My Expression and Connection with The Hierarchy

For much of my life I felt I had to shoulder, on my own, all the ups and downs that life presented to me. I thought the way to do this was to toughen up, to become strong and independent and to accept that this is how life was meant to be.

When my life was flowing I did not allow myself to enjoy this either, as I would be on high alert for the next challenging situation, which would require me to brace myself to get through it.

When I was very young I remember being told that we all have a guardian angel to take care and watch over us, and I know for a while I felt this supportive presence in my life. But somehow, somewhere with the passage of time I lost, or felt I had lost, this connection and therefore it was again a case of paddling my own canoe.

It wasn’t until I came across the work of Alice A. Bailey that I became aware of the term ‘hierarchy’ in the context of us being impulsed or impressed from a source of universal wisdom! It did not make much sense to me at the time and it wasn’t until I read some of the books by a modern-day philosopher, Serge Benhayon, that I understood this, as he explained in some detail how his writings were impresses from The Hierarchy. He also shared that this didn’t occur because of the fact that he had been chosen or was gifted in some way. In fact, it was something that we could all do if we took the time and care to prepare ourselves to allow for this to happen.

Hearing this got me wondering if I would be able to do this. I wasn’t sure how to go about it though, and it wasn’t until I decided to commit to my expression that I realised that here was a golden opportunity to try out what Serge Benhayon had shared about The Hierarchy.

I feel it is important to share that I have always avoided expressing, particularly in the written form: I disliked writing in any way shape or form, and when I was at school, I would enlist the support of one of my brothers with my essay writing. When I first started writing again, I found it very difficult to put into words what I was feeling, but slowly over time I started to relax and would connect with my inner-heart and as this connection deepened, I gradually started to feel that I too could connect with a mind that had much greater wisdom than mine. Nowadays I love to write and really value the deepening relationship I am building with my expression and The Hierarchy.

I now realise that The Hierarchy, or the Ascended Masters as they are also known, consists of those who are a little way ahead of me in their evolution, and who would have walked the earth and experienced and mastered the challenges which mankind faces on a daily basis. Through their love for us they assist us along our path of evolution; we just need to be open to and allow their support, their love and what they are sharing with us to come through unhindered. I have learned through my connection with them that what I receive is not just for me, but for me to pass on and share with others. In other words, it is for humanity.

For me now, I know The Hierarchy are my pals in Heaven and I value deeply their loving support as they walk with me, and I with them, along the path of life. This is a far cry from how I lived previously, where I existed in a constant state of tension and anxiety, which ended up taking its toll on my health and wellbeing. I now realise that thinking I had to go it alone, a belief I held for a very long time, kept me isolated in my own little bubble. This was the end result of being too proud to ask for support. Through my connection with The Hierarchy I have come to understand the beauty and joy in teamwork and what being in a true and harmonious relationship with others involves and feels like.

By, Elizabeth McCann, Retired from Radiography… now committed to various voluntary roles within my local community, Salisbury, UK

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711 thoughts on “My Expression and Connection with The Hierarchy

  1. Just to know that we are far more than what we term is our physical bodies, that we are a part of the space we call the universe and this is where our true intelligence comes from not our minds. We have been sold a fat lie on this subject, which keeps us all less and not claiming ourselves in the truth of who we are. The Hierarchies constant communication with us all is a much needed reminder of where we come from.

  2. It is amazing to consider that all the times I thought I was alone, there was a team in heaven waiting to hang out with and walk alongside me. Like they are always there – it is just up to us whether we are open to these relationships or not…

  3. We are blessed to have such honest bodies who always show, sooner or later, how we really are doing. It forces us even sometimes to stop.
    If that was not happening we would be even more lost right now.

    1. Listening to and heeding the wisdom which our body is constantly sharing with us is an invaluable tool, which supports us to live a healthy and harmonious life with all that is seen and unseen.

  4. When I think I’m doing it on my own I get stressed and struggle with what is before me. I have got so much from reading this blog again today, to remember we are never alone, we are loved beyond anything our minds can imagine.

    1. I understand what you mean Aimee, a sure sign for me that I have gone into doing it ‘alone mode’, is when complexity starts to rear its ugly head and struggle ensues. Nowadays when I get even a sniff of complexity entering my way of living I know that it is time for me to re-connect with the loving support from my pals in heaven.

