The Catholic Church and Sexual Repression

I was brought up by a Catholic mother and a Church of England father and the main religion of the house was the Roman Catholic faith: we went to church every Sunday and I went to a Catholic Convent Boarding school in the UK, which was run by nuns. I was a boarder there from age six to thirteen and continued as a day girl until I was seventeen.

There’s one aspect of my upbringing that is really only now sinking in, and that is the sexual repression.

There was always a joke about Catholic girls being rather naughty when it came to sex and that’s probably a form of rebellion from the complete repression that takes place within the Catholic Church. The opposite is also true, with some girls growing up very nun-like in their prudishness.

Where does the rebellion come from? A celibate life is celebrated and priests and nuns are not allowed to marry, but is a celibate life normal or healthy for everyone? We are taught that Jesus was single, but that would have been very unusual in his day: he is more likely to have had a wife and at least three children. Is it possible that the Catholic Church rewrote history to suit their agenda?

I don’t remember anything in the bible specifically that talked about relationships between men and women, but I am aware of the messages that have constantly played out in my head to this day and I’m sure they are as a result of my Catholic upbringing, because my parents never talked about sex and at school conversations were very limited, and the nuns didn’t offer any support when it came to relationship issues. In the 60s, I recall one religious education class where we were discussing how far you could/should go with a man before marriage and the answer was holding hands at the garden gate. We all laughed in disbelief. Sex before marriage was definitely not supposed to happen and the pill or other forms of contraception were banned. Just the natural rhythm method, guaranteed to fail. And, of course, many Catholic girls did get pregnant and their babies were adopted away, leaving young mothers distressed for the rest of their lives.

The main message I received growing up in a Catholic boarding school for girls was that “Boys are only after one thing,” i.e. all boys want to get their hand up your skirt. I am sure that, like me, many women have experienced boys at parties trying to touch their breasts or their genitals, or seen men exposing their penis in the street (flashers); and on London’s busy underground trains there are numerous opportunities for men to push themselves up against women. These kinds of activities support the generalised belief that all men are only interested in sex.

Judgements about men and sex were embedded in my education, and I grew up with an unbalanced view of men. I cringed whenever any man I was with would ogle a girl, focussing on her breasts. I felt offended but the men would see it as a ‘healthy appreciation,’ whereas for me it has always felt sleazy.

I have always wanted men to see me for who I am, not just a sexy body, and I’m sure many women feel the same.

Some women hide their bodies by wearing totally frumpy clothes or the opposite, using sexy, revealing clothes to have power over men. Neither offers equal respect between men and women.

At our Catholic school sexual relationships were never openly discussed so we were not encouraged to speak openly with each other about intimacy in relationships. I have since learned that intimacy is not just about being close in bed with a man or a woman, but about being deeply honest and sharing what we feel in all our relationships. That requires us to be deeply honest with ourselves first. We create ideals and pictures about how we think our relationships could or should be instead of feeling in each moment what is going on and being able to express and honour those feelings and our awareness.

In our history, and continuing today, there are many stories of women being raped by strangers, by family members or by their husbands. Nowadays, through the teachings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I am slowly learning that there is a way of making love that is truly love, where the woman’s body is treated as sacred and nothing takes place that does not honour that.

Whilst in the past I may have used sex with men to make me feel better about myself, these days I know that in order to make love, rather than have sex, I need to start off feeling good about myself. I need to love myself first and feel the sacredness that my body was born with before I can truly offer my love to another. This is not something that I was taught by the Catholic Church. 

My experience of the Catholic Church was that the teachings made all women feel unworthy, like second-class citizens, fit only for being a dutiful wife and mother and exclusively defined by their relationship to a man and their babies.

Why is it not part of the Catholic doctrine to teach about the sacredness we women are born with in our bodies?

