Breathing my Own Breath 

If I could pass on only one thing to support another person in their healing it would have to be the Gentle Breath Meditation™, as taught by Serge Benhayon 

This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings. The true depth of living quality behind this method of breathing, when practised consistently, establishes a stillness which allows a truer way of living.  

It brought about an amazing transformation for me – a way of living so totally different to how I was previously living life and experiencing myself. It was such an astonishing change that it seems hardly possible that such a simple thing as breathing gently through your nose could bring this about, but I can assure you that the Gentle Breath Meditation™ was the beginning of a huge healing process for me. 

Prior to learning and practising this way of breathing I was living totally ‘in my head’ –– not that I was aware of this fact at the time.   

Looking back it was as though, not only was I in my head – continually caught up in emotions and thinking about yesterday, and what was said, and what had happened, or tomorrow, and what I was going to say or do – but I was also imagining conversations I was going to have with people, sometimes people I didn’t even know! I was also replaying incidents over and over, rehashing hurtful things that I had done or had been done to me, running myself and others down, thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner tomorrow or next week, going shopping on Wednesday etc. etc., on and on. All the while inhabiting a space within my head that reached out before me; a space that included my face, my neck and possibly the upper part of my shoulders, with my vision and consciousness constantly focused outwards, hard up behind my eyes and my forehead, always looking out, seeking and grasping.   

I lived either in the past – a past of hurts, self-abuse, poor choices and blame – or the future: a future of hope, but without any basis in truth, so an unreal future at that.  

Breathing my own breath, which is what the gentle breath leads you to, allowed my mind to quieten and I was able to come to a space – a place so still and embracing – where I knew, and could feel, that I was connecting to a truer part of myself. With this was a feeling of such lightness and wellbeing that it became natural to choose this breath, and very easy to notice when I wasn’t in the space that connecting to the breath brought with it, a space that I began to love. So most of the time it was easy to choose to come back to it, but on other occasions when caught up in emotional turmoil it could take time, and will, to bring myself back to choosing this gentle loving breath and the stillness and clarity that came with it.   

I learnt that the more I brought myself back from emotional upset through breathing gently, the easier it was to see the situation for what it was and let go of it. And over time I noticed myself less and less pulled into emotions and the dramas being played out around me. At the same time, wanting to connect with myself on an even deeper level, I began to follow my breath deeply into my body and as I breathed I realised that I had never truly embraced this body of mine. This was a revelation to me. The idea that I could come down from my head and be in my body, and at the same time stay connected to myself – that part of me that I thought only existed in my head – was incredible. All of this, as amazing as it may sound, was actually just the beginning of my journey into myself.  

Through connecting with my body I started to realise my body was continually communicating with me, and I began to listen to what it was telling me: things that I had not heard before, or at least had not wanted to listen to, became clear and I could no longer ignore what I was feeling/hearing.   

At times I was able to feel the beauty of myself throughout my body, like a big smile shining and vibrating in every cell. This opening up to the intelligence and beauty of my body showed me how to care for and nurture myself and helped me to realise what an amazing gift my body is.   

When sitting quietly I could feel the most exquisite love and joy throughout my entire being and knew this as my connection to God: the absolute love felt would bring me to tears. This feeling brought with it a great appreciation and love for myself, allowing me to know and feel that this same Love that I am is within everyone, all of humanity, opening me to embrace others in a way that I had not been able to do before.  

Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts by seeing the truth of situations. I have been able to look at myself honestly and openly, ponder and reflect on ideals, beliefs and ingrained habits and have learnt to appreciate and love myself for who I truly am. This is a continual and ongoing process, and in appreciating how far I have come, I also know, in truth, that I am only at the very beginning of my inner journey.  

For this I cannot express enough my deep appreciation for the Gentle Breath Meditation™ as taught by Serge Benhayon, which facilitated the opening up of a truer way of being within myself. In the world it gave me a space just to be, and to accept and love myself, which has brought me to where I am now, today, a place I couldn’t have imagined being years ago, with the knowledge that there is so much more of my true self yet to return to.  

I cannot finish this without conveying my very deep love and appreciation to Serge and every member of the Benhayon family for the unwavering love and support that is consistently, without exception, being shown, given and expressed to me since the very first day I met Serge, and then subsequently the other members of his family. My love for you all is beyond words. 

By Rosemary Liebe, Goonellabah NSW 

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372 thoughts on “Breathing my Own Breath 

  1. ‘It was such an astonishing change that it seems hardly possible that such a simple thing as breathing gently through your nose could bring this about, but I can assure you that the Gentle Breath Meditation™ was the beginning of a huge healing process for me. ‘ I have no doubt about this. We all live in the same world and yet our experience of it can be so vastly different. It’s not having loads of money or being the prettiest, or whatever it is we think that will make the difference if it’s not based on quality first. I don’t live in the fanciest area at all. My house was built to house military personnel, all function no finesse and yet I really appreciate my house. I’m at an age where my younger self would have imaged far more in terms of success and I haven’t done myself any favours in many ways. However, what makes all the difference between disappointment and true appreciation is my breath.

