Commitment to the Energetic Quality of My Movements

After a recent Esoteric Yoga session, we spoke about the beauty of the ‘commitment’ that the practitioner had felt in my body.

This is something that I had never appreciated myself nor accepted before as there has always been this ‘lack of self-worth’ going on, almost a determination to remain lesser in ‘abusive self-thought’. This has been so entrenched and fed to me throughout my life that it has become a belief that has then perpetuated and kept this energy in circulation. So, in effect it had until that moment entrapped me in an imprisoning way that ‘I’ myself had created – a feeling of lack of commitment coming from “What’s the use?” and therefore manifesting as a sick kind of indulgence that then plays out as ‘the lack of Commitment to Life’.

So, what an incredibly powerful session this one hour of Esoteric Yoga was, reflecting to me that I had always thought that the ‘Commitment to Life’ was a thinking thing, a mindset. However, I have since realised it is not, it’s a movement – in this sense, movement meaning how and from what source and energetic quality we choose to live our life.

On the following Sunday, whilst walking, there was a noticeable difference as I could feel the energetic quality of my movements. I was really ‘in my body’ and could feel the movements of the muscles either side of my spine in detail, as to where there was tightness, where there was freer movement, where there was a twinge. My whole body felt more alive, light and connected so there was much more awareness made only possible from being in my body and not ‘in my head’. I felt a lot of joy from simply being in my body.

Monday provided one of the most important lessons of consequences of what can happen when I choose to not stay in the body and I am not living with this level of Commitment and Purpose. 

My movements on this day certainly were not of that same quality.

Driven by my mind, I could not feel my body, could not feel when it had to harden in order to complete some tasks and those ‘whoops’ moments where no true care can be found; this then resulted in me pushing my body unnecessarily so.

It was not until I had stopped after completing the project that I felt just how exhausted I was, so in the evening I ran a hot bath and added magnesium salts to support my body. Soon after my bath I went to bed, at around 7.00pm.

That same night my body woke me up with pain, everything in my whole body hurt, the weaker areas of my body being more painful. The pain was so intense I cried and in that moment was given a very big talking to from my body. It was a very humbling moment, one that brought me back to a level of honesty that opened me up to the truth of feeling what I myself had caused, not only that day but looking back on many other occasions. And I was then open to feeling into the deeper message my wise body was presenting: “You were given the marker of true Commitment, feeling its divinely supportive energy – this is the way forward for you, otherwise there are big consequences.”

A few hours later, whilst waking up at daylight from all that had occurred during the night, my feeling was to simply be still as my body felt super sensitive and I just wanted to stay with that feeling of sensitivity.

I heard my housemate in the kitchen but this time I was not only hearing from my ‘hearing sense’ – it was as if my whole body was receiving the energetic vibrations of their movements from another deeper level of understanding of what was going on for them.

It was an incredible moment and is something that I had not experienced before; there was no thinking, it was as if I could feel everything that was going on in the kitchen for them. I could feel a hardness there, yet a sadness under the hardness. And when things were being moved around or put down or bumped together, although quite harshly or loudly at times, it did not affect me like it usually does.

Instead, it was like I was observing without seeing, as it was all being felt; almost as if the movements were a vibrational braille and my body could feel them and read them without any need to see with my eyes, as if another sense from within was feeling and merging with all the space around as one space.

And as previously mentioned, no thought – just super awareness that held understanding and appreciation for feeling energy, feeling the varying vibrations of energy and how each then influenced the body’s quality of movement.

There was a love there for them that had not been felt before; not a mushy, emotional love but a love and appreciation of being privy to understanding another human being with ‘the being’ part being felt as never before.

In the past, my thoughts were of critique and judgement but none of this was there anymore; it was all gone. It was as if these had dissolved and transmuted through and out of my body when surrendering to its sensitivity.

The deeper my commitment to remaining with my gentle breath, the easier it became to go with the flow of this unfolding process of what was happening ­– the expanding outwardly of my inner being, emanating out and beyond.

It allowed a level of confirmation of the fact I am, and we all are, comprised of these same vibrational particles that enable the quality of the Love I felt for another fellow human being, aware we are much more than our physical body. I know I am of this Love yet, like most of mankind, I do not always choose to live it.

And all from a ‘Knowing’, not a believing.

Then came, “I’ve known this feeling before; it is not something new to get excited about at all,” for I realised soberly that it has always been there… ‘it’ had not gone anywhere, but I had. I’d made a choice to live my life from my head where it is impossible to feel and therefore not possible to access ‘that’.

I admitted this all with tenderness and no critique; it was the ‘I’ aspect of me which had been reducing me to think of my being and all other beings as less when all of us are not. In fact, we are all equal in our essence.

