Life Before Serge Benhayon

About sixteen years ago, with a lack of self-confidence and self-worth, I felt deeply frustrated by life. Looking at the world that did not make any sense, I didn’t see many people living the values of love, wisdom, integrity, fairness and equality. Instead I saw injustice and corruption everywhere, lack of love, lack of true community, high stress, and many chasing material success. If the common western belief was true that ‘you only live once,’ it didn’t make sense to me that some people lived a healthy life into their eighties and some never made it through gestation: that some lived in great poverty and some with inordinate wealth. It just didn’t stack up. I knew that God was Love, so why did some people have it all and some none? It didn’t seem fair.

I remember having an inner tantrum, banging my fists, saying to myself, “I don’t get it! What’s the point?” I remember saying I hope ‘they’ (not knowing who ‘they’ were) will tell me at the point of death what life was all about, because logically there had to be an answer, there had to be something about life that made sense. In that moment it was like I was making a call from deep within to something far greater than I could fathom at that point in time. I never thought in a million years that during my lifetime I would find the answers to that which I was seeking… and way more! Instead, once my inner tantrum was over I just picked up the drudgery of life and carried on.

But something after that point in my life shifted. In the process over the next two years, my work changed -I lived abroad and I began to meet people with a different view of life. I opened up to the possibility of reincarnation and that there was more to life than just our physical reality… I was searching for God and the truth that would make sense from the nonsense. None of the organised religions seemed to provide any kind of answers, or a whole picture, although I could feel and see strands in them that made sense. Anything New Age was definitely out as it seemed a bit weird and ‘voodoo.’ I had a million questions still and my frustration and bitterness remained. However, looking back over that two-year time frame I realise I was preparing for what was to come.

Enter Serge Benhayon. 

I found Serge Benahyon’s contact through a health practitioner and I knew with every cell in my body and with no hesitation that I wanted to meet him and find out more about his presentations and healing modalities, so I booked into an introductory course.

On that first meeting, I knew I had come home; there was no need to look any further. There was no New Age ‘rah-rah.’ Serge presented The Way of The Livingness in such a ‘down to earth’ way; one that evoked a deep sense of trust. He presented with a twinkle in his eye and sprinkles of daft humour and that brought deep-seated chuckles of laughter (something that I still dearly love about Serge!) He spoke to my heart. I understood for the first time why we, as a humanity, are in such a mess. I could relate to everything that was presented about the way we live that is contra to our true essence and was given the tools to connect to myself on a deeper level. I was introduced, for the first time, to energetic responsibility and to what ‘the greater plan of life’ really is about.

On that day I saw profound integrity -values and qualities in him that I wanted to cultivate in myself. I was deeply inspired and said to myself, “Whatever he is doing, I want to learn it!”

I wanted to learn how to handle life: feel vital, to not react, to not make life all about me, bring great love and understanding towards others, show endless patience, work exceptionally hard and not get exhausted, keep light and playful, bring truth, feel joy and most of all… reconnect to a universal wisdom that is all ours to share.

Serge Benhayon made achieving the humanly impossible not only possible, but also normal! He showed that everything in my heart I wanted the world to be… (more love) was something we could all work towards.

My million questions about the mysteries and meaning of life, philosophy, science, religion, love, health, death, the soul, spirit and reincarnation were all answered gradually over time; and during the thirteen years that followed, Serge has consistently showed his amazing qualities. Always open and steady, never once have I seen him grumpy, tired or cross.

Life after Serge Benhayon

Life for me since knowing Serge is incredible (and still in development). I have that inner settlement I was so desperately seeking, with an understanding of the world and my place in it. What I adore more than words can express is the teachings and revelations of the Ageless Wisdom that Serge has re-introduced us to and my quiet, deepening re-connection to God.

Serge has shown me how to connect to myself, armed me with tools for life so that I may not get engulfed by emotions… as emotions are not me. When connected to my essence, I am so much more and way grander than I ever saw myself to be. I have a recommitment to life and a life filled with wonder and purpose, with a greater understanding of others. As a consequence, my relationships have deepened in every area of my life. I also have an increasingly internal strength that simply did not exist before… and it shows.

To sum up in the shortest way possible, Serge Benhayon has given me the greatest gift I could have possibly asked for and that is, he has given me back myself.

It is difficult to express the love, regard and the deepest appreciation I have for Serge, but whilst ‘thank you’ may not cut it, I want to say to Serge a heart-felt enormous and humungous thank you, for all that you have done, all that you are doing and all that you will do, for me and the hundreds who know you, if not thousands and millions more who may never meet you.

What is offered is priceless and now I no longer have to ask ‘them’ at the point of death what life is all about, because now I know!

