Life Before Serge Benhayon

About sixteen years ago, with a lack of self-confidence and self-worth, I felt deeply frustrated by life. Looking at the world that did not make any sense, I didn’t see many people living the values of love, wisdom, integrity, fairness and equality. Instead I saw injustice and corruption everywhere, lack of love, lack of true community, high stress, and many chasing material success. If the common western belief was true that ‘you only live once,’ it didn’t make sense to me that some people lived a healthy life into their eighties and some never made it through gestation: that some lived in great poverty and some with inordinate wealth. It just didn’t stack up. I knew that God was Love, so why did some people have it all and some none? It didn’t seem fair.

I remember having an inner tantrum, banging my fists, saying to myself, “I don’t get it! What’s the point?” I remember saying I hope ‘they’ (not knowing who ‘they’ were) will tell me at the point of death what life was all about, because logically there had to be an answer, there had to be something about life that made sense. In that moment it was like I was making a call from deep within to something far greater than I could fathom at that point in time. I never thought in a million years that during my lifetime I would find the answers to that which I was seeking… and way more! Instead, once my inner tantrum was over I just picked up the drudgery of life and carried on.

But something after that point in my life shifted. In the process over the next two years, my work changed -I lived abroad and I began to meet people with a different view of life. I opened up to the possibility of reincarnation and that there was more to life than just our physical reality… I was searching for God and the truth that would make sense from the nonsense. None of the organised religions seemed to provide any kind of answers, or a whole picture, although I could feel and see strands in them that made sense. Anything New Age was definitely out as it seemed a bit weird and ‘voodoo.’ I had a million questions still and my frustration and bitterness remained. However, looking back over that two-year time frame I realise I was preparing for what was to come.

Enter Serge Benhayon. 

I found Serge Benahyon’s contact through a health practitioner and I knew with every cell in my body and with no hesitation that I wanted to meet him and find out more about his presentations and healing modalities, so I booked into an introductory course.

On that first meeting, I knew I had come home; there was no need to look any further. There was no New Age ‘rah-rah.’ Serge presented The Way of The Livingness in such a ‘down to earth’ way; one that evoked a deep sense of trust. He presented with a twinkle in his eye and sprinkles of daft humour and that brought deep-seated chuckles of laughter (something that I still dearly love about Serge!) He spoke to my heart. I understood for the first time why we, as a humanity, are in such a mess. I could relate to everything that was presented about the way we live that is contra to our true essence and was given the tools to connect to myself on a deeper level. I was introduced, for the first time, to energetic responsibility and to what ‘the greater plan of life’ really is about.

On that day I saw profound integrity -values and qualities in him that I wanted to cultivate in myself. I was deeply inspired and said to myself, “Whatever he is doing, I want to learn it!”

I wanted to learn how to handle life: feel vital, to not react, to not make life all about me, bring great love and understanding towards others, show endless patience, work exceptionally hard and not get exhausted, keep light and playful, bring truth, feel joy and most of all… reconnect to a universal wisdom that is all ours to share.

Serge Benhayon made achieving the humanly impossible not only possible, but also normal! He showed that everything in my heart I wanted the world to be… (more love) was something we could all work towards.

My million questions about the mysteries and meaning of life, philosophy, science, religion, love, health, death, the soul, spirit and reincarnation were all answered gradually over time; and during the thirteen years that followed, Serge has consistently showed his amazing qualities. Always open and steady, never once have I seen him grumpy, tired or cross.

Life after Serge Benhayon

Life for me since knowing Serge is incredible (and still in development). I have that inner settlement I was so desperately seeking, with an understanding of the world and my place in it. What I adore more than words can express is the teachings and revelations of the Ageless Wisdom that Serge has re-introduced us to and my quiet, deepening re-connection to God.

Serge has shown me how to connect to myself, armed me with tools for life so that I may not get engulfed by emotions… as emotions are not me. When connected to my essence, I am so much more and way grander than I ever saw myself to be. I have a recommitment to life and a life filled with wonder and purpose, with a greater understanding of others. As a consequence, my relationships have deepened in every area of my life. I also have an increasingly internal strength that simply did not exist before… and it shows.

To sum up in the shortest way possible, Serge Benhayon has given me the greatest gift I could have possibly asked for and that is, he has given me back myself.

It is difficult to express the love, regard and the deepest appreciation I have for Serge, but whilst ‘thank you’ may not cut it, I want to say to Serge a heart-felt enormous and humungous thank you, for all that you have done, all that you are doing and all that you will do, for me and the hundreds who know you, if not thousands and millions more who may never meet you.

What is offered is priceless and now I no longer have to ask ‘them’ at the point of death what life is all about, because now I know!

By Rachel Murtagh, South West UK

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100 thoughts on “Life Before Serge Benhayon

  1. “I was introduced, for the first time, to energetic responsibility and to what ‘the greater plan of life’ really is about.” Universal Medicine offers an understanding of the energy of everything and therefore the underlying cause of everything. The fact that we are energetic beings before we are physical beings reveals that we have an energetic responsibility for every move we make.

