The Esoteric – the Grace of God on Earth

What is the esoteric? Perhaps the easiest way to grasp what the esoteric looks like is simply to engage with a baby and feel the connection, the warmth, openness and equality of affection that is expressed unequivocally to all by the infant, while observing how this childlike expression of these qualities elicits from everyone a deep regard for the delicateness of the infant, a sense of joy in relating to her/him and a melting, warm feeling in the chest – in fact, a gentle surrender to the self-same qualities within oneself.

This is the esoteric – a connection with the innermost heart we are all born with, which somehow becomes layered over with the complication and heavily laden webs of mental activity and emotionality as we develop into what is seen as a normal, functioning human being. Yet this latter version of normality has a tendency to deny the strength, and even the existence of, this connection, bringing us all to a place where our esoteric is either completely unknown or miss-defined and bastardised in our dictionaries the world over to mean:

“Very unusual and understood or liked by only a small number of people, especially those with special knowledge.” (1)

How has something we are all born with, something that is completely innate and natural to us all, as witnessed in a baby, have come to mean something exclusive, secretive, and mysterious and known only by a privileged few? Especially when any direct experience with one’s esoteric instantly brings a sense of love-filled, equal and abiding respect for all? How did we allow this on a global scale, as well as with each child born into this world?

A life lived in connection with one’s esoteric naturally brings a deeply felt sense of composure with life: the capacity to hold oneself and others as though in a tender embrace, deeply observing of the multitude of forceful energies that beset us all on a daily basis – what we often refer to as the stresses of life – and offering in the face of such tumult a consistency of love, including those times where it is necessary to offer potentially challenging home truths. All that is not of love is sensitively felt from within as an impostor to the truth of who we are and hence called out as not belonging to the quality of energy that is being lived, not only for oneself, but as a mirror wherein all may see their own reflection and recognise it as their true quality also.

Why would any of us refuse, ignore or bury this connection with Divinity with which we are blessed at birth, to exchange it for a life lived in pursuit of identifying of oneself as an individual, proving oneself according to the externally derived and unforgiving, but socially validated, standards of the outside world?

History indicates the disturbing frequency with which those who have lived the esoteric have been persecuted for choosing to live in a way that brings true community and brotherhood for all and a life lived in service to one’s brethren (2). All the while, these times of persecution did force communities of esoteric underground – and then labelled them as ‘secretive’ for being underground.

We are not as a species a race of bullies. Bullies and the force of bullying most assuredly exist but the majority of us do not fall into this category at all. No – most of us fall more into the category of bystanders, those who allow by our collective silence the force of bullying to flourish.

So whilst the force of bullying does its utmost to crush the esoteric and its expression, it is the bystanders who tacitly affirm by inactivity and apathy that such is life in a ‘dog eat dog world.’

I have never personally witnessed a dog mistreating a fellow dog in this way, however I observe daily the attempt to suppress the esoterically derived natural joy and wonder at life expressed by children and by some adults through what can be the harsh, mental rigours of the education system. It would be seriously verboten (forbidden) to suggest that love be an integral part of the curriculum, that is, both the expression of love in our language and the activity of love in relationship with the knowledge that is taught in schools.

It is a common belief that God, under most of the names conferred upon him by institutionalised religion, did create this planet we call our home. It would seem logical that the presence of His hand in this would naturally lend itself to connecting with the absolute Love that brought forth all that we see in nature and beyond our world to the stars. So why is this excluded from the curriculum?

Is it part of the conundrum – that this can all be felt from our innermost, our esoteric, and that beckoning the esoteric to feel, to express and to flourish would open up our true relationship with Our Father? Having accepted a relationship that is outside the parameters of any currently existing church, we would then need to accept and understand that this relationship with God is that of the Son – His Son – all of us as His Sons and that the esoteric is our bridge back to this truth and to this way of living.

Is it possible that this way of living would upset way too many applecarts for our collective comfort? In a world where we award and reward top of the ladder, singular individuals for their prowess in academia, in sport, in business and in research, is the prospect of God given equality across the board simply too much for us to handle? The grace and love of God that is found in our innermost knows neither distinction nor boundary. It is in its nature to behold us all and to express the grace of God on earth through our esoteric. Is this why we crush and suppress it?

But this suppression buries the most precious part of us all – the part that feels and loves, the part that expresses tenderness and deep affection, the part that holds all with grace as divinely equal brothers.

How much of a travesty have we perpetrated upon ourselves to live in a world where few live from their esoteric and the majority have a false definition of the term – if they have heard of it at all? Why do we deny the grace of God on earth?

By Coleen Hensey


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435 thoughts on “The Esoteric – the Grace of God on Earth

  1. “The Esoteric – the Grace of God on Earth” – through the body of a single human being in obedience to that esoteric light.

  2. It is a great question to ask, Why do we deny something we know so innately is within every single one of us? It is the most bizarre human behaviour ever – animals don’t do it, they don’t deny their essence and desperately try to outdo each other or be another animal! We really are not the super smart race of beings we thing we are, are we?

  3. Imagine how different life on earth would be if everyone knew that at their core, that in their essence they were equal. That no essence was greater or lesser than another. Would there be war, or domestic violence, or even road rage? I suspect not, not because these things come from not knowing the worth of another, but because they often come from not knowing the glory that is within.

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