Continuing to Age Joyfully    

Today I am feeling great humility for all that I have been offered in this lifetime. As I took my evening walk I felt full to overflowing for all the wisdom I have been able to access and this would not have occurred if I had ignored an impulse to deepen my relationship with myself. I felt this call and in answer I was introduced to the books of Serge Benhayon. I knew instantly that within these writings I felt a deep confirmation of those moments throughout my life where I could feel my body open up as a truth dropped in. These books contained a wisdom that was undeniable and wherein lay the answers to the constant questioning throughout my life – I somehow sensed that there was another way. I was offered a new perspective on the meaning of life and I knew this time that I had found the truth and a connection to something more magnificent than anything that life had offered thus far.   

Serge has been such a glorious reflection of everything that is true love. This love is expressed by the way he lives each moment of his life with a dedication and commitment to bringing humanity back to living life in a way that is without compromise and yet without perfection.  

The simplicity of the way he lives life takes away all the need to be anything other than being oneself without trying or any drive. He offers a space for us all to explore life for ourselves – no imposition just words of wisdom that come from heaven and are calling us back to a way of life that we know in our hearts is our natural and innate way.   

With his simple words –  

everything is energy, therefore everything is BECAUSE of energy  

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, ed 1, p 220 

– there is an allowing and a space for us to ponder on these words and what they are offering. For me they offered a moment to stop and to feel that there was a possibility that this was true – it spoke to a knowingness deep within. I could feel I was more than the physical form that has become an identity, and that I was a vehicle whereby I can choose to express on this earthly plane of life everything that my soul was imparting. Over time I have explored this truth and it makes more and more sense – I can feel energy and the impact that it has. I can feel the energy when I walk into a room – whether it be harmonious or one of discord – and I have also come to understand that I can let this energy in or allow myself to observe and not become swept away by whatever emotion has been expressed.  

This way of living is a daily if not moment-by-moment opportunity to deepen and expand my connection to my body. As I age it feels increasingly important to listen to my body as it reveals the way I have taken it through life; a way that was disconnected. It offers me an opportunity to take responsibility for the way I live – to honour my body and to treat it with love and care.  

I truly value that at last I have begun to listen, as I daily become aware of the increase in illness and disease and the overload on our Health Services. The overwhelm of the elderly at a time in their lives when they begin to realise that their body can no longer cope with the ever increasing load must feel daunting, and without the support that I have found in Universal Medicine I can sense that I would feel equally overwhelmed and in the same predicament. 

Is the way forward for future generations to begin the process of reconnecting to the wisdom found within our body and understanding our responsibility to care for it?  

This is an amazing opportunity to feel the empowerment of taking back the care of our body into our own hands; to no longer feel dependent and a sense of helplessness. We can become an equal partner in our own healthcare and bring a sense of self-love into the way we live our lives as we change the way we feel about ourselves with some simple adjustments.  We can begin by treating our body with greater awareness, tenderness and appreciation for all it brings and to feel the sense of purpose and joy that comes with a life whereby we embrace each moment and each opportunity to deepen our relationship with God, to live life to the full, and as we begin to change we meet others along the way and together we can deepen our sense of living in true fellowship with ourselves, one another and with God.   

How much richer our lives can be if we each accept our part in building a richer society – one that is rich in the way that we live with greater harmony and joy. Ageing Joyfully is indeed an option that we all have when we embrace the Ageless Wisdom, a wisdom that comes from deep within and is equally all around us, and that has been lived by so many others who have gracefully walked this path for aeons. 

By Susan Lee, Norfolk, UKRetired and enjoying a life that continues to be purposeful and engaging, Norfolk, UK 

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451 thoughts on “Continuing to Age Joyfully    

  1. “He offers a space for us all to explore life for ourselves – no imposition just words of wisdom that come from heaven and are calling us back to a way of life that we know in our hearts is our natural and innate way.” Serge Benhayon, through the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, offers an ever-deepening understanding that we are ageless.

  2. I absolutely agree with you Susan when you say
    ‘Serge has been such a glorious reflection of everything that is true love. This love is expressed by the way he lives each moment of his life with a dedication and commitment to bringing humanity back to living life in a way that is without compromise and yet without perfection.’
    I feel we are being shown at this juncture of human life what is true and what is not of truth and what we have allowed as a group or society to occur because we are greedy and have pursued a way of life built on profit and greed rather than developing a way of life built of love and community.

  3. Aligning to divinity brings Joy then appreciation of that most Loving feeling, a thus we are being Joy-full appreciative of our divinity allowing ourselves to feel a deepening level of evolution that serves all of humanity.

