The Cell That I Am 

What if the body of God contained the world as we know it? And not only our world, but the Universe and beyond… what would that look like? 

I began asking myself this as a hypothetical question. The more I pondered the more it dawned on me that there was, in truth, nothing hypothetical about it.   

The next question that followed was if the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?

It was a bit difficult for me to get my head around either question as at first I kept picturing God’s body in the human shape and form and initially I thought “No way!” But as I released the picture I was holding and I opened up to the possibility that the body of God does not necessarily have to resemble that of a human being, I began to consider the plausibility that there could be a ‘body’ of God.  

After all, there are more bodies we refer to than just the human one: we have a body of ocean, the body of a sentence, government bodies, etc. This body of God feels very much a living one, and I began to delve deeper into what this means to me.  

My walk this morning presented the perfect space to go deeper as I looked around me and above me and I could feel the vast presence of what was now, to me, coming to be the body of God. I didn’t see sky above me, I saw space. As I felt into how this space was feeling to me, I had a deep knowing that in God’s body I am ‘merely’ a cell. I don’t mean an insignificant cell: I mean a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.   

Looking at the possibility of being a cell in God’s body amused me because I have never really considered the cells in my own body let alone God’s – for the most part I very much take my own cells for granted but I immediately understood that to God, even the cells in his body are Divine. God is a Divine being in whatever shape or form that may be and if I am a cell in his body it means that I too am Divine. I smiled as I thought “How cool is that?” and I could actually feel the possibility of it.   

The body I am most familiar with is mine and so I related being a cell in God’s body to being a cell in my own. It was so awesome! I could feel that I was a part of this magnificent whole and that without my presence the magnificent whole would not be whole or magnificent. I could also feel how God loves each of his cells equally; he does not prefer or favour one cell over another and that to be held in God’s love is as awesome as it sounds – a returning home to the intimate familiarity of a love that is astounding and all encompassing.   

As I returned to the question I was asking myself: “If the body of God contains the world, how am I living in it and what is my part in it?” I felt myself sobering up a bit. Good question.   

I elaborated on this question, getting a bit more specific: “If I am a cell in God’s body, am I living in a way that makes me a healthy cell or an unhealthy cell?” This to me felt a bit more relatable as in our human form most of us are very familiar with the difference between healthy and unhealthy cells.   

Raising and feeling into this question was not to judge or belittle myself in any way – it was a question that came from a deep contemplative love and sense of responsibility. Realising that this question was being asked in the energy of God’s love, I felt empowered to take a loving, truthful look at what my response would be.   

In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open. To not only take a look at how I have been living up to this point as a cell in God’s body, but to look at and understand how in re-aligning with God’s beholding love any wayward tendencies I may have had can be healed at the root cause and be released. This then allows me to lovingly return to being a productive intimate part of and a loving contributor to the magnificent, Divine whole as the divinely healthy cell that in truth I have always been.     

By Brigette Evans, Re-opening my eyes, heart and inner-doors – all of which had been closed for a very, very long time, Worcestershire, UK  

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329 thoughts on “The Cell That I Am 

  1. The notion that we are all a part of the whole makes me sit back for a moment to realise how it is so important that every cell plays its part. We do all affect each other with everything.

  2. Thank you, Brigette. This is a playful and profound way for us to open up to the questioning about our responsibility and the part we play in the whole. As we are cells in God’s body, our cells are made of divine material and infused with the magnificence of the whole. This puts a whole new level of attention to making choices that ensure the vitality and health of our cells and the cell that we are.

  3. ‘In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open.’ steps to surrender.

    1. Thanks for bringing attention to this Michael. I often think I have to accomplish it all in one go, when actually the willingness to be open can open the door to humility and love enough to keep on walking through that door.

  4. The cells that we each are, we would do well to observe and learn from the macrocosm of the universal cell where there is order, love, truth and harmony.

  5. I like the analogy of being a “cell” in the body of God. An image of floating around in the body of God seems very different to me from being a cell in his body. A cell means I am part of the building blocks. This awareness bring far greater sense of the responsibility each of us have, regardless of how small we think we are, for the impact we have through our choices on the whole body of God as well as on everyone and everything in it.

  6. There was a time when being a cell in my own body would not have been much fun, because of how I was treating myself. Thanks to a few years of studying with Universal Medicine, the cells in my body receive much more love and hence I feel more lovely too, so this love rolls out in to my life, everyone’s life and God’s body too. What an immense shift in loveliness Universal Medicine has inspired.

