What if the Ageless Wisdom is with Us All the Time?

It happens to most of us at some stage of our lives, that we have the feeling there is something more to life than what we see and know with our five senses.

Some may dismiss this as wishful thinking; others may pursue it towards the direction of seeking to find an organised religion, a new age pursuit or life on other planets. But what if we all have the ability equally to access a wisdom that can literally pour through us when we choose to surrender to it? What if there is absolutely nothing to do to get this to happen other than acknowledge its presence, and connect to it? Can it be that simple?

There have been many great teachers throughout the ages, those who have been recorded by history and many others who have slipped under the radar but have still influenced humanity in their lifetime. Many of these people have been persecuted and attacked, and have had their teachings deliberately changed by man over the centuries with their lives recorded inaccurately, such as Jesus, Buddha, Pythagoras and Leonardo Da Vinci, all who lived as great beings, and so much more than we have been led to know.

For as long as I can remember, I have known there was more to life than living simply as human. Observing people’s behaviours from childhood eyes was very perplexing and complicated. What was felt and what was seen happening were often very different scenarios and this felt for me to be a very confusing situation. For example, the way our parents may have behaved, saying one thing and doing another, or the way we were controlled by the education system, where we may have felt our enthusiasm and joy for life being quelled rather than encouraged and supported to be ourselves.

I knew then, what I still know now, that there is a greater intelligence for us all to access, if we choose to connect to this – and we can access this when we allow it to flow through us. The challenge here is to not get squashed and squeezed with daily life and all its demands and complications so that we fit in a box to suit others, but then lose ourselves in the process. For me I became a compliant good girl, sat quiet when asked, studied, did as I was told, but in doing so, my knowing got dulled. It was like a selling out of myself. But I know now it doesn’t have to be this way, it is possible to hold onto that awareness of who I am, that I am more than human. I always truly knew this, and I could feel a pulse within others too. This is nothing I do, rather something that is felt by surrendering and being open and allowing, and bringing this feeling to a conscious level.

We get told to study hard at school, to gain qualifications, to attain knowledge and be successful. Whilst there is nothing wrong in doing this, we aren’t taught to foster, connect to and develop our ability to feel, bringing a quality to our studying that comes from a commitment to life and an understanding that we may need to study to bring service to a profession. Systems place demands on us to study hard, but it is possible to learn the purpose of the study is to serve our community. So, with this shift in awareness we can go through the educational process without losing the wisdom that is passing through us all the time when we allow it. The beauty is this never goes away, whether we access it or not. It remains there as support for us all, every one of us, bringing us a wisdom beyond the realms of any knowledge we may have learnt, offering answers to questions we may have been pondering on or thought we didn’t know for years – it’s right here, waiting for us to make that choice.

What I have come to know and understand is that the Ageless Wisdom teaches that we are all equal, we all have equal access, and it’s available to all of us, all of the time. I have learnt that by connecting to the body and feeling my movements throughout the day, observing my hands when opening doors or connecting to my hands on the steering wheel when driving and connecting to my feet and shoulders when walking in the fields, the body actually physically tingles and comes alive with the wisdom inside. This is tangible, it is something to hold when any anxious situation comes along, and supports in making any decision, so it keeps us aware of what is happening behind any situation.

We have the Ageless Wisdom available to us forever. This wisdom has a depth and a breadth way beyond the intelligence taught to us by the education system. When we learn to live knowing the Ageless Wisdom and have the willingness to surrender to what is there for us to access in an instant if we so choose, we understand how to live life but not get caught out in it.

By Gillian Randall, Banbury, UK

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90 thoughts on “What if the Ageless Wisdom is with Us All the Time?

  1. Surrendering to our past lives open many doors and opportunities for us to evolve through a deep understanding that we are simply more than this one life.