Why are we women not taught to honour and express how we feel? We have been encouraged to be martyrs, do ‘good deeds’ and to put everyone else’s needs before our own. The natural sacredness and natural sexiness (not sexual) of a woman is deliberately suppressed. The Catholic Church is not alone in this but it is the only church I have personal experience of.

The sexual repression evident in many institutionalised religions, including the Catholic Church, is carefully crafted and can pass on through several generations if not caught and turned around. We women need to reclaim our bodies for ourselves and then what we can offer our partner is a woman in her fullness: tender, precious and full of love, a woman who doesn’t want sex but who can be very sexy in her sacredness when she is truly making love.

By Carmel Reid, NSW, Australia, Student of The Way of The Livingness rediscovering God and true love.

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734 thoughts on “The Catholic Church and Sexual Repression

  1. I have been raised with the Catholic faith and it is very clear this has influenced my life in much more ways than I have been aware of. At the same time when I am honest i must have had at least one life in past history where I was involved myself and lived the celibate as the way to be connected to God.

    1. As with all religions, Catholicism is a consciousness and when we take it on because we like an element of it, or that element services a need, we don’t realise that we are taking on the whole show, getting saturated in the energetic fall out of having made that choice that can stay with us for lifetimes.

  2. The separation between men and women in religious doctrines are not only contained in these religions, but from the strong fundamentals permeated deeply within the society.

  3. If women were not suppressed in this way and lived in their sacredness all institutional religions would be quickly exposed as being false – no wonder they, and the Catholic church among them seek to not allow this and actively prevent this from being known.

    1. Has a part of religion always been about man’s way of controlling women? It is the 21st century, and there are still places where women are not allowed education. The awakening is coming, and the walls religion have built are crumbling.

  4. Thank you Carmel. When you repress someone’s natural and innate expression it begins to come out in unnatural ways – for expression cannot be quelled completely. It is like trying to stop a river flowing in its natural course – it must be allowed to flow and the more you allow it to flow freely, the less damage it is likely to do. The natural and innate expression is always one that holds self and others with deep respect and care and this is something to appreciate and learn from.

    1. I really like the analogy you paint here Henrietta. Yes – if natural expression is thwarted it will become warped as it tries to find a way out, like a flower trying to seek the light in semi darkness it will grow withered and sick.

    2. When we repress anything, are we not creating interest to find out why? The old free will thing comes into play. But, when no clarity of why we should not do whatever, other than it is against God’s will, the bell rings, the gate pops open and the horses are away!

  5. True intimacy explained: “I have since learned that intimacy is not just about being close in bed with a man or a woman, but about being deeply honest and sharing what we feel in all our relationships. That requires us to be deeply honest with ourselves first.” – if we feel we are lacking intimacy in a relationship, perhaps we ought to look at our relationship with ourselves first? There is always deeper levels we can go to.

  6. I am raised Catholic too and I can say that I have experienced the repression and with that, the secrecy of sexuality has influenced my sexual life. The sexual life which I found not to be free but repressed instead because all of the beliefs that have been fed to me by reflection from many angles, like at home, at school, in church, in society and at work, all based on the doctrine that was preached in the churches and from there permeated deeply in to our societies and individual lives.

    1. Indeed it has permeated all of society – outdated historical laws originally passed by religious influence on the politics of the day are still in place, quotes from the Bible have become everyday phrases, our so-called secular society is based on the fundamental principles of religion, us being born sinners, having to be punished for our sins, Judgement from above, with figures in authority playing or representing a judgemental God.

      1. All the rules that have been put in place from these doctrines have given our governments their power. Rules you have to be obedient to in for being accepted as an appreciated citizen of the society we live in.

    2. It’s really quite insidious the ideals and beliefs the church propagates. Having also been brought up a Catholic I am aware of how much it has influenced my life on many levels, subtle and unsubtle alike.

      1. It is not to blame the church as it can only exist on our common approval, otherwise, these religious institutions that do propagate this insidiousness would seize to exist.

