Finding the Kingdom of God

When asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The kingdom of God will not come with observable signs. Nor will people say, ‘Look here it is,’ or ‘There it is.’ For you see, the Kingdom of God is in your midst.”

(New Testament: Luke 17:20-21)

For me this is quite a big step, writing an article opening with a quote from the Bible. A coming out even. Have I been converted into Christianity? No, I am not into Christianity as such. I am not a follower, but I do believe that Jesus was a great messenger, and that some of his quotes have ended up in the Bible.

Does the fact that a quote is in the Bible mean it is truth, that they are words from God? I know for many, every word in the Bible is truth as they believe they are God’s words. For me, all words in the Bible are not automatically that way.

But this beautiful quote is. Let me explain.

Many years ago I met a man called Serge Benhayon who I consider a great messenger in this era, just like Jesus, Buddha and Pythagoras have been, and perhaps surprisingly, people like Shakespeare and Einstein, in their times. They were all teaching or working with the Ageless Wisdom.

Serge presents, that however famous or renowned the teacher is, everything should be discerned on an energetic level first, feeling it, or knowing how something is without using our intellect.

This quote from the Bible feels true because it resonates in my body as being true. I could even say I align to it, because I have found this Kingdom of God myself.

The most surprising thing is that this Kingdom of God is IN me, and it was there all along. It was a Kingdom that was buried and just needed to be uncovered.

The Kingdom of God, and missing it, is the deep longing mankind has to be happy, but in a settled, constant way. We have been seeking true happiness for lifetimes – in careers, relationships, holidays, that great restaurant, films or that bar of chocolate. In the end we all discover, if we are honest, that those external things are all fleeting moments of happiness that don’t last.

I searched also for this Kingdom of God, without ever calling it that, outside me. Now I have found it, inside me. It is the connection to our essence, our inner heart, our inner being, our divinity or many other names we may give it. The Kingdom of God.

As Jesus taught, The Kingdom of God is there for everybody. At last I understand what it means because I feel this Kingdom inside me. It is a feeling of joy that is there whatever I do, whoever I meet. The most mundane things come with a feeling of magic, because I do them connected to the Kingdom of God.

It is also a feeling of beauty, a feeling of my power, my love that is always there.

How do I live this way? Very simply: by staying in connection with this Kingdom and making that the number one thing in my life. From there I go out into the world and do the things everybody needs to do like working, having a relationship, going shopping, while realising also that this connection is only there when I am in my body – that is, feeling my body and not being in my head – experiencing more and more that this connection is very, very sensitive, needing to be treated like the most delicate flower, really taken care of without putting stress on it, and not abusing my body in any way.

Do I feel this Kingdom of God constantly, 24 hours a day? No, I am not perfect. I fall down every now and then, but I feel I am solidly returning, re-learning a way of living that restores my connection to this Kingdom. I feel I am well underway to mastering living with The Kingdom of God in full once again, and then again I know and feel the connection I have re-built now is only the beginning and there is so much more, so much deeper I can go. The connection is there mostly; now comes the deepening. Once again, I say because that is the way we, as babies, come into this life, – by being in connection with it.

Uncovering The Kingdom of God, re-connecting to it, is a process very much worth the effort for me. It is always there, inside of us, and remains there untouched. It only gets buried. Buried by things like unhealed hurts, roles, stress, and the total focus outside of us. All we have to do to re-connect – and this is not always easy – is to uncover it.

By Willem Plandsoen, MSc, Sales & Marketing professional, dedicated student of The Way of The Livingness, Amsterdam

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106 thoughts on “Finding the Kingdom of God

  1. There is great devastation felt when we do not live from this Kingdom of God. If we do not connect it is no wonder we are so adept at distracting ourselves from this pain.

    1. Permanently distracting ourselves from the pain, because to know that we are the consciousness of God but currently not choosing to be, takes some major distracting in order to not just freak out and implode at the ridiculousness of our ongoing choices.

