Valuing the ‘Esoteric’

The word ‘esoteric’ can be traced back to the Pythagorean era where it was simply used to define the ‘inner-most’ of human beings, as opposed to things that were outside of us. It was widely accepted without fuss that it was natural to have this inner core and for human beings to be connected to this part of themselves known as their ‘essence.’ Yet over the years the true meaning of the word has been slowly eroded away to the point that very few people know the true meaning of the word, let alone its magnificent original history.

Instead, ‘esoteric’ has now come to be described in dictionaries as something quite secretive and exclusive. For example, one online definition describes ‘esoteric’ as something “understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest” (1) when in fact the exact opposite is the case. We certainly don’t need any special qualifications or magical powers as our ‘inner-most’ can’t go anywhere – we were born with it and it just stays right there inside each and every one of us regardless of whether we choose to consciously connect to it or not!

Some people might question why it matters if the true meaning has been lost over time. But if we stop and think about the possibilities that could arise if we were taught the true meaning of the word right from birth onwards, it becomes clear that the scope of the damage done has been quite substantial.

When we are connected to our ‘inner most’ it’s quite extraordinary what we can know about ourselves, those around us, and the world in general. This ‘knowing’ is not something that is drawn from outside of ourselves, it is something that occurs when we slow down and take the time to connect to what is happening in our bodies. The messages we receive provide us with extraordinary wisdom that is applicable to every area of life and is way beyond what we can learn from textbooks, although obviously such learning has its place. Furthermore, if we were taught the importance of such a connection from an early age and experienced its ripple effect out to every facet of life, a beautiful foundation for our ‘Livingness’ would be laid, supporting us to grow and fulfil our true purpose and potential.

When the word has been bastardised to the degree it has, it’s little wonder that people dismiss the healing power of living esoterically. But consider our health as an example of what is there to value through a connection to our inner-most essence. Such a connection offers us a bridge to know much more precisely what is supporting health and wellbeing and what is sabotaging it. The impacts from what and how we eat, drink, exercise, sleep and so forth would be understood instantly and we would come to realise there was no such thing as “getting away with it.” Instead, we would be getting a constant ‘report’ back from our inner-most letting us know loud and clear the consequences of our choices, long before illness and disease became obvious.

How much could this change our current strong reliance on Western medicine if we knew how to discern for ourselves many of the basic ways to lovingly care for and nurture ourselves to maintain health?

Nations are struggling with the public health debt as illness and disease continue to rise, despite the billions of dollars poured into research and health facilities. But here we have Esoteric medicine offering a harmonious complement to Western medicine and importantly, is freely available to all, and it is being overlooked! It is resisted, ridiculed and viewed with suspicion and paranoia because the word has been so maligned and misconstrued that people don’t understand the full potential of what it truly offers. What a loss to humanity!

Apart from the improvements for people living much healthier lives, the reduction in the costs to governments everywhere would be phenomenal. Levels of accountability would automatically be set at much higher levels. A lot of the corruption and greed that prevails in the health industry would be cleared out as people could discern through their inner-connection what held integrity and truth and what was false.

It makes sense from every angle, so let’s reignite the fire within us and tune up our awareness of the importance of ‘the esoteric.’ Let’s bring it into our Livingness so that it takes its true place in our lives once again!

By Helen Giles, Townsville, QLD, Australia


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381 thoughts on “Valuing the ‘Esoteric’

  1. If it were not for the esoteric teachings that have been brought through to us again in this era with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I would have continued to close my eyes to the truth and what I knew and felt deep within. I always felt a constant tension and nothing ever felt true and I was always making do and life had no sparkle meaning or purpose. This has all changed and I have a vitality that I have not had since I was in my early 20’s and I now have a purpose which is to live me in full with joy, and bring this to the world.

  2. When words are bastardised, mis-appropriated and mis-interpreted language becomes a tool of control and manipulation of ideas and thereby of people.

    1. jstewart51, I totally agree with you words and how they are used can be more powerful than a nuclear bomb.
      Words can penetrate our bodies and leave us feeling less for the rest of our lives. To be humiliated for example by words that are a dense form of energy that we cannot see but we can definitely feel in our bodies is like being hit, this is what we feel, the impact of the words spoken.

  3. Connecting to and living from the innermost develops an understanding of life that no education can bring since it allows us to feel the truth in any given situation. Imagine every situation you might be in and you can feel the truth of those you are with. Pretty cool if you ask me.