  4. I like the line “If we accept our part” and I will add in creating all our suffering and misery – it’s all self-made, once we get real and honest about that and feel it, which can be very unpleasant, then we can really be open to wanting to change. Or not for some just now, may be the case.

    1. GR the understanding I am coming to is that we do create all our own suffering and misery, wanting to withdraw from life because it feels too much. I watched this happen as a young adult when a family member did just this; withdrew from life and numbed themselves by just drinking alcohol as a way to get through their day. They had completely given up on themselves and life. Looking back it was distressing to watch because there is a knowing that it wasn’t them doing this, it was something else that they had allowed to take over their body that was indulging at the expense of their body. We see this everywhere we look, people who are not themselves being used by another energy. There is no vacuum in space if we are not completely occupying our bodies something else will. This is a huge lesson for humanity to relearn.

  5. “This way of living is a daily if not moment-by-moment opportunity to deepen and expand my connection to my body. As I age it feels increasingly important to listen to my body as it reveals the way I have taken it through life; ” So true Susan. Taking responsibility for our health and our body – at any age – is important.

  6. I agree how much richer our society and world would be if we if first we made it about harmony, love, joy, stillness and of course truth. Wealth is not in money but instead the quality we live ✨

  7. Yes this is both truth and wisdom and offers us much if we choose to truly be with what it means
    “everything is energy, therefore everything is BECAUSE of energy”

  8. “How much richer our lives can be if we each accept our part in building a richer society – one that is rich in the way that we live with greater harmony and joy. ” I vote for this – we are all needed in all our flavours – combining to build a harmonious and loving society.

  9. Simplicity of staying with who we are taking away all need to be anything other than ourselves is wonderful. It’s allowing myself to be deeply settled in God’s grace and my divine nature, that is no different from another.

  10. Today I had a conversation about the menopause and how it’s often seen that a woman is losing her fertility and her value. Blogs like yours, the way you live your life totally put all that stuff about obsolescence essentially, to rest. Taking our care into our own hands is incredibly powerful. We don’t have to rely on societal opinion but can feel and live from our inner most truth.

    1. Post menopausal women have a lot to offer society. For a start it is often after retirement that one has a bit more time to take on volunteering roles in our community, which are very much needed.

  11. How I feel inside and my sense of purpose in life are my main determinants, not my age.

  12. It is very beautiful and powerful to feel every increasing purpose as I grow older. The significance of all of our responsibility for, and contributions to, life must not be underestimated.

    1. Matilda, it seems to me the older we become the more we actually see the responsibility of living a way of life that is true to our bodies. There is a way to live that reflects back to humanity that actually just because you are old doesn’t mean you do not have anything to contribute to society. There is a wealth of experience and understanding to give back. Young people often worry about their future, older people can reflect back that there is nothing to worry about, our future is taken care of.

  13. I can see that there is a simple way to live that builds a foundation of knowingness in us. That simple and consistent way brings us “back to living life in a way that is without compromise and yet without perfection” as reflected by Serge Benhayon.

  14. Serge Benhayon definitely offers space for people to feel what he presents for themselves. There’s zero imposition and complete respect for everyone’s will to choose. This is so unusual in life. Other people inflict their wishes and demands on us all the time, of course boundaries are needed, but they seem to come with a force – do this now, think my way or I’ll not like you or even fight you etc. The task, the wish precedes the person being asked and they aren’t met.

    From Serge Benhayon’s lived wisdom I have felt and learnt what it is to not be imposed upon and how this naturally calls me to be responsible. I have learnt what it is to respect another’s free will without letting another’s disrespectful choices go unchallenged by truth – whether it’s expressed or not it is not deviated from.

    1. I agree – Serge presents and leaves it up to us to do with it what we will. No follow ups or chasing after us. Other spiritual courses I have been on previously felt very imposing in deep contrast to what the Ageless Wisdom offers.

    2. Karin what you have shared is gold, you have encapsulated in a few words how humanity runs the social system we call life.
      “Other people inflict their wishes and demands on us all the time, of course boundaries are needed, but they seem to come with a force – do this now, think my way or I’ll not like you or even fight you etc. The task, the wish precedes the person being asked and they aren’t met.”

