David Millikan: Eat Your Words! (Part 1)

by Nina Stabey, BcHSci, Goonellabah, Australia

Friday 12 October, 2012 was my first exposure to the antics of Rev. Dr. David Millikan live.

He had asked to come on stage at a public gathering at the Lennox Head Community Centre in Northern NSW and speak to the 150 individuals who were there to listen to a presentation on Esoteric Medicine by Serge Benhayon. Unfortunately, this presentation was hijacked and did not take place. Instead we were all subject to the unscrupulous, skewed and manipulative ways of Rev. Dr. David Millikan.

Millikan needs to get his facts straight! Continue reading “David Millikan: Eat Your Words! (Part 1)”

Millikan at Lennox – Memories of South American military oppression

by M. L., Sydney, Australia

I have been a resident of Australia for 35 years and it never crossed my mind that I would encounter the situation I faced on Friday the 12th of October 2012 at Lennox Head Community Centre at a presentation put on by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

I thought that the times of persecution, which I experienced in the past, the injustice, ambush, attacks and the lack of respect for people’s rights were over, but I faced it again on Friday night.

The experience brought back terrible memories of what happened from the military oppression to my family, my friends and many people in South America where I come from. Continue reading “Millikan at Lennox – Memories of South American military oppression”

How Traumatised Was I By Friday Night’s Invasion?

Like everyone in attendance at the Universal Medicine presentation at Lennox Head on Friday night (12/10/12), I was stunned by David Millikan’s unprofessional behaviour. We all reacted differently. Some of us sat in stunned silence (I was one of these.) Others thought to reach for their mobile phone and start recording Millikan ranting on stage or perhaps recording the previously disguised film crew that had swung into action. Some rose to attempt to stand in front of the television cameras or to hold a piece of white paper up in front of the lens. Some retreated to the rest room. Some were crying. Children were confused. Some talked amongst themselves about the state of the world in which this could happen. Continue reading “How Traumatised Was I By Friday Night’s Invasion?”

Universal Medicine Presentation: What an Australian Media Crew Tried To Get Away With!

by Anna Karam – mother, wife and small business owner, Goonellabah, Australia

Last night (12/10/12) I witnessed a disturbing act by a well-known television station media crew whilst attending an event by Universal Medicine (at Lennox Head Community Centre). The crew was interspersed throughout the crowd with hidden hand-held cameras whilst their leader/co-coordinator David Millikan, a claimed Uniting Church Minister and so called expert on cult groups, was introduced on stage by Serge Benhayon. David had told Serge that he was interested in the philosophy as presented by Universal Medicine for a book he was supposedly writing. His intent, he claimed, was to have the opportunity to speak to those attending to help him understand more what the philosophy is truly about. He said he had some simple questions to ask, and so he was graciously given the opportunity to do so. What occurred following this was nothing short of horrific. Continue reading “Universal Medicine Presentation: What an Australian Media Crew Tried To Get Away With!”

Attack on Universal Medicine Australia: What Country Are We Living In?

by Rachel Hall, Australia

What country are we living in here? I believed Australia was a modern society with a “live and let live” attitude that fosters freedom of thought and speech. The media behaved appallingly at a recent Universal Medicine event (Lennox Head Community Centre – Friday night 12th Oct 2012).

This is a country where we have the right to choose how we think, feel and live, what religion we follow and what workshops we attend. What sort of country do we live in where a small group of disgruntled people who prefer to remain anonymous can incite such an unfounded media frenzy based on lies and unfounded accusations about what Universal Medicine presents? Continue reading “Attack on Universal Medicine Australia: What Country Are We Living In?”

Media ‘military style campaign’ at Universal Medicine Presentation

by Dr Rachel Mascord, Sydney, Australia

I use to occasionally watch current affairs styles programs. Often they would run an exposé piece, thrusting the camera in the face of an individual or group, in the name of exposing some sort of immoral, unethical or unsavoury activity. The person or people being filmed inevitably looked furtive or guilty. Some would try to hide. Others would react, lashing out at cameras or sadly the camera operators. I always found those stories difficult to watch, and wondered “what would it be like to be on the receiving end of that activity? How would I handle it?” Unfortunately, last night I had the opportunity to find out for myself.

I attended Esoteric Medicine last Friday night (12th Oct 12) at Lennox Head Community Centre, run once a month by Universal Medicine and presented by Serge Benhayon. A man named David Millikan turned up unannounced and asked Serge, with whom he’d had several phone conversations, if he could go on stage and ask the audience some questions as research for a book he claims to be writing. Continue reading “Media ‘military style campaign’ at Universal Medicine Presentation”