Serge Benhayon & the Ageless Wisdom: Bringing the Difference the World Needs

There are not many people who can say they have positively touched thousands of people’s lives around the world, but Serge Benhayon definitely has a right to make that claim. He has presented an absolute depth of wisdom to people worldwide over the past 20 years that, even when put to every test imaginable, can’t be faulted.

Personally, I can unreservedly say that this man has had a phenomenal impact on my life and I am in constant appreciation of him. Over the years I have read his ‘Purple’ books, listened to his presentations and attended healing workshops and each time I have left with a sense of my life being much more multidimensional than I had previously imagined. Serge is a man who relates to people everywhere, regardless of their background, gender or age. Some people are intrigued by him and just observe from the sidelines; others react in a very hostile, aggressive fashion, but the majority who meet him simply find him inspirational.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon leaning against a brick wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

The word ‘inspirational’ can conjure up images of giving someone guru status in people’s lives and enslaving themselves to the guru’s every word and action. But this is not the case with Serge Benhayon: the inspiration that comes through him is for us all to not follow anyone, but instead discern carefully the true energetic quality of everything in and around us and then let that be our daily living guide.

This way of living is quite the opposite of how most of us live. It is asking every human being to take responsibility for undertaking a stocktake of their lives on a regular basis and observe what is going on, rather than floating along believing something is OK just because that is the way it always has been.

One such area where I, and almost every person around me, had not stopped to consider more deeply was in terms of world history. Sure, I realised each country had their different stories and biases, but I assumed that the basic version of what I had been taught was correct. Yet with all the peacekeeping efforts, charity/aid programs, research, meetings between world leaders, agreements reached etc, nothing much has changed over time. In fact, life on earth has gotten worse in many ways for large numbers of people due to war, starvation, human trafficking, greed and corruption being as rife as ever. The problems that beset humans today are much the same as they ever were, despite having new technologies and advances in medicine, science, agriculture etc. Have we missed learning something along the way through history for us to be spinning around in the same circles we have for centuries?

Why can’t we, supposedly the most elite, intelligent species on earth, find solutions to all these problems?

The answer came to me in a most unexpected way when I heard Serge speak about something called ‘The Lineage.’ It turns out that we have had many people over thousands of years who have passed down an Ageless Wisdom (i.e. basically a blueprint for living life with love, truth and harmony), through what is known as the Golden Thread. This Ageless Wisdom has always served as teachings to support us all to understand an esoteric way of life: that we are made from love and that at our core is a majesty that when appreciated and brought into daily living is more powerful than anything that exists externally.

Before people dismiss the Ageless Wisdom content as idealistic and unsustainable in the real world, it is worth knowing that life was not easy for any of these Ageless Wisdom Masters. In each era they were regularly held up for ridicule and abuse, but they held strong to what they knew was the truth and lived it accordingly in their everyday lives. They have shown us that we are all capable of connecting to an inner wisdom that gives rise to an awareness that is multidimensional. When we understand ourselves and others in such a broad, yet all-encompassing way, we carry a potential for self-healing of our past hurts and a blueprint for a much more purposeful life.

It’s impossible to separate out these Ageless Wisdom teachings from religion and this is another subject that I have opened up to since meeting Serge Benhayon. Years ago, I had turned my back on the whole concept of religion as I felt it had much to answer for in terms of being responsible for many of the problems in the world. It intrigued me when Serge spoke about religion in a completely different way.

Far from touting that people needed to obey man-made laws and doctrines relating to a particular God whose followers believe is the ‘right’ or only God, Serge spoke about each person considering the way they live as religion in and of itself. He explained that this religion, called The Way of The Livingness, is a religion that we can all equally live. No secret codes, ceremonies, self-flagellation or learnings are required, just a willingness to start with a commitment to self-love – to live ‘you’ to the fullest extent possible. Then from there, the natural progression is to live in harmony with all around you.

The Way of The Livingness

We all have the choice as to whether we want to feel this self-connection and if so, the depth to which we want to take that connection. The extremely empowering part is that there is no waiting on anyone else; it is up to each person what they choose to do. How we each choose to develop a self-connection can vary according to each person’s circumstances and it is never ending. In addition to paying much closer attention to my exercise and sleep routines and diet, the following are a few examples of things I have found beneficial along the way:

  • Using The Gentle Breath Meditation™
  • Using the ‘Our Cycles’ App
  • Giving myself permission to self-care and self-nurture
  • Learning to speak up, say ‘no’ and set limits and boundaries with both myself and others (constantly playing the ‘reliable one,’ the ‘martyr’ etc. is thankless, exhausting and never ending!)
  • Complementing health and wellbeing with esoteric healing sessions and esoteric yoga provided by Universal Medicine practitioners
  • Browsing blogs and articles written by others to learn of and from their experiences.

