The Catholic Church and Sexual Repression

I was brought up by a Catholic mother and a Church of England father and the main religion of the house was the Roman Catholic faith: we went to church every Sunday and I went to a Catholic Convent Boarding school in the UK, which was run by nuns. I was a boarder there from age six to thirteen and continued as a day girl until I was seventeen.

There’s one aspect of my upbringing that is really only now sinking in, and that is the sexual repression.

There was always a joke about Catholic girls being rather naughty when it came to sex and that’s probably a form of rebellion from the complete repression that takes place within the Catholic Church. The opposite is also true, with some girls growing up very nun-like in their prudishness.

Where does the rebellion come from? A celibate life is celebrated and priests and nuns are not allowed to marry, but is a celibate life normal or healthy for everyone? We are taught that Jesus was single, but that would have been very unusual in his day: he is more likely to have had a wife and at least three children. Is it possible that the Catholic Church rewrote history to suit their agenda?

I don’t remember anything in the bible specifically that talked about relationships between men and women, but I am aware of the messages that have constantly played out in my head to this day and I’m sure they are as a result of my Catholic upbringing, because my parents never talked about sex and at school conversations were very limited, and the nuns didn’t offer any support when it came to relationship issues. In the 60s, I recall one religious education class where we were discussing how far you could/should go with a man before marriage and the answer was holding hands at the garden gate. We all laughed in disbelief. Sex before marriage was definitely not supposed to happen and the pill or other forms of contraception were banned. Just the natural rhythm method, guaranteed to fail. And, of course, many Catholic girls did get pregnant and their babies were adopted away, leaving young mothers distressed for the rest of their lives.

The main message I received growing up in a Catholic boarding school for girls was that “Boys are only after one thing,” i.e. all boys want to get their hand up your skirt. I am sure that, like me, many women have experienced boys at parties trying to touch their breasts or their genitals, or seen men exposing their penis in the street (flashers); and on London’s busy underground trains there are numerous opportunities for men to push themselves up against women. These kinds of activities support the generalised belief that all men are only interested in sex.

Judgements about men and sex were embedded in my education, and I grew up with an unbalanced view of men. I cringed whenever any man I was with would ogle a girl, focussing on her breasts. I felt offended but the men would see it as a ‘healthy appreciation,’ whereas for me it has always felt sleazy.

I have always wanted men to see me for who I am, not just a sexy body, and I’m sure many women feel the same.

Some women hide their bodies by wearing totally frumpy clothes or the opposite, using sexy, revealing clothes to have power over men. Neither offers equal respect between men and women.

At our Catholic school sexual relationships were never openly discussed so we were not encouraged to speak openly with each other about intimacy in relationships. I have since learned that intimacy is not just about being close in bed with a man or a woman, but about being deeply honest and sharing what we feel in all our relationships. That requires us to be deeply honest with ourselves first. We create ideals and pictures about how we think our relationships could or should be instead of feeling in each moment what is going on and being able to express and honour those feelings and our awareness.

In our history, and continuing today, there are many stories of women being raped by strangers, by family members or by their husbands. Nowadays, through the teachings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I am slowly learning that there is a way of making love that is truly love, where the woman’s body is treated as sacred and nothing takes place that does not honour that.

Whilst in the past I may have used sex with men to make me feel better about myself, these days I know that in order to make love, rather than have sex, I need to start off feeling good about myself. I need to love myself first and feel the sacredness that my body was born with before I can truly offer my love to another. This is not something that I was taught by the Catholic Church. 

My experience of the Catholic Church was that the teachings made all women feel unworthy, like second-class citizens, fit only for being a dutiful wife and mother and exclusively defined by their relationship to a man and their babies.

Why is it not part of the Catholic doctrine to teach about the sacredness we women are born with in our bodies?

Why are we women not taught to honour and express how we feel? We have been encouraged to be martyrs, do ‘good deeds’ and to put everyone else’s needs before our own. The natural sacredness and natural sexiness (not sexual) of a woman is deliberately suppressed. The Catholic Church is not alone in this but it is the only church I have personal experience of.

