Valuing the ‘Esoteric’

The word ‘esoteric’ can be traced back to the Pythagorean era where it was simply used to define the ‘inner-most’ of human beings, as opposed to things that were outside of us. It was widely accepted without fuss that it was natural to have this inner core and for human beings to be connected to this part of themselves known as their ‘essence.’ Yet over the years the true meaning of the word has been slowly eroded away to the point that very few people know the true meaning of the word, let alone its magnificent original history.

Instead, ‘esoteric’ has now come to be described in dictionaries as something quite secretive and exclusive. For example, one online definition describes ‘esoteric’ as something “understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest” (1) when in fact the exact opposite is the case. We certainly don’t need any special qualifications or magical powers as our ‘inner-most’ can’t go anywhere – we were born with it and it just stays right there inside each and every one of us regardless of whether we choose to consciously connect to it or not!

Some people might question why it matters if the true meaning has been lost over time. But if we stop and think about the possibilities that could arise if we were taught the true meaning of the word right from birth onwards, it becomes clear that the scope of the damage done has been quite substantial.

When we are connected to our ‘inner most’ it’s quite extraordinary what we can know about ourselves, those around us, and the world in general. This ‘knowing’ is not something that is drawn from outside of ourselves, it is something that occurs when we slow down and take the time to connect to what is happening in our bodies. The messages we receive provide us with extraordinary wisdom that is applicable to every area of life and is way beyond what we can learn from textbooks, although obviously such learning has its place. Furthermore, if we were taught the importance of such a connection from an early age and experienced its ripple effect out to every facet of life, a beautiful foundation for our ‘Livingness’ would be laid, supporting us to grow and fulfil our true purpose and potential.

When the word has been bastardised to the degree it has, it’s little wonder that people dismiss the healing power of living esoterically. But consider our health as an example of what is there to value through a connection to our inner-most essence. Such a connection offers us a bridge to know much more precisely what is supporting health and wellbeing and what is sabotaging it. The impacts from what and how we eat, drink, exercise, sleep and so forth would be understood instantly and we would come to realise there was no such thing as “getting away with it.” Instead, we would be getting a constant ‘report’ back from our inner-most letting us know loud and clear the consequences of our choices, long before illness and disease became obvious.

How much could this change our current strong reliance on Western medicine if we knew how to discern for ourselves many of the basic ways to lovingly care for and nurture ourselves to maintain health?

Nations are struggling with the public health debt as illness and disease continue to rise, despite the billions of dollars poured into research and health facilities. But here we have Esoteric medicine offering a harmonious complement to Western medicine and importantly, is freely available to all, and it is being overlooked! It is resisted, ridiculed and viewed with suspicion and paranoia because the word has been so maligned and misconstrued that people don’t understand the full potential of what it truly offers. What a loss to humanity!

Apart from the improvements for people living much healthier lives, the reduction in the costs to governments everywhere would be phenomenal. Levels of accountability would automatically be set at much higher levels. A lot of the corruption and greed that prevails in the health industry would be cleared out as people could discern through their inner-connection what held integrity and truth and what was false.

It makes sense from every angle, so let’s reignite the fire within us and tune up our awareness of the importance of ‘the esoteric.’ Let’s bring it into our Livingness so that it takes its true place in our lives once again!

By Helen Giles, Townsville, QLD, Australia


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309 thoughts on “Valuing the ‘Esoteric’

  1. The more we live connected to our innermost, the less we are at the mercy of false attractions and superficial rewards. It is in this connection, living esoterically, that we get to understand, enjoy and embrace responsibility (one of many other words we have taken off track from their true meaning).

  2. When you take the word ‘esoteric’ and you make it to mean something mysterious and hidden, then it is simply a way to fool or ward people away from the very thing that is natural and known deep within. This is an age old tactic to keep people from connecting to themselves and hence being dependent on the outside world for everything. When this is the case, then people are far more easy to control. But when you connect deeply to your essence, the esoteric, you empower yourself and support others to do likewise.

  3. Learning about the world, gaining knowledge, is important but without a connection to our innermost we lack the wisdom to discern how to use that knowledge to truly support the evolution of all. The esoteric, our innermost, gives us a true foundation from which to learn, grow and lovingly give back to our society and world.

  4. I can tell when something is abusive because deep down we all know love, I can sniff a lie because deep down we all know truth, I can recognise inequality because deep down we all know harmony…. Everything can be read and known at the level of our innermost.

  5. The truth of the harm we have done to ourselves as humanity of not living from our innermost “the esoteric”is clear to see in the world and cannot truly be denied. So lets us come back and connect to the depth of wisdom and love we are by our living way and reunite as one in connection to the all, the universe and our multidimensionality.

  6. There was never anything secret about the esoteric, but if it had ever been portrayed that way, Universal Medicine has blasted that illusion away, making the understanding of the esoteric, and all it brings to life, simple and available to all.