  2. “All we have to do to re-connect – and this is not always easy – is to uncover it.” So true Willem.. Most teachings, despite saying ‘the kingdom of God is inside you’ only pay lip service to that..

  3. Re-discovering the Kingdom of God within me has required a lot of digging and there is still much to do to remove the many remaining weeds.

  4. Most teachings of the Kingdom of God tend to leave us disconnected and confused, not knowing where it is, but this understanding of finding God and the kingdom within us is like coming home.

  5. I appreciate this ‘For me this is quite a big step, writing an article opening with a quote from the Bible.’ In that I can feel it is a big step for you and what I appreciate is the process and understanding you have had in order to get to this point including the understanding and knowing the the Kingdom of God is indeed within … very cool indeed.

  6. “The most surprising thing is that this Kingdom of God is IN me, and it was there all along.” the is also the most normal thing but evil of this world in its many guises will do its best for us to not know this truth.

    1. We certainly have had many messengers presenting truth to us, gillrandall, and if it were anything but truth being presented, these teachings would have started sounding like a broken record many moons ago. The fact that the messages these messengers bring feel as fresh and relevant today as they did thousands of years ago is testament to the depth of their truth. High time we started listening indeed.

  7. I remember now the Kingdom of God being touted as all fluffy clouds and long, golden horns sounding out the presence of God. It was made out to be other worldly and beyond comprehension and experience. So how wonderful to read your very ordinary but extraordinary experience of it, and for me to feel the reality that is the Kingdom of God is always there, we just have to reconnect with it.

  8. Truth cannot be tested by reason and logic, it does not play with those parameters. It is for us to connect to and confirm it so. It awaits. Patiently so.

    1. And yet, the media keep holding Truth to account by reason and logic, breaking Truth up into bits and pieces as if the whole can be determined by a piece of it.

  9. I remember as a chid hearing the teaching of Jesus saying that the kingdom of God is within us all, and not understanding it at the time although it has resonated in my body for all my life as true.

    1. Well, it didn’t really make sense because whilst the priests would be saying this, the Church would be communicating something else entirely – i.e. the only pathway to heaven is to go to church every Sunday, be a good Christian and to do your duty, while you are undeserving, lesser and a sinner…

  10. ‘The kingdom of God will not come with observable signs. Nor will people say, ‘Look here it is,’ or ‘There it is.’ For you see, the Kingdom of God is in your midst.” How many years later and we are still looking for things on the outside! Surely collectively we have to learn soon?

    1. As shown by the example of Serge Benhayon, live with the Kingdom of God within you and by your reflection you show to others that it is possible as Serge has done to those who now live The Way of The Livingness.

  11. “The kingdom of God is inside you” was a message that I heard in Church a million times when I was growing up, but I never realised what that meant until I came across The Ageless Wisdom. I now get a sense of what this teaching was about. The Church does not support the living of this teaching and keeps it a very abstract concept.

    1. Yes I agree, it seems it was kept as an abstract but it should be a lived teaching as it would empower people to focus on their way of living and consider the impact that could have which could mean more accountability.

    2. I agree too Rachel. Until coming to The Ageless Wisdom the quote never made any sense because to be properly ‘religious’ I was told it was a matter of going to church and praying, that is to be seen to be doing the ‘right thing’. What I now feel in my body is so different from that and is more confirming for me than anything I was ever told.

  12. Thank you Willem for sharing your experience with finding god inside of you. For me finding god inside of me is a very personal way, as it means to be at least very honest to myself. Being honest can open doors inside and what I found behind these doors made me sometimes speechless in a very pleasant way!

