The Cell That I Am 

What if the body of God contained the world as we know it? And not only our world, but the Universe and beyond… what would that look like? 

I began asking myself this as a hypothetical question. The more I pondered the more it dawned on me that there was, in truth, nothing hypothetical about it.   

The next question that followed was if the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?

It was a bit difficult for me to get my head around either question as at first I kept picturing God’s body in the human shape and form and initially I thought “No way!” But as I released the picture I was holding and I opened up to the possibility that the body of God does not necessarily have to resemble that of a human being, I began to consider the plausibility that there could be a ‘body’ of God.  

After all, there are more bodies we refer to than just the human one: we have a body of ocean, the body of a sentence, government bodies, etc. This body of God feels very much a living one, and I began to delve deeper into what this means to me.  

My walk this morning presented the perfect space to go deeper as I looked around me and above me and I could feel the vast presence of what was now, to me, coming to be the body of God. I didn’t see sky above me, I saw space. As I felt into how this space was feeling to me, I had a deep knowing that in God’s body I am ‘merely’ a cell. I don’t mean an insignificant cell: I mean a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.   

Looking at the possibility of being a cell in God’s body amused me because I have never really considered the cells in my own body let alone God’s – for the most part I very much take my own cells for granted but I immediately understood that to God, even the cells in his body are Divine. God is a Divine being in whatever shape or form that may be and if I am a cell in his body it means that I too am Divine. I smiled as I thought “How cool is that?” and I could actually feel the possibility of it.   

The body I am most familiar with is mine and so I related being a cell in God’s body to being a cell in my own. It was so awesome! I could feel that I was a part of this magnificent whole and that without my presence the magnificent whole would not be whole or magnificent. I could also feel how God loves each of his cells equally; he does not prefer or favour one cell over another and that to be held in God’s love is as awesome as it sounds – a returning home to the intimate familiarity of a love that is astounding and all encompassing.   

As I returned to the question I was asking myself: “If the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?” I felt myself sobering up a bit. Good question.   

I elaborated on this question, getting a bit more specific: “If I am a cell in God’s body, am I living in a way that makes me a healthy cell or an unhealthy cell?” This to me felt a bit more relatable as in our human form most of us are very familiar with the difference between healthy and unhealthy cells.   

Raising and feeling into this question was not to judge or belittle myself in any way – it was a question that came from a deep contemplative love and sense of responsibility. Realising that this question was being asked in the energy of God’s love, I felt empowered to take a loving, truthful look at what my response would be.   

In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open. To not only take a look at how I have been living up to this point as a cell in God’s body, but to look at and understand how in re-aligning with God’s beholding love any wayward tendencies I may have had can be healed at the root cause and be released. This then allows me to lovingly return to being a productive intimate part of and a loving contributor to the magnificent, Divine whole as the divinely healthy cell that in truth I have always been.     

By Brigette Evans, Re-opening my eyes, heart and inner-doors – all of which had been closed for a very, very long time, Worcestershire, UK  

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249 thoughts on “The Cell That I Am 

  1. Oh how pictures get in the way of allowing ourselves to feel what is true, I know this one so well. I love what you have shared here ‘In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open.’ A willingness to be open is so key for our wellbeing and from my understanding aligning to fohat, god, the divine is so simple it is just connecting with our heart and nominating this intention and then go with movements that follow … a great reminder for me.

  2. We are all without question part of much bigger realm than we can really comprehend with our minds: bodies inside bodies, inside bodies. The only way to truly understand is to feel the immensity of this is from the inside out, attempting to rationalise it in our heads simply reduces the grandeur of this Universe and God.

  3. The body of God feels a vast expansion of space within the more it is felt rather than seen as a picture. There is a sense of a holding of love in this body like no other, knowing we are all in it together. It feels this is something for us all to appreciate.

  4. If we are all cells in the one body, what a grand responsibility we all have to live in harmony with each other and the All. To choose to act dis-harmoniously would have an impact on the exquisite and Divine balance of the whole. I feel this is a pretty accurate reflection of our world and our societies – when we act in our own interests and not in consideration of the All that we are an integral part of, there is inevitable disharmony.

  5. If we focused on loving just one cell within us with absolute love, then our whole body will the benefit, because whatever happens in one part of us cannot help but be communicated to the whole.

  6. Great questions you raise Brigette. Could it be that as an eternal God, and being likened to a cell of an eternal being, that we are also an eternal cell within that system that has been falsely taken down the road of not being eternal, and therefore that we die?

    1. There is much we can learn from the way our cells work in harmony together. In a healthy body all cells work together for the good of the whole. No one cell works to dominate or squash another!

  7. “…. if the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?” Two profound questions..

  8. Brigette, this is a very powerful sentence to ponder “If the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?” It brings us up sharp to realise that this is who we are and how we live our lives really DOES make a difference in the world.

  9. I love this understanding that I am a cell in the body of God. I’ve also got a growing appreciation for my body and the harmony of each cell in it.

  10. If God is all around us, holding us so tenderly, what kind of illusion are we buying into in order to fool ourselves this is not so? What do we dig into to make us so stressed, bent out of shape and miserable? Time to take a look.

    1. Our ability to explore outwardly is an illusion, we just keep traipsing the same ground with different backdrops. But our inward exploration when aligned to the truth results in actual progression.