  2. I was listening to a group of people discussing space, the space all around us is the same space it was at the beginning. That we may have erected buildings but that they crumble and fall, fads come and go but space remains the same. So space is our past, present and future. I had never considered this before. The other thing I hadn’t thought of about space is just how truly amazing it is that space can hold all the suns, moons, galaxies, just imagine how heavy our sun is and yet it is held with such ease by space! So what if space has an intelligence far beyond what we understand intelligence to be? What if we have life around the wrong way? What if we should be tapping into the space that we breathe and live within rather than rely on what our minds know, which by its very nature has to be limited if we are not accessing the vastness of space.
    so it then make sense to say
    We have the Ageless Wisdom available to us forever. This wisdom has a depth and a breadth way beyond the intelligence taught to us by the education system because the Ageless Wisdom is accessing the space that is all around us. The current education system has boxed itself in and regurgitates knowledge which has become static and dry.

  3. Box-fitting or being so called ‘nice’ and ‘good’, or maybe even goodness is a way of living that takes us away from our essence. Thus a phrase or plural phrase with an “S” comes to mind, or could it be “Good-ness Gracious Me”, as all this is a distraction from the Truth😇 that is available from the Ageless Wisdom❤️.

  4. This is a great blog Gill because as you say we do know, it is a sense in our subconsciousness waiting to be reconnected to. I feel at last the world is waking up to the fact that we have been lied to for centuries, so much so that we have become human-machines rather than human-beings. The lies and corruption that we have allowed by remaining silent is being exposed daily as the people pulling the strings in the shadows are being exposed to the light of the truth.

  5. How many of us have had the feeling that there is more to life 🚪? Thank God for Serge Benhayon and his Love❤ for humanity that he openly shares to all who are open to the Truth 🦉.

    1. I agree Greg, I have learnt more by attending the workshops and presentations about life, how to truly live life, than anything else I have come across, and in my life I have come across so many enticing possibilities that seem to be the truth but actually fell way short. It’s all smoke and mirrors to keep one enthralled in the endless possibilities. What has been shared with the world will be felt in the centuries to come, as a foundation is being laid that will at last set us all on the course back to the universe, which is where we all came from originally.

      1. Absolutely Mary, as a student so much is understood and is now available to those who align to their Soul and this is possibly setting the foundation that will take us back to the stars, as you have shared.

  6. The Ageless Wisdom is just that a wisdom that is offered throughout the ages and at whatever age we are.

  7. Loving teachers history has shared are divine vessels for the heavens to pour through and Serge Benhayon is opening the door for so many of the current students to also become masters of wisdom and also share a deepening level of Love with humanity. Thus being Soul-full and letting the heavens rain upon us all so the ensuing enlightenment will benefit all humanity as we reflect a deeper level of Non-reactive Love.

    1. gregbarnes888 I agree with you that the heavens are raining the purity of love down on us, many of us including me have had our umbrellas up to stop the precipitation. How daft is this, it’s time to throw away the umbrella and just accept that we come from love, we are love and to believe anything different is the biggest lie we have all fallen for.

  8. The Ageless Wisdom is there all the time, but to connect to it, though simple it may be, is not always easy in my practical experience when I have allowed so many other distractions, questions, beliefs and ideals to interfere. For me it has been and still is a process of discarding layer upon layer of these hurdles to then support me with the choice to connect and feel all there is to feel and allow through me.

    1. I agree with you Henrietta that the Ageless Wisdom is with us constantly, it is the very air we breathe, it is the Universe we all come from, but as you say we have become so distracted by the so called pleasures of life, like moths to a flame we have become bedazzled by the outer layers of life rather than deeply connecting to the inner most layers of ourselves where the Ageless Wisdom resides within all of us.

  9. Once one connects to something one knows is true, it is like in the movie ‘The Matrix’, where you can choose to take the blue pill or the red pill and once you make your choice and take the blue pill there is so much for one’s awareness to take in and realise what is the truth, and once this is discovered, there is no returning to not knowing it anymore and life goes on now in a different way with a knowing and understanding and with the next step being the acceptance and embracing of what is asked of us next.

  10. So many of us can indeed feel how there must be more to life than just what we can see, and so begins the search, often erroneously so on the outside, rather than turning inwards to realise that all we have been looking for is already there.

  11. We get annoyed if someone ignores us for one minute – so spare a thought for The Ageless Wisdom which we have given the cold shoulder for eons. Yet still it remains there for us with open arms anytime we choose to stop.