  13. “Serge presents, that however famous or renowned the teacher is, everything should be discerned on an energetic level first, feeling it, or knowing how something is without using our intellect”. Although I agree whole heartedly with this, the problem is that most of us are so lost in our own individual worlds of beliefs and notions about the world that we fervently believe that what we believe is true. And we emphatically state that we know this because we are able to feel it. I would have laid my life on the line to say that ‘spirituality’ was the truth and all of the books that I imbibed on the subject were written in truth and by truth. Yes, deep down we do all know what’s truth and what’s not but it’s so far down for most of us that we spend our lives unconsciously floundering around in the lies on the surface.

    1. I agree Alexis,, but my continual disenchantment with things spiritual was laid to rest when I came across The Ageless Wisdom via the presentations of Serge Benhayon. I felt and knew I had come home, for here was truth and integrity.

      1. Truth and integrity – two approaches to life that are so sorely lacking in our world today that when one does finally come across them everything else is laid to rest as you so eloquently put it, sueq2012. It was the same for me when I came across The Ageless Wisdom via the presentations of Serge Benhayon. I have been a seeker of Truth all my life and it wasn’t until the day I walked into a presentation Serge was giving that Truth was there to greet me in all its glory.

  14. The quote really shows how we can continuously look outwards and miss what’s already there. It’s such a set up we willingly fall for and are encouraged to do – those who do connect with what’s within are often persecuted; for when someone connects to who they are they are no longer swayed by outside influences, much to the fury of those who seek to control.

    I can feel intimidated by the retaliation of these forces that seek to control, having once being subservient to outside opinion etc and am now moving away. But truth is worth it as is this reflection to others that it is.

  15. A beautiful article Willem that confirms just how simple it is to find Heaven inside us, where it has always been, even if it is buried under a mountain of unresolved hurts, dogged beliefs and a great many pictures of how life should be. It is there and what a simple joy it is to resurrect it in our normal daily lives, a living kingdom to be shared with all.

  16. Who wants to admit that we are in the Kingdom of God and it is also within us? Not many, because with this comes a huge level of responsibility about how we live and who wants that?

  17. When we get out of our heads and re-connect to our bodies and our inner essence then we allow the space to feel the truth of what Jesus and others have taught through the ages – truly a gift to ourselves as we let go of all the outside interferences that keep us feeling isolated and searching.

    1. It’s not possible to be in our heads and in our bodies at the same time and it’s not possible to access the Kingdom of God from our heads which is why the world is set up to keep us in our heads and out of our bodies. It’s an evil and cunning ploy.

  18. Before meeting Serge Benhayon the Kingdom of God and it being within me was an abstract concept, now it is real and a fact for me.

  19. Thank you Willem, your blog shares how ordinary and normal something so grand is as living in connection to our soul/essence/Kingdom of God, and how precious and sacred it is and the care we can bring to ourselves to maintain this connection. It’s not something unattainable or mystical, it’s our most natural way of being.

    1. By shrouding the ‘Kingdom of God’ in an air or unattainable mystery and even to be honest using words like ‘kingdom’ we have made being with God into this abstract and unobtainable mystical mirage. But if we simply said ‘yeah, it was the feeling I had as a kid. I had it when I woke up in the morning and I had it when I went to bed at night’ then it demonstrates that being with God is practical, known and accessible to us all.

  20. Being in my head is the guaranteed solution to not knowing that I am connected to God. So it is no coincidence that everything about the way the world currently is plants us firmly in our heads and keeps us there.

  21. ‘This quote from the Bible feels true because it resonates in my body as being true.’ I really feel this when I read something that is true. There’s also a feeling I am learning to recognise in its more subtle forms of when something isn’t truth. Being discerning is paramount in this world of fakery. Knowing where I’m not so good is telling (like reports on things that are awful as the awfulness could be the intention to lie or the falsehood of the behaviour in relation to the beauty we truly are) and also why – is there something I don’t want to see?

  22. Great observation Willem that the Kingdom of God gets “Buried by things like unhealed hurts, roles, stress, and the total focus outside of us”.

  23. Willem, I find it really interesting how we, (including myself) have blindly, outwardly, followed along with a religion, yet at the very core of true religion throughout the ages the teachings have said that the kingdom of God is within.

