I have Watched and am Now Inspired

by Sandhya Mistry, Brisbane, Australia

Today I was truly inspired by my partner of 26 years.

Over the past few months, I have watched while my partner and others have had to endure constant harassment on blog sites that a few disgruntled people who blame Universal Medicine for the break up of their relationships, have been writing on. They have blatantly told lies, have manipulated information to incite hatred, are constantly barraging them with insulting comments, and are now trying to ruin their professional reputations with completely unfounded allegations.

I have watched while she has been lied to by journalists to firstly obtain an interview, then be interviewed for up to an hour, to then only have one line manipulated to fit their story.

I have watched how the media have tried to threaten her with another false story to ruin her professional standing when she has objected to their behaviour. Continue reading “I have Watched and am Now Inspired”

David Millikan: Night of the Inquisition

by Sue Kira, Gold Coast, Australia

On Friday 12th October 2012 I sat down expecting another exceptional night of education from Serge Benhayon at a Universal Medicine presentation at Lennox Head. Prior to his presentation, Serge introduced David Millikan to us as a Uniting Church Minister. At first I was pleased to hear this, as I knew that the Uniting Church had an open mind to different religions, and views on a God who loves us all equally.

Serge told us how he and David had previously spoken for hours, discussing their viewpoints and how the media had been saying we were a ‘cult’. David Millikan had suggested to Serge that his view was that Universal Medicine was not a cult, and he wanted to speak to us briefly at the beginning of the presentation about how we felt. David said he wanted to include Universal Medicine in a chapter in his book. Continue reading “David Millikan: Night of the Inquisition”

Freedom of Speech? Absolutely – But First Do No Harm!

Recently I became the subject of highly fictional and defamatory comments relating mostly to my profession, published by an anonymous online blogger.

The reason I became the subject of such an attack was because I had publicly defended and declared my support for Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and my fellow students – themselves the subject of unwarranted attacks by the media, including numerous false accusations that Universal Medicine is a cult Continue reading “Freedom of Speech? Absolutely – But First Do No Harm!”

David Millikan – The Omission of the TRUTH

by Heather Pope, NSW, Australia

On Friday 12th October 2012 I chose to attend a presentation where I could hear someone in our society speak about how I can be responsible for my own wellbeing, and how I can live with integrity and honesty in what can often be a world with none of that.

When the presenter came on stage we were told that before the presentation would begin there was a man who would like to ask those in the audience some questions. His name was David Millikan and he introduced himself as a Minister of the Uniting Church and an expert in “cults”. He then proceeded to tell us he had been studying Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (the organisation who had arranged the evening), and that he wanted to tell us whether or not we were in a cult. Many of us laughed, given the ridiculousness of this statement. I am an intelligent, affluent, healthy and happy woman – and I know full well what a cult is, and Universal Medicine is definitely NOT a cultContinue reading “David Millikan – The Omission of the TRUTH”

David Millikan: Ignores Fundamental Rights of Religious Freedom in Australia

by Victoria Lister, Brisbane, Australia

If anyone had suggested to me that one day I would attend a meeting where members of the media ambushed an otherwise peaceful gathering to tell me I was in a cult – (that cult being Universal Medicine) -, I would have been incredulous. To have it actually happen was bizarre and discomfiting beyond belief, particularly in an environment where minors were present. To have it happen in a country where the right to a multiplicity of views is upheld, was saddening. To later leave the venue wondering if I was being secretly observed or recorded, was sickening. Continue reading “David Millikan: Ignores Fundamental Rights of Religious Freedom in Australia”

To Expose or Incite – That is the Question

by Rowena Stewart, England

The recent events in Australia at the Lennox Head Community Hall on Friday evening, 12th October 2012, have prompted me to investigate further the philosophy of one David Millikan, a Reverend of the Uniting Church in Australia. On this night, David Millikan turned up (unannounced) at a public lecture given by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine. The event is held on a monthly basis and is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Attendees from across Australia were present; people from all walks of life from dentists, doctors, nurses and lawyers to teachers, hairdressers, students, families and single parents. These people had gathered together that night to listen to a lecture on health, wellbeing and how to live more harmoniously whilst keeping up with the demands of life in modern society. Continue reading “To Expose or Incite – That is the Question”