Are we Appreciating or Wasting Space…? 

The word ‘space’ awakens a feeling of spaciousness within, as that is what it offers us – a place of exploration and understanding the meaning of life and our purpose on this planet. 

Space is a word that is used, quite often casually, without realising the full beauty of the word and what it can offer us in our lives.  

As I grow older, I am appreciating the value of it and how it can affect my day-to-day livingness, depending on how I use it.  

I am also feeling that time is no longer relevant – that in truth there is always the space to do what I need to do – and that if I become caught up in time, I can undervalue the quality and purpose of space.  

It is also often treated as if it’s of no importance and that all we need to do is fill it up with non-sense. I know this is how I have treated space and it is only as I have allowed more space in my day to connect to my body that I have begun to feel the value of spaciousness within – that my body loves space and the connection that increases as I allow the spaciousness that is God back into my life as I feel the in-breath and out-breath. 

When we allow more space in our lives, what do we do with it? We can ‘waste space’ by idling our life away without true purpose and this is what I did for the first few years of retirement, feeling I deserved a break. This perception of retirement is one that erodes our sense of purpose and we end up with a life of indulgence – and feeling lost.  

I still found myself very ‘busy’ as I had yet to come to a point where I was willing to look at space; it can feel quite scary when you have always made sure that you fill every moment with ‘achievements and doing’ in motivation and drive. 

Life suddenly (although in reality not so sudden, as this point had been building for some time) became unmanageable and a moment was dropped in: I connected to my true self and was guided to find support.   

When I allow space, the answer comes to me – within I hold this amazing wealth of wisdom, and it’s only when I stop that I allow a connection to the Ageless Wisdom that is available to us all. It feels awe inspiring when I realise that this wisdom is equally available to us all – no one has to be special, as we all are special… and yet not, as we are all the same in our essence. 

For me the space that was offered was the Gentle Breath Meditation™. It is simple and allows me to come back to my body and get out of the busy-ness of the head. It offers me a stop moment where I can connect and take stock and appreciate the wonders and magic that life holds. As we connect to the power of stillness, we are claiming ourselves in our sacredness. 

I had already begun to look for ways to simplify my life – I began to organise my paperwork and let go of so many things that were not serving a purpose. I then refined this process as I realised how many things I had around me in my home were reminders of attachments to the past and in their way were holding me in the past, rather than living in the spaciousness that is offered by our future.  

I was gradually feeling the benefit of space within my home as I no longer wanted my cupboards to be full to the brim – they seem to reflect back to me the squeezed feeling that I was also feeling in my body and when life felt stressful, I instantly knew that the lack of space was something I would no longer tolerate. 

I often find the two things – my home and my body – go hand in hand: when I clear things out, I begin to appreciate space in a new way – for the clarity it offers. When I let go of the clutter that I have used to distract me from me, I am left with a feeling of being at one with myself and my surroundings and then both my home and my body feel so much more connected to everything, including the Universe. When I allow space to support me I can begin to have a relationship with what I can feel around me – the higher vibrations of the Universe and the pull that it is offering me to return to the gloriousness of being at one with the all.  

Visiting the elderly, I realised that they lived through their past as a way to relate to life. It felt very important to allow them to feel that they still had a place in society… that they were not a ‘waste of space.’ I know that as my mother aged she felt that she was a ‘burden’ as she required help to support her in her daily life. 

As I age I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people who encourage me to live life to the full… to not ‘give up’ on life and to value all that I can offer. I am deeply appreciating the space that I can allow others when I come from a point of observation and allow them a place where they are free to expand their own understanding of life.  

Space is a blessing that we can all experience as it expands our common understanding of one another… and the Universe that holds us all eternally in its space.  

I am valuing the beauty of my unfolding life and how much this has changed and allowed me to expand my experience – and that the more I can widen my horizons the more energy I can feel within. As I surrender into the spaciousness that is God I am surrounded by a beholding love that holds us all in space: a steadiness and stillness that is eternal. 

By Susan Lee, Retired/Volunteer working with a Refugee Centre in Norwich, and also supporting people to have access to Computers and Mobile Phones, Volunteering at a Care Home, Norfolk, UK 

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609 thoughts on “Are we Appreciating or Wasting Space…? 

  1. When a plan in the day gets cancelled, we really get to feel how much space there is in the day, but actually it is there in every day when we don’t focus on the jobs to be done.

  2. Thank you for this exploration of space Susan. It is beautiful to feel the space there is and how one is part of this space, opposed to the denseness and tightness we think life to be.

    1. Once we experience space we begin to understand how we have been living in a world that feels so dense and tense and one that feels that there are no longer any true options.

  3. This is something I am learning Susan… ‘When I allow space, the answer comes to me’. There’s a trust to know that there is a bigger picture with whatever goes on around us, it is not about us at all, but we can allow the space, and then in turn, it brings the flow of what the next step is that’s needed.

