The Power of Group Work

by Johanna Fredericks, Perth WA

Recently I attended a True Expression workshop held by Victoria Carter in Perth. A small group of about 8 of us participated. The workshop was open, safe, playful and joyful. The main part I wish to share about is the power of group work.

I know that the words group work and singing don’t seem to have much in common but they actually do! I learned about the true power of group work… it was amazing! Continue reading “The Power of Group Work”

Feeling Free to Sing

by Johanna Fredericks

I had an amazing and very empowering experience a couple of weeks ago. I experienced something that I hadn’t done in my life, until now. I sang while driving in my car, with my mum next to me, without any inhibitions. I felt free to sing.

It was so amazing for me to feel this freedom in singing as I had basically lived my life since childhood avoiding any singing, especially in front of people, at school and in groups. The sad thing was – I love to sing.   Continue reading “Feeling Free to Sing”

The Men in Black Choir: A True Expression

by Emily Newman, Mirani, QLD


That was one of my first thoughts when the Men in Black went on stage to start singing for the Universal Medicine end of year celebration in December 2012. But what I felt when this happened was so much more than those three letters can begin to describe.  I have never had so much fun watching grown men on stage! And, it was a choir. When I think back, it puts a big smile on my face. I would have loved to have seen the decision making process for these men when they actually made the choice to get together and be a part of a choir for everyone to enjoy. Making this decision to stand on stage and sing so openly to a crowd would take a lot of courage and strength within oneself.

Let me paint a picture for those who weren’t there. Continue reading “The Men in Black Choir: A True Expression”