The sexual repression evident in many institutionalised religions, including the Catholic Church, is carefully crafted and can pass on through several generations if not caught and turned around. We women need to reclaim our bodies for ourselves and then what we can offer our partner is a woman in her fullness: tender, precious and full of love, a woman who doesn’t want sex but who can be very sexy in her sacredness when she is truly making love.

By Carmel Reid, NSW, Australia, Student of The Way of The Livingness rediscovering God and true love.

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734 thoughts on “The Catholic Church and Sexual Repression

  1. The guilt and shame in women regarding intimacy and sex runs very deep and is an inheritance that have us seriously affected to this day and age, no matter if we have been brought up within a ‘religious’ environment or not.

  2. ‘God forbid’ that we get to know who we truly are by men and women making love and thus knowing not just God but also their own godliness. So let´s make the whole thing dirty, something merely animalistic and only acceptable for the purpose of procreation, where everything sacred is tainted with sin and revulsion. Then the way the body´s sexual energy will seek to express and relieve itself, will be confirming of the animalistic and harming nature of our otherwise divine (sacred) nature.

  3. I can feel the chains of the force, attempting to contain everyone to follow the catholic teachings.. or else… When we know and can feel our essence true in our bodies, our sacredness and our tenderness, we can make our own way without following anything.

  4. “I have since learned that intimacy is not just about being close in bed with a man or a woman, but about being deeply honest and sharing what we feel in all our relationships” – yes Carmel agree, the greatest thing I have appreciated about understanding intimacy is no longer associating the word purely with sexualised connotations or actions. Through the word’s meaning and living its truth which is openness and transparency we can be intimate with every single person.

    1. So true, Zofia, I absolutely love how my relationship with intimacy has blossomed since I have appreciated the true meaning of the word and all it offers, rather than just the sexual connotation which in no way begins to reflect the gorgeous invitation in what being intimate actually means.

  5. ” Is it possible that the Catholic Church rewrote history to suit their agenda?” Having been in a similar up bringing this is now completely obvious to me, with the awareness of the truth of intimacy and the simplicity and understanding of true expression allowing the honouring and love we innately are, with the fullness and sacredness of women to cherished by us all.

  6. True Carmel, we can sit down or react and be the victim of that which the Catholic church and many other institutionalised religions have imposed upon us, with their doctrines now embedded in our culture but that’s not the way., It is about becoming aware of the hold it has over women and men. To truly feel we can reclaim our bodies like you wrote ‘We women need to reclaim our bodies for ourselves and then what we can offer our partner is a woman in her fullness: tender, precious and full of love, a woman who doesn’t want sex but who can be very sexy in her sacredness when she is truly making love.’

  7. This is such a deeply needed conversation and the amount of harm and abuse that has played out with such heavy beliefs with imposed religions of what sex should be, it is no wonder the sex scandals and abuse are getting exposed more and more.

  8. It is an insult to men to say they are only interested in sex… this completely tarnishes all men with the same brush, and dismisses their innately tender, sensitive and gentle nature.

    1. Well said Paula – we tend to label the masses based on the behaviour of some, and in that we forget that in essence that is not who they are, not even the ones who behave in accordance with the label.

    1. Personally I don’t think that sexual repression is a societal problem, certainly not in the ‘civilised’ world. Far from it, sex seems to be absolutely everywhere, it comes at us through the radio, through the telly, through advertising, through the way our kids dance, through clothing, through magazines. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are not sexually repressed as a society but the fact that it’s in our faces all of the time means that it’s not a buried topic anymore and has become very every day, so much so that’s it’s not even noticed half the time, unless it’s outwardly explicit.

      1. This overtness is perhaps a reaction to the repression – rather than any kind of healthy and loving expression of our sexual nature.

      2. I feel that because of sexual repression that has been imposed on us through, in this case, the Catholic Church, we have ended up with an array of beliefs that have had a damaging effect on our relationship with ourselves and each other and in the expression of our love for ourselves and each other, including making love versus sex.