    1. Very true Sylvia, we are never alone as we always have heavenly support guiding and loving us, as we journey through our earthly life.

  5. The greatest way of feeling security is to connect to the source we all come from and which holds us constantly in love and care. Hierachy. All we have to do is allow it.

  6. Having a life with moment of challenge is actually a pretty good sign, as it shows, that we want to move forward. Our soul presents us ways of evolving, because we are ready for it and even asking for it unconsciously.

    1. So true Stephanie, we are never presented with anything in life that we do not have the inner strength to handle.

  7. There are 2 sources we can obtain insight and intelligence from. One is The Hierarchy, and the other is the Pranic Consciousness. How do you know the difference and develop the true one when they can essentially be the same thoughts but a totally different energy? One is unimposing and holds value for all, while the other is individual and in truth reckless if you were to feel the body.

    1. Thank you Rik for sharing so clearly about the two energetic sources that we can choose to impulse our living way…… your wisdom is very much appreciated.

  8. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing about your relationship with the Hierarchy.
    IT brings a whole new quality to life to open up to them. Not us controlling situations anymore but just being a vehicle for them to come through.

    1. Yes Sylvia, it is simply about connecting and allowing their love to flow through and emanate
      unhindered from us, by us ensuring that our body is in a harmonious state for this blessing to occur.

    2. Yes Sylvia, it is simply about connecting and allowing their love to flow through and emanate from us unhindered, by us ensuring that our body is in a harmonious state for this blessing to occur.

      1. How simple is that- caring for our body and everything is taken care of and in the flow! Maybe too simple?

  9. I have recently been aware of a sense of feeling alone, it is something surfacing which feels quite deep within me and I am examining how it affects how I feel in life and relationships, and what behaviours it prompts. I can see I still have patterns of behaviour that prevent me from reaching out for support because of this consciousness within me of feeling alone, and expecting life to be difficult, if that makes sense. When I’m in something challenging within myself, it doesn’t always occur to me to reach out. Friends often say when they find out after I’ve come through something, “why didn’t you ring?” I know not allowing support in is not loving, so I look forward to healing this and discarding what is not true within me to return to a loving way of being with myself in the challenges of life. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your life so honestly.

    1. Great point Joseph. It would certainly go a long way towards explaining why so many of us refrain from bringing our all to our everyday relationships, when we do not fully honour and embrace our connection with our ancient and most loving friends, the Hierarchy.

  10. Gosh I am sure glad you have started expressing as look at what would the world would have missed out on if you kept avoiding it!

    1. Thank you Vicky. Holding back our expression in whatever way serves naught, except to keep us small and may very well influence others to think that it is okay for them too, to play small in life.

  11. It helps me to remember that there are those ready to help us at every moment but that they cannot serve us and in so doing expand themselves unless we ask. Therefore it behooves us all to be asking – something which I haven’t found easy generally in my life, though improving now.

    1. Great point Shirley-Ann. When we seek and embrace the support so lovingly offered by the Hierarchy not alone do we expand, but they too expand and deepen within their love and their support for humanity.

    1. Thank you tricianicholson. I value and greatly appreciate the ever deepening and expansion of my relationship with my friends in the Hierarchy.

  12. I think we are all aware that there is so much more than the eyes are seeing. It is more the matter how much we want to see? How much are we willing to feel all the love offered to us and the see the plays behind the science that controlled us for so long.

    1. Shami I have also observed the lack of harmony when we as Individuals, come together for group work, and I deeply appreciate how my work with the Hierarchy has allowed me to know and feel how joyful and harmonious group work can be, when we come together for the benefit of all.

  13. ‘For much of my life I felt I had to shoulder, on my own, all the ups and downs that life presented to me.’ I can relate to this Elizabeth, and I notice that there are remnants of this pattern when I choose to separate from my essence and think I have to go it alone as that what I deserve. This of course makes very little sense, especially when we consider that we are all held by love all the while.

    1. I agree Ariana, thinking we have to do life on our own is simply a rejection of the supportive love that is ever available to us.

    2. I know what you mean Ariana. The minute we think we’re doing it on our own, we become small and get insular… well that’s how it feels for me. Of course this is going to cause problems, but even then, we are still being held and supported.

