Breathing my Own Breath 

If I could pass on only one thing to support another person in their healing it would have to be the Gentle Breath Meditation™, as taught by Serge Benhayon 

This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings. The true depth of living quality behind this method of breathing, when practised consistently, establishes a stillness which allows a truer way of living.  

It brought about an amazing transformation for me – a way of living so totally different to how I was previously living life and experiencing myself. It was such an astonishing change that it seems hardly possible that such a simple thing as breathing gently through your nose could bring this about, but I can assure you that the Gentle Breath Meditation™ was the beginning of a huge healing process for me. 

Prior to learning and practising this way of breathing I was living totally ‘in my head’ –– not that I was aware of this fact at the time.   

Looking back it was as though, not only was I in my head – continually caught up in emotions and thinking about yesterday, and what was said, and what had happened, or tomorrow, and what I was going to say or do – but I was also imagining conversations I was going to have with people, sometimes people I didn’t even know! I was also replaying incidents over and over, rehashing hurtful things that I had done or had been done to me, running myself and others down, thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner tomorrow or next week, going shopping on Wednesday etc. etc., on and on. All the while inhabiting a space within my head that reached out before me; a space that included my face, my neck and possibly the upper part of my shoulders, with my vision and consciousness constantly focused outwards, hard up behind my eyes and my forehead, always looking out, seeking and grasping.   

I lived either in the past – a past of hurts, self-abuse, poor choices and blame – or the future: a future of hope, but without any basis in truth, so an unreal future at that.  

Breathing my own breath, which is what the gentle breath leads you to, allowed my mind to quieten and I was able to come to a space – a place so still and embracing – where I knew, and could feel, that I was connecting to a truer part of myself. With this was a feeling of such lightness and wellbeing that it became natural to choose this breath, and very easy to notice when I wasn’t in the space that connecting to the breath brought with it, a space that I began to love. So most of the time it was easy to choose to come back to it, but on other occasions when caught up in emotional turmoil it could take time, and will, to bring myself back to choosing this gentle loving breath and the stillness and clarity that came with it.   

I learnt that the more I brought myself back from emotional upset through breathing gently, the easier it was to see the situation for what it was and let go of it. And over time I noticed myself less and less pulled into emotions and the dramas being played out around me. At the same time, wanting to connect with myself on an even deeper level, I began to follow my breath deeply into my body and as I breathed I realised that I had never truly embraced this body of mine. This was a revelation to me. The idea that I could come down from my head and be in my body, and at the same time stay connected to myself – that part of me that I thought only existed in my head – was incredible. All of this, as amazing as it may sound, was actually just the beginning of my journey into myself.  

Through connecting with my body I started to realise my body was continually communicating with me, and I began to listen to what it was telling me: things that I had not heard before, or at least had not wanted to listen to, became clear and I could no longer ignore what I was feeling/hearing.   

At times I was able to feel the beauty of myself throughout my body, like a big smile shining and vibrating in every cell. This opening up to the intelligence and beauty of my body showed me how to care for and nurture myself and helped me to realise what an amazing gift my body is.   

When sitting quietly I could feel the most exquisite love and joy throughout my entire being and knew this as my connection to God: the absolute love felt would bring me to tears. This feeling brought with it a great appreciation and love for myself, allowing me to know and feel that this same Love that I am is within everyone, all of humanity, opening me to embrace others in a way that I had not been able to do before.  

Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts by seeing the truth of situations. I have been able to look at myself honestly and openly, ponder and reflect on ideals, beliefs and ingrained habits and have learnt to appreciate and love myself for who I truly am. This is a continual and ongoing process, and in appreciating how far I have come, I also know, in truth, that I am only at the very beginning of my inner journey.  

For this I cannot express enough my deep appreciation for the Gentle Breath Meditation™ as taught by Serge Benhayon, which facilitated the opening up of a truer way of being within myself. In the world it gave me a space just to be, and to accept and love myself, which has brought me to where I am now, today, a place I couldn’t have imagined being years ago, with the knowledge that there is so much more of my true self yet to return to.  