  7. The Catholic Church does make us to belief that a celibate life is needed to be dedicated to God. But I cannot imagine that God would ever ask something like that from us as to my experience he already lives within and supports me to live everything who I am to experience how to live as a god here on earth. Therefore a celibate life is not needed and would heavily interfere with living all of me as a god in the human form.

  8. I was talking yesterday about the Catholic church with someone and how as teenagers we could so thoroughly see through the hypocrisy of what it preached as opposed to how those who preached it lived – not only that but the hypocrisy of the congregations saying they were one thing, aligning to one thing for the hour they went to church, but going home and shouting at their families, or being dismissive or arrogant towards others etc.. There was an idea that if we did our duty and went to church, asked for forgiveness for our sins then we were free to do as we wished, under no obligation to practice a living way and that the job of being ‘good’ was done. When we are capped by the ideal of duty we fail to see that we are capping our own evolution

    1. I agree Michelle … the hypocrisy got me too. Although I wasn’t raised Catholic but had Anglican and Presbyterian influences at home … it seemed to me that all religions have this hypocrisy – people presenting a ‘feel good’ and piousness whilst attending, and living in abusive ways the rest of the time.

      1. It is no wonder why the vast majority are so given up and defeatist. When the organisations we look to, who claim to represent the truth when they clearly do not, offer no real steady platform or offer no real confirmation that as we are, we are rather awesome we are naturally going to feel inadequate. Until I came across Universal Medicine there was nothing out there that got close to confirming the truth I already knew.

  9. Thank you Carmel. There is true inspiration and beauty when a woman embraces and honours herself in full, unveiling her sacredness, and yes, this is exactly what is needed to counter the repression of all of our sacredness (men and women alike).

  10. It matters not whether you have sex or not because the real damage is in the evil of the word sex and the absense of true love in our relationships.

    1. The bastardisation of words is true evil, in the case of the word love, we have to add true to be clear we don’t mean the emotional love that has replaced the truth. And truth is another word that is complety reinterpreted so now we use the word absolute truth to indicate there is only one truth and not many.

  11. ” Is it possible that the Catholic Church rewrote history to suit their agenda?” The reality of this is something I am seeing more and more with the ramifications of this in all our lives worldwide and the harm of the absolute separation lived in the world from God as our true love of who we are as a result.

    1. It is the separation to the love we are from, the separation from God, that brings all the harm to this world which in fact is by our own doing from choosing to separate from this love in the first place.

  12. “Boys are only after one thing,” is such a negative indictment of boys and men and doesn’t support the true relationships we can have with one another. It’s a belief I certainly grew up with that hampered me being at ease with myself ( there were times when I wanted that kind of attention because I didn’t value myself and this was all I thought there was) and also hampered genuine, caring relationships with men because I’d projected this onto them and couldn’t connect outside of this.

    1. I agree Karin it is a horrible comment to have heard and been labelled by. And then when we do not want it we can be labeled or called gay. It is like in high school we can easily get caught in the trap of the pictures and images of how we should be and lose sense of the delicateness and love we innately are, not because we want to but because everyone is telling us that is how we need to be.

      1. Thank you James for putting forward the man’s perspective on this, it is important to know the impact on the men of these kinds of beliefs. We women can judge all men as potentially sleazy and that is not a good way to start any relationship, because we are always looking for proof of the evil label so we can say we are right as in, ‘See that’s exactly how it is!’

      2. Very true Carmel, it is interesting how much we can hold people in things they have either done in the past and no longer are them, or something they have not done but others have done to us. The more we just see and hold people for the love they are first and everything else second, the more we will get to truly see the depths of love we all are.

  13. You have touched on a wonderful point here in this article, where you talk about intimacy and the lack of education with this beautiful part of our lives. Because intimacy has always been something I assumed we just had to learn through life experiences, but what if this subject was brought in to regular everyday life and education, with discussions and lessons on how to be loving and truly intimate in relationships.