  12. 💕 Love from those Soul-full 😇 teachers has always been throughout history and the Love being presented ♥️ at present by Serge Benhayon is opening the door 🕺🏿 to who we all innately are, and once again we have a choice to understand the Truth from all the lies. Thus being Soul-full and letting the heavens rain upon us all so the ensuing 🦉 wisdom can be lived as a Livingness so everyone can feel there is a difference in those who are making a different choice.

    1. Gregbarnes888 What is being presented by the Ageless Wisdom brought to us in this life by Serge Benhayon, is that we do have a choice on how we want to live. It’s called free will. There is a huge difference in the choice, for years I only knew a certain way to live which was full of complication, abuse, interspersed with the odd ‘happy’ moment, that kept me going that there could be something different. The Ageless Wisdom offers a way of life which is not full of complications, abuse and the odd ‘happy’ moment but a way to feel contented everyday to wake up to enjoy the day ahead like we did when we were children in the summer holidays. There is so much more to life than the drudgery we have made it to be.

  13. ‘The challenge here is to not get squashed and squeezed with daily life and all its demands and complications so that we fit in a box to suit others, but then lose ourselves in the process.’ absolutely and this is exactly why daily life is as is; the systems of daily life and how they have come to be created are designed to squash and squeeze but we are also offered every opportunity to realise this, observe life for what it is by remaining in the connection to the deeper truth of living that which we can all feel.

  14. I remember as a child knowing that I had always existed. I remember pondering a time when I did not exist and simply not being able to feel that. I have always had a sense of these being true ways to move and be in the world. Whilst for a long time I was lost in creation about what those rules and movements were I am now free of that and can be my true self in the world. It is so lovely. I wish it for all of us.

  15. From my own personal experience I wouldn’t say that connecting back to the Ageless Wisdom was simple as there were so many ideals, beliefs, pictures I bought into that acted as a barrier and at the same time the unsettlement I could feel was ever present which I also spent many hours in the day trying to ignore. Meeting Serge Benhayon, attending the presentations and workshops were the catalyst for wondering if there could be another way to look at life, by asking the ‘what if’ opened up the possibility that then became a truth that there is a flow to life which we all equally have access to. It’s a bit like looking at a river which is full of junk the water is stagnant and dark, so you set about cleaning the river up by taking out all the old shopping trolleys, prams, tin cans whatever is there and the river starts to flow again the water runs clear and it is possible to see the bottom again. You can see and feel the flow and the beauty once again. Well if we clear out all the ideals, beliefs, pictures we have absorbed since childhood we allow that flow again into our lives and that is the ageless wisdom that is so utterly beautiful to connect to.

    1. This is a great analogy Mary. The river is always there and although it cannot be corrupted, we place debris in its way so that we have a reason for saying we do not know it anymore. Amazing that it can be re-revealed to us so simply by those who are living in its way and offering this in expression for others to see and feel.

      1. Is it also possible Michael that we know we are that river but we have allowed so much junk into the body of our river that we do not want to admit that we are not that fast flowing beautiful river anymore and so criticise anyone who reflects that clean clear running water and all its possibilities back to us. Is it also possible we hold onto the junk because we cannot remember what it is to live life without the junk being there?

  16. 💕 Love the wisdom Gill. Connecting to our Soul-full-ness 😇 and being present in all we do brings a Presence ♥️ rather than the way our wayward spirit 👽 opens the door 🕺🏿 to being disconnected from who we all innately are. Thus being Soul-full and letting the heavens rain upon us all so the ensuing 🦉 wisdom can be lived as a Livingness rather than the corruption we have from every direction at present.

  17. When we have that feeling that there is more to life, something grander beyond just what we can see, it is easy to start to look out into the world trying to find it, as that is how our established way of living has been for a long time. Amazing to rediscover that the living truth is already within and coming through us all of the time.