By Rachel Murtagh, South West UK

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45 thoughts on “Life Before Serge Benhayon

  1. What a joy to read your words Rachel, as there are so many others of us who feel that same depth of appreciation. ‘In that moment it was like I was making a call from deep within to something far greater than I could fathom at that point in time’ – I know when I made that call I had no inkling what I would receive and it was way beyond my human faculty – a connection with the multi dimensional.

  2. Life is a million trillion different things to a million trillion different people but we are on our way back to life being the same thing to everyone. Currently we’re a busted gaggle of notions about what life is and it’s meaning (for those that even believe that life has meaning) but there will come a day when we all know that we are the collective consciousness of God and that all we’re here to do is to expand that consciousness.

  3. I still look at the world that makes no sense Rachel, as you say there is still massive injustice, corruption a lack of love, lack of true community, selfishness, high stress, and many chasing material success.
    But there is now also a different perspective there are many people who are living the values of love, wisdom, integrity, fairness and equality. And this is being felt by the whole of humanity and I feel humanity is watching and waiting to see if living the values of love wisdom, integrity, fairness and equality will hold true and so there is a great responsibility to hold steady so that others can feel that there is a change and that once again we can tread the path of our evolution rather than continuing to wallow in our own excrement.

    1. From the perspective of where I am now it is easy to see how accepting I was of the status quo, of that lovelessness, of how normal we have allowed it to be and how, through the pain of this acceptance, the level of denial I was living in. In that denial we suppress those unsettled feelings, those feelings of disquiet that all is not well until such a time the exponential build-up of this hurt, fuels a cry in all its rawness for a different way. We know love, we know it because we are it, and to live the level of waywardness we do means that in our compromise of it, eventually we have to come back to it, as to be without love life simply doesn’t make sense and it becomes too painful to bear.

  4. Thank you Rachel for the reminder that so many answers have been given should I have a question which really is me having ignored the answer right in front of me.

  5. It is difficult for life to remain the same after meeting Serge, we get presented with so much love that regardless of where we have been/ what we have done – we have an opportunity to come back and remember who we are in the core & that is what transforms lives, no rules or willpower can do that.

  6. Life before Serge Behayon bears no resemblance to life after Serge Benhayon. Life before Serge Benhayon was one big fat lie, comprised of a million trillion other lies, whereas life now is impulsed by truth. Life before Serge Benhayon was a mirage propped up by prana, life now is rock solid and fuelled by fire.

  7. What you have shared is great Rachel, as life also had me searching for Love and upon finding The Ageless Wisdom and The Livingness, the understanding of The-Love-God is has opened-up the truth about how so much of our lives, actually all of what we live plays a role in our next incarnation! So living with an understanding about true responsibility and the depth of our Sacredness with a humble-ness is profound, and as you have shared we claim ‘that’ ‘I am’. “me back myself”

  8. The very practical, real life and everyday tools taught by Serge Benhayon are literally life changing if we are open and willing to put them into practice. It does take work and commitment and a willingness to allow ourselves to make mistakes. It is not about being perfect, but understanding that what we meet in life is perfect for us to learn and evolve. Very beautiful thank you Rachel.

    1. Yes – Ultimately, Serge has simply made God accessible in very down to earth, practical ways. The irony is that he always was, I just simply didn’t know it.

  9. Delivered straight from the heart Rachel!! …..”Serge has consistently showed his amazing qualities. Always open and steady, never once have I seen him grumpy, tired or cross”……..This is one of many truly remarkable aspects of Serge Benhayon, along with his total lack of “self”,….He is there for everybody else, with seemingly infinite patience, while he delivers the Ancient Wisdom without once having to cast a glance at a note pad.

  10. What you have written here is very interesting Rachel
    “In that moment it was like I was making a call from deep within to something far greater than I could fathom at that point in time.”
    I speak to many aged people and we discuss if there is life after death and is there a God? And I have found that of the people I have spoken too 99.9% believe there is a God or a Deity its instinctive within us hard wired. But many people feel lost and alone and unable to cope they know there is something far greater but have become separated from the grandness and have been left with a feeling of abandonment. To me, it is though I am watching people wake up from deep hypnosis to realising there is a life to be had but that they haven’t chosen it and are wondering why not. Humanity is, at last, waking up.

    1. But why do we wait until our last moments’ years?! I feel so blessed to have reconnected to these Ancient Wisdom teachings and learning it’s to a large extent about quality of how we live each moment / day….

  11. The gift Serge Benhayon has offered so many in the past 13 + years, is the opportunity of an open door we can all chose to step through and as you have said: come back to our true self.