    2. The consciousness of this religion, being so tightly held for so many centuries is still present in our modern culture whether we are practising Catholics or not. There are still judgments on women of either being frigid or loose for example (definitely a by-product of the virgin worship), there is still shame around having a physical body and its functions, there is still shame around the act of sex. The pendulum can swing from not engaging sexually, to engaging sexually but feeling a tension with it (if not coming from a place of self worth and love), or in reaction, going to town on sexual activity in the name of being liberated, but what if this liberation were really self-abuse? What if true liberation came from honouring our sensitivity and our bodies and their functions, embracing them as the loving vehicles of expression they are?

  9. ‘I am slowly learning that there is a way of making love that is truly love, where the woman’s body is treated as sacred and nothing takes place that does not honour that.’ – And that all starts with how we as women honour ourselves.

  10. To be seen for who we truly are is very powerful. It is something that offers us the opportunity to awaken to that truth for ourselves.

  11. What is the impact of teaching girls something like ‘boys are only after one thing?’ How does this play out in their attitudes towards men? Does it become a self-fulfilling prophecy? If a girl is taught such a thing, do they then shut down their natural openness and sacredness and become suspicious of men? Beliefs create an energetic force in our world and to make a statement like ‘boys are only after one thing’ is a bit like a curse on all men. We need to be much more careful with our words and our expression. It is a very powerful thing.

    1. ‘If a girl is taught such a thing, do they then shut down their natural openness and sacredness and become suspicious of men?’ Good question, Richard, and I can say from my own experience, that yes, it shuts us down to true intimacy, seeing men as sexual predators and unable to truly and openly love with tenderness as I now know that all men truly can.

    2. This is such a wise comment Richard and very important to look at both sides of the angle. As you say – what a curse on all men – when I know loads of men, who are craving true intimacy, sacredness and fragility both within themselves and with their partners. What you have said here needs to be expanded.

  12. What I love about the teachings of Universal Medicine is that we are asked to question what we know and feel to be true, which exposes many of the dogmas and institutional doctrines which keep us lesser and disempowered, when in truth we are all equal in essence.

  13. The Catholic religious institution seems to be able to excuse and ignore all sorts of behaviour in regard to sex which is truly abhorrent and unacceptable in any way. It appears in the media for a short time and then seems to go quiet but nothing is really done about it.

  14. The fact that sexual suppression is only just coming up Carmel shows how insidious this type of indoctrination is and how we accept what we are told as children. Huge credit to you for choosing to be in a place in your life where you are actively looking for things to come up and out of the body, many do not know they can do this and have no realisation that these things are held firmly in the body for lifetimes. What better way to assure future participants than ingrain beliefs that last lifetimes.

  15. I love the clarity and honesty that you bring to a subject that has for aeons been either hidden or over exposed in a way that is more about destroying any sense of self worth rather than honouring the innately sacred and precious woman within.

  16. There are so many controversies around sex and making love. Although today people are a lot more open about sex and what goes on in the bedroom, we are still uneducated in regards to the potential this act of intimacy has for the bond between two people.

  17. “… there is a way of making love that is truly love, where the woman’s body is treated as sacred and nothing takes place that does not honour that.” This establishes a level of understanding that is not of this world, but which needs to be grounded and lived by all women so as to bring true order to the world again.

  18. There has been repression of both men and women within the church and many other faiths and institutions. If there was not we would not be seeing the level of sexual abuse that has been revealed across the globe. Is sexual repression a part of this? Possibly. But my feeling from my first 18 years of life being in and surrounded by the catholic church, is that the repression comes through moulding us to not be our natural selves, to be the good person, good student, the good woman rather than being true to ourselves and therefore all others. This of course is not isolated to the catholic church.

    1. Yes the intention to be ‘good’ is something we were encouraged to strive for and it does not allow us to feel within and do what is natural to us, to live with the harmony, joy and stillness that brings truth.