  4. When I allow myself the space to breathe it feels amazing and whilst I do not always fully honour and surrender to this, I know there is so much potential and learning to access. And the starting point could not be simpler.

  5. Susan, I love the inspiration you are being for others who are in their elderly years. I’m 33 now and I absolutely appreciate the wisdom, learning and insights you and many other students of the Livingness of your age are offering to everyone. How is it possible we ended up thinking that we can be a waste in our retirement time? All that I see in you is someone very alive and committed to sharing the preciousness that actually is inside you and in all of us. So thank you for being you, as it reminds us how important our presence is and the imprint we leave behind, just by being who we are.

    1. As we all connect and share our deep appreciation of others we can feel the space that we are held in. We each need that connection, and in that way we support the entire Universe and feel our multi-dimensionality.

  6. I find when I feel the impulse to do something and act on this, there is always a feeling of space afterwards. In contrast to this, if I delay and procrastinate, there is a feeling of tension and complete lack of space, ie feeling there is no time now to do anything.

  7. This blog makes me consider the energetic quality with which we move through life, and what the communication from within my body is and the space around me.

  8. I recently met a lady working in a supermarket that was 93. she still had a sparkle in her eye was totally on the ball and a joy to chat to, even though there was a queue, she didn’t worry, I could feel she was in space and not worried about time. I asked her how much longer she would carry on working and she said that she knew that this job supported her in keeping her healthy and fit and that she would know if she needed to stop, but she had no intention of giving up yet.

    1. A beautiful example of someone not governed by age or time, but living life in the moment and making full use of the space she’s been given.

      1. Very true Kehinde, when I met the lady she was in hospital and had broken some bones in her back but she allowed herself the space to heal and went back to work, and is still very much enjoying it. A great example for us all.

    2. What an inspiration Alison – for me as I read it, but more than this all the people who meet that lady in any day. We do all know how to live life when we simply connect to our body and the space inside and outside of us, and this is a beautiful and magical reminder for all of us, as there is no day in which we are not ageing………to appreciate each moment as if it were our last.

      1. Yes I don’t think most people who meet her actually realise her age other than see her as elderly, but hopefully on some level they get to feel what she is representing, she certainly inspires me in so many ways.

    3. What you have shared is so inspirational for all of us, especially those elders in the community who feel there is nothing left for them in life; that they are too old to work or to be valuable in any way. This woman has certainly demonstrated this does not have to be the case. How wonderful it would be, if it was the norm and not just a one off.

  9. Appreciation in itself is a game-changer in life – it has the ability to change everything about us, our lives and how we relate to others and to the world.

  10. To take a pause, and appreciate the space all around us Susan, is quite a delight. I can get caught up having been busy ‘doing’ all my life, and filling time in all the time so there is no space. But the feeling of space when we pause, whatever is happening, gives us a truth so the next step is often a different course than we would have taken without having chosen the space.

    1. To take a pause, a moment to feel our bodies and perhaps to reflect on how we are feeling, throughout our day completely changes how we feel at the end of our day … its like we’ve given ourselves space and so there is more space for the next day.

    2. Yes, Gill and yet I am realising that I can also play a game with space if I am not willing to see that I can also use it as a space to avoid living life fully if I am not being truthful about my intentions. I can feel I have this tendency to hold back on fully engaging with space in a way that is expanding and purposeful.

  11. I often hear the expression “I don’t want to waste time’ this usually revolves around ‘doing,’ being busy and often frenetically. Another especially for some elders is ‘I haven’t got much time left’ We can overlook the space that is all around us waiting to be connected to inner or outer, it’s the quality we’re in that matters not how much we’re doing.

  12. Much is written about ‘outer space’ very little about the spaciousness of God, eternal and accessible to us all in the here and now. No space ship required.

  13. Filling my ‘spare time’ with nonsense makes the space around and within me feel denser. Then my next moment of time feels heavier and more draining cause I haven’t got the energy to do anything.

  14. It is beautiful to read that there is so much more to life than the busyness we have made it to be. There is so much space around us, so the question is how much space do we allow ourselves to be in.

  15. Such a great question to ask ourselves – what are we filling up our space with? If I drew a big circle and got some colours all to represent different things, wouldn’t this be a great way to see the pockets of whatever I use the space for. Being honest with no judgement, with love to observe whatever is driving me to fill it up with what isn’t supporting me, would really support me to really value space.

    1. I’ve done that before whereby I listed all the areas of my life – work, family, projects etc. then broke it down further from Family into – mum, dad, sister etc. Then felt into the quality of energy I relate/express in every part. It was a very interesting exercise to do and brought a lot of understanding.

