Walking your Walk

Us humans take a lot for granted. We know that, because when something is taken away we mourn it and regret the fact that we didn’t treasure it more, be it a loved one, material possessions, money or our job.

So what about the body?

The body seems to be the one thing that is taken for granted the most. The way we use it, abuse it, make it do all sorts of extreme activities, diets, social adventures and just as commonly, letting the body stagnate in the comfort of inactivity by doing nothing at all! Of course, when the body starts showing signs of dis-ease and ill health, some of us take it as a wakeup call, that things need to change; some blame the body for its lack of acceptance of one’s chosen lifestyle and they continue to do what they’ve always done and ‘put up’ with the body’s communications, or silence these communications with ‘medicative means.

Healing is a big deal in our world and there are many who believe they can heal others, that they are talented, have the equivalent of a ‘green thumb’ to the body as if it were a garden bed. But what if no one can actually do the healing for us? What if they can only inspire or ignite the body’s own and very natural way of healing what has been erroneously lived?

The key here is ‘what has been lived’ – because if our bodies get affected, dis-eased and ill from the way we live and move through life, then doesn’t it make sense that ‘life’ could also be the healer?

Walking, breathing, eating, our relationships, our work, our study, the way we move, how we drive – everything in life is an opportunity to heal and bring more of ourselves to life through the body. These are everyday life activities, many of which we take for granted, not realising the value in these somewhat basic tasks. We may not realise or have the awareness in our everyday life, but we DO know the importance and we DO take notice of these aspects – even if it is on a subconscious level.

We know when we are nervous, tense or stressed because the breath changes and gets fast and shallow. We can tell by watching someone walking down the street whether they are well in themselves, healthy, confident, shy, and insecure or being himself or herself. We know when someone is in a relationship, be it family, friends or partners, that isn’t doing so well and we can see that disharmony in their body by how they talk, breathe, sit, stand and walk.

It’s obvious, yet we haven’t really put two and two together and figured out the link between our living way, true wellbeing and sense of self.

There is one man who is presenting this as a fact and in doing so is changing the way many people see themselves and how they use life to their advantage by making use of everyday movements and tasks that we all have to do.

That man is Serge Benhayon.

Not only does Serge support many people in all areas of life through healing workshops and presentations that empower people to take their lives into their own hands and live it the way that life is intended to be lived, he has also recently initiated the modality of Walking Therapies.

Now this may sound strange, but when you think about it, how often do we walk? We have to walk to get from A to B – we have to walk to the bathroom, to the car and to bed (unless of course you have lost the mobility in your legs). So is there something in our walk that can actually have a very healing and medicinal quality for our body? There are sayings like ‘take a walk’ if someone is out of control, or ‘walk it off’ if they need space to come back to themselves. We know the power of a good walk, whether it’s solo or with others. Our walk speaks volumes of how we are so it makes absolute sense to myself and many other people who have experienced the modality of Walking Therapies, as presented by Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine.

On a personal account, nothing fancy happened in my Walking Therapy session – no crazy hi-tech machines that test the heat and pressure on your feet were used in this operation. It was basic and simple: a group of people walking, but walking in a way that was full of whole body presence and a purpose of expressing who we are in each and every stride. Serge was remarkable in the way he moved and walked from person to person offering one-to-one assistance. Watching him move was inspirational in itself, as the level of love, grace and speed he moved with spoke deeply of the way he lives his life and what he is connected to on an everyday level. You look at Serge walk and know that we are more than human – but he does human very well!

By taking on the small adjustments that Serge offered to me, my body completely shifted and my walk changed in a big way: no longer was I stuck in my head, I was in the presence and total enjoyment of my own movement and flow. I felt more confident, more connected to myself and more connected to those around me and afar. I guess that is saying a lot really – as when we are actually connected to our body and not caught in the mind we can FEEL the level of connection that our bodies have with everything else in life. The mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – especially what we cannot see.

