My Expression and Connection with The Hierarchy

For much of my life I felt I had to shoulder, on my own, all the ups and downs that life presented to me. I thought the way to do this was to toughen up, to become strong and independent and to accept that this is how life was meant to be.

When my life was flowing I did not allow myself to enjoy this either, as I would be on high alert for the next challenging situation, which would require me to brace myself to get through it.

When I was very young I remember being told that we all have a guardian angel to take care and watch over us, and I know for a while I felt this supportive presence in my life. But somehow, somewhere with the passage of time I lost, or felt I had lost, this connection and therefore it was again a case of paddling my own canoe.

It wasn’t until I came across the work of Alice A. Bailey that I became aware of the term ‘hierarchy’ in the context of us being impulsed or impressed from a source of universal wisdom! It did not make much sense to me at the time and it wasn’t until I read some of the books by a modern-day philosopher, Serge Benhayon, that I understood this, as he explained in some detail how his writings were impresses from The Hierarchy. He also shared that this didn’t occur because of the fact that he had been chosen or was gifted in some way. In fact, it was something that we could all do if we took the time and care to prepare ourselves to allow for this to happen.

Hearing this got me wondering if I would be able to do this. I wasn’t sure how to go about it though, and it wasn’t until I decided to commit to my expression that I realised that here was a golden opportunity to try out what Serge Benhayon had shared about The Hierarchy.

I feel it is important to share that I have always avoided expressing, particularly in the written form: I disliked writing in any way shape or form, and when I was at school, I would enlist the support of one of my brothers with my essay writing. When I first started writing again, I found it very difficult to put into words what I was feeling, but slowly over time I started to relax and would connect with my inner-heart and as this connection deepened, I gradually started to feel that I too could connect with a mind that had much greater wisdom than mine. Nowadays I love to write and really value the deepening relationship I am building with my expression and The Hierarchy.

I now realise that The Hierarchy, or the Ascended Masters as they are also known, consists of those who are a little way ahead of me in their evolution, and who would have walked the earth and experienced and mastered the challenges which mankind faces on a daily basis. Through their love for us they assist us along our path of evolution; we just need to be open to and allow their support, their love and what they are sharing with us to come through unhindered. I have learned through my connection with them that what I receive is not just for me, but for me to pass on and share with others. In other words, it is for humanity.

For me now, I know The Hierarchy are my pals in Heaven and I value deeply their loving support as they walk with me, and I with them, along the path of life. This is a far cry from how I lived previously, where I existed in a constant state of tension and anxiety, which ended up taking its toll on my health and wellbeing. I now realise that thinking I had to go it alone, a belief I held for a very long time, kept me isolated in my own little bubble. This was the end result of being too proud to ask for support. Through my connection with The Hierarchy I have come to understand the beauty and joy in teamwork and what being in a true and harmonious relationship with others involves and feels like.

By, Elizabeth McCann, Retired from Radiography… now committed to various voluntary roles within my local community, Salisbury, UK

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746 thoughts on “My Expression and Connection with The Hierarchy

  1. ‘..therefore it was again a case of paddling my own canoe.’ It’s been a slow learning for me, but the truth is we cannot do life alone, more importantly we are not meant to. We are not weak if we need support – it is part of the expression of true brotherhood and on a practical level if I have not mastered something, it is of course, absolutely true for me to learn from someone who has, just as much as I can offer support (which I love to do) to someone who needs to learn something that I can bring through.

  2. I feel we adopt the brace position when young as we can feel that the adults around us are unsettled in their bodies, so is it something we naturally copy from our peers? Our current way of living feels very insecure and that is why everyone is pushing and shoving each other just to try and get a sense of security in their life, which makes for a dog eat dog world.

  3. I can so relate to your comment about even when you were feeling good you had a tension anticipating when it was all going to go bad again! It is a feeling of never really trusting that life can be simple. Yet taking responsibility and re-focusing the attention on surrendering the control (eeek), has been the most incredible freedom that offers space to breathe and enjoy life minus the ongoing tension.