    1. Yes, I’ve been pondering this too. It’s great to do so. I get to see what I’ve chosen and see if I still want to continue these same choices. So is the responsibility of knowing and living from this kingdom too great? Or is that just a false belief and actually fighting it is far more painful and just not worth it?

  24. Deeply connecting and inspiring Willem. It is as you say the Kingdom of God is ‘always there, inside of us, and remains there untouched. It only gets buried.’ Sometimes we can choose to not be aware of this but with God there is no judgement only a boundless love.

  25. To me the Kingdom of God is in me and all around me it is the very air I breathe. I knew this absolutely as a child and then lost this knowing for many years and to come back to this way of living later in life is a true blessing. I would not be where I am today if I had not met Serge Benhayon, he will be known as another world teacher living the same message as Jesus, Buddha and Pythagoras to name just a few of the many masters that have lived amongst us to reflect to humanity a different way to live.

    1. Yes, Mary, very true and unlike the other Great Teachers his presentations are recorded while he is alive so that they will not just be bastardised versions after he has passed over, unlike the others.

  26. The Kingdom of God. Words that have meant nothing to me most of my life; empty, hollow and meaningless words touted and bandied around in the churches I was forced to attend by people who I felt and could see had lost their connection to them.

    The Kingdom of God. Through your blog, Willem, I feel the truth and depth of the meaning of these words, a way of living that I too am connecting back to. It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and started attending the courses he presents that I started to be open to the possibility that The Kingdom of God actually meant something and I began to feel The Kingdom of God coming back alive within me. Thank you for writing and sharing this deep and meaningful blog.

  27. Awesome to hear you are solidly returning ‘I am solidly returning, re-learning a way of living that restores my connection to this Kingdom.’ ✨

  28. No amount of searching outside of ourselves will ever bring us that connection to God we are so desperate for. At best the outer existence can give is a distraction and a substandard look alike but It’s all smoke and mirrors. If we want to know the Truth then we need not go any further than our innermost.

  29. “It is a feeling of joy that is there whatever I do, whoever I meet.” A gift from Heaven that is within each and every one of us.

  30. Only recently am I starting to realise how horrible it actually feels to live in a world disconnected to the knowing that the Kingdom of God is inside of us. I am no expert, & wouldn’t say that I live with that connection every moment of my life, but I have felt the connection and the wholeness that comes with that, the content & that regardless of what I do, where I am, if I don’t have that connection I feel an emptiness. Even the most beautiful beaches cannot give me the fulfilment, the most loving partner or the picture perfect job. It truly is only that connection that brings love & joy.

  31. Life is The Kingdom of God. It is all around us and all through us, it’s just that we bunker down on top of it, obscuring it from view, which is quite ridiculous when you really think about it, because in truth it’s all there is. But we focus on our human frame and fill that frame with emotions, unrest, turmoil and all manner of false ways of being. We then drag our polluted frames around with us and as a consequence can’t feel or see The Kingdom of God anymore.

  32. Willem this is an absolutely brilliant article because you have described how you achieved something that has remained almost universally illusive to man since the beginning of time. You have made the extraordinary ordinary by demystifying the illusion around re-connecting to The Kingdom of God. Brilliant stuff.

  33. I’m really appreciating the timing of this blog . It’s reminding me the Kingdom of God is within and there’s no-one but me who can connect myself to it. What’s wonderful is that I have been blessed hearing the messenger of this life-time, Serge Benhayon presentations and how from searching outside of myself I am now connecting within and discovering the true, divine beauty. For me it was the elusive ‘soul-mate’ that would fulfill me or the job that would give my world meaning but neither will give me anything if I am disconnected inside. We’re designed to bring the Kingdom of God to the world and not the other way around.

    And with this I am appreciating that it’s not Serge Benhayon who has special privileges in having greater access, it’s how he lives dedicated to life from this connection. So Willem today you’ve been my messenger, a wonderful source of inspiration. Thank you.

