Breathing my Own Breath 

If I could pass on only one thing to support another person in their healing it would have to be the Gentle Breath Meditation™, as taught by Serge Benhayon 

This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings. The true depth of living quality behind this method of breathing, when practised consistently, establishes a stillness which allows a truer way of living.  

It brought about an amazing transformation for me – a way of living so totally different to how I was previously living life and experiencing myself. It was such an astonishing change that it seems hardly possible that such a simple thing as breathing gently through your nose could bring this about, but I can assure you that the Gentle Breath Meditation™ was the beginning of a huge healing process for me. 

Prior to learning and practising this way of breathing I was living totally ‘in my head’ –– not that I was aware of this fact at the time.   

Looking back it was as though, not only was I in my head – continually caught up in emotions and thinking about yesterday, and what was said, and what had happened, or tomorrow, and what I was going to say or do – but I was also imagining conversations I was going to have with people, sometimes people I didn’t even know! I was also replaying incidents over and over, rehashing hurtful things that I had done or had been done to me, running myself and others down, thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner tomorrow or next week, going shopping on Wednesday etc. etc., on and on. All the while inhabiting a space within my head that reached out before me; a space that included my face, my neck and possibly the upper part of my shoulders, with my vision and consciousness constantly focused outwards, hard up behind my eyes and my forehead, always looking out, seeking and grasping.   

I lived either in the past – a past of hurts, self-abuse, poor choices and blame – or the future: a future of hope, but without any basis in truth, so an unreal future at that.  

Breathing my own breath, which is what the gentle breath leads you to, allowed my mind to quieten and I was able to come to a space – a place so still and embracing – where I knew, and could feel, that I was connecting to a truer part of myself. With this was a feeling of such lightness and wellbeing that it became natural to choose this breath, and very easy to notice when I wasn’t in the space that connecting to the breath brought with it, a space that I began to love. So most of the time it was easy to choose to come back to it, but on other occasions when caught up in emotional turmoil it could take time, and will, to bring myself back to choosing this gentle loving breath and the stillness and clarity that came with it.   

I learnt that the more I brought myself back from emotional upset through breathing gently, the easier it was to see the situation for what it was and let go of it. And over time I noticed myself less and less pulled into emotions and the dramas being played out around me. At the same time, wanting to connect with myself on an even deeper level, I began to follow my breath deeply into my body and as I breathed I realised that I had never truly embraced this body of mine. This was a revelation to me. The idea that I could come down from my head and be in my body, and at the same time stay connected to myself – that part of me that I thought only existed in my head – was incredible. All of this, as amazing as it may sound, was actually just the beginning of my journey into myself.  

Through connecting with my body I started to realise my body was continually communicating with me, and I began to listen to what it was telling me: things that I had not heard before, or at least had not wanted to listen to, became clear and I could no longer ignore what I was feeling/hearing.   

At times I was able to feel the beauty of myself throughout my body, like a big smile shining and vibrating in every cell. This opening up to the intelligence and beauty of my body showed me how to care for and nurture myself and helped me to realise what an amazing gift my body is.   

When sitting quietly I could feel the most exquisite love and joy throughout my entire being and knew this as my connection to God: the absolute love felt would bring me to tears. This feeling brought with it a great appreciation and love for myself, allowing me to know and feel that this same Love that I am is within everyone, all of humanity, opening me to embrace others in a way that I had not been able to do before.  

Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts by seeing the truth of situations. I have been able to look at myself honestly and openly, ponder and reflect on ideals, beliefs and ingrained habits and have learnt to appreciate and love myself for who I truly am. This is a continual and ongoing process, and in appreciating how far I have come, I also know, in truth, that I am only at the very beginning of my inner journey.  

For this I cannot express enough my deep appreciation for the Gentle Breath Meditation™ as taught by Serge Benhayon, which facilitated the opening up of a truer way of being within myself. In the world it gave me a space just to be, and to accept and love myself, which has brought me to where I am now, today, a place I couldn’t have imagined being years ago, with the knowledge that there is so much more of my true self yet to return to.  

I cannot finish this without conveying my very deep love and appreciation to Serge and every member of the Benhayon family for the unwavering love and support that is consistently, without exception, being shown, given and expressed to me since the very first day I met Serge, and then subsequently the other members of his family. My love for you all is beyond words. 

By Rosemary Liebe, Goonellabah NSW 

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374 thoughts on “Breathing my Own Breath 

  1. The world can feel a bit of a crazy place but when I reconnect to my breath and breathe my own breath all can be observed and doesn’t penetrate my being.

  2. The Gentle Breath Meditation™ so simple, so profound, a gift of a lifetime, a gift for lifetimes.

  3. The constant chatter of the mind. Sometimes it can seem never ending. The Gentle Breath Meditation really supports us to still this and come back to our body #muchneeded ✨

  4. How easy it is to lose ourselves and let the world determine our breath. To have a stop moment and reconnect to the breath is a choice to reconnect to the body and Soul.