  19. Wow Carmel you have really exposed the falsity of the churches sexual repression; how it leaves women with only two choices to conform or to rebel and you have well described the falsity of both which kills the sacredness and the glory that each woman holds.
    My religion holds women as divine and sacred to be honored, to deeply love herself and to move and express with that love. To see these powerhouse women in action is really something to behold.

    1. Bernard, how beautiful and deeply confirming it is to read your loving words this morning – “My religion holds women as divine and sacred to be honoured, to deeply love herself and to move and express with that love. To see these powerhouse women in action is really something to behold.” Thank you.

  20. I cannot see how the Catholic Church is still in existence now that its true colours have been exposed through the paedophilic priests and an organisational structure that supported them and hid them from the law. If I had been a catholic, I would be no more. If I had been a supporter and continued to support them knowing what I now know, that would make me an accomplice in all the evil.

    1. Because like with any organisation or group of people that contains corruption or harmful behaviours, it suits our irresponsibility and lethargy to believe that we don’t have anything to do with the harmful part and only the ‘good’ part. It doesn’t suit us to admit that if one part is rotten, then that rot goes through the whole thing.

    2. It’s interesting how we can resist accepting the truth, even being willing to see the truth, when to do so it requires us to be open to accepting that everything we have ever believed is a lie – such is our arrogance. I remember feeling this way when I started being more aware of the truth of how we have been relentlessly manipulated. However, I’d much rather walk out of the cave into the sunshine, than stay in the cave in my dark comfort where I think I am safe, when in fact the complete opposite is true.

  21. Beautiful Carmel, this is a profound teaching that should be our living truth. From my experience I can share that living without the knowing of who you truly are, is the greatest pain to life with. But when I chose The Way of The Livingness as my daily religion, by fact of me re-connecting to my truth, instantly brought in the wideness of life again, it exposed and still exposes the lies I have been living and the false ideals and beliefs I had walked with thinking that they were true and normal. I find now that what is normal is to connect with my heart and God. There is nothing else I need to do. As the rest is only a set up for distraction away from God, ‘our fire”.

  22. I know you say it’s only sinking in now Carmel, but how wonderful, at any point in life, to expose the things within ourselves that frees us from living the distortion they impose.

  23. Reading this I can see that I was i absolute rebellion of not wanting to get married because of what the Catholic church represented and what they told you as women how you needed to be. My time was many more years on from you but under the surface it was all still the same.

  24. Current day religions are all about dominating and controlling the masses… in complete contrast to the true meaning of the word religion, which is to re-bind, re-turn to the truth each one of us knows lies deep within, and to then live that truth – a way of living that is very simple yet powerful and profound. All it takes is for each of us to be responsible in taking that journey within.

    1. ‘Current day religions are all about dominating and controlling the masses’ It makes you wonder why the masses have to be controlled, what is the consciousness that needs to keep us in submission, contracted and small? The world living a one religion in true brotherhood would be a very different place, with no one being or organisation having control over another, all of us living in harmony.

    2. True religion takes us within, whereas organised religion purposefully leads us away from ourselves. And it does this by employing a whole range of techniques and emotions that keep us on the periphery of who we actually are.

  25. It is also of note that not only many mainstream religions have the fact that women are sacred as their core teaching, they also say they are unclean or to be submissive, which is the total opposite of the truth.

    1. This dichotomy of what it means to be a woman in mainstream religions has everyone very confused. The ideal of women needing to fit the picture of the divine like Mary is something no one can live up to. She is presented as pure, ‘untainted’ by sex etc., but in truth couldn’t have been. Connected to her inner essence yes, connected to God through her body yes, real yes and in being real accepting of her body and her natural divinity through honouring herself as a woman and everything that that means. As women, this is something we can all do.

  26. Sometimes guidance from religious institutions is so out of touch with how life is, that is either of no support, or so misguiding that is actually makes the situation worse and more confused.