  14. I love to reflect on my sexlife as it shows me how I live with my partner during the day.
    IF there is no true connection but more a functional physical action it shows how we also lived in function during the day. We talk about those aspects and stop on the moment that it becomes about the result. Love is for every moment.

  15. When I was growing up, all I ever knew from christian teachings was being told what not to do… don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t put yourself first, don’t have sex before marriage… never how to be Love.

      1. I agree Carmel, to appreciate is to expand the love for everyone, the ‘don’t do this don’t do that’ just creates a minefield that ensures everyone walks on eggshells in contraction holding back, staying small and not evolving. So if we make mistakes, at least we are living and learning. I remember when I first had the sense that the worst thing that could happen in my life was nothing, for all the aforesaid reasons.

    1. .. and what a reductionist way of living life it promotes! It really is no wonder we see such negative behaviours in reaction or rebellion against these teachings. Teach our children and ourselves that we are love and that in life we are simply making choices in alignment with this or not, then we have a whole different foundation to work with.

  16. I find it rather interesting and not a coincidence that women are not taught to honour and express how they feel how they truly are. You can see and feel how, not only the Catholic region but many if not all, are diminishing of women and put them in a lesser rank then males. What is it as a collective that finds the thought of women in their power threatening?

    1. It has been such a clever rearrangement of consciousness that even women put themselves down with low self worth and develop a hardness that masks their true delicate nature, the same delicacy that can remind men of their tenderness.As a result none of us, men or women are living their true worth.

  17. When things are not discussed openly and without judgement and blame, you can count on people talking about it or acting out behind the hushed veils.

  18. “Is it possible that the Catholic Church rewrote history to suit their agenda?” It would make sense that the Catholic Church would want to change the course of history if it did not suit their way of thinking and therefore bastardise the truth. Prior to the Catholic Church very little was written down so it was easy to convert the truth into a convenient lie that would then enable them to control the masses.

  19. It is amazing how repressed sexually most people are and have been as a result of the dogma of the church, but not because we have had no choice or say rather we have allowed it because we have gotten something from it. I know for me the porn we see is not from people really wanting to go to the extremes rather originating from a deep sensitivity and love of people just having gotten warped into this animalistic act void of any sense of love.

    1. We are all incredibly sensitive and loving and it really hurts when this gets rejected. We all really crave intimacy when we try to deny this and the emptiness has to be filled with something.

      1. It sure does Michelle and it is scary at times the extremes we go to to fill this emptiness. It is interesting as well that I do not feel I have ever been rejected for being the love that I am, rather, rejected either for being lesser when I have tried to be something or someone, or when I have initially felt rejected, I have seen it is actually the other person rejecting themselves and not me, so it does not affect me.

  20. When there is repression and oppression of people there will be the reactions either way. That is why we have the stereotype of the ‘naughty’ catholic girls and the prudish nun-like girls. This all suggests that the girls are not being allowed to grow up and flourish as the women they would be without imposition. This then has a huge, enduring ripple effect into marriages, social norms and parenting if our next generation women.

    1. The harm done to society as a result of religious norms and restrictions is far reaching – even if individuals are not ‘religious’ the country’s governments often are, and that affects schools, parks…

  21. ‘We women need to reclaim our bodies for ourselves and then what we can offer our partner is a woman in her fullness: tender, precious and full of love, a woman who doesn’t want sex but who can be very sexy in her sacredness when she is truly making love.’ – Beautifully said Carmel, this is what eventually will change the world and bring harmony, due to true equality and mutual dignity between the genders.

    1. The other day someone was sharing how as a schoolboy when a teacher walked in in the energy of a mother he hated it. He shared that for him he would have been totally inspired by a woman if she had simply come in claimed in her fullness, in her sacredness. So very few of us manage to offer this inspiration,

  22. ‘Why is it not part of the Catholic doctrine to teach about the sacredness we women are born with in our bodies?’ the purpose of so much of what constitutes our beliefs is to ensure that we do not honour the sacredness women are born with and to purposefully attack this.