    1. And what I love about opening up to this relationship with ourselves as cells and our own cells is that there is an unfathomable depth to each and every cell and our development, enquiry and growth is endless.

  7. So if we were to sum up humanity’s appreciation of God through the quality of how we treat the cells in our bodies, and our neighbouring cells both near and far, it clearly doesn’t amount to much despite the many and varied religions we have invented. I would go so far as to say our love of God is not one of our strong points at the moment, which definitely gives us something quite major to work on.

  8. This is good stuff – made me think ‘what if I was a cell in someone else’s body?’. Then how do you love, support and behave with them?

  9. We tend to aim for the grandness and deem ourselves insignificant and yet, as you unravel here, every little cell is the grandness in its smallest form. Grandness is not the size but everything and it is the quality that makes it grand, nothing else.

  10. Instead of picturing God’s body as a physical thing we could instead choose to see ours as a non physical multidimensional thing like God’s. After all we are not this physical body but so so much more.

  11. This beautiful blog reminds us that everything we do has a ripple effect in the ‘body’ we live with and the body we are held in and equally a part of. We are interconnected in every way and harmony is possible to live.

  12. This unlocks our use of language from being limited from regular use in a particular way. Body is such an amazing word when we feel the potential it holds.

  13. All the computations of cells, in our bodies, in the human race, in God’s body – whatever way we look at it, all the views gently dismantle our notions of individualism, because in truth we never walk alone.

    1. It’s incredible how consistently we can persist in choosing to ignore and be so blind as to how divine we all are already. Instead we look outside ourselves in search of how we can be more.

    2. I love this Michael, yes each and every cell in our body is far more intelligent that the vast majority of us live. So we must have access to an amazing level of intelligence that we are not connecting to.

  14. It is a significant realization that God does not prefer one cell of his body to another. However that does not mean we do not have a responsibility. We have the choice of how we are living and the impact we are having within his body.

    1. And if we are open to this as being a possibility – us all being an equal part of God’s body, or whatever body we would like to consider us all being a part of, together – it’s for us to then be open to accepting our responsibility to live with this understanding consistently, knowing how we are affecting everyone with every choice we make. There are no off moments when ‘it doesn’t matter’ – everything always matters.

  15. Considering myself as a cell in the body of God and the universe is very humbling and very lovely. I am never not part of the magnificence – but how much do I truly let this in on a daily basis? Do I appreciate I am divine or do I get caught up in the minutiae of life or the dramas but fail to see the bigger picture of all of us together?

  16. We know we are made from cells, so it’s not a giant leap to consider the cells we make up in the Universe as a part of the body of God. And it is interesting, we can think we are isolated in this greater body but it can be felt that we are all connected, so there is a definite influence we all have on one another.

    1. Knowing we are all a part of a greater inter-connected whole exposes how if we are lonely, we are the ones choosing to isolate ourselves from everyone else.

  17. Looking at the possibility of being a cell in God’s body amused me because I have never really considered the cells in my own body let alone God’s” It is a very powerful realization because just as all the cells in our body process everything we consume, so to do we process the collective soup of energy that flows through our bodies. It brings the understanding of doing a detox to a whole new level, as we have a responsibility to take care of what we put inside us and what we put into the environment, in loving respect of both the inner and outer worlds we are a part of.

  18. ‘In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open.’ this is great in dispelling and ideal or belief that we need to be perfect in anything we do.

  19. Carl Sagan said “we are all made of starstuff” and “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe”. How can we deny God is not in all of us and everything else?

  20. This is a great analogy that really helps me with a practical understanding of our relationship with God. To expand a little as well – yes we have a choice to be a supporting cell or a sick one… but equally consider the influence we have on the cells around us. Imagine if we worked our whole lives and were able to support, align, develop other people in our lives and how that would then become a bigger support overall in God’s body developing strength in a particular area.

    1. So true Simon. The behaviour of individual cells in our bodies do influence neighbouring cells and so too we have the same effect in our neighbourhoods, which means that collectively if we put our attention to it, much can be achieved by bringing out the best in ourselves and in one another – the roll on effect is quite momumental.

  21. Bringing awareness to a cellular level, the magic of the body and the Vastness of the Universe and the Divine. Very Awesome ✨

    1. Yeah what I love about this, Vicky, is that it takes the unfamiliarity and perhaps daunting aspect of the dark void ‘out there’ and turns it into a very familiar feeling reflection of life within – not just within each and every human body, but within each and every cell within each and every body. To actually feel within every cell in my body that I am a part of “the Vastness of the Universe and the Divine” brings a feeling of joy that is oh so confirming and familiar. To recognise the same in every cell in every other being regardless of whether they are aware of or can feel it themselves or not takes the knowing-ness of all being created equal to another level.