  5. The amount of times I used to breath other peoples emotions and stories, I used to get really lost in it all, now I stand strong (without perfection) and breath my own breath, breathing my own breath allows me to stay centred and aware of what is truly going on.

  6. I find so much of the time that in the business of life my head takes over… that’s why I also love the Gentle Breath Meditation as it supports the constant noise in my head to stop.

  7. I’m noticing just how much I’m not breathing my own breath when I’m thinking about the past or the future and running stories in my head. It’s quite something to realise just how much this is happening recently. It completely takes me away from being present and responding to what’s needed. Learning to keep coming back and enjoying each breath I take.

  8. Yesterday I felt quite emotional and could feel that my breath was not my natural gentle and steady breath, but was erratic and hard. I chose to breathe gently through my nose and this is what supported me to calm down and come out of the emotional state and come back to me – so simple and powerful.

  9. What I love about ‘breathing my own breath’ is that it can be applied anytime, anywhere, with whatever you are doing. Finding oneself out of source or the mind is going ten to the dozen, just bringing it back to taking a few breaths of your own, is the key to bringing it back to yourself. Then lost to the active, destructive mind that can take you anywhere, far from yourself.

    1. And that’s the crucial thing about any tool that is truly supportive in re-connecting us, it has to be available to us all of the time otherwise what really is the point? Because it’s pretty useless if we learn a technique that re-connects us but we either need equipment, silence or to be on the side of a mountain. That’s why our breath and re-connecting to the body are so amazing, we have them with us all of the time.

  10. Yes breath and posture, how we move …two hugely supportive things to be aware of and bring us back to our essence and power.

  11. “The true depth of living quality behind this method of breathing, when practised consistently, establishes a stillness which allows a truer way of living.” When we establish stillness within ourselves we are not ‘knocked-off our centre’ by the vicissitudes of life and hence discern and maintain what is true.

  12. It can seem overwhelming at times to have all those thoughts crowding and churning through our heads, and so any tool that is able to stop this endless chatter and bring focus and steadiness back is very welcome!

  13. I resonated with the thoughts invading our mind space, of past, present and future hurts, it is debilitating at times. The gentle breath and breathing your own breath brings it back to the simplicity of it all and does quieten the mind. A helpful tool, whenever we feel not ourselves.

  14. “Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts..” And within stillness is the space of God, where hurts do not reside.

  15. Bringing you the space to be and accept yourself is very beautiful. I’m learning how, in breathing my own breath, I am clearing away the cobwebs in my mental arena, all the stuff that can swirl around and around which, when clear leaves so much space to be and observe.

  16. In any situation, however full-on it may feel, we have our breath to connect to and steady ourselves… it literally works miracles when I bring my awareness back to my breath and feel the space available in every in-breath and out-breath.

  17. “Through connecting with my body I started to realise my body was continually communicating with me, and I began to listen to what it was telling me: .” When we stop and listen – and take responsibility for its messages the body is a wonderful tool to support a more purposeful way of living.

  18. It seems that it is only by remembering to breathe gently or bringing awareness to it, which allows us to remain unaffected by reactions to life. Therefore how much more simple could it be than bringing focus to this as a way of living detached, or more involved.

  19. ‘And over time I noticed myself less and less pulled into emotions and the dramas being played out around me.’ This is beautiful, I too have noticed this, that I am choosing to stay steady and to stay gentle and to observe the dramas rather than get caught up in them, this feels great, and I have realised that I can feel joyful and steady no mater what is going on around me.

  20. Something so simple, such as breath can make such a big impact in our life depending on the intent with which it’s used.

  21. Through the Gentle Breath Meditation™ one learns to return to our body as one’s reference point, for that is our true and natural one, rather than our head and with that the body-mind brings simplicity and truth that our ‘head’ can never do.

  22. Bringing it back to the breath is the simplest thing we can do, The Gentle Breath as we live, no, it’s not the world and all its distractions that is it, the connection to The Gentle Breath is everything – it returns us to who we are.

  23. We can drive ourselves crazy with should of, would of or could of, and none of the mental anguish we put ourselves through will solve anything but what it will do is register in the body as distress, and put stress on this delicate system of ours. The Gentle Breath Meditation helps us to bring our bodies back from where the mind has taken it.

    1. Yes, very simply bring us back to what our body is capable of doing, hosting a preciousness that needs to be nurtured and not simply seen as a functional.

  24. “This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings.” Although very new to us, this simple meditation was the foundational support for my wife and I through a time of great change in our lives that enabled us to navigate through without emotional stress.

  25. When I started the Gentle Breath Meditation I had a love/hate relationship with it. I loved the way it supported me to connect more deeply with how amazing I could be feeling and the depth of awareness I already held within me, and I hated those times when all I could see was my mind games, my exhaustion and the agitation I held in my body. I might have hated them, but I sure found the clarity invaluable – a bit like your best friend telling you that you have body odour! You may not like the message, but it is a priceless gift to know what needs attention.

