Dreams ­– What are they Showing us About our Life?

Years ago I used to have a recurring dream about being alone in the yard of a concentration camp. The dream was about total desolation and incarceration, barrenness and despair. When I would wake from this dream, I felt like I could hardly breathe. Had I lived this experience in a past life? I would have to make a determined effort to struggle from the heaviness of the dream into my day.

Recently I had a dream about being with a group in a dark space and wanting to escape by climbing up and out from a dark dungeon into the light. As I attempted to find my footings, the climbing felt difficult and uncomfortable. It also involved precision, dedication, and trust. When I arrived at the windows above the dark space, the first window was too small for my head. I reached further to open another larger window and was able to climb my whole body through into the light.

When I woke from this dream, I felt light and clear. There was a sense of freedom. The dream to me clearly indicated that when trapped in emotional pain you cannot free yourself by using the mind… it is through our connection to the whole body that we quieten the mind, bringing the mind into conscious presence with what the body is doing. Practising conscious presence enables us to feel the stillness, and in the harmony of stillness, our connection to our Soul, and to God

How are these two dreams related?

The first dream is telling me how limited I am when I allow outside forces to dictate how life is or how I am, or who I am. How successfully thoughts of lack of self worth, frustration, guilt or any emotions keep us separate from who we truly are. They are the barriers to feeling our true beauty and worth. On a deeper level, as a young woman I knew what felt true, I knew integrity, I could feel my sensitivity and I could feel love, but I didn’t know how to express or live these qualities fully in the world. There was a tension between what I knew in my heart and how to live it. What was missing was a deeper connection to my Soul.

The recent dream confirms that there is a way out of this self-imposed prison. The ‘way out’ is my dedication to The Way of The Livingness, to live to the best of my ability with energetic responsibility. This way of life asks us to be disciplined, aware, self-loving and consciously present – bringing the mind in line with what the body is feeling and doing.

On the morning that I woke from this dream, I could feel how spacious and light my body felt. My thoughts were of the grandness of the universe, how our particles are aligned to the stars. We are more than a physical body; we are part of a much grander oneness. It is a wonderful feeling of liberation and expansion to feel our connection to each other, to our energetic responsibility to life on earth. It opens us up to consider what quality of energy collectively we citizens of earth are emanating into the universe.

This profound shift in my consciousness from the incarcerating prison to the feeling of being at one with the universe did not happen overnight. For many years I was searching for answers to the frustrating sense of limited thinking, and to the inner questioning that there has to be more to life, and I sought these answers outside myself. I used to say to myself, “There must be one man on the planet who is at the forefront of true consciousness, who can get us past this limited, old way of being.” It seemed that life on planet earth was full of pain and suffering, even for those of us who lived in relative comfort and success.

From the first time I attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon, life began to hold a deeper purpose. I began to forge a loving connection to my Soul.

I realised that this purpose to life was to learn to trust and love myself and to listen to my inner-heart so that I could live my truth free of limiting, ingrained patterns. Old ideals and beliefs about how to be were gradually worn down as I began to accept and appreciate who I am. Judgments about the world were relinquished as well – the layers of protection that I had been using to guard myself from being hurt. I was ready and willing to get out of gaol.

Serge presented the difference between spirit and Soul, that we have a choice of energy in every moment, with every thought, every intention, every movement throughout our day, and all of these affect the quality of our dreams, as I experienced for myself.

What is so very powerful about Serge Benhayon is that he reflects a lived way. A way to be in life that is founded on a deep connection and trust that we are all Sons of God, that we are love in our essence, and that when we choose to connect to our Soul, to the love that we are, we need no longer look for approval or answers from outside of us. We are all worthy of healing. And that is the beauty of knowing Serge: he has inspired me to come home to me and to the inner knowing that,

“Love is a stillness that needs nothing.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations p. 664)

I have found that when I connect to my inner-heart and pay attention to its messages, I am complete. There is no need for perfection in this completeness.