The Walking Therapies have taught me much about my movement and the beauty of this is that I can practise it ALL THE TIME! Just as we breathe, eat, go to work, communicate in relationships – life is a constant instrument to express and deepen the relationship with the body and the connection this carries to the greater, grander aspects of life energetically.

By Rachael Evans, Bookkeeping Consultant, NSW, Australia

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1,153 thoughts on “Walking your Walk

  1. We take movement for granted and much of the time we can be on auto pilot moving from A to B without being aware of how we got there, and we completely forget that how we move has an impact on everything we do and everything we say.

    1. Most of us are on auto pilot for our entire lives, the A to B that we seem to zone out in often being the years between the age of about thirteen right up until death. We are literally sleep walking our way through life even when it’s action packed and adrenaline filled. And I say that because we currently equate sleep walking with inactivity but it has nothing to do with inactivity and everything to do with which stream of energy we are aligned to.

  2. More recently I have also been aware of my posture as I stand and as I walk and about letting my ‘heart’ lead the way. This comes from intention but also physically feels so much lighter in the body when the heart leads the walk and the talk.

  3. This is the blessing of the body as it allows us a connection to the deeper aspects of ourselves: “life is a constant instrument to express and deepen the relationship with the body and the connection this carries to the greater, grander aspects of life energetically.”

  4. It is very true – the more we go within and deepen the relationship to self the more we feel connected to those around us and beyond. It is in fact the opposite to what we have been taught or reflected to us where we live from a place of what is going on around us and allowing ourselves to get swept in by the drama, hustle and bustle of life.

    1. So well said Caroline – when we feel disconnected it is when we have jumped into the dramas around us, rather than dealing with the dramas from the cardio-centric view of staying in the body and letting the heart lead the way.

  5. I love how Serge Benhayon continues to offer us so many different modalities to support our healing. The Walking Therapies are super valuable in everyday life as this is something we are doing all of the time. Every step can be taken in the authority of embodied presence, because our body and mind are working together as one.

  6. “The mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – especially what we cannot see.” – how important then is the body as a tool to support us in life and in everyday situations? A very precious tool indeed.

  7. A wise man once said something along the lines of this: if the way we live makes us sick then changing the way we live can be our greatest medicine.

    1. This makes so much common sense, Henrietta, and yet we humans will do anything we can to avoid taking responsibility, even for our own bodies, as evident by the statistics of illness and disease. The Walking Therapies are great medicine indeed, just one of many modalities offered by Serge Benhayon to help bring us back into harmony with our bodies.

  8. I’ve not experienced one of these walking therapies, but I can tell when my walk isn’t supporting me in any way. The more I focus on how I walk and the energy in which I’m doing it, the more aware I am when I’m rushing or not paying attention or being totally present. It’s a great exercise.

  9. Another new modality Serge Benhayon has released: walking therapies. Walking as a way to clear old energies that are stuck in the body. For me walking is the start of each day, where I connect deeply to the divine being I know I am and then walk that feeling, that connection.

  10. By bringing our focus to how we are walking supports the whole body to readjust itself and often brings everything back into alignment. Even though it can be extremely subtle, we do notice and feel these subtle changes, and it also becomes apparent to the observer, although they may not always be able to discern what is different.

  11. Very true. It is a way of living and observing our movements that takes greater advantage of who we truly are, instead of the denial that we are just a human being. This is indeed what Serge does well, this is what is truly simple to watch and feel in the way Serge presents and offers the Walking Therapy sessions. He walks what he talks – it is the way he lives.

  12. “The body seems to be the one thing that is taken for granted the most.” Very true. But when we start to take true care of it, the pay back is enormous in terms of benefits to one and all.

  13. I suspect most of us think we are walking our walk. And yet if we had captured our walk and movements on film over our life time it would be clear to see changes and patterns forming that were not originally there. I am coming to realise just how much we imprison ourselves in on going patterns just by the way we move. Each step can confirm a false belief we have in life, such as struggle, victim hood, mental arrogance etc. This wears our body into a groove that is hard to shake unless we develop consistent body awareness.

