Religion is my Everyday

Most of my younger years I could never sit still. I had an irritating energy of restlessness within me which always kept me super busy. I constantly rushed around doing things, sometimes a few things at once; and there was an underlying tension and stress that I was living with daily. I would continually fidget or scratch and I could never really get a feeling of stillness within my own body. My mind and body invariably felt quite racy. Starting a few things at once and not finishing anything left my body, my house, and my life in disharmony.

With this momentum of feeling busy and stressed, I found it hard to wind down and sleep, and for years I took medication to numb my body so I could just go to sleep and rest. Continue reading “Religion is my Everyday”

Don’t poke Holes in the Air, the Seagulls might Trip Over

I remember as a child pointing in the air and someone saying to me, “Don’t poke holes in the air, the seagulls might trip over.”

I was recently reminded of this during an online Esoteric Yoga session. I have found that Esoteric Yoga sessions can really support me to build a relationship with my body and to reconnect to the natural stillness that exists within – a must for my busy lifestyle.

This yoga session happened to take place in my car as I was in between meetings, so I had pulled over to a quiet spot facing the beach, pulled out my laptop and completed the session by Skype with an Esoteric Yoga practitioner. Continue reading “Don’t poke Holes in the Air, the Seagulls might Trip Over”

Feeling the Divinity of God through Esoteric Yoga

During one of my recent sessions in my 6 week Esoteric Yoga program with Esoteric Yoga practitioner Vicky Geary, I experienced the most incredible moment where I felt that everything about life made more than sense to me in the most tangible way.

At the beginning of my 6 week program I didn’t know specifically what might happen during the program, but I knew what I wanted to focus on was to be around embodying stillness. By week 2, and after the support from another practitioner at a Universal Medicine clinic, I realised embodying this stillness meant to claim my delicacy and stillness as a woman and having it be there in every facet of my life, and especially in every way I express. Continue reading “Feeling the Divinity of God through Esoteric Yoga”

Benefits of Esoteric Yoga – Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover

The old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is very relevant to Esoteric Yoga, as what lays beneath the surface, inside the simple book cover, is very rich indeed. I liken it to this because the simplicity of the Esoteric Yoga format does not allude to the depth and power of what can be felt in the body in a 1 hour session that is in the most part laying down, being still and creating the space to feel the body.

In fact, it is almost too difficult to fathom how something so simple could be so amazing in what it offers the body, and the being, and how one feels!   Continue reading “Benefits of Esoteric Yoga – Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover”

Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga

Not so long ago I was having an Esoteric Yoga session when we were asked to be aware of how we were feeling that morning.

As I lay there I thought,That’s easy, I feel angry this morning”. I had felt this way since I woke up but couldn’t work out why, and looking back, I can see a pattern of how I magnify these thoughts by trying to figure it out.

As I lay on my mat with my blanket covering me, my head gently supported on a pillow, and starting to really allow myself to connect with my body, what suddenly came to me were the words “Anger – what Anger? I feel lovely.” This made me smile deeply inside and really struck a chord with me, as I knew this was how I truly felt. The anger had been something that was not part of me, something I thought I felt, from my head, but in truth when I allowed myself the time and the space to stop and truly connect to my body, I could actually feel how lovely I was.

Continue reading “Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga”

Esoteric Yoga: The Yoga of Stillness

by Lyndy Summerhaze, Crabbes Creek, Australia

When I sat down to write about Esoteric Yoga and stillness the question naturally arose: “If we don’t know stillness how can we know true movement?” This almost felt like a basic tenet of what yoga is all about. We move and speak using the energy that is already present in the body – and if that energy is in disarray, then our movement and expression will be of that same quality. I have come to realise that to know and connect to the stillness within the body is first essential if I want to move and speak in a true way.  Continue reading “Esoteric Yoga: The Yoga of Stillness”