    1. We bought into and were encouraged to exult the cathedrals and church’s the pomp and ceremony, the Frankincense and Gold and be awed by it all. We were made to feel less than the people who ran these establishments because they used education as a weapon against the people. The religious establishments set up schools for children to be educated but we did not discern what that education entailed and so we lost our true connect to the Ageless Wisdom because we sought out side ourselves for confirmation rather than within ourselves where God and heaven reside.

  18. I loved the simplicity of your sharing of what was felt when connecting to your body Gillian and how it can be and is for each of us when we chose to be with the intelligence of the body first and the intelligence of the mind second.

  19. As the Living way of acceptability towards others or deepening Love that internal Love we all carry, which cannot ‘but’ be shared, so it becomes a breath of fresh air in these times of seclusion, thus “live life but not get caught out in it”.

  20. If we were to come back to the simplicity of life so that we were educated to know and understand that as you say Gill, ‘there is a greater intelligence for us all to access’.
    To our detriment we have not been taught this, that there is a way to live which is to live in harmony with the universe. Instead we have been educated to look outside of ourselves for answers and to ignore the fact that we are an integral part of the universe. In just the same way our heart is an integral part of our body and to ignore our heart has serious consequences, so too does ignoring the fact that we are part of the universe and soon we will come to understand this as the consequences of ignoring this fact will be so in our face.

    1. Alexis I’m with you, I have rediscovered The Ageless wisdom and like you I’m in love with the feeling I have in my body. There is so much joy to be had and to know I am feeling just the tip of the iceberg so to say that there is an unfathomable wealth of love and harmony to explore.

  21. Deep down we have always known that the Ageless Wisdom was available and yet for aeons we have been in denial of the simplicity of the message always wanting to make life complicated. The simplicity that is offered is a confirmation of all we feel and brings with it a deep settlement and stillness that is heavenly.

      1. Gill thank you for this beautiful piece of writing and the everydayness of being more than human you highlight as our start point to returning to feeling and living and moving from a quality that is at one with All.

  22. Absolutely, how many of us have felt the fact that there is more to life than meets the eye and knowing and living this level of wisdom is key for our evolution 💓.

      1. Living what we feel from our bodies and the embodiment or Livingness of that, let’s say Love, is as you have shared Gill, opening the door for others to feel how the absouluteness of Love is True, because the non-imposition-ability of Love leaves the door-way primed ready for them to enter by there own willing-ness.

    1. Well said Greg – the first step is to connect to it and the second one is to live it, otherwise it remains in our head as a theory but does not percolate into the body to be activated and lived with every word, every step. It is a work in progress to do so.

      1. Absolutely Henrietta. Love❤️ what you have shared, and the greater the work the deeper the relationship with our Soul. This then cascades into an evolutionary spiral that activates more of our divine connection as we expand our relationship with the heavens and God.

    2. I now know that there is a richness to life that I can connect to, I cannot always maintain the connection but to know that it is there because I felt the stillness in my body is a market to keep coming back to.The more I observe life and not get caught up in reacting to it the more I can feel the stillness within me.

  23. The Ageless Wisdom, a permanent guiding light that none of us are ever without and yet because of what we choose to align to, is something that most of us are hardly ever aware of. Change our alignment and so too do we change our ability to access The Ageless Wisdom.

    1. I’m discovering like you Alexis that it’s all about movement and what we are aligned to. Interestingly it’s the energy that gets stored in our hips so that we do not move with a flowing gait. It was brought to my attention the other day while walking behind someone that their hips were not moving; they were rigid which made the rest of their body stiff, so they had an usual gait. If we store our ideals and beliefs as energy in our hips I can feel it is possible to become stuck and rigid in our beliefs as we get older because there is no free flow of energy through our bodies. I wonder if this why so many people as they get older have hip replacements because they have stored so many ideals and beliefs in their hips that the hips get encrusted and stuck?

      1. And interestingly Mary babies hips are so loose that their legs just fall open effortlessly which seems to point to the fact that we collect ideals and beliefs as we go through life. Well to be honest I feel it’s true to say it’s partly that we collect them and partly that they’re shoved on us from every conceivable angle!