I cannot finish this without conveying my very deep love and appreciation to Serge and every member of the Benhayon family for the unwavering love and support that is consistently, without exception, being shown, given and expressed to me since the very first day I met Serge, and then subsequently the other members of his family. My love for you all is beyond words. 

By Rosemary Liebe, Goonellabah NSW 

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372 thoughts on “Breathing my Own Breath 

  1. The Gentle Breath Meditation has a way of rearranging the body from the inside out. It’s as if it highlights the hardness we have been living in but can bring the body into a more settled state.

    1. What you’ve shared Julie highlights what happens when we don’t breathe gently – chaos. If I was to stand here and start to either breathe rapidly, or hold my breath then my body would start to become disorganised, every part of me would be negatively affected in some way. Our breath plays an integral role in the harmony of our bodies.

  2. The Gentle Breath Medication transformed my understanding of meditation. I always thought it was something you do in a ‘special’ place, seated in a particular position and spend a lot of time on. Instead it is a simple technique and without drum roll, integrated into life and part of us because we walk with breath. In a traffic jam, just connect to breath, a situation with the potential to frustrate us at work or home, focus on breath and return to stillness. The gentle breath gives instant access to stillness and stops us reacting to life.

  3. When we stop to breathe our own breath we get to feel how we have been living, the choices we have made up to that point, which brings understanding to our behaviours … and then we have a choice with the next breath – will it be gentle or not.

  4. “Prior to learning and practising this way of breathing I was living totally ‘in my head’ –– not that I was aware of this fact at the time.” Its interesting how living in our head blinds us to the fact that we are! And yet, living connected to our bodies first, breathing our own breath, brings a quality and presence that is all encompassing of not only our whole body but all around us as well.

  5. To explain the power of The Gentle Breath – this has changed my life. Not only does it bring us back to our Soul, but it allows us to connect deeper each day and then take that connecting with us into our day, so we can be with the connection and with the world at the same time – super practical and supper supportive.

  6. The beauty of the gentle breath is its accessibility: we can go to it at any time as it resides within us. All we have to do is connect to and use it.

  7. It is invaluable having a tool that supports us to consciously deepen our connection with our own essence and be able to use what we feel and observe as a marker, so that when we drop below that we can tell. Without such a support, our ability to justify and dismiss things can get us way off kilter before we even register something is amiss.

  8. Without a doubt the Gentle Breath Meditation™ is one of the greatest tools to support one in their healing, and what makes it so versatile is that your breath is always with you and therefore it can be practiced anywhere and at any time.

    1. ” and what makes it so versatile is that your breath is always with you and therefore it can be practiced anywhere and at any time” Yes Jonathon, often overlooked, the body is our greatest ally when nurtured and listened to. In the most challenging of situations, the breath always settles and brings me back to what is true.

      1. “…. the body is our greatest ally when nurtured and listened to.” There is no greater ‘ally’ and like the breath it is always with us.

  9. Lately I have been feeling how much I hold my breath, and in that clamp down on my heart to ‘do’ life – it becomes a mental activity of getting things done. Pausing to check in with my chest – how does my heart feel, how is my breathing, always exposes the holding… and offers an opportunity to breathe my own breath again which naturally opens my heart. So simple yet this has a profound effect on my whole body and the quality I then move with.

  10. I am deeply touched by your personal and yet so very relatable account about the changes the Gentle Breath Meditation has brought to your life and the way you feel about yourself and live your life. This is very inspiring.

  11. Today I had an esoteric yoga session and got to feel the simply beauty of breathing deeply into my lungs. I understood how staying with my own breath, the depth of me, supports me to stay steady in everyday life. a life that can invite me to sway this way or that.

  12. There is so much of life that we can get easily swept up by, like the tide going out in the wrong direction, we can feel powerless against the current and give into the momentum of the mass. The gentle breath simply cuts this in the matter of moments, allowing us to be in charge of our own choices once again… and to swim free of the seeming inescapable.

  13. “This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings.” I so agree Rosemary, It brings us back to understanding that there is more than this physical world and supports us to build a foundation to know stillness in our lives.

  14. This morning I sat enjoying my gentle breath and felt how much each breath would show me where I am in connection with my body and how I am feeling. I could feel a little tightness in my chest and could feel there was space to go much deeper and I will take this into my day and see how much I can stay with this feeling during the day..