    1. To live in a way where our consideration is always about the whole that we are a part of, and never about self, feels so far away from how we are currently living, however, I know it is possible. How amazing it will be when we return to this, our true way of living.

      1. There is so much we can learn from the body. Just as there are cells which promote the health of others so too can we do the same by living example.

  22. As cells are only impulsed by an external energy, be that life force, nutrients and oxygen, so we too are impulsed by other energies. Our next big evolutionary shift within the human race is our ability to distinguish the quality of energy we are choosing to live by, two choices: the immense love of God, the invisible ocean of love that we walk in that empowers us to live in deep respect for all, or a cheap imitation that keeps us separate, individual and incessantly competing with one another.

    1. The cheap imitation promises the earth, but delivers nothing but emptiness as it takes us away from our divine selves, leaving a void that nothing can ever fill until we choose to step back and once again feel the love that we are, satiating our body, confirming that we are already everything that we need to be in this life. All that is needed is for us to choose love, always love.

    2. Having tried the cheap option (again and again) the effects and results of which are all around us, me thinks it’s time to give the second choice a go, that of ‘…the immense love of God, the invisible ocean of love that we walk in that empowers us to live in deep respect for all…’

  23. No matter what comes or is presented to us we always have a choice to be loving with ourselves as there are never any excuses or justifications to treat ourselves otherwise no matter what is revealed or exposed for us to heal.

  24. The beautiful thing about the wisdom of the body is that its cells show us the way to be in life with other human beings, to work together harmoniously and for the one purpose, for the true health and wellbeing of the one body.

  25. This beautiful blog by Brigette brings a whole new perspective to our lives and the power we have to affect literally the whole Universe by all of our choices. Considering each one of us as a cell inside the ‘body’ of God is such a cool way of simply seeing how important we all our and how much responsibility we have in living in the most loving way possible. For me, it is a game changer, as I feel it is easier to make the choices that support the whole of the body (God) when I may be feeling stressed or looking for a relief from the pressures of life when I feel deeply how each choice has a ripple effect on every other ‘cell’.

  26. I love this Brigitte, that “in God’s body I am ‘merely’ a cell. I don’t mean an insignificant cell: I mean a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.” When we can understand the significance of this, it emphasises clearly the importance of the part we have to play not only in our day to day lives but also with the rest of the world.  

  27. We are so used to seeing our body as the only body, but what you share here is an opportunity to see ourselves as part of a larger body and considering the part we play in its harmonious movement and function.

  28. I love this analogy of being a cell. I know that each cell in my body is equally vital, that it knows it’s purpose and will follow this without doubting or deviation. I love how cells work together and will do whatever is needed. Can I say this of my life as a cell in God’s body?

  29. The cell feels like a great analogy because in the human body all cells are equal in that they all have an important if varied role to play and the human body is not complete without every cell doing its bit to support the whole.

    1. The way that our cells work together in a divine harmonious flow is a wonderful reflection for how we as the bodies that house all of these exquisite, wise cells, can live together in a completely different way to how our society is currently set up where we are in competition with each other – no one wins this game, we all lose in the end. How amazing it would be to appreciate each other for who we are, not what we do or how important we may be – this way of being is just a choice away.

    2. If only this was our view of people Andrew, instead of our current view which is that some people and even whole nations are utterly worthless and that life would be a better place without them. However the hard part for most of us is knowing in our hearts that we are all of equal value, including those who have committed brutal and heinous crimes against humanity.

      1. Absolutely, we are all equally divine beings at heart, rather than hate each other we should hate the root cause of our separation – the vile, deceitful energy that infects us like a cancer, allowing us to commit the most horrendous crimes. When we are at one with ourselves there is no way we would ever be able to even think about such acts, let alone do them. We always have a choice as to what energy we allow in, it is our responsibility to be very aware of what we are choosing.

  30. “I opened up to the possibility that the body of God does not necessarily have to resemble that of a human being” What an incredible shift in awareness, which makes me ask the question, how often do we confine our understanding and thus our evolution by applying our human conditioning to Universal truths that are so much bigger, grander and more amazing that our miniscule life on Earth?

    1. Yes, it’s feels like confining ‘our understanding and thus our evolution by applying our human conditioning to Universal truths’ is the way of the spirit whereas the way of the Soul is to expand our understanding and thus our evolution by applying Universal truths to our human experience.

