Michael Benhayon – A Stellar Friend, Supreme Practitioner & Sensational Musician – The Old School Modern Day Gentleman

I first met Michael Benhayon over 10 years ago when I went with my mother and father to experience a workshop run by Universal Medicine, a company founded by Michael’s father, Serge Benhayon.

In the first few years of knowing Michael I didn’t really take an interest in developing a friendship with him. He was a few years older than I, but he also had a level of maturity and air of manhood about him that didn’t suit the types of friends I wanted to have around at the time.

Upper body shot of Michael Benhayon smiling
Michael Benhayon

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Talking His Walk

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘walking your talk.’

We usually take it to mean that what we talk, the principles we tell other people about, the way of living we endorse, the philosophies we hold and believe to be true and worthy, should be the way that we walk, i.e. the way that we live our life. Continue reading “Talking His Walk”

My Experience of Esoteric Healing Sessions

I live in Spain and every year I come over to England to see some of the Universal Medicine practitioners from Australia that come to England twice a year and offer private Esoteric Healing sessions. I want to express my appreciation for the Esoteric Healing modalities brought forward by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Continue reading “My Experience of Esoteric Healing Sessions”

Developing a Relationship – with my Essence

Developing a relationship with and connecting to and playfully exploring my essence, was something presented to me by Natalie Benhayon at the end of a revealing and amazing Esoteric ovary massage. Natalie has a depth of wisdom and is a true inspiration to me; the authority of her livingness is incontrovertible. She holds an unapologetic, unwavering solidness of love and an equal-ness for all others within her – especially from her eyes.

Natalie’s session was for me the last of a series of sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners. Each session stood on its own, whilst also being part of a whole unfolding package of myself. Continue reading “Developing a Relationship – with my Essence”

The Esoteric Practitioners Association* Conference – A Day of Appreciation

In 2009 Universal Medicine inaugurated the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*. The EPA* represents the members association, the practitioners association and acts as the accrediting vehicle for the Complementary Medicine modalities as taught by Universal Medicine.

Each year the Esoteric Practitioners Association* holds its annual conference, which is run by and for its members. The 4th annual EPA* conference was held recently on 20th July 2013 with over 150 members in attendance and many more participating by way of live webcasts in many regions and states of Australia. Continue reading “The Esoteric Practitioners Association* Conference – A Day of Appreciation”

Why Universal Medicine rather than other Complementary Therapies

by Jonathan Stewart, United Kingdom

Before meeting Serge Benhayon I was a full-time practising remedial masseur and kinesiologist of 16 years experience. With my then partner, and now wife, we had over 8 years established a thriving kinesiology clinic specialising in brain function and in particular treating children with learning disabilities. We were so confident in our work and approach to healing that we had founded a kinesiology college with arguably the highest training standards in the UK and were well on the way to establishing a fully residential training centre par excellence. I was the UK trainer for my main discipline and on its International Board, spoke at international conferences and sponsored many leading international kinesiology trainers to teach in the UK. Over the 16 years I had spent thousands of hours training, teaching, treating, attending courses in a wide spectrum of complementary therapies and met, both professionally and socially, many of the leading practitioners in the field of complementary medicine. However, within a matter of hours of attending a Universal Medicine workshop presented by Serge Benhayon, both my wife and I were feeling we had to question the very foundation of our confidence and approach to healing. Continue reading “Why Universal Medicine rather than other Complementary Therapies”