    2. The reflection of this vastness is everywhere, in the oceans and in the sky, in the mountains and in our valleys. As with all things reflected they are there to show us something. Where else could we possibly go, having explored the vastness in each of these areas, but to explore the equal depths that are within?

  11. “I mean a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.” As is every single person in this world an intricate part of the magnificent whole. From the mircro elements of our lives to the enormous and grand Universe we are a part of, we all have a very unique purpose to fulfil.  Roll on the day when we make life about this immutable truth first and foremost and hence support everyone to reach our full and glorious potential.

  12. “.. what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open.” And thereby establish a very healthy enquiry about you and your purpose in this life that will then naturally underpin the quality of every part of your life, in both your inner and outer worlds.

  13. The universe is an amazing place. Not only is its vastness filled with stars and galaxies, which is the macro world, there is also a micro world of particles so small we cannot see and we are somewhere between the two but made up of the particles of that micro world. There is a mind boggling order at play that science ignores because it cannot explain so we label them mysteries, but the ageless wisdom can and does explain everything.

    1. The universe is a fascinating place when we begin to look at the detail. I love what you share Doug, in terms of the vastness of both the macro and micro worlds. The micro, on a particle level really does reflect the order, synchronicity and magic of the bigger and wider Universe. That which we are from, is that which we contain and that which we also reflect. I love how the Ageless Wisdom can explain the seemingly complex so simply.

  14. “What if the body of God contained the world as we know it?” – and given we are all divine beings, what if each and every one us is a part of God? Does this not mean that we also contain the world as we know it and hence that we affect the quality of that world with our every blink, our every move, our every thought and word… No different to each drop in the ocean forming the wave that crashes on the shore – each drop is part of the wave and holds the same qualities as the full wave.

    1. Ironically you never hear of a wave complaining about being a wave, nor a drop of the ocean not wanting to be a part of the wave…yet we seem to get that kind of stuff going on in the human form :0

      1. What goes on in the human form you won’t see anywhere else on the planet. All of nature is more responsible and working in harmony. Neither of these qualities will you find in the human world regrettably.

      2. Nor does a drop of the ocean go seeking to be more than it is, striving to ‘achieve’ for recognition and to stand out from the wave saying ‘look at me, look at me, look at me!’…. to compete against the other drops, to ‘win’ at another drop’s expense or to crush another drop to make itself look or feel better. Every drop of a wave plays its part in equal parts and returns to the ocean in the continuous universal cycle that the ocean is a part of.

  15. I love the analogy of the cell, and one could also talk about each of us as pieces of the puzzle where no one piece is more important than the other as each has a role to play that allows the whole to be whole. This is the Science of Religion where we get to see and read how much more there is to life than what originally meets the eye.

  16. Research is finding out more and more about cells all the time and people are starting to understand more about their interconnected activity now from a different part of the body to another… it makes so much sense from within one body and within the whole body of the Universe.

  17. And what if within our body there is access to the whole universe… a veritable starry sky and all we need to do is shine our light to take our place in the firmament that makes up the Milky Way?

  18. What an incredible set of questions to ask and to consider. I also realise there are still some pictures around what a body means, and so the body of God is something I’ve Not fully embraced as truth as I hold a picture of body but as you say, we already have many different bodies and so the body of God is One that more than exists, it encompasses us all.

  19. We are here to return to living like God in His body. I was going to say ‘so that we can be re-absorbed back into His body but we’re totally immersed in his body already, it’s just that we act like a crazed dog on a leash, forever pulling away from Him with our behaviours.

  20. To learn biology with this understanding and inquiring curiosity would make us understand ourselves inside and out and everybody else too, it would have us naturally treat our bodies quite differently than we do now.

    1. Agreed Esther it certinly changes our view and perhaps even the depth of preciousness we would be treating ourselves with, understanding and seeing the grander purpose we play in life.

    1. There is indeed magic and miracles occurring in the human body every day, most of which our minds don’t fully understand and this fact alone shows me that there is a grand divinity in all of us.

  21. It is quite fascinating when we apply the science that we have learned from studying how our cells behave to then applying that to our human behaviour. The quality of how we live rubs off on each other, so just like the cells in our bodies, we can create a harmonious living environment or a negative one, based on the quality of our expression and choices. And so leaves me with a daily question, does the way I live each day contribute to the love in God’s body or detract from it?

  22. We all play a part in something, be it work, volunteering, our families, friends etc. We have an impact on people, on animals and the nature around us. Our behaviours affect far and wide, yet for many and I can speak from experience here, we do not value the worth that we are and all that we bring in the simple interactions and daily doings of our lives. In that, we dismiss our contribution and are blinded to what our life is actually about.

    1. We are all an essential part of the tapestry we call humanity. And, like a giant puzzle, when just one piece is missing, it stands out because every one of us is a part of the whole.

  23. I’m really appreciating the word ‘body’ and noticing all the ways we use it, a body of work, a body of water, because what makes up that body isn’t just what’s in it, but the space that is included, which isn’t when we consider things separately.

  24. ‘I could also feel how God loves each of his cells equally; he does not prefer or favour one cell over another…’ love this feeling of total equality and no judgement. Raises the question of why we don’t treat ourselves the same way.

  25. We learn about the practical aspects of a cell in Biology but we are not taught of the magic that it contains and enables every day.

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