    1. I was captured in a short video clip and what I had in my head of how I held my body was very different to what I saw on the screen. It was an interesting experience and it made me wonder how cool it would be to record our posture and walk to see how they relate to how we feel and our vitality levels.

    2. I agree Fiona, it does require a consistent level of awareness if we want to change our movements because of the attachment and entrenchment in which we have lived however I love and am too beginning to feel and get a sense of how capping and contracted these ill-behaviours and beliefs are because by becoming aware of the abuse first we can only then change our ways.

  14. The key to a healthy and more vital life is to put ourselves back in the driver’s seat and be fully aware how we move through life so we do not simply sit back and let life move through us.

    1. Great point Liane, such powerful yet simple wisdom, and how amazing does it feel to be in the driver’s seat of life?

  15. It takes one who lives IT to share with others how to live it themselves. Thanks to Serge Benhayon for being the One who is willing to do whatever it takes for everyone else to equally become and be the One.

  16. I did the walking therapies in June with Serge Benhayon and my walk has changed completely. I feel more connected, when I walk I feel much freer in my body, and I don’t find walking as tiring as I used to. The freedom has come from shedding some of the ideals that were with me as I was walking. It is a powerful modality that like so many of Universal Medicine modalities has changed my life.

  17. ‘You look at Serge walk and know that we are more than human – but he does human very well!’ On the other hand humanity is not doing human very well at all. …Watching one of the latest games for children on the virtual reality circuit I would even go to say we have lost our humanity. The action is so far divorced from what is real in life let alone what is true that it beggers belief. There are more and more ways to check out and avoid being present and participatory in relationship to the world today. Everyday living is becoming more and more lifeless and more and more cold and calculating, mental and sensational and otherwise emotional. We so need the likes of Serge Benhayon to bring us back to a sense of what is true and to have us feel again (without reaction) and connect with ourselves and each other from a place that is free of these impositions, of what we are being told to believe and how to ‘live’.

  18. There is only one man that has shown and reflected the powering of walking your own walk, I have been blown away by Serge’s reflection in his walk, let alone all his other movements he reflects. You can feel without question all that he is choosing and saying yes to, and when the opportunity came to partake in a walking therapy session I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Sure enough life changing and still to this day I feel the reconfiguration of my walk and how letting go of things that constrict you is beyond powerful.

    1. Everything that Serge Benhayon does, he does in such a way that he eliminates the self and so what gets reflected is God. God walking, God talking, God moving, God sitting still and this is not something particular to Serge Benhayon, this is something for us all to eventually do. Get ourselves out of the way in order to reveal the God that was there all along. God is always and has always been there, it’s just that we’ve done a masterful job at covering Him up.

  19. The walking therapies are incredible, I am a health practitioner who is beginning to really get a sense of the power in being postural aware, much more than just the functional aspects, I am inspired by Serge Benhayon concerning this awareness of the deeper healing and empowerment that can occur.

  20. I have attended two walking therapies sessions with Serge Benhayon now, they are simple, deeply healing and powerful. It was amazing noticing the difference in how everyone walked after the walking therapy, letting go of old configurations in their bodies that no longer belonged.

  21. While I’ve never had a walking therapy I do know that walking is like therapy. I find that a walk can be very healing if I’m not feeling myself. It also allows me to check in with myself – am I standing up straight, what is my gait like, am I in my head, etc. It’s often the simple things that can be the most powerful.

    1. I agree, I had a walk today and I felt my body more, connected with a rhythm and felt empowered by it. Healthy choice made, love it.

    2. Great Nick, and something as simple as our walk can either support us to heal or further cement our wayward behaviours. We can tell how vital someone feels just by the walk they walk. So it makes sense that the way we walk can assist us to heal and have more clarity.

  22. It is amazing to be aware of how powerful our walk is and also our very movement. Through our movements we have the power to change our lives and the world.