  31. Once we feel we are a part of the magnificent whole, like a jigsaw piece, we all need to fill that whole to the fullest possible ability in every moment leaving no gaps for it to be filled with anything else.

  32. The analogy of a cell has a profound effect when we realise that the whole is not complete without the fullness of every single cell … so thats every single one of 7 billion people around the globe being in their fullness, joy and vitality – how amazing would that be!

    1. Yes, that is what this blog has brought to our attention – we are, each and every single one of us, equally important to the body in which we live. We are an equal part of the magnificent whole.

  33. ‘In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open’ – so true, Brigette, it’s not about whether we’ve been good or bad, right or wrong – rather a willingness to be honest about our choices here and now and open to allowing a deeper connection with ourselves and the ‘body’ that we are all a part of.

    1. It sure is a whole other way of approaching life on this planet of ours, Alison, to drop the good-bad, right-wrong mentality. Once more of us reach this way of being I wonder if our collective evolution as a whole would speed up, a bit like standing in the queue for the ski lift where you shuffle along and keep shuffling until finally, you’re at the head of the queue waiting for the chair to come swinging around the bend. You know all the hard work in getting to this point has been worth it…..and there the chair is, moving at a pace that allows you to easily seat yourself, bring the safety bar down and then suddenly you’re off!

    1. Yes, perhaps when we look into the night sky we are seeing exactly this – the stars representing particles with enormous space between them.

      1. There is something so beautifully exquisite about being able to feel the truth and honouring in the reflection the night sky is offering us, to see and feel every star as a cell in our body and the holding of the vast spaciousness that simply is. The love of God in all his glory.

  34. What I love about this blog is that not only are we a cell in God’s body, but this means that each of us are also a cell in the body we call the human race. Your realization Brigette brings us closer to appreciating the responsibility we all have to ourselves and to one another, as just like the cells in our bodies, everything we do individually has an impact on the cells around us, and therefore contributes to the global health of humanity on all levels.

    1. So true, it’s a beautiful invitation and call for us to stop seeing ourselves as individuals and instead feel how interwoven we truly are, like the connective tissue throughout our own body. We can never do anything ‘in isolation’, with all of our choices, we are always affecting and impacting the whole of our human race and beyond.

    2. “…. each of us are also a cell in the body we call the human race.” Yes beautifully expressed Rowena for your comment takes Brigette’s observation a step further in explaining how all of humanity is connected at a deep and foundational level and how we all individually affect the whole.

    3. Ohhhhh, I love this Rowena, ‘…this means that each of us are also a cell in the body we call the human race.’ Really brings home how truly connected we all are, how our every movement affects every other cell and how we have a responsibility to function as fully as we possibly can within the harmony of the whole. And how futile it is to criticise, judge, be jealous of or harm another cell as what one cell does or even just thinks impacts upon the harmonious whole.

      1. Yes you never see liver cells getting jealous of brain cells? 😉 …they know they have to collaborate together in order for the whole body to thrive and survive. So why do we fight and suppress and attack each other so much as a human species?

  35. “What if the body of God contained the world as we know it?” This opening question stopped me for a moment and asked for a deep consideration and as I considered, I could feel myself as that one beautiful cell held in the body of God. It felt so natural and normal to feel that, something which I would not have even considered several years ago. And the only reason I didn’t, was that the whole world is set up for us to not know this simple, but very powerful truth, a truth which offers us a very different and much more sense-filled way to view the world and God.

    1. Breaking free from the straitjacket the world is tied up in that keeps us from knowing the truth of who we truly are is what has allowed me to ‘feel myself as that one beautiful cell held in the body of God’ as well, Ingrid. Viewing the world from the confines of a straitjacket doesn’t allow for anything more than a five sensory perception that keeps the well-disguised truth at bay. Not until the straitjacket is discarded can the full truth reveal itself and be felt.

      1. Just imagine if suddenly all cells were contained in ‘straight-jackets’, how life would change, and definitely not for the better. So why do we make the choice to live like this? Life makes so much more sense when I accept that I am that one beautiful cell, without a straight-jacket in sight.

    1. Yet, what a gorgeous reflection we are being offered with that – we are all held in God’s love, constantly, irrespective of how we are choosing to live, there is no judgment, we are allowed to be and to make our own choices. If we chose to live in this way with each other, allowing the space for everyone to be, while continuing to hold them with love in the potential of who they truly are, how different the world would feel.

    2. Being held by the astounding love of God despite all our stuff truly is ‘enough to bring you to your knees with humility’ I agree, Ariana. How loving then, for those who have come to this realisation, to live and reflect this level of love and responsibility to our fellow brothers and sisters.