    1. Our breath has the potential to connect us to a reservoir of wisdom and a reservoir of love which in turn has the power to transform how we see the world. When we look out through the eyes of love then the world looks a very different place to when we look out through the lens of disappointment, anger, sadness or any emotion for that matter. Even happiness is a filter that obscures the truth.

  2. So beautifully explored, where are we living? If it is primarily in our mental and emotional worlds we are missing the power and wisdom of the body and our quality of movement through life.

  3. Breathing our own breath brings a gentleness and delicateness to our way of being with ourselves that only the preciousness of our breath can bring.

  4. When we allow ourselves to breathe gently we say yes to the universe and with every gentle breath we can feel more the space there is and how we are part of it.

  5. When we first realise how we are driven so much by thoughts in the head, it feels quite shocking, but the Gentle Breath Meditation is so powerful to bring us to the body. It is an amazing tool to turn a way of being from the head to the body in an instant.

  6. Have you observed the exquisite breathing of a sleeping baby? When we let ourselves breathe our most natural breath, it is the breath of God that is breathing through us

    1. Absolutely beautiful Golnaz … to observe a baby breathing is exquisite and we get to feel what it is to be connected to our soul.

  7. Part of the awareness that the Gentle Breath Meditation offers us is the opportunity to build really honest relationships with ourselves about how present, still and steady we are in life, because, as we stop in any moment to breath gently, we are instantly shown the quality of our preceding moments.

  8. I love this, thanks so much for sharing; ‘I learnt that the more I brought myself back from emotional upset through breathing gently, the easier it was to see the situation for what it was and let go of it.’

  9. Breathing is foundational to our lives – to our very existence – which therefore must surely lead us to consider the importance of how we breathe … what is its quality and how deeply are we breathing?

  10. There are moments where I listen now that I once chose to ignore and not that long ago. Breaking the momentum of function within a cycle can seem challenging and perhaps overwhelming at first but with commitment and taking each step as it comes I am seeing that it is possible to hold a presence in the body even if I am dipping in and out. Appreciating every step of the way is an essential part of the journey.

  11. Commencing the Gentle Breath Meditation has been something that has been life changing for me. Its simple, very easy to do and very enjoyable. Feeling me as a result of this technique has been a wonderful discovery.

  12. The love you now feel for yourself and others is tangible Rosemary and the simplicity, honesty and grace with which you share your journey is truly inspiring.

  13. This living the past in the present, or the fear of the future in the present has-been my life. But I’ve started being more honest and then more honest again about the different layers of doing this. It’s amazing, amazing to just be me in life knowing I can walk into situations prepared because I am breathing my own breath and am connected with God and everything I need. And then there are other times when staying present has been challenging because it’s meant I feel past hurts, I see how I’ve not loved myself or others. But, delay as I may in feeling this, when I do feel it all and it’s released it’s super worth coming back to being me and breathing my own breath. When I stay with my breath what disturbed me dissipates to nothing. To me these are miracles, no longer being beholden to what isn’t love.

  14. The fact that the breath will always enter and release automatically has meant that we overlook this aspect of our living way and ‘get on with other things’. The moment we realise that if we are not choosing our breath – the way the breath comes into our body and the way it leaves our body’ then something else is. The moment I understood this and began to choose to breath my own breath, my whole life changed into a beautiful rhythm where I experience who I truly am. I, too, deeply appreciate all that has been shared by Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon Family, thank you Rosemary for this sharing.

  15. To live in one’s whole body and not only the head is a beautiful way to live and in truth a very natural way for all of us.

    1. Yes, we think breathing is breathing, something very natural because we do it all the time, but the true worth lies in the quality of our breath and the key is to understand that we can choose how we breathe and are not at the mercy of the world around us.

    2. Without the connection to our breath or our bodies we feel very grey and lifeless, a bit like an old steak. Re-connecting to ourselves breathes life back into our bodies, it revives us. And what’s interesting is that before I re-connected to myself through my body I used to think that I was vital and full of life but it was all smoke and mirrors because when the plug got pulled I deflated as quickly as a punctured tire.

  16. The simplicity of the Gentle Breath Meditation as taught by Serge Benhayon makes one almost not do it – we tend to think that for something to be effective and give results, you have to work on it for a long time and work hard. That is not to say that the Gentle breath is super easy to do (for the mind can be like a belligerent child in its attempts to distract us), but in essence it is such a simple exercise that anyone can do it. It is free and easy to find time and space for as it only takes a few minutes. What a gift and blessing to give oneself at any time of the day.

  17. ‘This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings.’ I think the gentle breath meditation has to be the singularly most valuable thing anyone has ever taught me. In just one short moment in connecting to the breath we have the keys to the eternal vastness we are from and are.

  18. Breathing is the one thing that we are engaged in every moment of the day, yet other than the fact that without it we will not stay alive for long, we have payed so little attention to its actual significance in our life.
    The Gentle Breath Meditation is a powerful tool on so many levels.