    1. Judykarenyoung, feeling the truth of why we are being asked to do something at work, meant I could understand the reason was because it justifies someone’s position within the company, simple. With this understanding everything slips into place. Since this person came to work for the company they have complicated what used to be simple systems and procedures again, this gives them control over what they do and control over others. Behind the smiles is control and manipulation, when this can be seen for what it is, then as you say this is pretty cool because life has expanded and gives an opportunity to not get caught up in the games being played.

  4. There is a true way of being that is guided by a quality within us which is what represents who we are in essence. Living in connection and impulsed by this ever-present inner quality, that is our Soul, is what brings true settlement to our lives and allows us to live governed and in honour of the greater love and truth from within us.

    1. The one thing that our bodies crave above all else is the settlement that connection to our soul brings. And this is the one thing that we struggle to align to, it is as though there is a constant fight within us to stop this connection. Our own bodies have become a battlefield where the spirit is determined to dominate and control in its desire to stay in creation.

  5. It is true that health systems across the world are struggling to keep up with the demands of the ever increasingly complicated disease and illness picture that is being presented by our global population. Which brings us naturally to questions about us, as a human race and how we are living together.

  6. The more I choose the esoteric as my source to inform and impulse me to live life, the more I get to appreciate that it is the only way out of the entrapment of life.

    1. I agree with Alison that the Esoteric has been deliberately bastardised to veil the truth of life. The fact that we continually question life shows me that we do know that there is more to life, there has to be or we wouldn’t ask the question ‘surely there has to more to life than what I’m currently living’. So deep within us we do know, is it possible we lie to ourselves because we created this mess we live in and to own up to that and take responsibility is something we are loath to do.

  7. Without valuing the esoteric we don´t know the esoteric and vice versa, so that we basically don´t get anywhere but stay stuck in what is void of the esoteric, i.e. the merely temporal dimension of life.

  8. ‘Let’s reignite the fire within us and tune up our awareness of the importance of ‘the esoteric.’ Great call Helen, to claim and live the truth of the esoteric brings an ease and simplicity to our lives, to live any other way brings complication and goes against our natural way of being.

  9. Esoteric means that which we all know to be true. Fact. Key is that we are no where near our truth when we live in the denial of our inner-‘most our “deep knowing”. How can life truly work without it?
    We all see, it doesn’t.

  10. Well put Helen, we live or whole lives and never connect to our esoteric or our inner most, and because of that we don’t know who we are and we don’t bring out our true essence; often we disregard our physical bodies, I know I did before I came to Universal Medicine and started to appreciate myself from the inside out.

    1. Bernard your words ring true to me, I was living in so much disregard I was my own worst enemy. Along comes Universal Medicine to show us all that we are showered every nanosecond of the day with love, some of us put up umbrellas so that we do not receive all that is freely given and some people just walk in the constant showering of love and they light up the world and inspire us to put down the umbrellas and just saturate ourselves in God’s love. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to fold up the umbrella and be showered with love from God. Then we will also light up the world.

  11. Let’s re-ignite that fire – our fire and let it take up it rightful place in our lives, bringing back responsibility and accountability for our own actions and consider their impact on others.

  12. Living esoterically makes so much sense when you consider it is your inner-most that communicates with you and tells you what works for your particular body and what doesn’t.

    1. Yes, living esoterically does make sense – in fact, its so natural for a human being to live in this way, many people do live this naturally, but haven’t associated the name with it, particularly as the word has been so erroneously corrupted as if to mean something quite the opposite.

  13. I love this Helen; ‘It makes sense from every angle, so let’s reignite the fire within us and tune up our awareness of the importance of ‘the esoteric.’ Let’s bring it into our Livingness so that it takes its true place in our lives once again!’ indeed it’s such a loss for humanity to have been put on the wrong track (or been put on the wrong leg as we say in Dutch) but the more we start to live from our innermost the more of an inspiration we are.

  14. What do you do if you want to run amok on this planet and not respect how precious we and everything else is? Muddy and change the word ‘esoteric’ to the point where we no longer ‘accept without fuss’ the fact of our divine essence, and what that means about the way we need to live whilst we are here.

  15. Helen, very true, you reached a point of absolute simplicity where it is known that the way we are with ourselves and each other causes us to have either a healthy way of living and enviroment or not. We can’t fix the problems with the source of energy that created them. And so, there must be another way that can show us a deeper form of health that we can live by, that is called The Way of The Livingness and those testimonies of people living in this way show us the true and deep benefit!