  23. “I have always wanted men to see me for who I am, not just a sexy body, and I’m sure many women feel the same.” Absolutely Carmel … however we as women have to be true to ourselves and view ourselves as the gorgeous sacred beings we are too.

  24. Any emotions or feelings that are repressed will come out eventually and often in ways that aren’t always seen as connected to those emotions… for example, if hurt isn’t expressed it can come out as anger; sexual repression can come out as aggression, control, etc.

  25. Thank you, Carmel, for talking about the sacredness we are born with in our bodies. This is always always there. We tend to bury it with coping mechanisms we adopt for life, when all along this sacredness is all we need.

    1. It goes to show how insidious is the teaching and dogma of the Catholic Church when a woman in her late 60s is unable to truly understand the meaning of sacredness, has never understood its true meaning and is unable to truly connect within and feel what is there.

  26. When we honour ourselves with absoluteness in the moment we choose observation instead of reaction. We express what there is to say or not, whichever the case may be but when speaking, it is delivered with the absolute love; this way of being is everything that is needed for a relationship to grow facing and dealing with exactly and immediately what is needed in the moment.

  27. It is interesting that in religious institutes women and men are not taught about their sacred origin. Instead they are taught that they are not worthy unless they devote themselves to the doctrines of the religion of their choice.

    1. One of many set ups that mislead us into thinking that we have to achieve something to be worth anything. The irony of the distortion, when all along everyone has sacredness, the very quality that the world needs, inside them.

      1. And it is because we are neglecting and denying this sacredness and is why we have lost this inner connection with it, that otherwise would be naturally there and tangible in every move we make. Not only a blessing for us individually, but for all the people we are and interact with.

  28. As we can all experience in our own relationships, and in society in general, almost no one has true or free sexual relationships. For many, consciously or unconsciously, they are based on religious beliefs on how to relate to another, especially in intimate relationships. Most are not truly intimate at all, but a mere surrogate of what it can be when we truly surrender to the intimate relationship with ourselves first. As has been said before in this blog, we have never been taught how to be like that. It is rather the opposite where the inner relationship is being neglected and the emphasis is being placed on the external.

    1. So true, we do not need any ideal or belief as that makes us so much lesser than who we are. If someone asks me what my inner belief is, I tell them that I have none but that there is an inner knowing instead. That feels so much more powerful.

  29. It is interesting how we can live life on the surface, ignoring much of what is going on underneath. When we delve a little deeper as we have in this conversation it is clear that the rot in life perpetuated by the consciousness of the Catholic church spreads far and deep.

  30. It it interesting that there has been a document found showing man’s editing of the King James bible – removing complete parts and doctoring others… it makes me wonder how much of the bible is actually true or has it been written for self-serving reasons from way back.

  31. If there are rules without truth then we tend to rebel against what they are. Especially when it comes to religion and we can feel how religion has been used to control rather than to expand and confirm us.

  32. Sexiness is a natural part of being human for both men and women and if this gets repressed or made something that needs to be secretive then it’s got to be de-stabilizing in the sense that it’s saying a true expression of who you are is wrong… And if instead things are open for discussion it’s supportive of learning and being more aware of what really feels right and honouring both for you and another.

  33. The intimacy you talk of about sharing, and being deeply honest about where we are in all relationships has been one that I have really struggled with. I can see how this has been because I have not fully wanted to be deeply honest with myself. The more I am, the more I feel I can be this with others to.

  34. Even with the best will, documents get distorted over the millenia but if you add in deliberate alteration and falsification there may be very little of the original voice left after such a long time.

    1. Indeed, but it is interesting how many of us know by feeling that what is preached isn’t on the money. Interesting also that many of us choose to swallow it anyway giving our power away to it.