The above may all sound simplistic, but the implicit message underlying learning to live with greater self-awareness is that ultimately, we each have total responsibility for our own lives, therefore each and every decision we make counts towards the final result. Just stop for a moment and consider what a huge correction for the irresponsibility of humans worldwide it would be if people all agreed to delve under their hurts and live life from a basis of true love! It would certainly be an inexpensive antidote for all the problems in the world if life was lived this way as the current plagues of jealousy, comparison, competition, greed and corruption would no longer have a foothold, and ideals and beliefs associated with nationality, culture, ethnicity, religion, medicine and science etc. would be blown away.

The question we need to be asking is why such a beautiful heritage – i.e. the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the true meaning of religion – has been kept hidden from sight for most of us? Is it not the birthright of all human beings to know about it? People may choose to dismiss or ignore it, but they at least deserve to have the information given to them for their consideration.

Speaking on behalf of thousands of people worldwide, thank you Serge Benhayon for bringing this golden wisdom (and more) to our awareness. The inspiration stemming from your love, decency and the philosophies of what you have presented can be felt and seen worldwide. Your contribution to the world goes well beyond the surface and the groundswell continues with more and more people paying attention to what you are presenting, responding to the truth within and imbedding it into their daily lives. Now that is what I call a true world teacher!

By Helen Giles, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, MMH (Family Therapy), Post Grad Cert Family Therapy & Counselling, M. EPA., Townsville, Queensland

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372 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon & the Ageless Wisdom: Bringing the Difference the World Needs

  1. Indeed: ‘There are not many people who can say they have positively touched thousands of people’s lives around the world, but Serge Benhayon definitely has a right to make that claim.’ And the thousands of people that have been touched by Serge his wisdom and inspiration offer their reflection to an even wider community.

  2. ‘Your contribution to the world goes well beyond the surface and the groundswell continues with more and more people paying attention to what you are presenting, responding to the truth within and imbedding it into their daily lives.’ – What Serge Benhayon reflects to humanity is the part of existence that most of us have been sensing, the ‘there’s got to be more to life than this’ feeling, and he shares this without any reservation whatsoever.

  3. In the title alone we are invited to open up to the fact that the world needs healing… our current trajectory and repeating cycles of discord and separatism make clear that things are not working and are not as they should be. From this place can we be open again to someone who has shared a way of living (both in presentation and by example) from a ‘golden thread’ of wisdom that simply and clearly makes sense. Yes this requires us to take responsibility for the way we live and maybe things are not drastic enough for us yet… I wonder when they will be?

  4. Beautiful blog, Helen and I love the question you pose here:
    ‘The question we need to be asking is why such a beautiful heritage – i.e. the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the true meaning of religion – has been kept hidden from sight for most of us? Is it not the birthright of all human beings to know about it? People may choose to dismiss or ignore it, but they at least deserve to have the information given to them for their consideration.’
    Everybody can decide for themselves how to respond or react to the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom, but everybody deserves access to it, without interference, ridicule and judgement from others.

  5. ” why such a beautiful heritage – i.e. the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the true meaning of religion – has been kept hidden from sight for most of us?” Serge Benhayon is once again bringing the beauty of our natural birthright back to us all, to live again with the fullness of who we really are and the answer to this question becomes clear.

  6. Often we don’t like to hear something, when it’s exactly what we need to learn. A life lived with just what makes us comfortable leaves your heart empty inside – thank God for people like Serge Benhayon who don’t attach to how people take things but continue to deliver the whole truth every time.

  7. With each day that passes and hearing what gets written in the newspapers it makes one stop and really question history, we are told one side of so many events and yet in many cases the truth is more often than not buried and blurred. The Ageless wisdom is just that, ageless, the history of those presenting it has been presented in a way that leaves out much of the truth so we find ourselves today considering something so ancient as different, when in fact it is the foundation of the truth in society.

  8. It is the Ageless Wisdom that has always brought the difference to the world, or more so, that has been the steady marker of truth for all of us.

  9. “Serge Benhayon & the Ageless Wisdom: Bringing the Difference the World Needs” – Serge Benhayon is the light of this world holding that light and the world in constant fiery vigil. That vigil is called love.