  24. I have observed children look perplexed when asked by teachers to be creative or innovative – say writing something themselves. It’s like, for so long, they’ve had their natural wisdom under valued (even ridiculed) and been asked to conform to some very strict rules on right and wrong/ ok, not ok; so to be asked to come up with something without instruction can be actually quite distressing.

    I certainly gave up on connecting to my inner knowing. Returning to it meant forgoing the self-doubt, discovering authority comes from within and no longer handing power over to what’s outside of me that isn’t a reflection of the wisdom within.

    1. I have observed the beautiful connection my small grandchildren have, and I have also observed how they are closing this down now they’re attending school. And I have also observed my older granddaughter watch her younger sister with a knowing from the older one that she is changing. It’s very interesting to observe

      1. Watching that all too common generationally repeated and worn-out path of shutting down, dimming out, taking the shine off our natural immense surround sound type of wisdom is too familiar. The force through society’s entrenched ways that tells us from every angle to narrow our otherwise living breathing wisdom to the thinness of separated so-called intelligence is immense and detailed. Watching one generation after the next, go round in circles placating this force with a measured reduction in our shine tells us at some point all it will take is a few to begin the turning of the tide and not sway to losing ourselves to these demands.
        Watching people reconnect at any age, to free up their movements, to feel the flow and play and warmth return and begin to show that spark we all are and never left us is not only an immense joy it is the turning of the tide so powerful it cannot be undone and will guarantee subsequent cycles of generations have living role models of choice to simply remain and not sway nor stray so far.

    2. What if we were taught from young that there is a grander wisdom to tap into that far surpasses anything that we currently allow ourselves to know. Our world would be turned on its head as we access this deep flow of the universal law as it passes through us. We have disconnected from the flow because we have been trained instead to look out, when we look out we get distracted by the chaos we have created and so we cannot feel within what is there to be felt.

      1. Sharing with a child to feel what is going on opens them up to not lose that innate connection that most of us gave away for the ease of fitting in, and it is great to learn from the young to fit in with the way they see life, as long as they understand the boundaries that life can set upon us.

    3. Karin, I now realise that giving our power away to others for whatever reason is a sure fire way of knowing that we have lost our way. We are innately powerful and when we reconnect to the ageless wisdom there a deep knowing that we come from something far greater than this plane of life.

    4. A great observation of what happens to children – I also have felt that level of acting to meet expectations and when they are not there a state of not knowing what to do, but have loved the process of re-connecting and deepening the understanding that what we do comes from what we allow to be the focus of importance in our lives.

    5. Like Moths we got caught by a light a false light and we have been fluttering round the light for thousands of years, bashing ourselves against the light and getting nowhere. When another Moth flies by and says
      “Hey guys why are you going around and round that light what about your own light?”
      And some Moths broke away to discover for themselves they were indeed light themselves. It may take a few thousand years, but we will all discover for ourselves that we are the light of God, then we will be free of the false light that has kept us mesmerized and blinded to the truth of who we are.

  25. Absoulutely Gill, and understanding that the energy of The Ageless Wisdom is with us all the time is paramount or a key understanding as it is takes away all the judgement and comparison!

  26. We all know the Ageless Wisdom is within us. That’s why some people’s eyes sparkle when I let my delicate nature come out through my expression, or when someone rests and shows his/her gratitude by listening to our voice. There is a quality of love that is deeply known by all. That’s why once I met Serge Benhayon my whole body ‘said yes, what he presents makes sense and feels truth’.

    1. Yes, all so true. When I met Serge Benhayon each cell in my body knew that this person was presenting truth, a deep wisdom that I already knew but had chosen to forsake because no-one in my life up to that point had lived this consistently, so I never trusted myself to do so too.

  27. There is a greater intelligence that makes everything look so simple and easy, for example how do the cells of a foetus know how to grow and change into a baby, how do they know to grow a foot at the bottom of the leg and not grow a foot on the head ? How do the cells grow into intestines and not grow as a eye? How does a seed know how to grow into a plant or a tree? Many of us accept these amazing miracles as part of everyday life; we have allowed life to become mundane, something to be got through with some sort of reward at the end of the day. It seems to me we have lost the richness of life, the sense of wonderment of God and the universe as we try to master our surroundings rather than give thanks that they are there as a reflection for us to know that when we open up our hearts, then we can walk again feeling the space around us is God and that we are held in his space. It can only be otherwise if we choose not to align to God, and I would say many of us have chosen not to align to our own detriment.