  35. “Why is it not part of the Catholic doctrine to teach about the sacredness we women are born with in our bodies?” This is a great question Carmel, although to my knowledge Im not sure that this is a teaching in ANY Religion that I know of apart from The Way of the Livingness. And thank goodness for this all encompassing religion that sees everyone as an equal and has made so many aware of the divine sacredness that we all hold within.

    1. That’s a bit of a sad indictment on the worlds religions isn’t it. How many of them teach that we are ‘beholden’ to a omnipotent – and often vengeful – deity rather than beheld in our glory and sacredness by ‘him’?

  36. “Is it possible that the Catholic Church rewrote history to suit their agenda?” Having been brought up in the Roman Catholic Church with all the repression and judgement I felt, I am now knowing the truth and love we all are, with a simplicity, freedom and expansion of true love, and the bastardisation that has occurred.

    1. When we are caught up in the consciousness of this repression it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, but when simple truth is delivered it cuts through the what is not, exposing the rot and the lies for what they are.

  37. I’m not sure if there is anyone on earth who hasn’t at some time in this life been affected by the beliefs and ideals, stereotypes and social rules around sexual expression and therefore very few truly have a wholesome and healthy understanding and expression without the reactionary consequences of those outside influences.

    1. Very true Shirley-Ann… and not just for sexual repression, but many ideals and beliefs run our lives without us even being aware our reactions to life are a result of these ‘outside influences’ we have taken on.

    2. It seems to me that whilst we may not all have been raised under the direct influence of a religion like Catholicism, the belief and ideals of the church have been central to the development of cultures, societies and even legislation. This influence spreads far and wide.

  38. Throughout time the church has tried to fence in its followers, but that action is like herding cats. Dogs are easier to train, but they have been known to, go astray. We are not meant to be reigned in, for we are all here to evolve. So, sexual repression was just another form of control.

  39. I wasn’t brought up a Catholic but there are certain impressions I got from the world around me and a parent who was raised a Catholic and the other educated by nuns at convent school (I’m unsure if they were Catholic nuns). Sexual repression was always something I associated with the church, together with the woman either being seen as a good mother or being tarnished as a ‘whore’. There didn’t seem to be much room for anything else which I thought was incredibly restrictive. I got the strong message that if a woman were to enjoy physical intimacy, then she would be judged for having no morals and the capacity to corrupt men by her sinful ways. Men therefore had to be either forceful and impose their will and desires on the woman, so as not to be beguiled by her, or they were meek and spineless. Either way, there was no room for connection or love, just the duty of procreation at best, or sinful acts and corruption at worst. I was very angry about being subjected to judgement where neither gender was appreciated for the love and support they could offer one another.

    All this I picked up on and I was consciously not brought up as religious, let alone, Catholic by either parent. I would say society isn’t ostensibly religious in regard to organised religion, but I do suspect these seeds of fear still communicate through the media and entertainment because we still live by them without our being aware.

    1. Karin – I was raised a Catholic and went to a convent day school from the age of 11 to 16. What you have shared here is bang on the money. I resented the Catholic church very much too for its utter perversion of what felt natural, but I have learned that when we buy into a religion because we want to belong, or from a need for something fill our emptiness, we get the whole energetic package whether we like it or not. What you are sharing is the tendrils of centuries of this alignment and how it still has its hold, whether we feel we have subscribed to it or not.

  40. Dating as a teenager I often found my Catholic friends to be over sexual in their thinking, sexually pushy boyfriends and a bit of twisted in how they thought about sexuality, like it was ‘bad’ but they wanted it so they resented women for ‘making’ them want to be bad…

    Later as a massage therapist I had numerous men make inappropriate sexual advances and these were more often from celibate men than anyone else. These advances also came with an attitude that as a massage therapist I was practically a prostitute so it was OK to ask for favors; is this about the body being so closely related to sexuality and evil?

    From my experiences I feel that the idea and practice of celebcy is harmful for people.
    I feel sure that statistics of sexual abuse by celibate men would prove this point.

