How Traumatised Was I By Friday Night’s Invasion?

Like everyone in attendance at the Universal Medicine presentation at Lennox Head on Friday night (12/10/12), I was stunned by David Millikan’s unprofessional behaviour. We all reacted differently. Some of us sat in stunned silence (I was one of these.) Others thought to reach for their mobile phone and start recording Millikan ranting on stage or perhaps recording the previously disguised film crew that had swung into action. Some rose to attempt to stand in front of the television cameras or to hold a piece of white paper up in front of the lens. Some retreated to the rest room. Some were crying. Children were confused. Some talked amongst themselves about the state of the world in which this could happen. Continue reading “How Traumatised Was I By Friday Night’s Invasion?”

Attack on Universal Medicine Australia: What Country Are We Living In?

by Rachel Hall, Australia

What country are we living in here? I believed Australia was a modern society with a “live and let live” attitude that fosters freedom of thought and speech. The media behaved appallingly at a recent Universal Medicine event (Lennox Head Community Centre – Friday night 12th Oct 2012).

This is a country where we have the right to choose how we think, feel and live, what religion we follow and what workshops we attend. What sort of country do we live in where a small group of disgruntled people who prefer to remain anonymous can incite such an unfounded media frenzy based on lies and unfounded accusations about what Universal Medicine presents? Continue reading “Attack on Universal Medicine Australia: What Country Are We Living In?”

Universal Medicine – A Philosophy Based on Free-Will

by Kylie Jackson, Goonellabah, Australia

Last night (12/10/12) I attended an Esoteric Medicine Presentation by Universal Medicine (held at Lennox Head). As a guest speaker, David Millikan deceitfully claimed that he would like the opportunity to speak to the group openly and ask any questions he had.

What was experienced after this point was something that completely shocked myself and everyone else in the room (except for those with cameras filming the setup). David had set up an ambush that denigrated and imposed upon us all.

I was deeply upset by the tone in which David spoke – he had clearly orchestrated this attack to get a story for a well-known television station. The aggressiveness of the camera people was sickening and disturbing. And it made me question whether this was really happening? And, in Australia, in 2012?

This display of dishonesty, ill intent, imposition and manipulation was disgusting – and should not be tolerated in any way – and, definitely should not be legal.

How can this bullying be allowed in the world? What gives one person the right to denigrate and attack the choices of others? Since when are people not allowed to have free will to feel and choose what is true for them?

I am still feeling quite shell-shocked this morning – like I’ve been hit by something. It made me feel as though I had to justify or prove my choice to be me, and justify what I know to be true.

It was the complete opposite of what I experience from those who know me – everyone in my life can see, and continually makes comments on the way in which I live, my calmness, my responsibility and the wellness they can see just by looking in my eyes.

Universal Medicine lives absolute integrity, love, responsibility and professionalism in every way. Why does this upset people like David Millikan? Possibly because Universal Medicine shows another way – a deeper level of harmony and responsibility that can be lived – and this arises the possibility that they too can be making different choices – freely so.

Universal Medicine has never asked anyone to ‘believe’ what it presents – it just presents. It presents and honours the free will of every man, woman and child to feel for themselves what is true.

We have the free will to live that choice, to be true to ourselves, to live in a way that is harmonious, responsible, joyful and loving – Will someone please remind David Millikan?

Media ‘sabotage’ at Universal Medicine Presentation

by Mary-Louise Myers, Goonellabah, NSW  

Last night (12th Oct 2012) I went along to an Esoteric Medicine Presentation by Universal Medicine at Lennox Head, really looking forward to hearing it. Serge Benhayon introduced a man called David Millikan to us and said that this man wanted to ask a few questions in regard to all the media nonsense that has been going around about Universal Medicine. I thought, “Great, at last, someone who wants to know the truth, not all the lies that have been published recently”.

David started speaking. One of the first things he said was that “we had given up so many things in our lives”, as if this was a bad thing. Now this got me thinking and I went through my list mentally… I gave up alcohol, drugs, having abusive relationships with men, swapped all this for a loving lifestyle that supports me… I gave up being a dysfunctional mother to become a loving one who has awesome relationships with both daughters… And the list goes on. I started to get suspicious as to what his angle actually was. Then I got a real shock as he puffed up his body and started attacking us with statements under the guise of questions, which as it seemed to me he had no interest in hearing any answers to, as in this barrage of nasty innuendoes he had already told us that we were mindless followers under the spell of Serge. I looked around in that moment and saw that there were numerous women filming us; I could hardly believe what was happening. Continue reading “Media ‘sabotage’ at Universal Medicine Presentation”

Universal Medicine Presentation Hijacked by the Media!

by Hannah Flanagan, Assistant Accountant, Byron Bay, NSW Australia

On Friday night (12th Oct 2012) I went to the Lennox Head Community Centre to attend a lecture on Esoteric Medicine, as I do once a month, about eight months of the year. I go to these lectures because I am interested in what is being presented, but rather than walking into the presentation I was looking forward to, I walked into a media ambush – which I still can’t quite believe.

A man (David Millikan, who only later revealed he was on a retainer with a well-known television station), was invited to come on stage at the start of the presentation as he wanted to ask the group a few questions for the book he was researching. This was actually a blatant lie. Continue reading “Universal Medicine Presentation Hijacked by the Media!”

No Claims to Cure Cancer: A Nurse’s Perspective

My work as a registered Nurse with a cancer organisation entails my supporting people with cancer and their families, with treatment information as well as emotionally. It is work that I love and feel very committed to. The NSW Cancer Council recently was reported to state that ‘breast massage cannot cure breast cancer’, a statement I completely agree with. This statement was made in response to allegations made in a number of media articles that reported that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine had claimed that esoteric breast massage could cure cancer.

As a woman and health professional who has willingly attended Universal Medicine events, and been a recipient of multiple breast massages, I can categorically state that I have never heard Serge Benhayon, or been told by any Universal Medicine practitioners, that esoteric breast massage can cure cancer. The truth is that Serge Benhayon has consistently stated the importance of seeking professional medical help, and that the modalities that Universal Medicine presents were a great support to western medicine. In fact, when I first attended some of the Universal Medicine workshops, Serge Benhayon’s position of being so pro-medicine was difficult for me to understand, despite my experience working with western medicine. Continue reading “No Claims to Cure Cancer: A Nurse’s Perspective”