  10. I have come across many explanations, hypotheses and theories about the predicament humanity finds itself in. Fascinating and gripping as some have been at the time, nothing has even come close to the depth of understanding and potential for expansion offered by the Ageless Wisdom.

    And I love the way Serge Benhayon presents, because you can see every bit of it being lived right in front of you – never preaching or expecting you to agree with anything, but always holding you as an equal and reminding you to connect to your own inner knowing.

  11. Serge Benhayon & the Ageless Wisdom absolutely does bring the difference the world needs, but are we listening to hear the way to be? We have Serge Benhayon as the world teacher living amongst us today, bringing so much wisdom for us all to reconnect to.

  12. It’s true, Helen, the world would be a very different place if we were to ‘delve under our hurts’ and re-connect to the love that is our essence. When we identify with hurts we shut down to everything that is there for us to step into.

  13. I get the feeling that we only re-evaluate our lives when we are confronted by a serious illness or disease or a major calamity. I have met so many old people who look back on their life and tell me that if they were to have their life all over again, knowing what they know, they would lead a completely different life. May be as part of our education we should go along to the hospitals and interact with the patients so that children get to appreciate that there is a responsibility to life, and that our illness are a byproduct of the way we are living.

  14. I feel that the Ageless Wisdom teachings were bastardised on purpose to try and prevent people from connecting to the truth that was presented and has always been presented. And it is no different today as there is a small vocal group of people who are determined to undermine the solid achievements of Universal Medicine and again the world is being offered a choice via the act of free will to discern the truth from the lies.

  15. “Giving myself permission to self-care and self-nurture” – whilst I know this to be true, I was struck by the ridiculousness of the situation we have got ourselves into when we have to give ourselves permission to do these loving acts.

  16. ‘The extremely empowering part is that there is no waiting on anyone else; it is up to each person what they choose to do.’ – Indeed, to set another free to make their own choice at their own pace, is true empowerment.

  17. We all know the truth of how we’re living and whether we’re being true to ourselves or not, but so often we just float along doing the same thing because it’s seemingly easier than making a decision that will disrupt things. But no matter how hard we might try to pretend to ourselves that everything is fine and to keep going with what we know isn’t working, we always know what we feel inside, and the constant pull back to living in a true way doesn’t go away but gets louder, until we respond.

  18. Thank Heavens for the amazing world teachers who have come to us over the ages, prepared to bring truth to humanity and fly in the face of what we have come to accept as normal. Shame it has not been received well by some, whenever the era.

  19. I love what you have shared here about Serge Benhayon. So true that “his contribution to the world goes well beyond the surface and the groundswell continues with more and more people paying attention to what he is presenting, responding to the truth within and imbedding it into their daily lives”. Remarkable that despite of such a widespread impact, he is one of the most humble and down to earth people I know, and a quiet steady depth of love, acceptance and honouring of everyone as an equal. In fact witnessing the way he lives, which reflects the depth of what he teaches in every way, offers an incredibly invaluable learning and inspiration in itself.

  20. When we live the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom we become very practical about life because it simply makes sense.

  21. “Why can’t we, supposedly the most elite, intelligent species on earth, find solutions to all these problems?” now that is the question that the papers should be reporting, one where we could actually start to address the underlying rot of society instead of claiming all is great.

  22. I love what you say about everyone at least having the right to know about this way of living and being and I hate the way the media and the use of the internet allows people to smash the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, without having a clue what they are talking about.

  23. “The question we need to be asking is why … the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the true meaning of religion – has been kept hidden from sight for most of us?” – Yes, it is kept hidden on a grand scale but we also need to be honest with ourselves and investigate and maybe admit that it is us who also have an investment to not know, to not be aware of, to not live what the Ageless Wisdom offers. As beautiful and liberating as it is, it also requires us to give up what we have created and like to hold onto – individuality.

    1. Seeing the way so many journalists who have actually met Serge Benhayon and have also interviewed students of Universal Medicine with ample information to report about the profound impact the teachings have had on people’s lives, still end up circulating nonsense dreamed up by cyber trolls, clearly spells out to me that it is not about the Ageless Wisdom and other such teachings being held back or hidden by people, but people’s personal agendas and deliberate willful choice throughout the ages to ignore and shun what is being offered.

