionary ways, which are ill-energy that is driven by the lies, then that energy wants to keep us in the illusion and playing small, to keep us from our divine connection.

      2. Yes – it really helps to see it in the context of the bigger picture and the fact that we are returning not going anywhere new and to be able to read the forces at play that we have aligned to.

      3. So true Michelle, forces that hide in the shadows to keep us from seeing “the bigger picture” and when this is seen for the lies, we can start to unlock what has been our illusionary ways.

  14. Gods Love is always shining within and without. The gentle opening of the unlocked gate is the surrender to the Love that we truly are.

  15. We hold on to many reasons and excuses as to why we can take move forward and embrace life, often subconsciously, choosing not to see and be aware of these things on some level. When we start to build a relationship with our body and feel the pace that it is naturally designed to live at, we start to feel more space in our lives, and the pattern and things we’re holding on to become much more obvious. Perhaps that’s why we keep ourselves busy – to avoid stopping and feeling how we are living, and what we are holding onto, and taking responsibility for that and all of our choices.

  16. Brilliant – how much in life do we keep ourselves from embracing in full because of false ideas about why we can’t

      1. Yes indeed, first we need to recognise that we have accepted so many lies about God and to realise where these lies came from and who or what was responsible for them. Then we can start to embrace the truth. We have to rid our societies of these lies that have turned into foundational stones.

      2. You’re so right – we have turned the lies into pillars of societal life and make sure that we get imbued with them from very young via parenting and education. And this pressure never lets up. Everyone has to conform or else …

  17. Interesting how God is seen as many things, but we rarely see God as playful and every moment gives us the opportunity to see how we can take ourselves lightly in any moment and how playful this can be.

  18. Open the floodgate and let go of all that has been perceived as a way to be that we thought was serving us. When the truth is that things that we have viewed as being good need to be flushed away by the true Love, that is our essence, which resides within us all.

  19. The magnificence of God is all around and with us in every moment,. It is in every breath we take and every move we make. I absolutely love reading this blog Gabriele.

    1. So true Kathleen – we have become so good at creating obstacles from the ease of accessing god in every movement.

  20. This is a magnificent blog that clearly puts into perspective the folly of the wayward, out of control human being in the face of a truly magnificent God.

  21. Knowing and accepting that we are “part of the magnificence that is God” and always have been brings a completely different focus and purpose to life. No longer is it a struggle, striving to achieve security. Instead it is to connect with our inner essence, our Soul, which is already complete and full requiring nothing for itself, and to express that in all its beauty and magnificence.

  22. No barriers to God. I feel like I have had some selfmade ones, so I have committed to living religiously, meanjng returning to connection with God in how I live, truth, honesty, love and how I treat my body. This is my path of return and knocks out the self made pictures of God as I go…

  23. “We realise there is no gate, that there has never been a gate and thus, it and the padlock have been imaginary and our own creation all along.” Yes and this imagery has been endorsed and imposed upon us through the various religions that know that if their followers were to realise there was no gate and no restrictions to accessing God save that of connecting to our inner heart, there would be no need for places of worship and the churches would no longer be able to retain their power and wealth. As you say Gabrielle we have through the ages created all the illusion in the first place.

  24. It is crazy when you put it like this, that keep ourselves away from God in such a way that seems really feasable and convincing ! It is incredible how we are so willing to see things as we want them to be.

    1. We see what we want to see and only what we want to see; and we don’t see what doesn’t fit the picture we have cobbled together and doesn’t suit our ideals and beliefs of how things should be.

      1. And the bizarre irony is that we choose to see that which is far less than what is really there and thereby diminish the magnificence of ourselves and everything else.

  25. It is always well worth remembering that it is we who start war and hence it is never God’s responsibility to end it. And what good would that do? For how are we going to learn to not start war in the first place, if the fallout and karma of it is not experienced and felt.

  26. A beautiful way to describe how we make life super complicated while all along it is very simple and has always been simple.

  27. “We realise there is no gate, that there has never been a gate and thus, it and the padlock have been imaginary and our own creation all along.” An amazing place to come to for ourselves that changes life forever allowing us to be the magnificance of God we all are.

  28. Gosh we put so many obstacles in the way of our connection with God. And then we yearn for it and fill the space with other things that then make us ill! If we drop the ill behaviour, we can drop the seeking as our connection is there within all along. We just have to allow it.

  29. We have a relationship with God even if we are a believer or non believer. We always have the choice and the free will.

  30. I have just bought a new lock for my personal records storage which means I will use it on a daily basis, a great moment to be reminded of the truth that we all hold the key to heaven, inside our own hearts.

  31. What if every gate, doorway is a threshold to a new paradigm, which is known to us, and all we have to do is align to God to unlock the deeper wisdom that is available every-time we step through that opening?

  32. Beautiful Gabriele – in a world of total possibility the only ‘downside’ is we are free to choose to create impossibles at whatever rate we like. The fact is though they simply are not true, no matter how serious or substantial they might seem.

  33. The reality that there is no gate and that there is no lock either to God and that he lives inside us all is deeply beautiful to know and live again and offers humanity a chance to truly live who we are as sons of God in our grandness and magnificence

  34. Sometimes it feels like what we see around us or feel around us is so far away from what we know to be the truth, that it makes you doubt that there is any true good in the world. But when we allow ourselves to see the full picture, we get to realise that God’s presence is in fact in everything, and so to see those things we do not really want to see, also ironically delivers the love that is around it all too. And thankfully this is the case, so that it helps us deal with the not to lovely things that happen around us.

  35. We are masters of re-interpretation, but in the end when we let everything fall away, what is left is the stark naked truth – and it is here that we are ‘confronted’ with the love that surrounds us and always has.

  36. ‘We theorise that God takes sides and pays allegiance to some over others.’ – How can it be that we claim to have some ownership in God when he is equally in us all?

    1. Great question Eva, I feel this is also the reason why we have experienced so much war and conflict in human history.

  37. ‘We imbue God with our human spirit’s traits.’ Yes we do Gabriele , and yet all along we have the truth of God within our being, we just choose not to live it.

  38. The creations of human beings around God and religion seem to bring in so much complication compared to the simplicity of being connected to God and living the love we are all from everyday.

  39. Just as there are times when we will wear the brakes of our cars more quickly due to the way we drive, so to are there times that our choices and way of living equates to us putting on the brakes. This I experienced recently to my cost.

    1. When we don’t say yes to what is next, it doesn’t just affect us, it has an impact on everything and everyone around, near and far.

  40. As we are all held in the love of God in all that we do, there can be no locks, no gates, no secrets, no separation, just an ocean of love everywhere, that no lock can keep us from, if we just return to ourselves and our innermost essence, which IS that love.

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