  4. ‘Through my connection with The Hierarchy I have come to understand the beauty and joy in teamwork and what being in a true and harmonious relationship with others involves and feels like.’ I’m inspired to let go of the weight I take on my shoulders and ask for help. Years ago I did training and the strap line was that nothing was ever too big or too small to talk about. The same is true here, nothing is ever too big or too small to ask for help with.

  5. Elizabeth I really enjoy how you have reconnected to your sense of the hierarchy and that you have these pals that are supporting you in your life. Many of us do have a sense of them when we are young, but we lose this as we get older and become more cynical about ourselves and the world we live in. So it’s encouraging to know they are always with us, that we have just cut ourselves off from feeling their presence.

  6. How many of us are doubtful of the fact that there may be more than meets the eyes. How many are cynical of energy and God? Why is that? Is it because it really doesn’t exist or is it because in the majority of what we see it is all corrupt & misrepresented?

  7. I was speaking about something similar to this with someone yesterday, that is how we rarely have moments of appreciation but tend to instead look at the things we are not doing well or that aren’t going well. And yes I agree in that it can be easy to ‘think’ we are alone when really we are not alone at all, we are deeply loved and held in many cases. It will definitely be a day to celebrate when we have more awareness and understanding of this as a whole.

  8. “For me now, I know The Hierarchy are my pals in Heaven and I value deeply their loving support as they walk with me, and I with them, along the path of life.” I love this Elizabeth. The Hierarchy are always there to support us – whether we recognise it or not. Beautiful to have a personal relationship with them.

    1. We can get tied in knots thinking we have to do it all ourselves but the truth is, if we take a moment to consider what it might feel like to let that sense that there is something greater than us, we might feel the immensity of the Love and support that just waits to be tapped.

    2. This is gorgeous – even more gorgeous to connect with the quality of energy that is felt and emanated when aligned to. What is most touching is that no matter how many times I disconnect or contract, this love is always on offer and never goes away.

  9. It is absolutely gorgeous to feel how this is true for you, Elizabeth. In truly accepting the equalness of us all, we do not have to try to get anywhere, in deep surrender, we realise we are at a perfect place, ready to receive all there is, and our body and its movement is needed to reflect it all back out.

  10. “When my life was flowing I did not allow myself to enjoy this either, as I would be on high alert for the next challenging situation, which would require me to brace myself to get through it.” Its interesting how even when life is going well the tension is (was) there – waiting for the next predicament to arise. Acknowledging and appreciating the support that is always around us, regardless of how ‘well’ we think we are doing.

    1. The tension from ‘high alert’ becomes our normal, slowly wearing down our bodies through overuse of stress hormones. We are starting to understand this but not really choosing to take the responsibility we need in order to bring about true change.

  11. Feels very beautiful, confirming and supportive reading about the fact that we are not alone, that there is an universal wisdom coming from the Ascended Masters available for all. Thank you Elizabeth

  12. I can really relate to this sharing. I still dip into doing it ‘alone’ attitude. I still harp on about not being able to write from the heavens, yet when I refer to some of the writings, comments I have made in the past, they are not from this, ‘not being able to write’ attitude. The writing is from something bigger than this.

    For me what I am sensing, and something that you have shared Elizabeth, is to connect more with me and my inner heart and to do this in a space where a commitment is required – my next evolution.

  13. It is very easy to brace for the next ‘thing’ you are doing wrong rather than feel the support that is there from your body and the hierarchy. When you connect to a support that is greater than the physical body there is less judgement and more understanding.

    1. Very true Lucy, and more joy to live. I appreciate the feeling of rejoice of being deeply held and loved by my body in connection with the stars and the Ascended Masters. It’s like a coming back to a space you don’t want to leave anymore.

  14. It is amazing that we think we are on our own when we are so not. Love and support are always there as others have shared here we just need to connect to this.

  15. Support is an interesting topic. We have a picture of what it should look like and where it should come from, yet when we have those pictures we cut ourselves off from the relationships that are available to us. The energetic support that is available to us is right there waiting any time we choose to stop resisting it!

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