I feel that I finally understand the teaching of Jesus:

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

My Soul was communicating to me in these dreams the difference between existing with self-created, imprisoning constructs, and living life from my connection to my Soul – ­my inner knowing, loving guide and forever best friend. To cherish this deeper connection and to live with a moment-by-moment awareness with delicateness and grace is now my purpose ­ – surrendering to God’s Divine plan and feeling his beholding Divine love for us all. Life is not to be about suffering, achieving or striving. True freedom comes with knowing that there is a much grander picture to belong to and to embrace this with all of our being.

By Bernadette Curtin, Artist, Art Tutor, Writer, Bryon Bay, Australia

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415 thoughts on “Dreams ­– What are they Showing us About our Life?

  1. This is beautiful how your dreams are reflecting your souls connection to you Bernadette, and the difference that feels now in your body. All we have to do is feel it and be open to the messages we are given.

    1. Yes Gill. I had a dream a couple of nights ago and at first it could have seemed quite a disturbing one but when I took a moment to feel it and read it I got the message it was giving me and it was actually a confirmation of the changes I have been making in life.

  2. I also am dedicated student of The Way of The Livingness. I would say that its teachings is education totally reversed. This way of living says: you are already a Son of God, a master, you only have to undo what you are not. With loving discipline.

    1. It is that way of living and that absolute knowing that we are already divine, no trying or pushing needed, just dedication to truth and the acceptance of ways lived that need to rebalanced and the impulse to what is next. Divine.

  3. I am reminded of my own dream when reading yours and it was sharing the same thing, we can make this a struggle, we can be in the rough seas afraid of what is to come, or we can ride the waves perhaps even watch or walk on the bridge and not get pulled into the drama. Dreams offer a reflection when we ask for support, simply an offering.

  4. Dreams are definitely worth looking at. There is always a message there and sometimes sharing the dream with another allows us that realisation of the message if we do not have it immediately.

  5. We are constantly being shown how we are living and given the necessary wisdom to grow in many forms – both in activity and in rest.

  6. Sometimes I would get dreams themed playing out like a movie or video game and I would fob them off – judging myself for not being detached from what was once a serious addiction in my life. But this week I had one and it wasn’t the context that stuck with me but what was happening to the main character and I could relate to that same attitude playing out in my life. Dreams are always telling us something and not worth dismissal.

  7. An amazing sharing that captures the power of honouring what we feel -knowing there is something more and exploring this to discover the depths of which we can truly understand ourselves and humanity, and above all, energy.

  8. Our dreams offer us a connection to a form of communication which can expand our circle of support and offer us a relationship with the wisdom that is innately within us at all times.

  9. When caught in emotional turmoil it is indeed the body that can get us out of it as the mind and the repetitive thoughts that are the incarcerating walls keep us within the self-destructive emotional vortex.

  10. I have loved coming to see dreams as more than just subconscious ramblings as I sleep, but opportunities for me to look deeper at what is happening in my life.

  11. Some of the greatest healings I have experienced have been from my dreams, if you allow yourself the space to read what they are communicating to you they offer us a beautiful opportunity to learn and further evolve.

  12. What I loved to learn and put to practise is reading dreams rather from feeling with the body than from interpreting with the mind as usually taught by psychoanalysis. It is a beautiful confirming experience to realize that we know from the body what the mind often cannot fathom when we attend to it and learn listening and understanding.

  13. Recently I had a run of dreams that had the same theme to them and as I took note read them could feel how each was a progression from the previous. What I realised with the last one was that they were showing me I was choosing to let go and re-imprint an old pattern of behaviour I have had since my childhood; my body confirmed this. A clear message from my soul.

  14. “Love is a stillness, that needs nothing” – one of the absolute sublime sayings from Serge Benhayon. Reading even only one a day, let your day have a total different purpose.

  15. Dreams are amazing, if they are coming from your soul. They can also come from a place that wants to put you off – you should be very aware of the difference. The second kind of dreams wants to confuse you, to get you on the wrong path, the other one is expansive and symbolic.

  16. The way I sleep is a reflection of the way I live, so when I wake up in the morning I can feel in my body the facets of my life that need to be addressed or in which I need to go deeper. The night rest has its meaning then, to release what is already understood or making uncomfortable what needs to be seen.