  12. How Awesome that you went from not getting it and feeling life was unfair to now having inner settlement. Like that is both very cool and very beautifull.

  13. Rachel, your solid, down to earth appreciation feels very fitting for the oh so solid and down to earth teachings that Serge Benhayon shares. It’s quite incredible when you think about it that Serge is able to present in this way because what he is presenting is quite literally out of this world. A true, true master. A master of and very much amongst the people.

    1. Serge Benhayon will be known in the future as the master of masters and people will kick themselves for not taking full advantage of him and the vast wisdom he taps into while he was here amongst us all. To me, one of his greatest teachings is that we all are all one and we all come from something that is far grander than anything we can for now imagine. I remember feeling this grandness when I was a child and it can still be seen in children before we crush them and their connection to that same divineness that Serge reminds us of constantly.

    2. And because he lives what he presents – so unlike all other ‘spiritual’ teachers whose courses I have attended. An inspirational role model is Serge Benhayon.

  14. This is such a sweet and heart felt blog Rachel. ‘Serge Benhayon made achieving the humanly impossible not only possible, but also normal! He showed that everything in my heart I wanted the world to be… (more love) was something we could all work towards.’ What Serge Benhayon has grounded for the whole of humanity is stupendous, and like you I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it now, to be able to let go of my hurts now, to live more of who I am now so that I may join with him in delivering to humanity the answers and love we have all been so desperately craving.

  15. You offer an inspirational read Rachel. Love, love, love your appreciation of Serge and the joy the Ancient Wisdom teachings have brought to your life, which can be echoed by many others.

  16. ‘On that first meeting I knew I had come home.’ Yes. After years of spiritual searching, moving from one course to another without any true answers finding Serge and Universal Medicine was like a breath of pure fresh air. I too had come home.

  17. ‘Serge has shown me how to connect to myself, armed with tools for life….,’ I so agree Rachel. My life before and after Serge is poles apart.

    1. I think it’s the practicality of the tools and modalities that Serge has brought through that make the teachings so accessible. There’s nothing pie in the sky about it, expansion is a very real experience that is on offer to everyone thanks to the practicality of what’s being shared. The Way of The Livingness is a no nonsense easy to understand suggested way of living that is able to be tailored beautifully and perfectly to each and every one of us. It is our way forward which is also our way back.

  18. Yes, beautiful. The deep settlement that comes from knowing you are part of a bigger plan and your sole job is to return to who you are – Love. Many years ago that would have been an emotional altruistic notion that got hurt in this life, yet through deepening my relationship with Love and the teachings that have come through Serge Benhayon, I have found a whole world of vibrant purpose, practical responsibility, relatable accountability, play-full-ness, joy and a stillness that offers a sense of completion where there is no searching. Thank you for your blog Rachel and the opportunity for us to appreciate the simplicity of what we have been able to connect to within ourselves.

  19. Way to go Rachel, love this blog. To make sense of life, and provide people with tools to not only deal with life, but make it divine in a human form is quite a big thing. Which Serge makes normal.

  20. ” He presented with a twinkle in his eye and sprinkles of daft humour and that brought deep-seated chuckles of laughter (something that I still dearly love about Serge!) ”
    This is so true and I often find myself chuckling at his presentations and the simplicity of wisdom presented.

  21. The truth is there are no words to express what Serge has brought to humanity, the ginormous changes that are happening daily in peoples lives through the inspiration Serge delivers to us all. I no longer question life like I used to, because through Serge I have a much greater understanding of life’s purpose which has allowed me to commit to life in a way I never thought possible. I never doubted God or re-incarnation, what I doubted was myself, was I good enough to be accepted by God …. this was the illusion I lived by, that somehow I had to do something, or be someone to be seen in the eyes of God, instead of connecting to my inner heart and live the principals that are all naturally within.

  22. What a beautifull and heartfelt read as well as a deep appreciation to Serge. I know that my story and many of others are very similar a. in the HUUUUUGEE appreciation to Serge and b. in as you say ‘he has given me back myself’ in other words I am finally living the me I know that is and has always been. Similarly as in the Ageless Wisdom teachings and also being playful with what I have written here is it not how we get from a to b but as taught the quality in the way we are living while going from a to b.

    1. ….. and is there even an a and b!!!! as it has been shared ‘are we really moving forward or are we simply returning to a point we are designed to pass over again and again’ SB

  23. Rachel, A profound experience of change shared from your personal experiences in life. I concur in full as the reflection of truth that Serge Benhayon offers and lives in full, continues to inspire me (and many others) to see life from a completely different angle. Joy, harmony, stillness and love are natural ways of being rather than the long held belief that suffering and complication was the only way to live…..and now I know for myself, that is absolutely not it.