  27. It is very interesting that now, in this era of transparency, so many catholic priests have been exposed for the sexual abuse of their parishioners. So much for sexual repression; when repressed, all those desires merely surface in a different form. What seems to be missing here is honesty and the catholic church has good reason to fear this when you examine its brutal history.

    1. The whole concept of celibacy is based on the ideals of self-control and discipline to demonstrate virtue, but as we know, over time any belief that comes from the head is hard to live up to. It can get further perverted when there is a myriad of unexpressed hurts and needs festering underneath that are not allowed honest expression, along with the shame of craving intimacy, which the church preaches as sinful. It is a misinterpreted form of intimacy, however as true intimacy isn’t just about sexual relations with another, it is about having an open, honest and loving relationship with self first. By its very nature, the Catholic Church encourages this misinterpretation through encouraging a foundational approach to life based on being less, unworthy and plain not good enough. That building of tension is going to need a release of some sort and whilst it is in no way acceptable, it is easy to understand how the rot of sexual suppression has resulted in so much terrible abuse.

    2. Yes there is no more scientific evidence needed, if we would ever have needed it, then this would prove what the Catholic Church teaches about love and sexuality is not working.

      1. The irony that the church professes to be the gateway to heaven, but then is exposed in its lovelessness, cannot be lost on the many millions of Catholics who attend church. We need to explore what it is about consciousnesses such as these that keep members hooked into them, despite the knowing there are many aspects that do not ring true.

    3. Whenever there is another scandal and one of the higher-ups in the Catholic church gives a press conference, you can feel that there is no true conviction to have the practice of molesting children come to an end, because they all know and have known that it was and is going on but they chose to turn a blind eye. It does seem as though the Catholic church has a lot of skeletons in its closet which are continually being exposed.

  28. Pope Francis has recently said the devil is ultimately behind the sexual abuse of children committed by priests – which feels like a complete refusal of the Catholic Church to take responsibility for the part they have all played in allowing the heinous sexual abuse against children to continue for years and years. Whilst we are all affected by energy, we also have free will and the ability to say no to things that we know are wrong, let alone outright criminal. However challenging that may feel at times, for whatever reason, we all ultimately hold the power to choose and we all know what is love and what is not.

      1. I had a primary school teacher tell me little children were evil and needed to be made good. How is it Church, that little children are taught they are the total opposite to the truth that they are in fact already everything?

      2. How is it also that so many over the centuries have fallen for that lie and have allowed it to live on? How is it when we all know the truth deep down, that we could even begin to think about tainting all that beautiful innocence and amazing wisdom and light with that erroneous belief?

    1. It is a total cop-out to blame an energy for all the abuse that has happened. However, I would imagine it would be pretty hard for the pope to admit to the fact that the Catholic faith by its bastardised interpretations of the truth, historical desire to manipulate and control to gain power at the expense of others, whilst pretending to be all about God would be inward looking and reflective enough to realise just how deep the rot sits within this consciousness he has invested so much in.

  29. Its no surprise that the ‘rules’ should’s or should not’s were taught at school, as a young person is probably more impressionable, perhaps vulnerable in terms of believing what a teacher says – it is a sure way of controlling a person right from the get-go because the impression made upon a person in this period certainly has the potential to remain with them for a life time.

  30. With all due respect for the people who are a part of the catholic church, I feel that celibacy and a lack of marriage, although these may be considered godly, they also have the potential to ensure that a person experiences a justified and perhaps righteous withdrawal from life, which in my view is not so godly.

  31. The church has so much to answer for when it comes to sexual repression. Whereas if we follow true religion as is The Way of the Livingness, we are encouraged to be open, honest and true to ourselves in everyday, and consequently this leads to true relationships that have no room for sexual repression in any form, but learning that ‘making love’ is an act that we can bring to everyone simply by virtue of the way we live. and of course the more intimate act of making love with the one person we are committed to in a truly loving and honouring relationship with each other.