  19. Breathing my own breath
    – not the breath my family or my workplace would like me to breathe to ‘do’ more
    – not the breath the TV/film would like me to breathe to watch more
    – not the breath society would like me to breathe to fit in
    Just breathing my own breath, my connection within me

    1. Love it Ariana, and this helps us understand that all those other things do not support us to breath our own breath.

    1. It sure is Gill and what I love about it, unlike many other meditations I have tried, is that is does not rely on someone else and actually deepens in quality each time you do it and gives you a marker and foundation rather than having it as a place of solace or respite from the world.

  20. We may think it is ridiculous to say, or state breathe our own breath, because duh..of course we do we breathe more than 23,000 breaths a day…who else is doing it if it is not us…and it is a basic physical function so what is the big deal…but how many of those breaths are in conscious presence, how many are we aware of, how many of them do we choose the quality of…? And if the answer is I don’t know..then it is well worth checking in with your breath and consciously experimenting with what happens when we make the commitment to breathe our own breath….the humble empowerment and clarity is like nothing else I have experienced.

  21. ‘The true depth of living quality behind this method of breathing, when practised consistently, establishes a stillness which allows a truer way of living.’ This is simply remarkable when compared to how I used to feel without making the gentle breath my daily staple. From this place of stillness, decisions and choices can be made with a deeper knowing which brings a far steadier and authoritative sense to all things.

  22. The Gentle Breath Meditation was the first meditation practice that I enjoyed. It never felt like something I had to do or was a chore. I so enjoyed it that I wanted to give myself that time to breathe my own breath. Its been a bridge to connecting to and knowing who I am and it feels super lovely and precious.

    1. The same for me Jennifer. It has been such a simple but truly lovely practice and brought me to a far deeper understanding and acceptance of myself than I would ever have thought possible.
      It is at hand immediately and doesn’t cost anything to do.

  23. The day I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation, by Serge Benhayon, was the day I was re-introduced to my own breath and to me. It didn’t take long to realise that the breath I knew so naturally as a child had been slowly replaced by a breath that was being impulsed by everything and everyone around me; I was breathing for the world but not for me. Coming back to my true breath and to my beautiful body has been the most price-less gift ever as it has given me my life back, simply from breathing my own breath once again.

  24. Connecting with and breathing our own breath is a beautiful way to reconnect with the whole of our own being and body, especially when we have been caught up in the head.

  25. If we don’t inhabit our own bodies then we leave them empty for energetic squatters to move in and move in they do. Once in they take control of our every movement, be that the movement of our limbs, the patterns of our thoughts or what comes out of our mouths. There comes a point when we have to gradually move back in and this we do by having our mind with our body in whatever it is doing at the time. It’s when our minds are not with our bodies that we leave them empty and open prey for a consciousness that is more than happy to use and abuse us at it’s whim.

  26. “If I could pass on only one thing to support another person in their healing it would have to be the Gentle Breath Meditation™, as taught by Serge Benhayon.” Wise advice indeed. This simple gentle breath meditation is so profoundly powerful in its depth and simplicity that it is unquestionably the only go to meditation, in my experience. You sum it up so perfectly here: “This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings.”

    1. It didn’t take me too long to realise that “this exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings.”. In fact in the beginning I struggled to understand its simplicity as every other meditation I had done seemed to be so complicated, and in the complication none of them connected me to my body, and so quickly, like the Gentle Breath Meditation does. I have presented it to young children, to those in their later years, to those with terminal illnesses, to women’s groups and every single one of them have been able to connect to their breath and their bodies so easily and all have shared how amazing they felt after only a few breaths. This meditation is pure gold.

    1. For a long time I did not really know what meditation, breathing my own breath or connecting to my Soul actually meant. The Gentle Breath Meditation has been a very welcome step towards returning to my innate relationship with all of these.

  27. When we begin to breath our own breath we start to realise how often we breathe other people, situations and circumstances first, and how we ignore our own breath for ourselves. But when we breathe our own, we do not succumb to what is going on around us and we do not impose onto others. We simply stay very solid.

    1. The Gentle Breath Meditation presented by Universal Medicine was invaluable for me to start to feel all of this, understand and know it from experience. A deeply empowering tool.

  28. “Breathing my own breath, which is what the gentle breath leads you to, allowed my mind to quieten and I was able to come to a space – a place so still and embracing – where I knew, and could feel, that I was connecting to a truer part of myself.” A part not impacted by our hurts or needs, but the connection within enables a freedom from these.

  29. To breathe your own breath is to come to understand yourself and your body on a deeper level … and there is no end to this depth either.

    1. I agree Matilda … focusing on our breathing brings us out of our heads and back to our bodies and feeling whats truly going on, and coming back to the gentleness is super supportive in letting go of all the tension we can carry.

    2. Often the way meditation is offered is as if to help people check out from the intensity of the moment not that different to how many people use alcohol. Yet so true that the Gentle Breath Meditation is designed to support people to come “into the immediacy and fullness of the present moment”.
      If the intensity diminishes with the Gentle Breath Meditation, and from my experience, it does tend to, it is not from a checking out but from relating to life from a clearer and more steady foundation.

      1. So well said Golnaz, when you think about it, is the type of meditation where you visualise yourself on a beach or on a mountain any different to putting the telly on and zoning out?

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