  7. A great call for us to live what we know. And it doesn’t mean we have to be strange or use different language- I have felt the possibility of connecting deeply with others and developing true relationships by just loving who I am. This reflection alone can start to shift the patterns and behaviours we have said yes too.

  8. Yes there is so much to value in the esoteric, the more I connect to it within and from my connection with my body the more I feel what is there to value.

  9. Valuing the esoteric is the all of the all and is also valuing ourselves. For if we choose to live the esoteric in our lives as a raw and real way of life, we live the esoteric each day.

  10. It sure has been a process of re-learning to value my inner-most. First it started with the support of The Gentke Breath Meditation, a technique of Universal Medicine as taught by Serge Benhayon. This gave me the space, opportunity and support to connect to my inner-most and be reminded that this being is very much apart of my everyday if I do choose to be in connection with it.

  11. Valuing the esoteric is valuing our true selves. And so “to be true to yourself” – is being true to your inner-most or to the esoteric. The fact that the word has been bastardised into something ephemeral or elusive and out of the ordinary is thus an indictment on our race and offers valid rationale for why the world is the way it is in all its disharmony, unrest and unhealthiness.

  12. From young the Esoteric feels very natural to me, what I cannot understand and reacted hugely against was why I was not allowed most of the time to be my natural self. Everything in the world blatantly tells me I have to be different or I won’t be accepted.

  13. Connecting with our body, being more aware of it and what we sense from inside of us actually helps us to connect with an intelligence that is beyond this physical world but one that is completely practical and harmonious with it.

    1. And building our relationship with this inner intelligence makes life so much simpler… there is a sureness and clarity in our whole body intelligence that frees us from the conundrum and uncertainty of our brains working in isolation.

  14. It is important that we remember that we never loose our Divine essence, ever, not any of us, it is always there underneath all the other rubble we have said yes to until such time that we stop, bit by bit, choosing those things and allow our true essence to shine once again.

  15. ‘When we are connected to our ‘inner most’ it’s quite extraordinary what we can know about ourselves, those around us, and the world in general.’ This is so true, and equally true for every single person. A step into our innermost and it is astounding what happens. As is the case of the students in India that we are working with at the moment .. they are incredible and as they open up, the pearls of wisdom and immense joy that bursts through says it all. Amazing and so simple!!

  16. When words loose their meaning or the meaning is changed, we lose out on our ability to communicate and understand life to its full

    1. Beautifully said Rebecca – keeping the true meaning of words is a battle in today’s society, but in bringing back or resurrecting the true meaning of words, lies much of our true healing.

  17. How do we get the esoteric out there Helen to a world that is not really interested? Its such a funny relationship many have. I know what gave me instant interest was knowing how life truly worked because, before that I did not know how to be responsible. I was getting sucked in to how life was on the surface and inevitably was withdrawing from life not enjoying it — this created a mess for me. That’s what I mean about the ‘funny’ relationship people have with life — they are getting what they want but its not much at all. Living life esoterically means everything you do is captured and joy is experienced in the most mundane and dulling of tasks. Esoteric is not mystic just purposely not shown to us because it shows us the truth straight and simple.

  18. I’ve noticed that even between people who understand the word ‘esoteric’ it is often used as a derogatory word. It’s so easy to dismiss it and discount it. If we are resistant to it in any way we will overlook it and strive on with life without stopping to connect to the beauty inside us.

  19. Can you value the Esoteric but not yourself? Can you champion Love whilst ignoring your inner sense? Can you live with ease when you block out your grace? It seems there was a maths lesson they missed out at school.

  20. “When the word has been bastardised to the degree it has, it’s little wonder that people dismiss the healing power of living esoterically….” Its like humanity has been lead off-course to where we now live in a 24/7 busy and easily distracted society as a consequence… The way our global health is going, it is about time to return and reinstate the true meaning of the word ‘esoteric’, as living esoterically could be the start of bringing a much needed decline to the rate of illness and lifestyle dis-eases.

  21. I wouldn’t swap my life back to a time before I started to work with the esoteric for all the tea in China as they say, my life has been so enriched and I understand myself and another way more than ever before which has empowered me to change my choices and bring so much Joy to my life.

  22. Not only do we deny our true wisdom, but we then pay zillions of dollars to support the opposing consciousness. And the truth is that inside us all, we do know what we are doing and so you could in one sense say that we don’t have a poverty issue, we don’t a medical crisis, we don’t have geo-political turmoil, we don’t have rampant corporate corruption…we in fact just have mass group irresponsibility.

  23. “…meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest…” And yet, through my choice to live esoterically I am beginning to feel more connected and equal to the rest of humanity than ever in my life; thus it is quite the opposite of ‘the select few’.

