The Unspoken Voice of Truth

Since I can remember, I have been known as the ‘loud mouth,’ the child that said the inappropriate things and the one who embarrassed adults in their white and black lies.

For example, I never believed in Santa. At the age of about 2 or 3 I told my mother that I knew she was Santa because her handwriting was on my Christmas card from the alleged white-bearded man – so obvious, isn’t it!? Roughly around a similar time, knowing that the nursery is going to ask my parents to buy our Christmas presents, I asked for the smallest and most modest (cheapest) toy I could think of because I didn’t want my mum and dad to spend money on my toys that I could sense we had no money for. Continue reading “The Unspoken Voice of Truth”

Responding to the Call

by Joel L, Western Australia

I have heard the term ‘Responding to the Call’ in a few different settings…..

A leadership group I have been a part of used it; I have heard mainstream religions use it; I have also heard the term used at Universal Medicine. It has been my experience with the latter where I started to truly feel what this is asking of me.

Before Universal Medicine, ‘responding to the call’ meant to do something that someone asked of me from within that group. If an alumni of the leadership group called me, I would be obliged to ‘respond to that call’ because of our shared alumni status, regardless of whether I knew them or not. Continue reading “Responding to the Call”

Life’s Classroom

by Chrissy, NSW, Australia

… A little flashback to when I first stepped into a room at Universal Medicine… a little awkward in myself, shoulders rounded, eyes averting a confident gaze, a little defensive even… Sidney Poitier’s students in “To Sir, With Love” for some reason come to mind… Continue reading “Life’s Classroom”

A Different Kind of Sunday Session

by RB

It was only 3 years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, that I would be at the pub; listening to live music, drinking a beer or glass of wine after having smoked a joint before leaving the car. I would feel anxious about being there, worrying if I looked good, nervous if guys talked to me, and really quite uncomfortable… but, to avoid feeling all of that, I would just get stoned and have another drink. I would eat junk food as it was easy and cheap. I wasn’t really enjoying myself, but it’s what everyone else was doing, so I thought that I should be doing it too. I did not know any other way. Continue reading “A Different Kind of Sunday Session”

Appreciating Myself

This morning I needed to book several business flights online – something that would usually take me 10 minutes. Today the website was being temperamental and I had to spend a great deal longer going backwards and forwards, entering a lot of information and reserving seats. When I finally got to the last click to pay, the website suddenly took me back to the home page and lost all the information I had entered.

Continue reading “Appreciating Myself”

Learning to Express from my Heart and Body, instead of just Speaking from my Mind

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby, NSW

I attended a workshop with Chris James yesterday. Chris James is an amazing musician and a student of Universal Medicine. In his workshop “Discovering your true natural voice” I learned so much, I felt so much and I cried – which is great, as I do not find it easy to cry. I would like to share my experience with you.

I learned to feel what it feels like in my body when I speak – I could even feel it when I whispered.

I felt the difference when in a group we practised communicating from our body. When we would go back into our minds and disconnect from our body, by habit, it would feel different, almost empty, but when another spoke from their heart and stayed with their breath, I could feel it coming from their whole body. To describe that feeling; it was like a wave of vibrations coming from their whole body, not just a sound coming out of their mouth. To be able to feel this, I did have to learn how to listen.  Continue reading “Learning to Express from my Heart and Body, instead of just Speaking from my Mind”