I know and feel the equalising God aspect of me now and it’s waiting there for us all to access, that being possible only through our body and the energetic quality of our movements and definitely not from the mind alone.

When I got out of bed, I remembered how my commitment had felt so supportive when in the Esoteric Yoga session; that when fully present and in my body, I can naturally bring this divine energetic quality, the quality of God, to all those I meet through everyday activities of living life – simply from reflecting this out. Through these regular Esoteric Yoga sessions, I have supported my body to move in a way it was divinely designed to live.

By Anonymous

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51 thoughts on “Commitment to the Energetic Quality of My Movements

  1. As a collective we are so ignorant when it comes to energy. We have made our education about regurgitation of other people’s ideas and theories. We haven’t stopped to consider the validity of the ideas and theories and from where they are being sourced. I feel we have cemented ourselves into a particular mindset by thinking and owning our thoughts. But what if we are being fed a consciousness that is so detrimental to our health and well-being? could this be the reason as a race of human-beings we are so sick? Because the consciousness we are choosing to fuel our bodies is so toxic.

  2. Feeling and sensing our bodies as🤞does in Esoteric Yoga deepens the innate Love 💕 we are all connected too and as we then move our bodies 🚶🏿♂️in stillness this becomes a lived way, a way that deepens the relationships 👨👨👦👦 with God, and also deepens our connection to essence. 😇😇😇😇

  3. This blog is a great reminder of how important it is that we hold steady with our movements through out the day – the movements are what really reflect to us what energy we have chosen and essentially what energy is ‘running’ our body.

  4. Yoga means union, and true yoga is union with God, in all its aspects (including the body and its movements) and not just a process that is undergone in the head.

  5. In some ways I feel like God is an incredibly highly refined energetic movement and so our path back to Him is to refine our every movement so that we move in sync with Him.

  6. When we have an understanding 🤞of how the innate Love 💕 is when we are connected to and move our bodies 🚶🏿‍♂️so that it is in such a way that we deepen the relationships 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 we have with our essence 😇 or most divine aspect, which is our Inner-most-heart. Then life becomes one of awareness of who we are so we would never look outside of ourselves for anything other than the deepening of that universal wisdom that is innately within us all.

  7. It is interesting that our knowing from our body is free of thoughts, especially those of ‘critique and judgement’ which are the offspring of the almost constant comparison which takes place in life. Amazing to have found that you can live in a way which has no space for this.

    1. Well said Michael – there is a simplicity of being and thinking that the body holds that means there is no space for the nonsense that the mind can allow at times.

  8. What a clear experience- I love the way you share how awake you became to the quality via a bodily surround sound type feeling, with so much more than the one dimensional sound communicated when it was the body that was lovingly listening. Very beautiful.

  9. The world has been blessed by the healing modalities that have been brought through by Serge Benhayon there is a whole array to choose from. I find Esoteric Yoga great support as a reconnection back to my body having spent years locked up in my mind. I have found the difference between the two, mind versus body is like chalk and cheese. The mind is cold, selfish and calculating it really doesn’t care about the body at all and is quite prepared to trash it or even kill the body to get what it desires. As an example how many deaths have been caused by drugs overdose, speeding or reckless driving in cars? That is all coming from our minds, not our bodies I have discovered that by listening to my body it wants me to be caring, it doesn’t want me to eat or drink something that will upset the metabolism and so make it sick, it doesn’t want me to drive fast and be reckless. I have spent years listening to my mind and it hasn’t got me anywhere except into trouble and misery, now I listen to my body and the fun and absolute joy is my everyday life what a transformation. All thanks to Universal Medicine and the many modalities on offer.

  10. When we are being, feeling and connected to who we are without any imposition there is a settlement and stillness present that can only be when we are in the truth offered in that moment – absolute in its confirmation.

  11. To me there is a magic of being aware of my surroundings so that when I met someone I knew recently and they said in greeting they were ‘fine’, their body was telling me a different story. That their mind was saying something different to their body was obvious. How often do we do this, say that we are ‘okay’ when in truth we are anything but okay. When we are being dishonest with ourselves then we are in disregard, so maybe everyone should be given access to Esoteric Yoga so that we can reconnect to that deeper part of ourselves to be in tune with our bodies. I have found that when I am with my body the negative thoughts cannot hold in my mind, they just slip away.

    1. That’s quite profound Mary that negative thoughts have no hold when you are in and with your body. That speaks volumes.

  12. You made a really simple discernment, that when we let go of the mind and simply feel that is when we open ourselves to the greater sensitivity and awareness, and the understanding and wisdom that can come with that, both of ourselves and those around us.

  13. Esoteric Yoga offers us the space to drop deeply into connection with not only our body but the vibration of each particle and the ‘I’ slowly dissipates and becomes one with all other particles.