    3. Karin, I just cannot get past what you have shared with us all; that for most of us growing up other people inflict their wishes and demands on us, I so remember being told over and over again “do as I say not as I do.” The force this was said with was implacable.
      So of course when we grow up we take this ingrained attitude out into life, we met force and pushed back with force. Along comes Serge Benhayon and turns this way of existing upside down, firstly he meets people deeply so they are reminded of who they truly are. To be seen for all the glory that we are can be challenging because the thoughts can come flooding in of why is it I have not been seen for who I truly am before? Some people walk away from this amount of love and some people stay because they feel at last that they have been understood, recognised as being love which is such a powerful feeling of coming home that they find it easier to work on themselves and bring forth that inner beauty they always knew was there, but didn’t dare show the world because of the ridicule that would be heaped upon them from a given up and disbelieving society. We have yet to understand that this force we use rips us away and apart from the divine quality that we naturally are born with.

  15. ‘The simplicity of the way he lives life takes away all the need to be anything other than being oneself without trying or any drive.’ For all the complication and drive I’ve lived in my life, this reflection is profound.. There’s a trust, an acceptance and humility encapsulated that I know I am not choosing. however I am inspired and I am developing and super appreciate knowing what true grandness is possible.

  16. I love what you say about taking the opportunity to take the care of our own bodies back into our own hands. This to me is to feel where our body is at, is something amiss? Do we need medical attention and/or other support- perhaps an esoteric modality? We are not helpless even when sick and undergoing treatment, we have a choice of how to engage.

  17. Being “…. an equal partner in our own healthcare and bring a sense of self-love into the way we live our lives….” establishes a relationship that confirms one is being supported instead of feeling either alone and helpless or a victim to the world and dependent upon others. In doing so it brings purpose to life, particularly as one grows older.

  18. Our age as far The Ageless Wisdom is concerned has little if any relevance, as we are all always equal no matter what our ages, and thus we are forever open to a deepening of our evolution.

    1. This is in stark contrast to society’s view on older people. With The Ageless Wisdom we are valued as elders – and you don’t have to be old to be an elder……

      1. Absolutely Sue, as so many are re-imprinting there lives with new vocations in there sixties and seventies and thus sharing True elder energy in all walks of life.

  19. As we age joyfully, we show the world there is another way to embrace the ageing process, without fear or doom and gloom. The Ageless Wisdom teaching brings a much greater understanding and support than we can ever find in today’s society.

    1. Great point Gill, and adding to what you have shared, is it not feeling so True in our bodies to live in Joy till our last breath and thus return to the same Living Joy in our next incarnation?

  20. I love this blog because it turns all the usual attitudes about aging on their heads. Firstly aging joyfully and then continuing to age joyfully! Usually aging is met with either a fight of defiance, or a giving up of a life that once was, neither reactions appreciating what each decade brings us in terms of understanding and wisdom. I’m very much appreciating what I now find meaningful, and how what used to fuel me in the past wasn’t actually true, I just wanted it to be so, so I didn’t have to face the emptiness I then felt.

    1. Karin you have shared another pearl of wisdom
      ‘I didn’t have to face the emptiness I then felt.’
      We all feel the emptiness and we then enter into relationships expecting the other person to fill the emptiness we feel. This is an impossible task and will put a huge strain on any relationship.

  21. Several times this week I have heard the importance of listening and the essential part it plays in building respectful and open communication and relationships. I am excited to get to put this into practise with people I meet, work and live with as well as in relationship with my own body and its sign-posting.

    1. I love this reminder. Who knows what wonders we’ll hear when we really listen. Life is magical and it’s only when I stop to listen that I hear God through another.

      1. I agree sueq2012 to listen is to observe sound, sound is a movement through space. I could tell as a child just by listening to someone’s footsteps what mood they were in. The sound of their movements gave away the energy they had invested in.

  22. It can be quite noticeable how some people get very stuck in their ways as they age, and stop doing anything new, because they have a mental picture of how the ageing process looks and feels to them. When we keep our commitment to life as Serge Benhayon teaches, there is joy in every morning and plenty to learn in every new day.

  23. Observation is incredibly powerful, whereas absorbing the world around us only leads to illness and dis-ease then disease.

    1. When we can observe we can develop our awareness and read situations for what they are, without being invested or pulled about by them. However, when we absorb we go into reaction and get emotional. Until I met Serge Benhayon I had no idea that there was another way, but in exploring this further and in having become much more observant and less reactive I can say that my life has changed quite considerably as I am no longer owned by emotions or reactions.

  24. It is a great journey to feel the empowerment of taking back the care of our body into our own hands, we are masters of our fate, and our choices and decisions are our responsibility.