    1. Having a loving connection with ourselves is a fundamental part for building a loving connection with our unseen friends. And I too found that The Gentle Breath Meditation has been hugely supportive towards preparing my body for the re-connection and deepening of my relationship with the Hierarchy.

      1. So True Elizabeth, our foundations have to be set and understood as something that is always used, for a True foundation never moves and is always a part of how we prepare our bodies.

  14. Very beautiful and inspiring Elisabeth. I had an awful day, felt very alone, but now I realize I was never alone, the Hierarchy was always there to support me. If I only realized that I could call them. Just like the many friends I have on earth.

    1. Thank you Willem, remembering that the support of the Hierarchy is always available to us makes our challenging times in life more bearable, as with their support we will get to see/feel the bigger picture of what is being played out.

  15. Letting go of the superwoman/man attitude of having to be seen to be doing everything on our own and finally realising that we all have the opportunity of inviting and accepting support from The Hierarchy – this is true teamwork.

    1. Thats the key Stephanie, letting go of the belief that we have to Do life on our own and instead ‘inviting and accepting’ the loving support of the Hierarchy, we become part of an amazing team working for the benefit of all.

    1. I agree HM, the energy we choose to fuel our bodies with as we go through life is determined by our choice. The choice is between energy of a higher vibration or that of a lower vibration.

  16. Knowing the Ascended Masters are always there for support stops any anxiety or fears because we know we can always call on them when we get overwhelmed with something, and they are there immediately, not solving the problem but walking beside us. We know and can feel their presence is there when we ask for support.

  17. I can relate to feeling that the way to get though life was to toughen up, be independent and not ask for help, to ask for help was to admit I couldn’t cope or had in some way failed.
    Meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine was literally a life changer. I dread to think what mental state I would be in now if I hadn’t met him. Serge Benhayon makes sense of a world that is out of kilter with itself. It makes no sense to me how abusive we are to ourselves or towards each other. I understand now that this is not how we are meant to be with each other, but how we have chosen to be, mainly because of the hurts we carry we have become distrustful of each other and of the world.

    1. Could it be Mary, that our lack of honouring of our connection with the Hierarchy has a knock-on-effect on our everyday relationships?.

  18. Thanks for sharing this Elizabeth, I often face life as a hard slog and go back into thinking I have to do it all on my own. I too as a child used to rely on my guardian angel but kind of lost touch and forgot totally about them as I got older. Its good to know and feel that we are not alone and can get help any time we need it.

  19. I know being independent and isolated very well. But I may have thought life was all down to me when actually we are never alone. Today I realised how much I asked for support in all the wrong places and got relief from the seeming pressure I’d put myself under to ‘do it alone’ from food, from retreating from life and from TV. Now it’s a case of being honest and asking for support from the Hierarchy and living in a way that I no longer feel the need to seek relief.

  20. Elizabeth, It is beautiful to feel the relationship you have with your ‘pals in Heaven’ and when I re read your blog this morning I felt this simple and delicate melting inside of me. You inspire me to re ignite my relationship with the Hierachy and take them with me into my day, thank you Elizabeth for your inspiration in your writing.

  21. Thank you for the reminder Elizabeth, as Life simplifies each and every time we invite The Hierarchy to walk with us and we walk with them. So deeply beautiful to feel them with you throughout the day, and this connection I am reminded to deepen.

    1. Very true Kirstin, when we walk through life hand in hand with the Hierarchy and fully embrace their support, life becomes simpler and more flowing.

    1. It makes no sense whatsoever that we would choose independence and loneliness over the love of our unseen heavenly family, which is waiting with open arms to embrace and support us, all the way, on our return journey to soul.

  22. Feeling the Hierarchy, and expansion in my heart, which is the connection “with my inner-heart” is the most power-full when I connect and feel the essence of Serge Benhayon. The depth of Love is True-ly POWER-FULL!

  23. “…it wasn’t until I decided to commit to my expression that I realised that here was a golden opportunity to try out what Serge Benhayon had shared about The Hierarchy.” And it is only through our own personal experiences that we get to truly know what it means to have a relationship with the hierarchy, and once felt, it cannot be denied.

    1. I agree Sandra, once we feel the loving support of our pals in heaven and whether we choose to remain connected with this source or not, the feelings of pure love that we experienced cannot ever be denied.