    1. Susan I agree, and would also say that Esoteric Yoga allows us all to reconnect back to our sensitivity and fragility and know that it is not a weakness as many of us have been led to believe, but a strength.

  14. Aligning our being to our Soul 😇 deepens our awareness and Love 💕 that we hold and move our bodies with. This 🔑 opens the 🚪 door to greater awareness of the deepening qualities of modalities like Esoteric Yoga 🧘🏼‍♂️

  15. Our movements either align us to God or they align us to everything that is not Him. Yesterday I went on Facebook which is not in itself a movement away from God, but my particular movements on Facebook were. They were coming from a place of comparison and jealousy and so because of my movements I was aligning to everything that is not God. Once I’d managed to extract myself from looking I then chose to re-align by moving consciously and not allowing myself to get lost in thoughts of comparison.

    1. There is a greater understanding to be had here Alexis. It seems to me that what you are highlighting is how distracting Facebook can be and that it is used as a form of distraction so that people do not have to engage with life but numb out of it. What is it about life that we don’t want to see or maybe admit to that has us using all sorts of stimulation in different ways to check out of it.

      1. “What is it about life that we don’t want to see or maybe admit to that has us using all sorts of stimulation in different ways to check out of it”. Great question Mary and I would say from my own experience that my desire to check out of life was given to me by the consciousness that I was aligned to and equally my current desire to stay connected with life is also being given to me by the consciousness that I am aligned to. Different options being presented to us constantly dependant on the consciousness that we’re aligned to.

    1. Interesting prospect Joseph – I suppose it depends on the quality of the beautiful movements. I would once have been described as having beautiful movement by others, a floaty kind of smoothness – but I was numb and pretty much blissed out in massive disconnect. We can have pictures of what a beautiful movement would look like rather than just connecting sinking into ourselves steadily and moving from that connection and warm presence. From there beauty may be a powerful natural strong mode of movement or it may be delicate but not soft or fluffy or disconnected. Thank you. Great to refeel this.

  16. Life takes a dramatic turn 👽when you we start to live with the understanding 🤞of how the innate Love 💕 when connected to moves our bodies 🚶🏿‍♂️in such a way that we deepen the relationship 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 we have with our essences 😇 and thus everyone equally 💑 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  17. Fact: us and God are the same thing. Fact: most of us don’t know that we are. Fact: the reason why most of us don’t know that we are is because we move in a way that brings us out of alignment with God. Fact: the only way to know the truth of who we all are is to move in such a way that we re-align ourselves with God. Fact: it’s possible for each and every one of us to re-align. Fact: each and every one of us will eventually re-align. Fact: this makes me very, very happy.

    1. Another fact to add to your facts Alexis is that the bible was written by people who were not aligned to their soul and so the bible is not a living testament to the life of Jesus. The Purple books written by Serge Benhayon are written by the soul and are a living testament to the way we can live from our soul. I know it is a living testament because every time I read one of those books I find it is as though I have never read them before as I deepen my awareness then the books reveal more of the soul’s livingness that is there to be experienced for all of us. This is possible because Serge Benhayon lives in a way that allows the soul to have access through him as he is aligned to that flow of energy which is the intelligence of the universe. One day we will all live this way.

      1. If we read a book and the words lay dormant on the page then we know for sure that it was written from a consciousness that also wants us to lay dormant on the page of life. Stunted and retarded rather than who we truly are, which is the Livingness of God Himself.

  18. We like to make ‘commitment to life’ about doing the laundry or completing regular work when it is really a dedication to expressing our light in full – whatever the task is that we do.

    1. Joseph I completely agree with your comment. We are so conditioned to believe life is in the ‘doing’ that very few of us stop to consider that actually our evolution is to express the light that comes though us in full. In this era, it wasn’t until Serge Benhayon came along and presented a different approach that we gave ourselves the space to feel there may be more to life than what we have automatically accepted because that’s the model we have been given. My question is who gave us this model, where did it originate from?`

  19. The depth that Esoteric Yoga offers is quite astounding, demonstrated by the many insights and the learning that you received. From conscious presence to commitment, to observation and acceptance and the knowing that we are part of something much bigger, everything was laid out for you.

  20. Oh my goodness me Anonymous this is a sublime and revelatory sharing. You have managed to talk about ‘God and multidimensionality’ in a very beautiful and yet everyday way. Your sharing is incredibly practical and down to earth; through your sharing you are bringing the accessibility of God to the people. The people that traditional religion has kept away from God for way too long. Time for the people and God to re-unite and you are sharing how it’s done. Bravo lead the way I say!

    1. Yes Alexis, so many people are put off by the word God because the word has lost its true meaning, deliberately so. There is a plethora of religions, to me, most if not all of them lead us away from God and not to Him. Is this a deliberate action so that we are lost in the wilderness without our true compass to guide us back home?