    1. ‘The way I sleep is a reflection of the way I live’ – this seems like a beautiful sensitive way to understand that our nights are just as important as our days, that paying attention to how we live throughout the day will affect the quality of our sleep. Thank you for your comment.

  17. Our dreams can offer us the Soul’s perspective on what is going on in our life. This gives a whole new level to look at. It is a whole other dimension to life to help us to evolve . . . amazing really.

    1. So true Kathleen and it just confirms that there is no dimension or aspect to life that our Soul is not with us. Very amazing and awe-inspiring to realise there is so much for us to explore.

  18. We can ride off dreams as ‘subconscious nonsense’ or we can evaluate what they’re reflecting back and teaching us, either directly through the dream’s message or if it is all a bit too crazy and we’re experiencing nightmares, horrible dreams etc. looking at what might be causing this.

  19. You highlight so beautifully just how every moment of our breathing life offers us the opportunity to deepen our connection to Soul, be it sleeping or awake, in order for us to return to being and breathing the light of our Soul in all we do. Our Soul forever is calling for us to surrender to being in union with the light of who we are, with God, with all that we are part of, through which we realise that this is what truly living here on earth is all about.

  20. Dreams are fascinating. Being able to read dreams with clarity is an amazing gift. I remember feeling totally affected by dreams as a child. Often it was very hard for me to know what was a dream and what was reality. My mood and behaviour during the day was very much dependent on what kind of dream I had. If someone was horrible to me in the dream I would believe that either that had really happened or that that was what they would like to do to me and spend the day feeling anxious and miserable, and if I had a dream where I was flying or soaring high into the sky, I would be joyful and settled. And as I grew older dreams became my very own personal TV channel where I could check out and indulge.

  21. We can get so caught in our day to day that then you find yourself walking from one day to the next to get to the moment when it’s all ok or for example getting by until it’s the weekend or similar. When I read this; “True freedom comes with knowing that there is a much grander picture to belong to and to embrace this with all of our being.” When we keep ourselves in these small patterns or behaviours it blocks the bigger or “grander picture” and when we look out you see that the world is far greater than the end of the week and we live with the tension between what we know and what we are currently choosing. Articles like this start a greater conversation and light up again a greater knowing. There is a flow to life, you can see it and at times feel it clearly, we only need connect and align to this flow to bring the freedom that we have always felt.

  22. Recurring dreams say a lot about what is deeply troubling us, what we might have brought into this life even. And it is such a joy when they truly disappear, no more to be seen because we have healed that particular hurt.

  23. It is in those moments of soul infusion that we gain a deeper understanding of the experiences we are facing in life; sometimes our soul lovingly communicates this through our dreams for us to gain an insight into the quality of energetic imprints we are that are shaping our lives.

  24. Dreams have a way of communicating something which perhaps I am not observing in life but am getting caught up in and they are an opportunity to take a stop moment, feel what the dream is showing me which is a great support to then look at how I am living life.

  25. Absolutely glorious to read this Bernadette, especially love the way you describe your connection to the universe, we are part of something so grand yet see ourselves as so insignificant.

  26. My dreams often have been a direct communication of what has happened in my past, in past lives and what may come to pass, it is such a beautiful communication from our soul when we live in a way that that communication is possible.

  27. I have had many very significant dreams and the guidance that I received from them is a resonance that doesn’t disappear, it does however, grow and deepen. The wisdom I have gained never leaves me it just eternally expands, shinning light ever more as a guide to how to live my life, without reservation.

  28. Such a beautiful quote Bernadette; “Love is a stillness that needs nothing.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations p. 664). In stillness everything is there, complete.

  29. To think that everything in this world is random, is random, to think that dreams mean nothing is weirder than connecting to their purpose. I love reading my dreams with my husband of a morning, it is one of my favourite times of day. Understanding that everything is a message is the key to unlocking life’s mysteries.

  30. ” I feel that I finally understand the teaching of Jesus: ”
    “The Kingdom of God is within you.”
    A simple teaching that the kingdom of God is within us all equally ,no matter what we do, or have done. Its just our choice of free will to re-connect with the kingdom of God and live from that knowing.
    Thanks for sharing Bernadette.

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