  16. ‘…so let’s reignite the fire within us and tune up our awareness of the importance of ‘the esoteric.’ Let’s bring it into our Livingness so that it takes its true place in our lives once again!’. I’m all for that Helen, connecting to my Innermost has been the best gift I have ever given myself, it feels like I am coming home, coming back to myself. I am often asked what the word ‘esoteric’ means and your explanation helps with my understanding of this, so thank you and yes, let’s reignite the fire inside us and restore the world back to harmony and a loving way that is innate and natural within us.

  17. It’s now up to the individual to keep these traditions alive and to help awaken others to the importance of them. Esoteric healing is a tremendous threat to Big Pharma and the medical industry as it is. It’s not a coincidence that natural healers and loud voices speaking out for natural medicine are getting suicided all over the place.

  18. It’s so true that the wisdom of Esoteric teachers and philosophers throughout history is overlooked, and the teachings are actually extremely practical and relatable to modern life, offering another way of living that is enriched, purposeful and inclusive of the all which is needed more than ever in our current era of separation in society.

  19. The potential if the true meaning of ‘esoteric’ was natural to all from a young age would open humanity to an awareness of their own divinity.

  20. It is interesting to consider that while our bodies at times can be very clear on what to eat and what not, we may choose for the ‘not to’ eat food simply because we can and do not appreciate enough the esoteric where that instant knowing is coming from.

  21. The arrogance of the mind that is in control over the body, is not interested in the cost and life force involved of curing all the illness and diseases as a result of its choices. It is only interested in its capability to create and the excitement that this brings.

  22. As a student of life and the Esoteric, what is openly shared on these web pages shows the most transparent simple approach to living that we could find anywhere on the internet. So True, Esoteric Teachings have always been open for those who choose to reconnect to there “essence” or Soul. History shows us that and like all true teachings the Livingness of the students becomes evident as a simple Loving way of being.

    1. Indeed Greg, and when we allow the esoteric to become our guide in life again we will find that it is our normal and can start to see the waywardness living in disconnection from this esoteric was bringing to our lives but to is bringing to our societies as a whole.

  23. Can you image if schools actually had Esoteric Studies as a class or subject? Where you get to learn about yourself, your connection to your body and how to approach life from that place and space? I dare say our children, parents, education staff and basically the entire education system would be very different and the ripple on effect of that would touch all avenues of life, because most people have something to do with the education system at some time in their lives.

    1. Great call Rachael, and may I ask where would we start? Could it be possible that we have to start with pre-school? Then once this is seen for what it brings to the community then the institutions would have to change so the teachers could study “Esoteric Studies as a class or subject”?

  24. At the end of the day it is our choice as people to determine what we will allow to happen to this word – Esoteric. And if we allow it to be mis and re interpreted, even if simply by taking no action, then this is a choice that we have collectively made. And so, the bastardisation of one of our most precious words lays firmly in our hands, and we therefore will have to put the work in to return it to its original meaning.

    1. Thank you Shami I needed to hear that reminder. If the word Esoteric has been misinterpreted then we each have a responsibility to live the essence of the word so the word can be felt, seen and experienced as a living word, not a word that remains on a piece of paper open to reinterpretation.

  25. It seems ridiculous that something as practical and useful as the Esoteric way of living is not mainstream, for it offers people what they are really looking for – a loving and joyful life.

  26. There has to be reasons why the meaning of the word esoteric has been changed, and why we have forgotten the naturalness of connecting to our essence. We have become so involved with the chaotic life as we see it and most live it as normal, that we have lost sight of our origins and who we truly are. It is time to reconnect back again and find the true purpose of life.

  27. “When we are connected to our ‘inner most’ it’s quite extraordinary what we can know about ourselves, those around us, and the world in general.” This is very true Helen and I have found this constantly. But its not necessarily about what we know so much but how this knowing can support others. I find in my work for example that what I read supports a family and confirms for them the amazing care that they are providing to their family member. Also the level of what we know is determined by what we are living in every moment. This can be deepened by our own choices in every moment.

  28. It’s actually horrendous how bastardised words are, especially sacred words like the Esoteric.

  29. Considering 14 years ago I had no idea that there was even a word called Esoteric and the quality that this holds is super cool to be here now and know it to my core and feel how it continues to deepen and deepen. For this is invaluable and to have been committed for so long in releasing what gets in the way of this connection and sharing this exquisite Love within with all those I meet has been life changing thanks to the work of Universal Medicine.