  32. “Why is it not part of the Catholic doctrine to teach about the sacredness we women are born with in our bodies?” Because if it did, we would realise that we don’t need a religious institution such as this to manipulate our lives or control our behaviours. The depth of Sacredness within every woman is a natural fountain of loving wisdom, philosophy and integrity that when expressed with all our grace, sets the standards by which the whole of society innately abides by.

    1. ‘The depth of Sacredness within every woman is a natural fountain of loving wisdom, philosophy and integrity that when expressed with all our grace, sets the standards by which the whole of society innately abides by.’ – this is what true Religion teaches and reflects to us.

    2. It is interesting to note how successful religion has been in cutting off our awareness of the depth of Sacredness you talk of here, Rowena. It has been so successful that the very mention of the word has so many running for the hills in the dismissal that something this grand could every possibly be residing naturally within.

  33. I was taught religion once a week at school by a very old nun (who was actually one of my mums teachers).
    She had a strange obsession (perhaps from her own sexual repression) with trying to educate us about how we need to be with boys and men.
    She would often repeat herself and say ‘never let a boy walk you into the bushes after school’ and ‘when you’re in the shower don’t touch yourself’. It was so behind the times and totally unrelatable.
    Ironically though it was through these conversations that I learned about masturbation and began to feel how controlling the Roman Catholic Church is, which also makes sense as it is a religion created in its time to control the masses by the Roman Empire.
    I have since learnt that I can have a relationship with God and Jesus without being a part of this church.

    1. ‘Don’t touch yourself’ is an interesting instruction, it makes our sacred parts somehow dirty. Like in some religions where women who are menstruating are considered ‘unclean’ there are many hang ups instilled into us by misguided (or sexually repressed) religious leaders.

  34. The fact that the Catholic doctrine does not teach about the sacredness we women are born
    with in our bodies, shows how they want to keep us as far away from knowing ourselves as possible. By us knowing our own power inside, they lose the force of control over us.

    1. It’s as though the Catholic Church harbours a fear of the power that women innately hold, thereby, it uses repression as the form of control it needs to exist.

      1. Absolutely spot on Alison… there has been an eons long fear of the power of women and the consequent attempts to repress this power – which we as women continue to buy into.

  35. Truth is always open to discussion, evaluation and building a deeper understanding. Whenever there is any form of suppression, we are witnessing a blatant lack of truth.

  36. Several religions show signs of asking women to suppress their sexuality.
    This is what evil does when we give our power away. It tries to bring down the sacredness in women, as evil knows the power of the sacredness when women start claiming their bodies back.

  37. What has happened with the Catholic Church and women and babies born out of wedlock is really quite horrendous and only now coming to light.

    1. Hundreds of women were affected, perhaps thousands. Yes everything is now being exposed and the Catholic Church is responsible for some horrors that must have been known about but carefully hidden. It is appalling just what humans are capable of and how many stood by and said nothing.

  38. The Catholic Church has a reputation for exerting power over the masses with torture and death. That is not a sign of a healthy organisation and today even if people are not put to death, much is still being suppressed and anyone who exposes the church can be at risk of psychological harm.

  39. As we know sexual repression works far wider than just through the Catholic religion, for it is also seen in the circumcision of girls and women in certain cultures – all this is a backlash on the beauty and truth that we all as women are capable of living and hence bringing to all. But hiding from this will not change it, burning our bras in protest will not change it. What will truly change this is when we accept our role as true women and begin to live this in increasing increments all of the time. Only the lived presence of a woman celebrating herself is powerful enough to make a change. It is not possible to do this overnight, but it begins with the gradual steps of building our relationship with ourselves and each and every small step is to be celebrated.

  40. Interesting how when our natural expression is restricted or repressed then it can come out in unnatural and distorted versions. This can be seen in all kinds of areas such as the sexual repression that Carmel has so beautifully shared, but also in terms of control and abuse and above all a self loathing or hatred as we are being instilled with the fact that something natural is not accepted and so must be seen as aberrant or ‘bad’. How much does this actually happen in life where we are being told to dampen our natural light and emanation because it is not seen as acceptable, when in fact our natural way of being is gentle and caring and always respectful of self and all others?