    1. In a world of ceaseless movement within a universe that is constantly expanding, how we move will determine the precise source of energy we align to – be this love or be it not.

  23. ‘The body seems to be the one thing that is taken for granted the most.’ I agree, Rachel and is the thing we abuse the most. Changing how we move it and walk it results in fundamental shifts of choice in all other areas of our lives.

    1. Choice leads to choice leads to choice. How we choose to move (and everything is a movement) leads to the range of choices that we will subsequently get offered. It’s not possible to choose our way out of something in one giant leap, we have to ease our way out one loving choice at a time until such time that we feel a million miles away from where we were previously.

  24. This has been something I have recently become more aware of… appreciation for what is on offer in each and every moment. Why hang on to the past, dream about the future, seek drama or indulge in hurts when there is an abundance of love on offer to connect with and tap into?

  25. “The body seems to be the one thing that is taken for granted the most.” This is so true. We will so readily make almost anything more important than our bodies, but at what expense? Eventually they will stop us in our tracks if we keep ignoring the messages they send. Far better to pay attention sooner rather than later and act on what we are being offered.

  26. How we move is how we express. I found the walking therapies to be invaluable, bringing so much more awareness to how I walk and the quality I walk in.

    1. Same for me Sueq2012, I appreciate and understand that the power of our walk can support our body and support our evolution. This highlights that our quality of expression can be either healing or harming and also reminds me to consistently check in with my body the quality of my movements.

  27. We walk a lot….curiously how much attention do we give to the way in which we walk. I would guess not a lot, especially compared to how much we walk. I remember Serge Benhayon a few years ago talking about how few of us in the human race are actually really connected to their body and walk in whole body presence. I know at the time I was not very connected and often walked ‘checked out’ – thinking about anything and everything. I felt that so acutely as to the impact that this must have on the earth when all these millions of people are walking (even stomping) around in disconnection to themselves. I reckon more than climate change would have actually.

  28. I have to have a tooth out and if I had cut down on the nuts and seeds and other crunchy things way earlier I may have been able to save my tooth….or at least have it last a way longer. It’s interesting that munching on seeds was the last straw for this particular molar…..something,( eating seeds and before that nuts) I know is not always wise for my digestion and even something a dentist once told me not to do because of the wear on my teeth and the possible fragility of them. I did stop for a while. We always know how to look after ourselves but sometimes stubbornly ignore the professional advice if it is not what we want to hear and chance that we can ‘get away with it’. We cannot, as my tooth is quite clearly demonstrating.

  29. The walking therapies are indeed a gift from God. When we were walking as a group, and Serge asked us to walk in a situation, I could not believe how draining and exhausting it was to walk like that. Especially, when you think that everyone is walking like this, it makes sense the level of despondency we live with on a daily basis.

  30. Yes! This makes perfect sense. Like it is soooo sensible ‘because if our bodies get affected, dis-eased and ill from the way we live and move through life, then doesn’t it make sense that ‘life’ could also be the healer?’ How we live holds the key to our health, our everyday choices and movements, how simple could it be and costs nothing! However, I did not truly understand or feel this until I met Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, but this is something we should all be taught from young, as well as the truth in energy, which is also taught and presented by Universal Medicine.

  31. Serge Benhayon has been bringing our awareness to our walks for a long time now. Just having presence and feeling the swing of your arms and hips has a hugely healing effect by bringing you back to your body. There is a lovely rhythm in my walk that reassures and steadies me and allows me to feel me again if I get lost in the computer or my work.

  32. Simply walking has become a science that allows us to deeply appreciate how and what is moving our bodies.
    Then in feeling what a joy it is to be connected and present with our essence and the joyfulness that is coming from the fluid movements as the body moves to it’s own rhythm, providing a clear relationship with more Love movement.