  15. Thank you Rosemary, there is such a depth to understanding how our breath can actually keep us in union with ourselves, our soul and with God, and that it’s not just an automatic thing but something we can decide the quality of.

  16. Breathing our own breath has a profound effect on our physiology – there is a gentleness, stillness and harmony that naturally comes with very little effort which no amount of mental trying could ever achieve.

  17. The simplicity of the Gentle Breath Meditation is a blessing for humanity. It allows us to feel a connection with space and to appreciate precisely what it is that space is offering us – an opportunity for expansion and a connection to the Grace of God.

  18. The Gentle Breath Meditation is an amazing tool for bringing us back to our essence, to who we truly are, and supporting us to live this in our daily lives.

  19. How many of us shut down our hearts from young and live in our heads as adults – predictably most of the world because living from our hearts is not a way of living we are taught or encouraged to live from very young … which is why we have the mess the world is in. However, The Gentle Breath Meditation is turning the tide as many find what it offers to be transformational.

  20. Our body breathes non stop, but most of the time it goes unnoticed because this is just what it does. Like every other bodily function, most of them go unnoticed until either something starts to go wrong or we bring our full attention to it and actually become aware of what is happening inside us. By bringng this focus to our breath for example, we have the power to change anxiousness into calm, or a stillness that then spreads throughout the body and allows us to deepen our conneciton to who we are and what is actually going on around us.

  21. “This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings. The true depth of living quality behind this method of breathing, when practised consistently, establishes a stillness which allows a truer way of living.” When I was first introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation™ I was astonished at the depth of stillness I experienced within myself so simply, quickly and with such ease. Then consistently practicing it over the years it has brought a quality of steadiness and responsivity to my life that I did not have before.

    1. There are so many simple techniques which we can apply to life that support us to be in and aware of our bodies, I am very thankful to have found the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

  22. I have experienced that when I am anxious, cross or in any reaction, how difficult it feels to breathe gently. Focusing on the breath diffuses the situation and brings us back to the body.

  23. To breathe our own breath, stay connected to our own body and awareness, and remain steady in our response regardless of what we are faced in life, is one of the most empowering abilities ever. In a world where most of us are way off this mark, the Gentle Breath Meditation is truly a heaven sent gift to support us on our way.

  24. Life can be intense, with that there is no question. Sometimes, life can feel like an assault, a bombardment and an energetic attack on every level. Sometimes, it can feel shocking, but knowing there is something as simple as the gentle breath to come home to, which supports all of the above, is healing and liberating at the same time.

  25. The more I commit to being aware of the way I am breathing the more I love feeling a gentleness and consistency when I breathe. When my breath is constant gentle and long there is very little room for anxiety. I may allow anxiety in and if I do I just observe what is going on and the more I stay committed to breathing consistently, the less the anxiety takes hold. Breathing gently has supported me through so many awkward or stressful situations that I would have to agree with others, if there was just one thing I would pass on it would be the gentle breath meditation.

  26. Living in my head always felt like a very narrow bandwidth… just me and my thoughts going round and round with nowhere to go.
    Living with my feelings, in my body, is quite the opposite. There is my breath, there is a warmth in my chest and my heart, there is feedback from all my limbs and organs (including my head)… its a veritable cacophany of information that is easy to navigate if I just surrender to what is being felt, and respond to it.
    Totally, 100% and completely different to the limited view in my head!

  27. I don’t know about anyone else, but just reading the title and the first few lines inspires me to breath gently and with awareness of my breath, and suddenly the constantly busy mind – that makes up scenarios and conversations, jumping all around- settles and takes a pause

    1. Yes, there is a settlement that comes when we are aware of our breath – our minds settle and its like our bodies are given the space to be themselves and to be in their natural harmony and rhythm.

    2. I’m the same Simone, it reminds me that there is another way to be in life without the endless thinking, but in a steady rhythm with my breath supporting me to stay connected to my soul.

  28. “Through connecting with my body I started to realise my body was continually communicating with me” Given the space to do so, our bodies can and do impart so much wisdom to us, it is literally unfathomable as to what it knows and has access to.