    1. This intelligence is all around us when we look. I have some small delicate tulips in the garden which open wide in the sunshine and then close tight at night to open again the next morning. So too can we listen to our bodies and feel when to rest and when to work. We have reflections every day of this richness when we look with eyes open to the wisdom all around us.

  28. Living in the essence of our Soul is available to everyone and the way forward for humanity to deepen and access their own wisdom. Something that the Ageless Wisdom has always shared with us through those great teachers and now The Way of the Livingness reminds us in a very practical and complete manner.

    1. Absolutely Amparo, it is always there for anyone to access when they are ready. We have been supported by many teachers in the past but it has never before been as easy as it is now, thanks to the support we can access today.

    2. Amparo, I owe my sanity to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom brought through in this life time by Serge Benhayon. I know that if I had not met Serge Benhayon and started to make different choices about the way I was living I would be taking anti depressant drugs to support me to cope with the overwhelm I experienced life to be. I am totally drug free of any kind, I live a completely different way and it is so enjoyable. I do not want to check out of life because there is so much to life that I don’t want to miss out on a single second by checking out. I have come from a very dark space out into the light and I’m going to stay here now. This is what is on offer for all of us a way out of our self-made prisons.

  29. When we deepen our stillness, for example, through let’s say Esoteric Yoga and feel the space we are moving in then our bodies slow down and thus the rushing around dissipates and we return to our true evolutionary path through loving movements.

    1. That is my experience Greg I have found that Esoteric Yoga allows us to feel the space within us and around us which then allows me to not rush but to slow down, which then allows me to feel myself on a deeper level, so that I’m no longer in the disconnection of the ‘doing’ to get things done.

      1. Absoulutely Mary, The Yoga of Stillness (Esoteric Yoga) and the feeling of our connection and the way our body responds to this level of stillness has an amazing affect on our daily rhythm.

  30. Absolutely, Gillian. Beautiful affirmation of the truth.

    By standing by and acknowledging this truth, we each can escape from our own prison of jealousy and comparison as no-one is given more or privileged. In fact, we can each take personal responsibility by asking why we haven’t chosen to receive all The Ageless Wisdom has been offering all of the time. We have been frolicking, bathing, basking in the warm embrace of God all the while playing games, pretending to be dumb and deaf and blind and not aware of how that warmth permeates through every fibre, cell and particle of our being, vibrating with the urgency calling us to wake up, resurrect and return to be whole with God; be God. Why the delay? Why shy away?

    1. Long Nguyen, I agree with your comment that we have now the ability to escape from our own self made prison. First step is to admit we actually designed and made our own prison and then walked in and locked the door behind us. We can spend many life times in our prison all the while blaming other people, God the world for our misfortune. Until we can actually admit to ourselves that we made our own imprisonment it is difficult to let go because our prison is our security and our comfort blanket that we hold onto because we feel there is nothing else. Enter the Ageless Wisdom that teaches those who are ready to listen that there is another way and we can get out of our prisons and walk free again in the full light of day. Pythagoras taught this centuries ago.

  31. Beautiful Gillian – there is indeed a ‘something else’ factor to life that we discount and override – usually until we are desperate enough to want the truth more than being right.

  32. The quality 🔥 of Love 💓 we can bring to another 💏 as we deepen our relationship with at-least one ☝️ other opens the door 🚪 to deepen ⚓️ the Love 💕 in every relationship 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  33. Our awareness is not valued, but it can lead to a lot of wisdom. I have had the greatest chats with little kids who observe and state the truth so clearly about what they see going on around them, in that you can feel that truth and wisdom don’t necessarily come with age, it simply comes from a being untainted by the pressures and moulding of life that asks us to be other than ourselves. Our awareness is very natural, as is our truth and love, but it is the unnatural way we are imposed upon and then choose to leave ourselves that makes knowledge king when it is only meant to be the humble servant to our wisdom.