  34. Great blog Willem, and may I add Mohamed to the list of Age-less Wisdom teachers, and that part of the Muslim structure or beliefs is the belief in the second coming of the Christ or Age-less Wisdom teachings. And this is upon us now with the Age-less Wisdom teaching of Serge Benhayon. So we all should be unifying and working together as one to understand how we can return to heaven.

  35. ‘I do believe that Jesus was a great messenger, and that some of his quotes have ended up in the Bible.’ It’s interesting to consider that the bible was written many years after the death of Jesus… anything between 70 years and 150 years I think? Then consider the original language of Aramaic was translated into Ancient Greek, then Latin and then into our modern languages. It is fair to say that there is room to question what is written in the bible as the absolute truth? When you also consider the political will of the time with The Roman Emperor wanting to unite the early Christians and Pagans that festivals and stories were merged… there is certainly room to question what the truth is. One thing that I feel can’t be disputed is the fact Jesus presented on love, something we still haven’t mastered today.

    1. This is a great point, that there is very good reason to question the writings in the Bible from what was happening around that time, these teachings along with all others need to be discerned to feel whether or not what they contain have a thread of truth.

  36. Willem, just as you spoke about that beginning Bible quote resonating in your body, telling you it was true to you, so too did this whole blog have the same effect in my body. As I read it I could feel both the simplicity of this approach to feeling the Kingdom of God by staying connected to our body in all we do and also the immense power that is lying somewhat dormant within us. It’s as if all we have to do is take the first step towards it, and this Love and Wisdom will meet us half way.

  37. When things don’t feel right and need attention, my first response has for a long time been to look for an explanation or a justification and then to try to find a solution to patch things up and make them better. But more and more I have been noticing a far bigger and more potent level of clarity is available when I honour the wisdom and awareness accessed through my whole body, instead of the habitual reliance on the limited range that my mind taps into.

  38. Wise ones like Jesus have been saying ‘the kingdom of God is within’ for a very long time. It’s time to truly hear this for the alternative is a hell of our own making.

  39. It is very easy to take concepts on with the head without truly feeling what they mean. If we were to stop and deeply feel the communications (some absolute corkers from Serge Benhayon have had me literally stopping in my tracks in their profundity – I have had to be really still to deeply feel, so touching they have been) we would not be bastardising and misinterpreting the words.

  40. Reading this made me pause. Because I know that every single person holds the kingdom of god within, without a doubt, it just is. The pause was I am not living this to the level of love I could be, or I am not living this connection, but instead most of the time I would say I am in ‘function’. It’s good to see as when we start to see something more clearly we can then change it.

  41. Jesus said the kingdom of God is inside you, but hasn’t the church tried to ignore this and instead indoctrinate that God is transcendent i.e. he is separate from creation and therefore we need an intermediary i.e. the church to enable us to reach God. But God is not transcendent, rather he is immanent i.e everywhere including in and through each of us. Why would the church do this? To give themselves a false authority over us.

    1. Is there anything more evil in the world than the church? Seriously I ask you, if the church has systematically ruled that God is outside of us and not easily accessible by the common man and many churches have, then is this not pure evil?

      1. The real meaning of evil is anything that separates us from our soul and yes the church has deliberately omitted, selected and twisted the facts to do just that, so yes pure evil I would agree with.

      2. And what for me adds to the evil is the fact that the church says that it’s leading people to God whilst taking their hand and actively leading them away. Shame on them.

      3. Of course there are some good people in the church who believe their intentions are to help their fellow brother, but you are right, without really being aware of what they are doing, they are showing them how not to find God. As Jesus and many others have taught, God is inside us and that is where we will find him.

      4. What a brave statement – but very true one. The place where many people go in belief that will bring them closer to God is actually doing the opposite – endorsing the separation & promoting the idea that we will never be good enough.

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