  36. Stopping long enough to get that we are an invaluable part of the whole and everything about us makes a difference to every other part, brings home that level of power and responsibility we each hold in our hands.

  37. A simple analogy that shows we are all equally held in God’s Love. Whether we choose to align to this Loving energy or not, it is steadying to know it is always there for us whenever we are ready.

  38. Making connections and discovering revelations are truly joyous moments. Those ‘aha’ moments have a profound affect on our learning and perhaps without realising it those liberating awarenesses unlock something we have been held in for lifetimes. These moments are always deeply registered by the body and as such should always be deeply appreciated and recognised as the profound markers they are for our evolution.

  39. ‘The body I am most familiar with is mine and so I related being a cell in God’s body to being a cell in my own’ I love the perspective that this brings, Brigette – feeling myself as a cell in my own body immediately brings a completely different sense of responsibility – the importance of always being the fullness of who I am so that I am playing my part in the whole to the best of my ability, allowing my body to work harmoniously without any extra stresses or strains to contend with. Seeing my body as a cell in the universal whole brings enormous clarity to the importance of taking responsibility for how I am choosing to live in each moment.

  40. ‘I don’t mean an insignificant cell: I mean a cell as in an intricate part of the magnificent whole.’ I love this, being part of a magnificent whole. When I pause I can feel this truth and it’s then a matter of moving in harmony within the whole and not being an irritant!

    1. When we look at the world around us, most are living so far from any conscious understanding of us being part of ‘a magnificent whole’. Most see themselves as individuals living in a world of delineation. Me, mine, his, hers and theirs. We fight for our rights and our piece of the pie, not only that but we want our piece of the pie to be bigger than everybody else’s. We compete, compare, antagonise, criticise, ridicule, tear strips off, physically harm, maim and murder others. Others who are in truth simply different aspects of ourselves within God’s body. What on earth have we done to ourselves?

      1. It’s beastly isn’t it, Alexis, this brutish way we go about treating each other and our planet? And yet, here is God, patiently waiting for us to figure it all out, sending messengers the likes of Buddha, Yeshua, Socrates, Shakespeare, Alice A Bailey and Serge Benhayon to remind us of who we truly are and where we come from and more often than not we shoot the messenger rather than open ourselves up to the message being delivered.

      2. Thankfully God lives in space and not time and so the notion of patience and waiting don’t apply to Him. Otherwise I reckon even God would’ve given up by now and gone Home.

  41. “In aligning with God’s loving energy I began to understand that regardless of what my response would be, what matters is that I am asking the question and showing a willingness to be open.” This is a great reminder, that simply by virtue of our willingness to be open, we are supported in more ways than we could possibly begin to imagine.

    1. I have reservations about ‘our willingness to be open’ because for years I considered myself to be a very open person. I thought of myself as open to pretty much everything and yet little did I consciously know that I was peering out at life from a body that was for all intents and purposes completely closed down and I was squinting through the smallest of view finders. ‘My willingness to be open’ came from the same energetic gene pool as ‘the love that I thought that I was giving’ and the ‘truth that I thought I was espousing’, not an ounce of truth or love in any of it.

  42. When we consider ourselves as a cell of the universe, every one of us therefore has a responsibility to be the fullness of that cell’s potential in support of the whole.

    1. And the beauty of this taking ‘responsibility to be the fullness of that cell’s potential in support of the whole’ is that in doing so we get to feel the astounding amazingness of ourselves in full.

      1. Beautiful both Paula and Brigette and on a very practical level, what reading your comments has supported me with this morning is to feel how a nagging concern that is currently infiltrating my thoughts and coming between me and my body is actually infiltrating the collective body of God, because whatever I allow into my body, so too do I allow into the body of God.

    2. I love that Paula. There is no ‘self’ or selfishness in a cell, every cell works together for the benefit of the whole. A great analogy about our potential of working together.

      1. When we use pranic consciousness to look out through our human eyes we see lots of other separate human beings, but when we are connected to the consciousness of God and look out through the same eyes, then all we see is God in different forms.

    3. And that responsibility can seem so huge that many run away from it, leaving the responsibility to someone else. But the fact that we are all part of the whole shows how essential this responsibility is, as without every single one of us living in our fullness, the whole will suffer, as will every single other cell.

      1. Very true Ingrid that ” without every single one of us living in our fullness, the whole will suffer, as will every single other.” As you say, we all are a part of the whole. What does that mean for us? It means we are so much more than what the world teaches us, we are divine.

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