  29. ‘Prior to learning and practising this way of breathing I was living totally ‘in my head’ –– not that I was aware of this fact at the time.’ It is only when we start to live differently and connect more to stillness that we are able to look back see just how mentally we have been living. I can recall how noisy my head was with all the chatter, it would literally give me a headache and I had no way to turn it off as such. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live even just a day like that now that being with my breath and feeling a connection to stillness is becoming so very normal.

    1. And just like with an orchestra, if even one musician were to go off and do their own thing like we let the mind do, every other musician as well as the conductor himself would be affected by the disharmony that would ensue.

  30. I love how this Gentle Breath Meditation brought an awareness of just how much I did NOT breathe my own breath, and was at the mercy of all the dramas playing out around me by breathing in these vibrations. Breathing my own breath holds a steadiness within to simply observe whatever is going on, however awful it may appear to be, rather than being sucked into it and then feeling exhausted.

    1. We have a new marker in our body with the Gentle Breath Meditation© and notice immediately when we are ‘out’, have abandoned and lost ourselves to whatever we allowed to take a hold.

    2. A simple and practical tool and when used consistently we become masters of our own lives, rather than at the mercy of events and dramas within and around us.

  31. When first working with The Gentle Breath Meditation it was as if a large old door had been opened to reveal something long forgotten – a spaciousness, settlement and re-connection within my body and my spine, feeling it was a conductor of a energy, like a bolt of lightening surging through my spine from the crown of my head.

  32. ‘Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts by seeing the truth of situations.’ This is very powerful Rosemary, it shows how important it is for us to connect to stillness and if we fight it, then we simply stay in our hurts and issues.

  33. Breathing our own breath brings a settlement to our bodies, a few moments of reprieve from the chaos of life we have taken on … and the more breathing our own breath we able to bring in our day, the less we are affected by life.

  34. Prior to Universal Medicine, I used to hear conversations around someone ‘suddenly’ getting sick and/or dying and comments like ‘it just came out of nowhere’ and I was in total agreeance. In my observations now after being inspired through Universal Medicine and their healing modalities, and building a stronger relationship with my body, I realise that our body sends us messages all the time when something is not quite right. But you have to bring in this connection and more stillness to be able to hear the more subtle ones, otherwise you only get to hear the louder ones where a serious illness and/or death can be on the cards.

  35. Before being introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation, if anyone had suggested that most of the time I wasn’t ‘breathing my own breath’ I would have laughed and replied ‘of course I am’. But it took only a few truly gentle breaths to know the truth of this statement and that in fact, I had spent most of my life breathing in reaction to the tensions in my life, to other’s people’s stuff and to whatever was going on in the world. To now know what breathing my own breath feels like, alerts me the moment I begin to allow external factors to change how I am breathing and to then quickly return to the rhythm of breath that is mine, and mine alone.

  36. Before Universal Medicine I took no notion of my breath, let alone that I realized that I was not breathing my own breath. I always breathed through my mouth. Learning to breath through my nose again and clock when I would go beck to my mouth and the accompanying change in quality I could feel within myself, gave me a huge amount of insight into myself and supported my personal development.

    1. I’ve noticed that I breath through my mouth when I feel rushed or in need to push through things and when I do breath through my mouth it’s actually quite easy to end up kind of panting, whereas when I breath through my nose, it automatically slows my breathing down and it’s almost impossible to pant.

  37. Rosemary I have been saying exactly the same. If I could pass on only one thing, it would be the Gentle Breath Mediation. It is so powerful in its simplicity, it brings us to a much needed stop, helps us to centre and to see and hear the message from our body again. This is of course a start, but without this start we would not be getting anywhere. Ever.

    1. Yes I agree, you can take it with you anywhere any time like the best loving guide you could have. You don’t have to find time to be with your breath because we are breathing all the time and observing the quality whether there is any in inconsistency in our breath and adjusting it where needed is a huge help in particularly in intense situations.

  38. ‘Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts by seeing the truth of situations.’ The beautiful thing about stillness is that there is not a single ounce of emotion, and in this place, it becomes much easier to observe everything. The challenge is to live with this stillness as a constant. This takes dedication.

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