    2. How simple and so beautiful Karin – space allows us to go way beyond a point that in the past we may have imagined and to let ourselves surrender to the known unknown.

    3. Feels awesome Karin – and yet I can feel the resistance coming up – maybe too close for comfort and your question has allowed me to go deeper with another question – why do I insist on hanging on to comfort – when it’s so uncomfortable to feel in my body?

  16. Deep appreciation has a huge impact on our lives and all those we touch, and supports us to bring true purpose in how we live.

  17. This is a great point and inspires me to let go of attachments to these items and to embrace what is to come next; ‘I realised how many things I had around me in my home were reminders of attachments to the past and in their way were holding me in the past, rather than living in the spaciousness that is offered by our future.’

    1. I’ve got a few things like this, only a few because I have had a tendency of getting rid of stuff because it was connected to a person or the past. Now I’ve a few items around the house that I have attachments to. The other day I contemplated giving them away and then I felt, no not yet, come to understand if it belongs or not with love and understanding of what it’s reflecting, because that’s where the healing is, and not in my old knee jerk get rid of everything and anything!

      1. Oops, yes I know that one – the knee jerk reaction when ‘I am trying to get it right’. Our body will let us know when the time is propitious for us to release another attachment.

  18. This feels very true for me too; ‘I am also feeling that time is no longer relevant – that in truth there is always the space to do what I need to do’. Reading this makes me realise that I can get caught up in time and think that I don’t have enough time and this creates stress, makes me rush and feels overwhelming. Or I can simply do what needs to be done and if I am not rushing and in drive then I am actually much more efficient and focused.

    1. And from reading your words Rebecca I can feel just how many lifetimes I have wasted avoiding space and the magnificence it offers. Space holds everything from the sun to the smallest pea with the same loving care and quality.

  19. ‘This perception of retirement is one that erodes our sense of purpose and we end up with a life of indulgence – and feeling lost.’ Retirement and the sense that that’s when we can relax and enjoy life has always felt so depressing – like surely look at why work is something you want to get away from. I’ve had periods where I haven’t worked – one in particular where I was just vegetating in what seemed like paradise with no worries but the experience of which was a horrible downward spiral – my confidence disappeared and I cried most of the time. I left the situation and just getting the odd job here and there, though scary, worked wonders.

    1. Whenever we are avoiding responsibility in the way we live we are really disregarding ourselves and our true purpose. Purpose is a blessing that is showered on us by God.

  20. “if I allow space, the answer comes to me” In this simple yet powerful statement, we can understand how space is a communication. However are we ready to listen and respond or do we complicate and reinterpret what is communicated.

  21. Pondering this morning with a friend on how much we talk rather than allow space and stillness and by doing so say a lot go things we do not need to. When we give and allow space we are starting from the fullness that we already are and so do not need to prove or justify anything. Then what comes out to be said is completely different to if we are trying to get somewhere.

      1. So true Steve – and something we have all at some time employed to keep us on the merry-go-round of life that has become contracted and hard. And when we are looking to fill space we are avoiding the wisdom offered.

    1. That’s spot on James. These days I’m appreciating very much being in silence and talking when there is really something to share, but not to avoid the uncomfortable feeling that may arise when I’m with someone, as I did in the past. The more I listen to my body, and let go of the avoidance of intimacy with myself and others, the more I can appreciate space inside and out.

      It feels like being present is all that’s needed, and by making this choice everything unfolds in a very natural and beautiful way.

      Silence is actually priceless, for it offers a moment to deepen in space.

  22. It is fascinating to consider how I used to struggle for solutions to real and perceived problems. The more I let go of needing to get things, battling with time etc., the more clarity I have about everything.

    1. The energy of struggle has been endemic in society for aeons – and has brought us to the point where we are existing and not living life joyfully and vitally and it’s all down to an option we have chosen and imposed.

  23. It was quite a revelation a little while ago to understand space is not ‘up there, in the sky’, but also here between each of us and everywhere, all around us. That makes it real, and tangible so when something changes in the body, the space can be felt there too.

  24. As I am beginning to explore the nature of space and how my relationship with it in my daily life determines my interaction with and experience of pretty much every aspect of life, I am wondering whether we are quite misguided with the amount of focus and resource poured into exploring space via telescopes and rockets (if not in totality, but at least in the timing of) when we have not fleshed out what space actually is and significance of our relationship with it.

  25. Appreciation and self love are considered to be frivolous and unnecessary in the world, in fact, we are raised to disregard such qualities and yet they are two things we can do that support us to connect us to our divine nature, they are keys in our evolution, are they to be set aside and diminished so easily?

    1. I have found appreciation to be the glue that holds everything together. Learning to appreciate more deeply is still a work in progress, but i have found that life is more even and rich as a consequence.

      1. It allows us to build a relationship with acceptance and feeling our own value and the quality that we are bringing and an empowerment that sets us free.