    2. It is a turn around moment when we are prepared to admit that our ignorance of the Ageless Wisdom teachings has been a choice, a wilful burying of what we innately know and that is why when I hear Serge Benhayon present my whole body nods in agreement.

  24. For me coming to Universal Medicine, a first presentation of Serge Benhayon, was quite a challenge because I also carried this arrogance that my life was ok. To honestly start looking at it was not ok, and not use his teachings to just better my life took quite some letting go of old beliefs, the belief, which is a protection, that I was doing fine – was probably the biggest.

  25. Could it be ‘The Livingness’ has a responsibility that brings into play a purpose and that is to live with an order and ritual so that our Livingness is assured by that Loving Rhythm?

  26. Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and its courses and workshops plus the support of various practitioners has been tremendous. However as it has been said so many times we save ourselves and I feel this to be true. We have to put in the work but when that is to love ourselves unreservedly, difficult though it may be at times, we grow incrementally in the love that we can feel and the way we carry ourselves in the world.

  27. “Serge is a man who relates to people everywhere, regardless of their background, gender or age” – yes Serge is a man, a human being who lives his divine origins and with this, loves all.

  28. I live in a country which is renowned for its cloudy and rainy periods, at times days on end. Most of the time, especially during rush hour, people walk around with a blank or miserable look and ignoring one another as if in their own little bubble. However when the sun is out, most residents comment how much better they feel: people seem to be much happier within themselves, smile much more at one another and often actually tend to make some form of verbal contact!

    It is fact that whilst we are still a long way from returning to the steady loving depth of our true essence and living that in our daily life, we are affected by much of what is surrounding us and the aspects of life that remind us of our true qualities and inspire us to express them are a priceless blessing. Serge Benhayon is such a blessing – unwavering, inspiring and deeply supportive – in my life and the lives of hundreds of others.

  29. Are we content with the world? Do we really think it’s getting ‘better’? Is the release of the latest iPhone satisfying us underneath? If not, doesn’t it make sense that we look at a new philosophy for living life? Those who dismiss what Serge Benhayon presents on energy, space and time may do so, as is their right, but it leaves them stuck in the same old rut.

  30. It is astonishing how accurately, and yet it has become quite normal now to see how Serge Benhayon brings exactly what humanity needs, over and over again, even if they don’t recognise it themselves.

  31. Yes, it is the simple things in life that count. It is so easy to fall for the mighty mind that can come up in a split second with the seemingly most grand ideas, and at the same time most horrendous acts, but at the end of the day it is the body that carries the scars for these endeavours. So yes, the simple and everyday things in life done with love, truly support us and our bodies know this.

    1. I agree Esther, “the simple and everyday things in life done with love, truly support us and our bodies know this.” It is we who complicate life, in essence is pure and simple, but we’ve added layer upon layer of distraction and bogged ourselves down with irrelevancies. Until we strip back to the essence and truth of who we are, we are fodder for those intent on keeping us entrapped. The Ageless Wisdom and The Way of the Livingness shows us a way out of the mire, if we so choose.

  32. It will one day be discovered that these present times are outstandingly remarkable that we have had the support of Serge Benhayon to bring us the Ageless Wisdom, as people become more aware over the next 50-100 years, so we can continue to bring the difference the world needs to wake it out of its stupor.

  33. The ageless wisdom brought alive again through the lineage to us by Serge Benhayon is the biggest gift to all humanity we could ask for makes so much sense of the world and all that is happening and offers us a true reflection and way in life.

  34. History repeats itself when great teachers are ridiculed and attacked, and our modern day technology has allowed new forms of abuse to run rampant without laws to protect us. I know that listening to Serge and taking responsibility for my own energetic state of being has been life changing, and something I was calling out for as a younger person. Connecting to our own inner knowing, our essence, the well of love, brings joyful purpose and vitality to each and every day. Integrity, respect, harmony are our way forward, and not to be expected from outside us.

  35. As a group of teachers I was presenting to recently admitted, if they are in a heightened state of anxiety it’s no wonder the kids are too. People are recognising that things are spiralling out of control, but what will it take for humanity to seek true and long lasting change? Serge Benhayon has presented for almost twenty years where we have been, where we are at, and where we are going…it all makes sense when you see the whole picture.

  36. Many of us will agree that something is very wrong in the way we are currently living. I feel that by expressing what we feel, as you have done Helen in this well written thought provoking blog, it gives humanity an opportunity to stop and consider what is actually going on and in that stop moment, there is an opportunity for a change of direction.