    With celibacy there is a distortion and vilification of something innately natural and beautiful that is within us; our sexiness and sensitivities become ‘sexualized’ where, in my observation of those who grow up free to feel and express naturally this is not the case at all.

    1. I am not sure celibacy per se distorts perceptions of sex, it is simply the form of celibacy practised and idealised by the teachings of the church that warp perceptions of it. An ill energy creeps in when we are told that the body is sinful, especially when we crave intimacy from a feeling of being lesser. An inner tension is inevitably created, which ironically can only be released momentarily by having sex. A far cry from the natural and innate tenderness and delicacy we all hold and can express when making love.

  41. “Why are we women not taught to honour and express how we feel?” Young boys too are taught to cover up their true feelings and pretend they are ok when they are hurting. ‘Be a man’ – ‘toughen up’ are words often used – especially in boarding school. So we all bury our feelings – could this have something to do with disease striking us later in life – the body has to express somehow……

  42. Thanks, Carmel. It is great to expose the many ways our naturally loving ways have been skewed, how we have allowed ourselves to be denatured and reduced to a version of human life so far removed from the grandness we originate from.

  43. Is the explosion in pornography we have experienced a reaction to this sexual repression I wonder? A distinct possibility I would say.

    1. Yes the pendulum usually swings from one extreme to another – until coming back into balance. Witness the far right now taking over in some countries of our world.

    2. As we get more and more disconnected the need and fear of real intimacy grows. Sexual repression has played its part in this but we need to add other factors into the mix I feel. When we look at the current ill trends in teenagers around sex and pornography for example, we can see that it’s not so much repression at play as not knowing how to really connect with self and others, misinformation and miseducation around sex and how each gender uses the other sexually for social acceptance within peer groups. Many teenagers get their sexual education through porn and by its very nature can be hooking and addictive.

  44. I always wonder why we can follow something so blindly without questioning where the rules or beliefs come from. So much of what comes from religion’s like the Catholic Church and others is so obviously not the word of God as so many have been led to believe.

      1. I agree, discernment is the key for without it we will continue to be lost especially in this age of false news and people writing and preaching stuff that they believe when they are so of track.

    1. Even the fact that God is portrayed as a judgemental God is affecting many of us today even though we think we left the religion years ago. According to the Catholic Faith we are all born sinners, with ‘original sin’ and continue to sin throughout our lives then we will be judged at the pearly gates of heaven. These pictures that we blindly accept are so far from the truth it shows how much the Catholic Church has bastardised the true teachings of Jeshua. We now have to learn to be more truly god-like and let go of judgement, letting everyone evolve in their own time.

      1. I remember hearing in church when I was very young that God was judgemental and jealous and angry and would punish us for our sins and we were all sinners whether we liked it or not and I thought at the time hang on a minute I’m not liking the sound of this god, then oh gosh that’s probably another sin. Crazy all this stuff when the only way to describe God is done with one word only and that is love.

      2. I never bothered with religion most of my life and when I did decide to look into it I heard exactly what Kevin has described: “that God was judgmental and jealous and angry and would punish us for our sins”. In fact he was watching our every move 24/7 and counting all our mistakes. I thought such a character sounded seriously scary and I did not want to have anything to do with him. Now ages later I look back & can laugh at it, but seriously it is astonishing what we can accept as real when we give our power of discernment to an external authority.

    2. It is surprising what we will accept in the need to belong. Catholicism, by its nature, further grows that emptiness by dressing up separation as godly, which keeps feeding that need.

    3. I wonder if we are really following it blindly but make a deliberate choice not to look into certain directions because we don’t want to be disturbed or behave responsibly or be at a level that we can be, i.e. the ‘blind following’ may actually be a very clear choice?

    4. You’re on the nail here Kev. And the question posed here is a great example of why this might be the case – “Is it possible that the Catholic Church rewrote history to suit their agenda?”

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