  26. “When I allow space, the answer comes to me”. This is so beautiful as it highlights how space is constantly communicating to us and is not void at all.

  27. “When I allow space, the answer comes to me.” Gorgeous Susan and I agree, so why don’t I allow this more often?! Experimenting with giving others more space when I am with them feels amazing too.

  28. “I often find the two things – my home and my body – go hand in hand: when I clear things out, I begin to appreciate space in a new way – for the clarity it offers.” So true Susan. When I have a clear out in my home my body really appreciates it. Creating more space…..

  29. ‘It is also often treated as if it’s of no importance and that all we need to do is fill it up with non-sense’. This blog has confirmed a change I am feeling in my life and in my body and the letting go of ‘stuff’ and the activity that can also be lived as ‘stuff’ and now flow more in the ‘Space’ that is God and all it offers. Thank you Susan for sharing your reflections, they have been truly expanding.

  30. I’m coming to a realisation that I will do anything to avoid and waste space, the moment I am presented with something which feels expansive and would give me more space I resist and almost do the opposite in order to fill the space.

  31. ‘When I allow space, the answer comes to me’, it is such a huge revelation when we stop and consider what this means. We do not get answers from past knowledge or experiences using recall rather allow them to come to us. It is a concept many will find hard to fully grasp, as I do at times, yet when I allow an answer to come to me it feels complete, whole and capturing of the entire situation and not just what I want it to look like or be.

  32. “Space is a word that is used, quite often casually, without realising the full beauty of the word and what it can offer us in our lives.” So true. We are offered a reflection on so many levels when it comes to space. It is how we interpret it and then what we do with it that is key to our next steps.

    1. Space is so generous as it allows us to build our own relationship with it in way that supports us. It is consistent and deep and is continually offering us this reflection to expand.

  33. “This perception of retirement is one that erodes our sense of purpose and we end up with a life of indulgence – and feeling lost.” Umm so true we feel that retirement is something we deserve but our body is made to work and as soon as we indulge in what we believe retirement to be…. long holidays shopping and an easy life in front of the TV we lose our sense of purpose and it is not long before ailments and illnesses start to appear. We put it down to old age but maybe it is to do with trying to fill our time up with no true sense of purpose.

  34. Susan I read an article recently about Voyager 1 and 2 and this gave me an indication about space that one of the Voyagers had gone through the sun’s boundary and was in what is termed ‘interstellar’ space and the next object it will meet is 40,000 years away. That is some space, our universe is space there is more space than we can ever imagine and it is constantly expanding. It seems to me that we either fail to realise or wantonly ignore is that space has an intelligence that is far beyond what our minds can ever know, and yet we rely on our minds rather than the intelligence of space that constantly passes through us? Why is this?

  35. Making the transition from being governed by time and ticking off to do lists as a justification for my existence, to having a relationship with space and purpose has been one of the most remarkable things in my life and I continue to explore the meaning and vastness of space and how totally opposite it is to the time-dependent way we mostly live.

    1. I agree Matilda – beginning a relationship with the vastness of space is connecting to the magic of God – I begin to realise that space is the centre of the Universe and life begins to take on a new sense of proportion – one that is evolving.

  36. As we start to appreciate and feel the space all around us, we can get the feeling of spaciousness within, and how this is all interconnected. Instead of making life about ourselves, we can get to see the bigger picture the deeper meaning of life and our purpose on this planet.

  37. When I saw the title of this article again today, I was struck by how we have a tendency to fill space up – it’s as though we’re slightly uncomfortable with the presence of space – the potential of what could be.

    1. Yes, Alison – space is always offering us potential and maybe that is what we allow ourselves to be distracted by – the possibility of being the grandness we truly are.

  38. Concerning space and our awareness of it, control is a big one concerning our perception. When I try and control things life gets narrow, when I accept and allow, there is space.

    1. Control is a killer Samantha, I agree it narrows and constricts our view of life so much so that we can miss the very beauty that is right before us, just because it may not fit the picture we want it to be.

      1. Aah, yes James – pictures are a killer – they have flawed us for too long with their offerings of comfort as a distraction from the grandness of the less tangible magnificence of God.

      2. Control and pictures go hand in hand for me – I seek a picture of perfection and then forcefully hold it in control. No wonder space has been so abused.

    2. Beautiful sharing Samantha. Control brings tension to the body and feels ugly, the exact opposite of what space offers. Thank you.

  39. One day we finally understand that the purpose of Time is to simply keep us spinning around the Sun until the day we finally surrender to the immensely wise impulse of Space that flows through our bodies every second of the day.

    1. And in the spinning around the Sun, Time allows us to create the illusion we are going somewhere when in fact we are going nowhere; just around and around, and around …….. on the same spot.

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