  30. The opening line stopped me in my tracks “The word ‘esoteric’ can be traced back to the Pythagorean era…” and made me realise something… at just how very very old and ancient the ‘esoteric’ is, and given the fact that this knowing, this practice, this way of being and living has lineage through generations upon generations in the face of challenges, ostracise, brutality, war, witch-hunt, ethnic cleansing, criticism, questioning, jealousy, barbarism, supremacy, judgment, on-line abuse, and yet how it always, always emerges back, makes you see that there has to be something in the Esoteric that is of absolute precious Value, of Immense Worth, of Grand Knowing, of Devine Love, of Universal Grandness, Eternal Stillness, never-ending Beholding, Stupendous Sacredness, Magnificence and Glory Beyond Measure – that there must be something threatening those that attempt to weld control with such deliberate intentional orchestrated reaction and opposition to the Esoteric…. The Esoteric, which is so naturally, effortlessly found within the heart of every man… And so, with every new-born breath, here within, lies the return of the this lineage.. the living spark of the Esoteric way always returns back despite all the above names atrotricies … for Love, Never. Ever. Gives. Up.

    1. Wow Johanna that is a beautiful love call. Yes I saw it action with a relative who couldn’t stand to be around my young daughter who is a very bright light, it was fascinating to watch, they simply wanted to crush what they had turned their back on because they couldn’t stand seeing that light in another.

  31. The quality of our lives can change immensely when we are living from a connection to our innermost.

    1. It is a stark difference from living in the mind that becomes more apparent the more I connect to my inner-most. The mind isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact it is cracked and fractured!

  32. Valuing the ‘Esoteric’ – it is actually absurd that we need to come back valuing something that never should have been devalued. In effect, we are devaluing ourselves and have created a version of life without the essence of what makes us who we are, just to find ourselves in a situation we more or less suffer from, only to continue applying solutions from the same lack of self-honouring (or absence of the esoteric) to create more of the same ill. Indeed, before we don´t start valuing the esoteric we will not get anyway but deeper into the misery we already know all too well.

    1. It is fascinating how much we prefer to hold onto the misery rather than step back into the natural power we had at birth.

  33. Yes it is going to cost us quite a lot, bot physically and financially, if we keep waiting for science to prove that living from our bodies and inner essence works and it is actually very beneficial to our health. And even when it is a proven fact we seem to not always adhere to this, as people are still smoking even though we know it is poisonous for our lungs. So we need to honestly ask ourselves what is driving us to be so disrespectful to our bodies?

  34. Bastardising the meaning of a word is the quickest way to disguise and bury the truth. The wonderful thing is that although the meaning of ‘esoteric’ has come to mean ‘hidden’ our true esoteric nature is still there burning from within. It cannot be buried. A beautiful and very satisfactory state of affairs!

  35. Exactly we are all born with a connection with our innermost, babies respond and express from it, with ease. And just like babies are not born empty vessels, as an adult that fullness from within is always there, we just have gotten out of the habit of being with it, the esoteric is within us all, our innermost.

  36. We live in a world that is constantly challenging us, it is well worth understanding that despite what is going on around us we always have the opportunity to connect to our essence and feel settlement from within.

  37. True contentment comes from within us all and is something we are born with and when connected to changes everything allowing true medicine and healing to take place in our everyday lives with the valueing of who we are and the living of this.

  38. I certainly dismissed the healing powers of living esoterically. The body actually does give us a constant report back all the time from our inner-most to let us know loud and clear the consequences of our choices, but we dismiss and ignore them. Then the imbalances continue to grow until we have an illness but still we will go to the GP for medication to sort the problem out rather than looking at how we have been living to cause the illness in the first place.

  39. Our innermost is the most treasured thing that determines what we will see in our external environment. Are we taking care of this innermost of ourselves? Do we know we have an innermost essence and its importance?

  40. If we do not value that which is innermost and sacred to us, we leave ourselves at the whim of all that can enter externally to uproot this.

  41. The key to a rich and beautiful life is in connecting to our innermost heart and experiencing who we are from that connection. And it is very natural and innate to do this but the world doesn’t support this natural and soulful way of being.

  42. The first thing Serge Benhayon presents is to discern energy. This has changed the way I view and connect to life. It is still an evolving process and it offers us a platform for us to read what is going around us.

  43. Even admitting we each have an essence is a giant step forward in a world that is focused on seemingly everything outside of us.

  44. It is crucial to visit one´s values now and then to ensure that they are up to date, i.e. of the highest standard we are capable of while we are consistently evolving. These standards are in alignment with our esoteric, they are its expression and way back to it at the same time.

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