  2. Life before Serge Benhayon was pure misery, I can say that because since knowing Serge Benhayon my life has changed completely .
    As you have shared Rachel so well
    ‘Life for me since knowing Serge is incredible (and still in development). I have that inner settlement I was so desperately seeking, with an understanding of the world and my place in it.’
    Knowing that I have a place in the world and being settled with that knowing brings a contentment to my body that it has not experienced for lifetimes.

  3. That’s the key isn’t it, that what we learn and reconnect to within ourselves actually becomes part of our life and changes how we live to be more loving and caring of ourselves and others. Prior to finding Universal Medicine I had done so many workshops, I had listened to speakers present on personal growth, spirituality, healing, etc. I tried many kinds of modalities, counselling, and read books and so on, all to find a way to feel different, to heal what was going on inside me, and many of the things I tried brought relief on some level but the change never lasted. In fact at the end of those 2 plus decades of trying things I was actually worse, as well as disheartened, and financially worse off from the money I had spent. Finding Serge and the work presented through Universal Medicine has been life changing, as in true healing is happening and the way I live and how I feel has completely transformed. When something works you know it, it flows through into your body, being and life, and when it doesn’t, as I experienced searching for over 2 decades, you know that too. All I can say is thank God for Universal Medicine and Serge, without Serge’s support I would be in absolutely dire straights, instead I am regaining my health, I have self love instead of low worth, I live with self care instead of neglect, I have great relationships (I used to be a recluse), I feel loving and joyful, I love myself as a woman… and so much more. Serge is not just the real deal, he is absolutely amazing.

    1. Melinda I feel you have summed up the before and after meeting Serge Benhayon in a way that everyone can understand and relate to as we all have similar stories to tell. Serge Benhayon is constantly exposing and eroding the grip that the Astral energy has on the world in a way that lays bare the self made prison we are all living in. For many people they do not even know they are living in a prison they have given up so much without realising it, for what they think is a ‘comfortable’ life. The reality is completely different as the spirit is in a constant distress since it separated from the soul. Our bodies are full of poison; this is the trade off or consequences of aligning to the spirit and not the soul which is why there is such illness and disease in the world,

  4. “To sum up in the shortest way possible, Serge Benhayon has given me the greatest gift I could have possibly asked for and that is, he has given me back myself.” I echo this for myself Rachel. Only yesterday I initiated a conversation with a woman after a delay in our transport. We talked a long time and found many points of connection. Re reading your post reminded of how shy I was and how I used to not communicate with folks I didn’t know. Thankfully Serge has a lot to answer for in enabling this woman to reclaim herself.

  5. I also couldn’t make sense of life, I knew there was a deeper meaning and purpose, and I could feel the order and interdependence in nature and it’s collaboration between species, yet human beings felt so out of place with that. Through Serge Benhayon’s work I’m beginning to feel my place within it all and learning to be in sync, not just with nature, but the universe. Once I understood the difference between spirit and soul, and how those two sources of energy played out in the world, everything began to make sense. I can also see that playing out in my own life, which has given me insight into the situation humanity is in.

      1. To me Sueq 2012, Serge Benhayon and his family make sense of a world that to me has seemingly lost all sense. The Politician’s are not making sense, the corporations put profit ahead of their employees in many cases, this makes no sense. Modern farming practices make no sense because they have put profit ahead of basic animal husbandry, Scientists seem to me to have lost their way completely.
        In Serge Benhayon here is someone who can see the bigger picture (Macrocosm of life ) and knows how the pieces fit together so that the changes can come from exposing the Microcosm or web that keeps everything together, this is having a domino effect that will eventually unravel the mess we have all made.

    1. Me neither Melinda Knights, my inner thoughts were ‘what’s the point’? No one cares, no one is bothered outside our own little worlds. I’m only really coming to understand this is a malaise like a lingering sickness many of us fall into which can keep us entrapped for life-times. Through Serge Benhayon’s work we get to understand the difference between spirit and our soul. This has given me greater clarity to what is actually at play, which is a consciousness that keeps us in the fog of believing that what we see is all there is, which is not the case at all. We are missing out on the richness of life because the fog seems to obliterate anything else, which is when we give up because our eyes deceive us into believing there is only a life of purgatory, well that is what it felt like for me before meeting Serge Benhayon.

      1. Knowing the difference between spirit and soul can give us a more conscious awareness of how we use our free will everyday, and how and why we find ourselves making certain choices, and why others are too. The way the world is now with all the things we see are not true, including the endemic corruption, the general malaise, the abuse and lovelessness, the inequalities, etc, all come from the grip of the spirit (the ‘individual’) and are all things we need to deeply question and work together to eradicate by exercising our will to be soul. Not only can we rid our world of these things but replace them with the extraordinary love, brotherhood, joy and rich never-ending depth of the souls magnificence – but that comes from each human being first being given the awareness of the difference between spirit and soul, as so many have forgotten the truth of who we all actually are – love.

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