Family Defined by Quality

The word family can mean a lot of different things to different people all over the world. Within all of these meanings, there is one thread of ‘togetherness’ or people ‘sticking together.’ However, there seems to be a range of definitions that describes this ‘togetherness’ and keeps people who call themselves family together.

These definitions of togetherness are often identified by the behaviours, patterns, beliefs and ideals within family groups that we continue to play out and express with each other, many of which may not be good or true for us and our wellbeing. Continue reading “Family Defined by Quality”

From Family Madness to a Miracle Re-union

Back in 2013 I spent a 4-day holiday with my sisters and their families in a 100sqm apartment in the middle of the city of Barcelona with five adults, three teenagers and one child.

We had the most amazing time together, preparing all meals by ourselves, including the grocery shopping, catering to all the different dietary needs, going to bed when the city just wakes up and rising when the city goes to sleep – including the teenagers, who were very cooperative and in flow with the family and took responsibility and cooked their own healthy meals, according to their own needs, which impressed me deeply. Continue reading “From Family Madness to a Miracle Re-union”

Parenting Our Children

I am married to an incredible, beautiful tender man, with 3 amazing beautiful children that I am forever appreciative of. What we share as a family reflects to me the importance of expression and communication, for what we share is a result of us all feeling supported in a space where we can share what we feel without holding onto or bottling things up, where we are able to work on not judging each other and on exposing any ideals or beliefs around how we think a true family should be or look.

Universal Medicine has played a huge role in my life: I have been attending Universal Medicine presentations, courses, retreats and having sessions with Esoteric Practitioner Association (EPA)* approved Practitioners, including Serge Benhayon, for 17 years.

Serge Benhayon (Founder of Universal Medicine) leaning against a fence
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

During that 17 years my life has changed enormously: I have gone from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking marijuana, being extremely ill, having absolutely no vitality and being majorly underweight to being and feeling alive, vital, healthy, no longer moody or needing any form of stimulant to get me through the day. Continue reading “Parenting Our Children”

Re-Connecting With Mum and Dad

by Jennifer Smith, Registered Nurse, Maclean NSW

I have just come home after spending 9 days with my parents, younger brother and Panda (the family dog) in my childhood home. This is the longest I have been with them since moving out over 20 years ago. Over those 20 years, not only has there been physical distance between us, but also a distance had been created with our relationships. Not through the fault of anyone. We had all just let it happen that way.

For me, I had made my life so busy with travelling and socialising with friends initially, and then finally it was all about work, career and making a business. Whenever I went to Sydney for anything I would try to “fit in mum and dad”. I would go and have a meal at home or a cup of tea – always just a pop-in visit. I was too busy doing a course of some description to improve or better myself, or improve work prospects. I had such a drive to improve and impress.

Although I knew my parents well, they almost seemed like strangers at the same time. What I didn’t realise until recently, was that by distancing myself from them, I was doing that to myself.  By keeping so busy with all of this doing I was making a stranger of myself to me, too. Continue reading “Re-Connecting With Mum and Dad”

No Longer The Black Sheep

by J McFadden, born in Scotland, living in the Netherlands

My trip to Scotland: it was the first time in as long as I could remember that I was looking forward to going – I always visited in the years past as a sense of duty. I would always come back (to Holland) in no hurry to visit Scotland again. My mother would always say something that would hurt me deeply – she always was an insensitive and cold woman in my eyes, and I can remember feeling the distance between us as a small child. I was the third girl in the family and also a twin; I had a twin brother who was the first son born.

My parents, being of Irish descent, grew up with the belief that boys were the most important – more important than girls. This is an old, old belief that is handed down from generation to generation in Ireland, or certainly it is in my family. I remember when my son and daughter were age three and five, my grandmother was leaving after a holiday in Scotland, and the very last words she said to me were – “look after the boy”. She said this to me as if it was the most natural thing to say. I was stunned at the time, but in no way then could I fully understand the enormity or significance of those four words, and for how many decades this belief had been handed down through the generations in our family. Continue reading “No Longer The Black Sheep”

Bangalow ‘Brainwashed Female Cult Member’ Has Had Enough…

By Kyla Plummer, small business owner, concerned wife and mother, Bangalow

Mindless, weak willed, spiritual seeker, follower, devotee (vomit just at that word), cult member, woman (?!?) …. These words have been used to describe me, or women that I know negatively… behind our backs, either in whispers around town, by work colleagues, when leaving certain shops in Bangalow, online in bullying hate campaigns and by a mainstream media that is completely unaccountable for the lies and damage their exploits cause…. I am appalled! I am disgusted and disheartened! What is going on if this abuse, denigration and treatment of myself and other women (and men also) are allowed to continue without any true facts or foundation?

Edit: I have just been informed that David Millikan ambushed a peaceful UniMed event on Friday night (12th Oct 2012) and caused great fear and distress amongst attendees; it seems that a hate campaign has no end to its reach, the madness continues, but at some point we have to ask what are they actually accusing us of? Continue reading “Bangalow ‘Brainwashed Female Cult Member’ Has Had Enough…”