  37. So many people have so many beautiful things to say about Serge Benhayon, he will definitely leave a legacy and something for the world to ponder and reflect on for many, many years.

  38. Serge Benhayon has most certainly touched my life in ways that have supported me to go to deeper and deeper levels of self-awareness and love. Through his reflection I have rediscovered the joy that is innate not only in me, but in all of us. I have rediscovered the foundation of love that beholds us all equally. I have reconnected to a quality of beingness that has transformed every relationship I have from one of neediness to one of abundance. The evidence of these things in my own life and experience leads me to know that the very same essence of love is with us all and that in our choice to accept this gift of love we can live life in a completely different and more harmonious way than we commonly have until now.

  39. Amazing and wonderful to live in this day and age where we have a true world teacher living among us, reflecting to us in every part of his livingness and presentations the Ageless Wisdom that can be lived by everyone by choosing responsibility for our choice and accepting the offer to connect to our innermost and bring healing to our being and to our planet.

  40. The philosophies of the ageless wisdom as taught by Serge Benhayon are like bedtime stories only 100 x better because they make sense and support you to understand and live in the current world that we live in.

    1. I love your reference to bedtime stories Henrietta, reading a short passage ensures a quality of sleep for me that supports me to wake up feeling clear and light. The Ageless Wisdom has been a solid foundation so that I can remain more steady and not get caught up in the drama and complexity that I used to experience.

  41. Serge Benhayon is indeed touching peoples lives all over the world and is the true world teacher for us all. His love and understanding wisdom and integrity is second to none and one day this will be recognised for all that he is. Serge Benhayon makes life real and offers the truth to all that is happening our choices God the Universe and Heaven itself and it is deeply beautiful to know him life changing and joyful beyond all else and what the world needs right now.

  42. Meeting Serge Benhayon has been the most significant event in my life, as it has been for many I know. Through knowing him has brought purpose and understanding of life that is far, far more meaningful than anything I considered previously. The foundation for this is the inspiration of his lived example of incomprehensibly deep love that has enabled me to connect to the love that I am.

  43. Serge Benhayon is like a father, a brother, a friend all rolled into one, and of such high quality is the relationship that he offers in terms of respect, care and deep deep holding. A rare gem indeed, and here to inspire us all to live likewise.

    1. And that is it. Serge Benhayon has never set out rules for living, simply offered a clear reflection in what he presents and the way he lives that there is another way to live that does not perpetuate the discord and divisiveness of the world today.

  44. Meeting Serge Benhayon is amazing and if one takes on board the inspiration, then the meeting can be life changing. I know for me it certainly has been a life changing thing to let myself feel, embrace and then learn to live what he represents, reflects and brings through to us all.

  45. It’s only been as I am much older that I have realised that history is edited/changed/ deleted when it is written and can be changed again and again when another ruling party come in. Presentations by Prof. William Foley on the bible, written many years after the time of Jesus and not by anyone who knew him directly is one great example.

    1. The presentation of Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon and its lineage by Prof. William Foley indeed make so much sense of so much of the nonsensical information most of us have been running with to date.

      1. Understanding history through the perspective of the Ageless Wisdom brings a completely different outlook to the history of humanity and explains so much for the mess that humanity is in.

    2. Good point Fiona, I used to love reading about history but have since learned that the history books can be written in a way that can serve an agenda, and any time there is an agenda there is control.

    3. Fiona agreed at school I took history books to be the truth and yet by doing that I didn’t get to discern what was and was not true about so many things. I am loving understanding the real truth behind so many things in society in history and seeing how what is often written and repeated is far from the truth. When we look at the media reports today on many different events and speak to people who know the truth its clear there are big differences almost opposite truths, so it is therefore not surprising this is the same with much older histories.

      1. I was a student of history at university and what you’re given are facts and personal interpretations, not truth. You can say such and such happened and when, but we learn later that even so called ‘facts’ can be manipulated and distorted. Without the philosophy of life and a deeper understanding or what is playing out and why, university students graduate with mindful of knowledge, a qualification, but without wisdom. To discern the difference between true and false education is empowering.

      2. My memories of history was a subject taught without heart. The grossest acts of inhumanity, wars, genocide, imperialism, routinely presented as a matter of ‘fact’, without feeling, with no question or challenge of the morality of what happened explored. This breeds in students an ignorance that is deeply harmful. Today, many university students in re-assessing history themselves are challenge the version of history taught and glorification of so called ‘heroes’ of the past.

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