    1. So true Melinda, small children always speak their truth, it just comes out so naturally, because of their connection to their bodies. The awareness was there in us all so it is also easy and natural to return to.

      1. I adore being around young children for this very reason gillrandall as you say they speak the truth because they are so connected to their bodies. They remind us that we were connected to the same wisdom when we were children and that wisdom is still there waiting for all of us to be return to it once again.

  34. The forces that work tirelessly to prevent us from remembering the truth of who we all are know that The Ageless Wisdom is accessible to us all, all of the time, which is why they have purposefully set the world up to be one big permanent distraction. They have to keep us all looking the other way because if our heads turn back to their natural position then we’ll instantly know who we all are.

    1. Alexis what you have said is beautiful and the truth, the truth can be felt within our bodies, so that whomever reads your comment will have an opportunity to align to the truth or not, that is free will and it is because we have free will that we make the choices we do because we are Un Gods playing at being Gods creating all this mess that we will all then have to clear up and return once again to the truth of the Ageless Wisdom which constantly reminds us who we truly are.

  35. Reconnecting 💡🔙 to our essences 💕 and then re-aligning to our Soul-full 😇Presence ♥️ rather than our wayward spirit 👽 opens the door 🕺🏿 to heaven and the ensuing 🦉wisdom.

  36. Why have such people that you mention been attacked? What is it about them that produces such an outcry and assault? Or, more precisely what is it about the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom that a few make such an effort to shut such teachings down. Is it possible that there is far more to these teachings, that they hold the key to a true way of living? Or why would the few make such a fuss and such an effort to silence those people who teach that there is vast knowledge constantly passing through us that we can easily tap into. What is it about the Ageless Wisdom they don’t want us all to discover? Which leads me to wonder are we as a race of human- beings, being controlled?

  37. “the purpose of the study is to serve our community.” The wisdom in knowing that all we learn is for the purpose of serving humanity is to understand that there is no individuality but a Oneness with the All.

  38. God is on hand for all of us all of the time but this only becomes a reality when we align to Him and the only way to align to Him is with our movements. Whatever we do, whatever we say and whatever we think is an alignment with a one of two energies and it is our alignment with either energy that then leads to our likely re-alignment to that same energy. When we do anything that is purely self-serving then we are aligning to a consciousness that is seeking to keep us away from knowing God, whereas if we’re aware of how our actions affect everyone else and adjust them accordingly then this is an alignment towards God. The Ageless Wisdom is there to support us all to re-align to God.

  39. I used to think that Universal Medicine presented something that it had crafted itself but I now know that Universal Medicine frames the wisdom that is already there and accessible for all. A person doesn’t have to attend courses or workshops that Universal Medicine puts on in order to have access to The Ageless Wisdom, however Universal Medicine have for me presented The Ageless Wisdom in a way that’s incredibly practical and accessible. Universal Medicine have also brought through modalities that dovetail beautifully with The Ageless Wisdom and in many ways support us to make The Ageless Wisdom part of our everyday lives. The Way of The Livingness brings the Ageless Wisdom into our everyday lives and this is absolutely priceless because The Ageless Wisdom only really means something when it gets lived.

    1. There are many books that have been written about Jeshua and his life but to me the books I have read about him are lifeless because they do not carry the livingness of him within their words. Is it possible that as you say ‘The Ageless Wisdom only really means something when it gets lived.’
      If anyone were to read one of the books written by Serge Benhayon, fondly known as the ‘Purple’ books, they would feel that the words written are alive and constantly expanding because they are written in the expansion of the livingness.

    2. What you have said here makes sense to me and I love the words you have used Alexis
      “Universal Medicine frames the wisdom that is already there and accessible for all.”

  40. We get disabused of the All that is aways available and passing through us, and by not speaking up we further the continuation of this dilemma and, in truth, abuse.

    1. So we actually become complicit by remaining silent, the easy cop-out choice, and our silence denies any others who may be open to knowing the Ageless Wisdom that is always available.

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