  24. Thank you Elizabeth, I too, value very deeply the constant love and support given by the Hierarchy. It is there for everyone and is the greatest gift to understand and know we are not individuals doing anything on our own.

  25. This article has absolutely inspired me to re-ignite my relationships with The Hierarchy. Relationships I had very naturally as a child without any intellectual knowledge and that support, embrace and honour me beyond comprehension.

    1. Very true Joseph, finding ourselves indulging in struggle or complexity is a surefire way of knowing that it is time to reconnect to the loving support that is ever available to us.

  26. A beautiful reminder that we are not alone and support is always with us , thank you Elizabeth .”The Hierarchy are my pals in Heaven and I value deeply their loving support as they walk with me, and I with them, along the path of life.”.

    1. It is very beautiful to feel how we are never alone even if we Think we are. Loving support is always there for us, and connecting with it is but a simple choice away.

  27. I was reminded recently of how we are so supported by the hierarchy. All we have to do is ask for their help when we feel a true impulse for their support. When we understand this, we learn that we cannot take credit for what is done, but we are simply a vehicle of expression for Hierarchy to work through.

  28. I really love how you talk about the Hierarchy being you ‘pals in heaven,’ because I’m feeling how they are our friends and the support and love they offer is so accessible and there for us all the time.

    1. Karin, when I first connected with my pals in Heaven it felt like I was re-uniting with some very old and dear friends, and now knowing that they always have my back is making my journey through life more loving, harmonious and fruitful.

  29. So beautiful to keep remembering that we don’t have to do anything alone. I shall take that into my day today.

    1. Thank you Shirley-Ann for the reminder. As I go through my day I too will remember the fact that I have loving support all the way.

  30. Elizabeth your words are a great reminder to start my day with the Hierarchy and keep that as my first Connection point, before daily demands can grab my attention. This way I observe more what is coming to me and I stay light and joy-full.

    1. This is the case for me too sylvianbrinkman. By deepening my connection with the Hierarchy at the start of each day, supports and allows the Ageless wisdom to be felt known on earth, and like you say allows me to say light and joyful as I go about my day.

  31. I can easily forget that the Hiearchy is with me when I am caught up in time.
    When I choose to be in space and not let myself get caught up in issues, the world gets my holding of love. This we can all choose in every moment.

    1. Surrendering to the love and support which is always there for us, bursts our little bubbles of isolation which so many of us now choose, or have chosen in the past to indulge in.

      1. So true, and it has been such a big indulgence for me. Today I reacted to something where I thought I was hard done by and not loved. I paused and connected to the Hierarchy and felt how much I am loved. In the past I’d have run with things not going my way as proof I wasn’t loved. Today I cannot deny I am deeply loved and there is a reason why what happened happened. Like today, there are times I don’t like the call to be more responsible and learn from the consequence of not being so. I can be like a petulant child with this but always coming back to asking for support with letting go and seeing the bigger picture, being willing to let go of my stance these moments are less engrained.

    2. Agreed Gill, there is no need to be alone, go it alone, or feel we are alone, as with each step we take we are never alone just choosing to feel, or not to feel the connection and support that is always there.

      1. Our aloneness is of our own making and is because of us refusing to choose the loving support which is constantly available to us.

  32. I love what you share about not necessarily understanding initially but having a feeling that something was very true in what was being read in the Alice A Bailey books because I felt the same! We are supported in more ways that we care to consider at times and as a result it is our bodies that pay the price as illustrated in the rates of illness and disease.

    1. Knowing when we read or hear truth through the resonance felt in our body, is a blessing worth deeply honouring and appreciating.

  33. I know that there is The Hierarchy and I can feel the difference in the essence of the different Masters – I also find it simpler in the main to relate to God generally, even though I know there is an entire milky way like collection and constellation and beyond of support out there, for me and for us all.

  34. We never do things by ourselves – but are never alone. Feel the role that the Hierachy have played in your life, and you’ll stop trying to claim credit. It’s all given to us to bring.

    1. I agree Joseph, to feel the guiding hand of the Hierarchy which has been ever present through out our life, is a deeply humbling experience.

      1. I agree Willem it is worthy of deep appreciation, when we bring our all to team work, which is for the benefit of humanity.

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