What is “Swag” and Who has Got it?

I decided it was time to write a blog about swag.

But first let’s define swag… There are many definitions of swag, but as a slang word commonly used in the Australian language in our current society, swag is defined as something or someone that is stylish or styling. But does this mean that swag is just about fitting in, being cool or being sophisticated?

Is that it? Is it about where we buy our clothes from or what brand we get? Is it about the colour we choose or a style? Or is swag something deeper than this? Is it all of that and more? Continue reading “What is “Swag” and Who has Got it?”

A Four Week Computer Course with Simon Asquith that Changed my Life

A bold statement you may think but allow me to elaborate. Last year I signed up for a basic four week computer course with Simon Asquith. Up until that point my relationship with computers had been, what can only be described as ‘rather strained’. My relationship was ok as long as I stuck to basic emailing and didn’t try to do anything new, but as soon as I tried to do anything new, I invariably ended up spending what felt like an inordinate length of time repeating the same dead end moves over and over again, getting increasingly more frustrated, until I eventually had some sort of minor breakdown.

And as far as my relationship with social media went, well we were not even on speaking terms, I had blanked her from the very beginning. Continue reading “A Four Week Computer Course with Simon Asquith that Changed my Life”

Liane Mandalis, Me and all of Humanity

I am blessed to have a close friend in life who goes by the name of Liane Mandalis. We met years ago in a café in Sydney and ever since have chosen to have each other near, call on each other for support, and inspire the other to the nth degree.

Liane Mandalis and Nikki McKee
Liane Mandalis (left) and Nikki McKee (right)

She has many great attributes, but the focus of this article is her commitment to Truth. She does not waver and nothing can get in the way of her expressing Truth. It can but try, but it doesn’t stand a chance.

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Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Kristy Wood

Having recently received a truly loving and deeply appreciative email from Kristy Wood, it made me stop to feel just how much I appreciate Kristy and what I love about her.

Just in a matter of a few lines, Kristy shared her absolute love, warmth and appreciation of my expression, my writing and me.

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

It wasn’t so much about the words that Kristy shared, though these were heartfelt and important, but the absolute love, depth and care felt in every word written. Continue reading “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Kristy Wood”

Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Karin Becker

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

I was recently talking to a young person who said that they had always wanted to work in Child Care and open their own family day care, but they didn’t know if they could do it and doubted themselves a bit. I shared with the young person that I had a friend who opened her own family day care when she was in her sixties, so anything was possible if you really want to do it. The young person shared that their grandparents still work too because they love what they do, and they were really inspired by them and what they bring to their workplace.

This sharing got me to stop and really appreciate Karin Becker – my friend who had opened her own Family Day Care in her sixties. I have never met a woman quite like her before. When I look at her there is such a joy in her eyes; I am so inspired by her freshness, vitality and love of life. Continue reading “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I love about Karin Becker”

True Reflection, The Way of The Livingness & The 5 Elements of God

Have you ever looked at a magazine, pictures on the Internet or on TV, and felt truly inspired?

By ‘feeling truly inspired’ I mean, did you feel the beauty and grandness you were seeing, reflecting to you what is actually within yourself? Or did you cringe and feel yourself shrinking by the massive amount of comparison and inaccessible ideals these images can bring up?

When I looked at magazines I only received the message that there was something out there I still did not have (and I may never have), but that I needed to achieve to be able to feel myself as equal to this.

I never ever felt inspired by any of the pictures I used to see; instead I always felt how I was reduced to being less.

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