  24. Serge Benhayon is the true role model as he lives the model and hence is the perfect reflection with his imperfections. Consequently it is not surprising that he is the inspiration for so many, “On that day I saw profound integrity -values and qualities in him that I wanted to cultivate in myself. I was deeply inspired and said to myself, “Whatever he is doing, I want to learn it!””.

    1. When anyone lives in the way that Serge Benhayon lives (and it is a way that is readily available to us all) then we quite literally become a living bridge between Heaven and Earth. But the trouble is, most of us live in a way that blocks the connection between us and Heaven, a connection that is actually very natural and one that kids simply take for granted, it is just who and how they are and they don’t question it. It’s easy to use the word ‘Heaven’ with some kind of pomp and mystery but Heaven is actually quite matter of fact it’s just that we’ve been so detached from it for such a long time and have made it into some mystical place that’s hard to get to. My goodness me we’ve backed ourselves into some difficult corners with our made up beliefs, we really have.

      1. I love this Alexis, that living as Serge Benhayon does ‘we quite literally become a living bridge between Heaven and Earth’.

  25. Reading your heartfelt, life changing, inspirational sharing with us all Rachel, sparked off a deep appreciation within myself also. It seems that getting to a point in life where we just know deep inside that we cannot continue with just ‘existing in life’ (“What’s the point”) basically our every cell is screaming out ‘is this it’ so to speak. Having experienced something very similar it is miraculous how a friend, a practitioner, a situation even a book comes along and we get offered a new direction/opportunity when all previous ‘searches’ have not brought an ounce of clarity but more foggy complication. To feel such joy and embrace life with such appreciation now that cannot be suppressed is miraculous and, as you share so beautifully Rachel all inspired by Serge Benhayon who has, and continues to offer each and everyone of us the ‘greatest gifts’ of all, what is true and what is not in/of life and so much more…….thank you.

  26. Thank you Rachel – I feel you speak for many other people whose lives have been lit up by Serge Benhayon. What I took away from reading your sharing was how we often feel ashamed by tantrums that we have, but they often mark a stop moment that gives us the opportunity to choose something really great.

  27. One of the many beautiful aspects of this blog Rachel is just how much love was in your ‘thank you’ to Serge Benhayon and all he has provided humanity, even if it may seem like those mere words do not capture the depth of appreciation that you (and I) feel for the inspiration that he is. And that is another thing to appreciate about what Serge’s teachings have brought to us- that we all have that innate ability to feel the underlying energy and Truth (or not) of anything that we are experiencing in life, and that ‘sixth sense’ is what can guide us throughout our lives in a way that builds a deep self-confidence and presence, as so many of us have gone astray by adopting so many ideals and beliefs about what to do to find love and settlement in our lives and have forgotten how to just let ourselves be, and honour that profoundly. So, Rachel, I second your heartfelt thank you to Serge. His teachings will expand within all of us for thousands of years to come.

    1. The Ageless Wisdom and The Way of the Livingness are definitely a blue print for how to live life with greater awareness, understanding, love and truth. It makes sense that this is just the beginning of an ancient way rediscovered and will be around for a very long time yet to come!

  28. Thank you Rachel for expressing so clearly appreciation of all that has been revealed and reawakened in so many of us through Serge Benhayon. To feel and live the true meaning of ‘Love thy neighbour’ is magic, and a dawning understanding of the ever expanding magnificence of space is awesome.

    1. It would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that ‘loving thy neighbour’ is to have a chat over the fence, do caring acts of kindness for one another, pay the toll of the car behind, do chores for each other without being asked but (and it is a massive ‘but’) this has been a trap since the beginning of time. Being kind, being generous, being benevolent, being a caring person, being charitable all come with a very damp quality when they are impulsed by the consciousness of prana, as opposed to the absolute dry fire that accompanies something as simple as walking through a train station when we are connected to God. There’s no greater way to ‘love thy neighbour’ than to be love.

  29. What you share Rachel is beautiful and powerful. Knowing our healing is not for us alone, but that through us in our homes, families, schools and work, many more are inspired and healed in our presence.

    1. Each and every person on Earth will become a living reminder that we all are the one Body of God. Sure it’s gonna take time, but eventually we will all be reminded of this immutable fact and through our lived choices we will choose to collectively return to being that which we already are, the Living Body of God.

  30. My million questions have also been answered as well – not by having a million Q&A sessions, but by having my relationship with life shifted. And it did not happen with heaven being cracked open with thunder, it just became my normal as if it had always been, and that is just beyond amazing.

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