  25. Life makes so much more sense from the awareness of everything is energy and indeed, everything is because of energy. What grand wisdom. I know I’m only just touching the surface of this. It’s a revelation that will keep on delivering greater depths of wisdom the more I say yes to be willing to see life as it actually is and not as I would like it to be or have believed it to be.

  26. It is true we can grow older but not necessarily wiser. Making the commitment to ‘learning from life’ is something we actively have to choose in order for it to happen and it is something I would agree is well worth doing.

    1. Yes. Being humble enough to stay open to all the learning on offer in life – whether that is from our bodies, our kids, those we work with, nature, our mishaps – makes for an ever deepening and enriching experience.

  27. Continuing to age joyfully is an option for us all, to be playful and have fun with life – who would not want that at any age?

    1. Yes I completely agree and your comment led me to realise that we are ageing every day so we don’t have to wait, we can bring fun and playfulness to how we are today, and every day.

  28. As we age joyfully, we appreciate so much more than we used to. I gaze at the stars at night and feel their communication, it is very humbling. We can feel how our lives can be when we hold our connection to ourselves and commit to life still in full, however that is, we can still play our part in building a richer society.

  29. Serge Benhayon has presented a truth I’d ignored and forgotten for so long; much more magnificent than any worldly accolades could ever deliver despite their usual empty promises and enticements.

  30. I am on call tonight so have had a restful day and did not put on any make up. I have really enjoyed catching glimpses of myself throughout the day and realising that there was little critique and lots of appreciation of me ‘au naturel’.

    1. That is clearly the reflection you, and others needed today, how lovely to build that relationship and then wear make-up if you choose to enhance what is there, and not to cover up what is there.

  31. I have observed this of Serge Benhayon for many years, ‘ the way he lives each moment of his life with a dedication and commitment to bringing humanity back to living life in a way that is without compromise and yet without perfection.’ I have been watching his every move because I am both in awe and fascinated by the question of how is this humanly possible?!

    When I met Serge Benhayon he reflected a livingness of love that I only had moments of in my life. You know those moments that grab you by surprise where you’re filled with a love of humanity that needs nothing in return, it just is? And then they’re gone because someone’s just done something so annoying or deeply hurtful? Yet here is a man whose every breath is for everyone, where there’s a depth of understanding I am only skimming the surface of. He shows me love is possible even in the face of great ugliness. He shows me we are more than human, we are beautiful and divine in our essence and we can live this too, without perfection. I have experienced phenomenal change in people who have been inspired by him where the title of this blog is a truth – like seriously where do you experience people aging joyfully? Perhaps defying age against the odds like a battle, but not joyfully I don’t see.

    1. ‘He shows me love is possible even in the face of great ugliness.’ I love what you share here, Karin. I’d love to be able to hold this amount of love and understanding for all, without resentment, bitterness and hurt. One day I might get there, but in the meantime, through the example that Serge Benhayon offers us I know that it is actually possible.

  32. With our every movement we can shift our understanding in relation to ageing, we do not need to slot in to ideals that we are faced with each day.

    1. True Gill, I know some very wise people in their early twenties and teens… they seem ageless… they feel the same as me, a woman in her late 40s. Age is irrelevant when we have that deeper connection to ourselves. It makes me appreciate the cycles of life we are in so much more.

      1. It’s wonderful when people are connected to themselves from which a wisdom that is ageless flows. To discount a person based on age denies the brilliance they do bring and/or asks them to stay in the smallness of thinking we are just a physical body. The truth is our body and ourselves are far greater.

    2. This is beautiful. Yes, we age, our bodies wear and each decade brings generalities of learning to the table – but age is irrelevant. Just this evening I was appreciating how much I used to plan my life out with age related expectations or goals. Now what is present requires focus and the rest unfolds.

  33. Ageing gives us a catalogue of what doesn’t work. The more we disregarded what our body was telling us we will add more volumes. What will life be like when we start living life joyfully, from the beginning?

    1. And it seems we only start to take notice when we have volumes of what doesn’t work in the form of illness and dis-ease. How AWESOME would it be to take notice, listen and love our body as an everyday, every moment choice loving us all the way first and not waiting for a moment until we can no longer get away with living in disregard!

  34. How many of us as we age farm out caring for ourselves? Letting somebody else fix us. Or is this the lifetime of disregard we have lived and chosen? Do we just hit the reincarnate button at the end and do it again and again?

  35. Choosing to embrace the learning that our bodies constantly impart and making loving changes to support ourselves, offers us the opportunity to age joyfully and reflect to others that life does not end at a certain age when we are deemed ‘over the hill’.