  33. Healing is a collaboration, firstly the person with themselves and their soul, then if required a practitioner as a facilitator, then as well the people around oneself by reflection and nature by symbolism…

  34. Our walks are only truly our walks when we connect back to our innermost and allow the power of the all to flow through us.

    1. Amazing Jenny, not many people know about what you’ve shared and therefore, through reflection and the quality of our walk we are able to inspire people around us. Also, the more we walk in our power we are in fact offering healing for all.

  35. We are never not healing, it simply cannot stop and has nothing to do with illness and disease, but much more with clearing ourselves from what we are not and releasing more of who we are.

  36. We only ever can offer another the opportunity and facilitation of healing, but the healing itself is fully a self-responsible choice and process we can embrace and activate/live at any moment, i.e. stopping the activity of the ill energy that produces any suffering, misery, illness and disease.

  37. I now know it to be true, that the mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – even when I don’t want to feel something I know that my body has felt it – we can’t not feel, we can only choose to not be aware of what we are feeling.

  38. It is so true that our movements reveal and communicate everything of the quality of energy we align to, so it makes absolute sense to develop a loving and honoring relationship with our body. For in bringing honesty and awareness to the quality of how we are moving we can maximise our connection to our essence and all that we are intrinsically connected to and walk the power of who we truly are, and really, are here to walk. Thank you Rachael, for presenting how empowering and transforming the Walking Therapies with Serge Benhayon are as this also was my experience, and as you say an amazing tool we can put into practice to continue to deepen ‘ALL THE TIME!’

  39. I’ve experienced walking therapy sessions with Serge Benhayon and they truly are profound and incredibly supportive. The insight that he shares on the different qualities that can be there when we move and walk is so valuable.

  40. There comes a moment when we realize that every move matters, that it is either harming or healing. That fact actually makes me stop in my tracks and take a moment to consider the significant meaning, but then it simply asks me to choose wisely the quality of my next move and that move is always now.

  41. Yes, we have put all our eggs in the basket of medicine and healing from by others yet what about life and the way we are living each and every day?

  42. We take most of our movements for granted and once we have ‘learnt’ a movement we rarely go back and truly feel wether we are moving in a way that is true and honouring of ourselves. We allow ourselves to walk with things that have affected us during our day and also through our lives, making us walk less then who we are. I know from my own experience from these walking therapies, I used to walk small and hide instead of walking the fullness of myself and showing the world how amazing I am, a true healing indeed.

  43. Powerful to understand we heal ourselves through everyday activities and quality of movements.

    1. It sure is and this is the true blessing that is offered through the teachings of Serge Benhayon, for us all to realise and activate in our lives, so that we can live and magnify the power of who we are, why we are here, and inspire others to equally do the same, as Serge reflects through his every movement.

  44. “everything in life is an opportunity to heal and bring more of ourselves to life through the body”. To live life with this understanding brings out our true qualities, not those imposed on us from the outside.

  45. What Serge Benhayon is presenting via the Walking Therapies is nothing less than miraculous. What I have felt in my own body and also observed in others as we were introduced to this heaven sent modality, was so simple yet at the same time hugely profound. There is no end to what is possible when we walk in connection to the power of who we are, and the ripple effect that has on everyone and everything around us.

    1. Our movements send a constant message, they are either saying ‘owned’ or ‘claimed’. Owned by the pranic consciousness that rides us like donkeys or claimed as The Living Sons Of God That We All Are.

  46. Yes I agree these walking therapies immediately bring mind and body together as one and we begin to walk in our authority. We can let go of lifetimes of baggage and allow a new life to emerge for us.

  47. I recently attended one of these Walking Therapy sessions Rachael, and it was incredible how much shifted for all that were present . As you say, Serge supported everyone individually and equally, and by bringing focus to how we move completely shifted the way we walked so that our bodies moved effortlessly but with such grace and power. Such a simple tool, but one that when brought consistantly to our everyday, makes such a difference to everything that we do.

  48. We spend so much time on our feet it is worth investing some time and effort being aware of the way that we walk.

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