  24. The esoteric has been around for eons, in a way it’s strange that people are not studying the fundamental shifts in well being that people are making particularly when there is so much strain in governments and the NHS. There is nothing elusive or secretive about the esoteric it is simply a way of living that has been lived throughout history.

  25. Without a concerted effort by some religions in the past, the word esoteric would still be considered as normal and natural as it is. Around the same time in history, health was accepted as including the body, mind and soul. Without all three in balance and the soul leading the way, we do not have true health, as evidenced by our epidemic rates of lifestyle derived illness.

  26. I love how your blog appreciates the value of the esoteric to us all in our daily lives as a roadmap through life but also the amazing cost benefits to nations of people choosing to live connected to their innermost and thus being more responsible for their own health and wellbeing.

  27. The ‘Esoteric’ no longer seems the impossible that we have been led to believe for aeons and as we live from our essence we begin to understand that accepting responsibility for how we live will make sense of the way we live and no longer will we need to be holding our hands up in aghast and shock horror at the state of the world but living with integrity and in synchronicity with the Universe.

  28. I love that you’ve used the word ‘Reignite’ – it’s impossible for our flame to ‘go cold’ and there are always embers burning away.

  29. A beautiful valuing of our Esoteric and the appreciation love and joy we are inside when we let it out and live it is deeply felt.

  30. “The impacts from what and how we eat, drink, exercise, sleep and so forth would be understood instantly and we would come to realise there was no such thing as “getting away with it.” A truth that in time will become extremely obvious. When we take responsibility of our every thought, word and action in accordance with our inner essence, then we soon come to understand that everything, absolutely everything has an impact on our bodies, both positive and negative and hence our whole relationship with the way we live will undergo an incredible transformation.

  31. “A lot of the corruption and greed that prevails in the health industry would be cleared out as people could discern through their inner-connection what held integrity and truth and what was false.” I agree Helen… a lot of corruption and greed would be exposed worldwide in all areas of life when people connect to their inner essence and express their truth.

  32. A great article Helen and a great call to live our every day connected to this divine essence that is us, so that in that reflection others may come to feel their own esoteric and learn to live from that divine connection.

  33. The true meaning of this word is actually the complete opposite of what it has become known to be more commonly. Modern definitions of Esoteric include words like ‘mysterious’ and ’secretative’. There is nothing more real, touching and transparent than having a rich connection with yourself that you then share with others.

  34. The word ‘Esoteric’ captures the innate relationship we have with ourselves, without this relationship we will never build a true platform of confidence and worth in our daily lives.

  35. Helen, this is really interesting; ‘It was widely accepted without fuss that it was natural to have this inner core and for human beings to be connected to this part of themselves known as their ‘essence.’ Nowadays if we talk about our inner heart, soul or inner core it seen as a bit ‘out there’ and something that only a small number of people are interested in, so its inspiring and confirming to read that actually this was once our natural way – to be connected with our soul and to live from our essence.

  36. Maybe the word Esoteric became bastardised because as we lost connection with our essence we became a mystery to ourselves? Then our lives become complicated rather than being in the simplicity which comes from being in connection to our innermost

  37. Valuing the esoteric is like valuing ourselves, we can live it and walk it so can become it as we live this way. Thank God for Serge Benhayon for bringing the esoteric this time in our history.

  38. Pythagoras taught us to live from our innermost in a time that was heavy with man fighting man, today Serge Benhayon teaches the same Ageless Wisdom whilst we have endless wars and all manner of ways chosen to check out from our innermost truth – both being absolutely necessary, having done or doing their job of breaking the consciousness we’ve been held under – that does not want us to know the truth of our divine nature.

  39. It feels quite strange how people dismiss the healing power of living esoterically, because this is the key for us to return to living a healthy lifestyle through a connection to our inner-most essence. This connection offers us a way out of living with illness and disease as our normal, it is in our hands and our choices right now.

  40. Our connection to our innermost is everything, no wonder it has been bastardised. It offers us a connection not just to ourselves but to the vastness of the Universe and gives us an understanding of what life is really about, this in itself is huge and super empowering and worth nurturing and valuing.

  41. When we are living in connection with our innermost, our bodies share the truth of what this means for anyone who is open to receiving the truth, whether our minds are aware of this, or not.

  42. How is it that we have taken a word and turned it around to mean the opposite of its original meaning? The ‘inner-most’ is something that applies to us all – hardly something ‘meant only for the select few’. I liken this to what has happened with ‘common sense’. Common sense seems to have come to be perceived as lacking value – perhaps because it is common to all, and we only value that which identifies us as ‘special or different. But common sense is in my view a depth of wisdom innate in us all equally, through our connection with our bodies. When we allow words to be bastardised away from their true meanings, we lose ourselves in a mental ‘structure’ that does not accord with truth.

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