    1. So true Henrietta, it is not merely sexual repression it is the very essence of a woman that is subverted. Our society has repressed women to not live their divine essence then have self worth issues; a double edged set up leaving women nowhere to go. The only way out is to realise the evil of the set up and not be defined or restricted by it. Flaunt your divinity women and show our girls how to escape this set up.

  41. It’s amazing how we let something that was not obvious and yet is incredibly obvious now go on for so long and then still be covered up. Yet today we see oppression in places that at first look great, but peel back the layers and they are anything but great.

  42. The more I understand about how life ‘works’ – or doesn’t work as the case may be – the more I understand that when something is repressed in the way sexual expression has been, then there is something amazing to be rediscovered. It’s contrary for sure, but this is what I am finding. In the case in point here, repressing and perverting sexual expression is about diverting us from the truth and beauty of making love, as Carmel shares, and of rediscovering our innate sacredness. ‘The proof is in the pudding’ as it is said. When we experience making love, the desire for sex without love dissolves.

  43. Women living the sacredness they naturally are and hold, will break down all the institutions that try to suppress this in their pursuit to have and maintain power over people.

    1. Well said Nico – and so it is that as women (and men) we hold an amazing responsibility and also an amazing power to make a change. But this only lies as a potential until such time that we begin to live the sacredness, little by little and building on this each and every day.

  44. “Why is it not part of the Catholic doctrine to teach about the sacredness we women are born with in our bodies?” As you say Carmel, the sacredness in women is suppressed as it will reveal the falseness the church, or any other institution that lives to this sacredness suppressing rule is putting on women as the rule to live to in order to get salvation form the imprisonment we live in. But when we fall for that we just allow ourselves to be imprisoned, the same imprisoning they want to rescue you from.

  45. Suppressing people in their sexual expression is one of the ways to have control over people, as in making making love only about having sex for reproduction we are minimised in our being and our evolving back to Soul.

  46. So true, Gyl, hence the importance for us, as women to reflect our claimed sacredness to each other so we may be reminded of this enormous power that we all hold within which will support everyone to return to their truth.

    1. True, I watched a documentary recently on the vote in Northern Ireland to allow abortion. It was really interesting and a reality check for how establishments and people feel they still own a woman’s body. There was a girl age 12 who had to go to the UK in secret as at the time it was still illegal ( and we’re just talking a year or two ago) to have an abortion after she’d been sexually abused.

  47. If the teacher does not live Truth, the teacher cannot impart Truth to the students. It is as simple as that. Thus, a true authority does not come from name or how many followers it has, it comes from if Truth is consistently lived in its body (or the constitution’s body). This is our responsibility.

    1. Absolutely – such is the need for us to always feel the truth in any teaching before assuming it to be the way to go.

  48. “A celibate life is celebrated and priests and nuns are not allowed to marry, but is a celibate life normal or healthy for everyone?” It is extraordinary to comprehend, a ‘religious’ institution that forbids its representatives to engage in healthy sexual relationships and yet turns a massive blind eye to the unhealthy sexual abuse that has taken place within this Church for eons. What it extensively proves to me is that suppressing our natural sexual activity pushes humanity into sexually deviant behaviours that then get out of control.

    1. Agree entirely. The problem is that many of the Catholic priests enter the church before puberty. Thus, they are ‘sexually growing up’ under this extreme consciousness and have no way of expressing their natural feelings and urges….it is the classic pressure cooker situation…and so is it any wonder that they get badly bent out of shape and end up expressing their sexual urges in extreme, abusive and deviant ways?

  49. The Catholic Church can be very pragmatic and has in the past been quite ruthless. The question then becomes why it has such an extreme view of pre-marital relationships? Hand-holding at the garden gate is a standard that may be normal for the most extreme religious societies on earth but the church knows that it is demanding the impossible. Is there a benefit for the church in demanding the impossible?

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