  26. I can remember the first time I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation and as “I began to follow my breath deeply into my body and as I breathed, I realised that I had never truly embraced this body of mine”. This is exactly what happened for me and I could feel a connection to myself that I could not recall ever feeling as an adult – but I’m sure I did when I was a child. It was if my body was saying – ‘hello, it’s lovely to have you back with me’; and it certainly was lovely to be back.

  27. How many of us live or have lived totally in our head, yet not been fully aware of this!!!! I know I have. As yourself and others share here, the Gentle Breath Meditation brings it completely back to the body in a really simple, easy, accessible and true way. It is quite profound and very beautiful what we get to feel when we apply this. So much more is revealed, including our connection back to truth.

  28. Practising the Gentle Breath can bring the body back into a sense of order, it steadies things, it brings clarity, and it brings us to a place of connection to the stillness that is our God-given right if we so choose.

    1. Each and every one of us is more than a connection with God, we are His body on Earth and yet we bust a gut to constantly not be in the felt knowing of this. Being connected to our bodies and our breath is a way to return to this knowing.

  29. Through connecting with your body and discovering it’s continually communicating, I’m inspired to listen rather than ignoring it. I have a panic and anxiety that I realise I am in a body and my mistreatment of it I cannot escape. There’s great humility to embrace and accept.

  30. For years when I would try to sleep I would have nervous energy running through me, and at times it felt like I was rocking side to side on the inside. When I first started to do the gentle breath, it took a long time to calm the body down but eventually it got to where it would respond almost instantly. Doing the gentle breath brings the body back into a state of harmony, and it helps us to see life from a clearer perspective.

  31. When I breathe my own breath everything I know to be true has space to be. When I get caught up in the outside world it is like all that sureness gets buried under beliefs, expectations and ‘shoulds’. So yes I totally agree that as a gateway out of the mess we are in The Gentle Breath Meditation is a totally accessible open door.

    1. I absolutely agree Matilda, that this wonderful meditation is “a gateway out of the mess we are in”. And it is a gateway that I always suspected was available so kept searching for it but never found it until my first workshop with Serge Benhayon. Once I was offered this incredibly simple tool to connect to my breath, it didn’t take long to realise that for most of my life, I hadn’t been breathing my own breath but in reaction to my life and the world around me. No wonder life was so much of a challenge and that the quality of my health seemed to always be suffering.

      1. Realising that I had been breathing in reaction to life rather than my own breath was like having both blinkers and filters taken off my eyes.

  32. Thanks so much Rosemary as I really needed to read this again, it’s very foundational for life using our breath to honour and maintain the connection to our innermost heart and soul. “I learnt that the more I brought myself back from emotional upset through breathing gently, the easier it was to see the situation for what it was and let go of it.” Wise words that I really need to apply!

  33. ‘I learnt that the more I brought myself back from emotional upset through breathing gently, the easier it was to see the situation for what it was and let go of it.’ Fantastic, this is such a great shift from being embroiled in the emotions clouding how we see things.The Gentle Breath Meditation is so powerful in it’s simplicity and as you have shared a life changing tool for everyday life and the deepening of our connection to our innermost selves. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, the opportunity to detach from an emotional situation and just observe it allows space to consider what is needed next rather than be bulldozing through life on an emotional rollercoaster.

  34. I cannot be reminded enough of the importance of my breath, the awareness of how and with what quality I breath in and out…I know it to the bone, and yet with life buzzing as it does around me, how easy is it to forget?! And so then here comes another gentle reminder, a nudge, to remember again and come back to what we know is the most natural thing for us to be with, the gentleness of our own breath, breathed in and out in harmony with self and all around. What a blessing.

  35. The gentle breath brings the body alive – I am always and eternally blown away by the simplicity of this exercise and yet how powerful it is in its capacity to reconnect us back to the body and inner heart, the bridge to our soul.

  36. What a gorgeous read, and it stopped me as I realised all those stories I run in my head are me living from my head- obvious yes but sometimes we need reminding, so thank you.

  37. When taking an in-breath, if in conscious presence, it can be felt go through the nostrils into the lungs. I love the feeling of feeling my breath filling up my lungs. It helps me let go in any situation, bring more of an understanding, drop the intensity and respond in a calm manner. For a while I have had a nervous energy running through my body, ever so subtly but when I lay down at night it becomes more and more obvious. Through bringing a focus to my nostrils and following my breath, i have many times let go of any nervousness, anxiety or anything else that may be running through my body and surrendered to a deep, beautiful sleep. Thank you Serge Benhayon for introducing the Gentle Breath Meditation.

  38. “It was such an astonishing change that it seems hardly possible…” and yes that is true, such a small change and yet when we make it the world Universe has changed from our body. Now that’s what I call a body of power.

      1. We’re so bamboozled by thinking that significant change involves a significant amount of money, effort or both but it doesn’t, all it requires is gentle and consistent application. Once we start to point our ship in the direction of God then Heaven is right there with us blowing love into our sails.

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