  21. True commitment to life can only come from our body and the way that we move it. This fact is often easily misconstrued to mean committing to a rigorous gym routine, committing to helper of the poor, committing to education, committing to being the best we can be etc. Although all of these things could potentially be included in commitment to life, they, in themselves are not the movements that will determine whether we are truly committed to life or not. Living in a way that is truly committed means moving our bodies in a way that is true, a way that doesn’t buy into pictures about how life should be, it’s a conscious way of moving that has our mind and our body moving as one united whole. It is a way of moving that means that we are claiming the space for God and there is no room for the pranic consciousness to come in.

  22. Very inspiring to read this, I really enjoyed all you shared. It felt like to me a veil of dense energy was lifted and the deep sensitivity revealed so much about the truth of life and of all of us, and no words were needed, just an open, sensitive body receiving everything. It felt like a very beautiful experience.

    1. Beautifully shared Melinda – the moment that we allow the gift of someone’s experience to enrich us by feeling it in our body is a new marker and support on all levels.

  23. “There was a love there for them that had not been felt before; not a mushy, emotional love but a love and appreciation of being privy to understanding another human being with ‘the being’ part being felt as never before” ahh the beauty of sensitivity.

    1. Ah the beauty of God, everywhere, all of the time. It’s just our movements that prevent us from feeling Him. Change our movements and hey presto God appears because He was there all along.

  24. What you are sharing is that it is possible to go from these thoughts
    ‘as there has always been this ‘lack of self-worth’ going on, almost a determination to remain lesser in ‘abusive self-thought’.
    To reconnecting back to the intelligence of our bodies which hold an intelligence greater than what our mind can ever know. This is one of the many lies we have all fallen for; that our intelligence is found in our brain, when actually our whole body is intelligent. And when connected to our bodies there is no judgement, comparison, competition etc. It passes through and doesn’t get stuck in our mind as negative thoughts.

    1. “Almost a determination to remain lesser in ‘abusive self-thought’, our determination is not to feel less it’s in actual fact to not feel the truth because without the constant application to not feel the truth then put simply, we would feel the truth and then the game would be up.

      1. So is it possible we hide who we are in our movements that have become so much a part of who we are not, that we are not aware of how we move? We just take it for granted that if we put one foot in front of the other we move, there is no consideration to the movement as we are distracted by the life outside of us. Is it possible this is how we have accepted a mundane, lesser way to live? It has been suggested to me recently just to observe my movements and how I move and from there it may be possible that I can feel the alignment I have allowed to run my body by not checking the movement such an alignment will produce. I find it fascinating that what feels to me to be such necessary life skills are not taught from young within families or by main stream education

      2. “I find it fascinating that what feels to me to be such necessary life skills are not taught from young within families or by main stream education”. Teaching the truth about movement can only come from true movement itself which is why it doesn’t get taught. It’s as simple as that.

  25. I like this assertion that true Commitment is a quality of movement and being rather than a sort of ‘determination’ to achieve outcomes. Perhaps, if we focus on and take care of the quality of our movements, the outcomes take care of themselves, guided and even assured by this quality. In this way, we are more present with all that happens, and not caught up in a picture of a future we would like to see manifest. Worth exploring.

    1. Richard I feel I’m at that juncture of what you are describing to focus and take care of the quality of our movements, to be more present with all that is happening around us which allows for a greater understanding and because there is an expansion of understanding there can be no judgement of myself or others. This feels quite alien at the moment but also very freeing at the same time.

    2. Getting “caught up in a picture of a future we would like to see manifest” is a movement, it’s just that it’s one of the million, billion, trillion movements that are away from God and not towards the Him that we all already are.

      1. I so appreciate this conversation we are all having about God in a way that makes him accessible and real. To me we have come so far from the truth of God that we have lost our connection to him, which allows all sorts of untruths to circulate so that we do not even consider God as part of our daily life.

      2. God is our daily life, He’s the us living the lives that we do, there’s no separation. The only thing that prevents us from knowing this in our bodies is the consciousness that we pull in. That consciousness constantly tampers with our perception of life to the point that we have no conscious awareness that we are the very God that we have no conscious awareness of.

      1. ‘The yoga of stillness’ only feels magical if what we feel when we re-connect to our bodies feels good, but I remember very clearly doing esoteric yoga for the first time and absolutely hating it because my body felt so depleted and so battered and bruised from the relentless exercise that I had been doing and from the punishing way that I drove my body through my days. Yep sure esoteric yoga now feels utterly sublime but that’s not because the yoga brings that to me, it’s because I have changed the way I live so dramatically that my body feels radically different to the way that it once did. Esoteric yoga connects us to what’s already there to be felt.

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