  36. It feels wonderful not to be stuck in a rut or a boring routine facing our older years. We have plenty to do, deepening the way we live in harmony, appreciating every encounter with another that brings a joy in our conversations, and a great reflection to others.

    1. Yes, it comes down to living our truth and not bending ourselves all out of shape to be something we are not.

  37. I am finding the greatest thing about ageing is there is no fear of what is coming. What can happen that we have not already experienced? With myself, the list of what has not happened is shorter. We can explore and discover new things daily. We have a choice to finish this life the way it started, full of love, joy, and evolving or just waiting for the flame to extinguish.

  38. The Ageless Wisdom brings us the bigger picture of ageing, there is nothing to fear because we are always learning, even through illness and passing over. So we can age joyfully, knowing we are never given more than we can cope with.

  39. There is a purity and strength in true humility that exposes how we have let ourselves be misguided by definitions. There is nothing weak or subservient about humility. I am beginning to feel the awe and wonder of its quality and this inspires me to stay open and willing to learn.

  40. Becoming an equal partner in our own care may mean we ask the doctor more questions or check out the qualifications of a consultant to find the most appropriate person for our needs, but when we show an active interest in our health needs, I have observed a respect from the professionals I have contacted. It is a process of collaboration when we care for ourselves with the support of others.

    1. In the past, I would have felt awkward about asking a consultant about his or her experience but when you start to take care of yourself you stand in this authority that allows you to speak up and ask.

  41. Ageing has never felt to me so beautiful, now I understand who I am, I realise my love for me can truly only grow deeper. Who can worry about age when your know the relationship you have with yourself is eternal?

  42. Taking deeper responsibility for my life was a huge gift from the ancient wisdom, that has supported me in my life, and continues as I grow older.
    I am now understanding that I have a important responsibility to share what I have learned in my life. That purpose changes the whole concept of retiring.

  43. Serge Benhayon’s work brings us back to our simple responsibility to care deeply for everything, ourselves included, commit to life and in doing so, re-connect to a steady joy that burns consistently within us. Once we unfetter ourselves from a heap of imposed ideals and beliefs about life on earth, the potential and reality to enjoy each day of our lives becomes the norm, not the exception.

    1. Unshackling ourselves from the many ideals and beliefs about life as we age allows us to stay committed to life and the joy that is constantly available when our vision is not clouded by false pictures of what life should be.

      1. I totally agree! This week I’ve clocked the background picture I’ve been trying to emulate so that I can say I’m a success, I’ve succeeded. When actually I’ve arrived, I’m here and I know exactly what success means to me – trying to fit the pictures kept me from feeling and appreciating this.

  44. What Serge Benhayon presents is an offering to the world and some can find this confrontational, however from my experience of attending the workshops it is an offering only. Many of us have been reminded that there is a greater meaning to life and that if this can be lived on a daily basis life becomes so grand and simple and I have found this to be true from my own experience. What has been offered is so much more than I ever thought possible and yet there was a part of me that knew deep in my heart what was being presented is the truth. I have woken up to the fact that humanity has a way of twisting the truth so it becomes the lie. And the lie becomes the truth and because we chose to live in this topsy- turvey way it will take time for the truth to be exposed for all that it is. I think it was Zarathushtra who said we live in the house of lies. How true are his words?

    1. Being willing to look behind the walls of the house of lies; the facades we have created in society is the beginning of returning our topsy-turvy world to its true state. I am up for taking the steps required to be part of this.

    2. The phrase convenient ‘truths’ really come to the fore: how humanity struggles with truth. The knowing of having walked in the opposite direction from truth and the responsibilities of life in truth, I find a difficult pill to swallow. But it’s healing to admit and be humble, to return to love again whatever our past, whatever our age.

    3. Mary, what you have shared here is full of wisdom and I have to agree that our current world could aptly be named the ‘House of Lies’. To add to that I would say that many times, if not always on a deeper level, we know they are lies, yet we go along with them anyways in an effort to stay in comfort, for personal security, to not stand out, to not shine, and in general to not live in a way that is responsible for all we do, say, and think. But Serge Benhayon has shown that this way of living is not only possible, but our divine future.

      1. So true, we know on some level it is a lie and yet we protect it, we protect the lie because we are still invested in it. Knowing full well it is a lie, it is worth asking what intelligence allows that to happen…

    4. The house of lies is not only ‘an apt’ description of the way humanity lives it is in fact the reality of life.

      1. Step away from the house of lies and we become the one vilified, rather than the corruption and abuse that is now the norm.

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