Dreams ­– What are they Showing us About our Life?

Years ago I used to have a recurring dream about being alone in the yard of a concentration camp. The dream was about total desolation and incarceration, barrenness and despair. When I would wake from this dream, I felt like I could hardly breathe. Had I lived this experience in a past life? I would have to make a determined effort to struggle from the heaviness of the dream into my day.

Recently I had a dream about being with a group in a dark space and wanting to escape by climbing up and out from a dark dungeon into the light. As I attempted to find my footings, the climbing felt difficult and uncomfortable. It also involved precision, dedication, and trust. When I arrived at the windows above the dark space, the first window was too small for my head. I reached further to open another larger window and was able to climb my whole body through into the light.

When I woke from this dream, I felt light and clear. There was a sense of freedom. The dream to me clearly indicated that when trapped in emotional pain you cannot free yourself by using the mind… it is through our connection to the whole body that we quieten the mind, bringing the mind into conscious presence with what the body is doing. Practising conscious presence enables us to feel the stillness, and in the harmony of stillness, our connection to our Soul, and to God

How are these two dreams related?

The first dream is telling me how limited I am when I allow outside forces to dictate how life is or how I am, or who I am. How successfully thoughts of lack of self worth, frustration, guilt or any emotions keep us separate from who we truly are. They are the barriers to feeling our true beauty and worth. On a deeper level, as a young woman I knew what felt true, I knew integrity, I could feel my sensitivity and I could feel love, but I didn’t know how to express or live these qualities fully in the world. There was a tension between what I knew in my heart and how to live it. What was missing was a deeper connection to my Soul.

The recent dream confirms that there is a way out of this self-imposed prison. The ‘way out’ is my dedication to The Way of The Livingness, to live to the best of my ability with energetic responsibility. This way of life asks us to be disciplined, aware, self-loving and consciously present – bringing the mind in line with what the body is feeling and doing.

On the morning that I woke from this dream, I could feel how spacious and light my body felt. My thoughts were of the grandness of the universe, how our particles are aligned to the stars. We are more than a physical body; we are part of a much grander oneness. It is a wonderful feeling of liberation and expansion to feel our connection to each other, to our energetic responsibility to life on earth. It opens us up to consider what quality of energy collectively we citizens of earth are emanating into the universe.

This profound shift in my consciousness from the incarcerating prison to the feeling of being at one with the universe did not happen overnight. For many years I was searching for answers to the frustrating sense of limited thinking, and to the inner questioning that there has to be more to life, and I sought these answers outside myself. I used to say to myself, “There must be one man on the planet who is at the forefront of true consciousness, who can get us past this limited, old way of being.” It seemed that life on planet earth was full of pain and suffering, even for those of us who lived in relative comfort and success.

From the first time I attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon, life began to hold a deeper purpose. I began to forge a loving connection to my Soul.

I realised that this purpose to life was to learn to trust and love myself and to listen to my inner-heart so that I could live my truth free of limiting, ingrained patterns. Old ideals and beliefs about how to be were gradually worn down as I began to accept and appreciate who I am. Judgments about the world were relinquished as well – the layers of protection that I had been using to guard myself from being hurt. I was ready and willing to get out of gaol.

Serge presented the difference between spirit and Soul, that we have a choice of energy in every moment, with every thought, every intention, every movement throughout our day, and all of these affect the quality of our dreams, as I experienced for myself.

What is so very powerful about Serge Benhayon is that he reflects a lived way. A way to be in life that is founded on a deep connection and trust that we are all Sons of God, that we are love in our essence, and that when we choose to connect to our Soul, to the love that we are, we need no longer look for approval or answers from outside of us. We are all worthy of healing. And that is the beauty of knowing Serge: he has inspired me to come home to me and to the inner knowing that,

“Love is a stillness that needs nothing.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations p. 664)

I have found that when I connect to my inner-heart and pay attention to its messages, I am complete. There is no need for perfection in this completeness.

I feel that I finally understand the teaching of Jesus:

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

My Soul was communicating to me in these dreams the difference between existing with self-created, imprisoning constructs, and living life from my connection to my Soul – ­my inner knowing, loving guide and forever best friend. To cherish this deeper connection and to live with a moment-by-moment awareness with delicateness and grace is now my purpose ­ – surrendering to God’s Divine plan and feeling his beholding Divine love for us all. Life is not to be about suffering, achieving or striving. True freedom comes with knowing that there is a much grander picture to belong to and to embrace this with all of our being.

By Bernadette Curtin, Artist, Art Tutor, Writer, Bryon Bay, Australia

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489 thoughts on “Dreams ­– What are they Showing us About our Life?

  1. No one to my knowledge has so clearly described the difference between the spirit and the soul with such clarity that there is no way we can say we do not understand within us all it awakens the realisation that we know too, we can either ignore what has been presented or inquire more into what the differences are and how these differences affect our choice of every movement.

  2. So much of life offers a chance for our evolution back to our Soul and it is up to us to feel what is serving our bodies at every interaction we have with our spirit, so we can respond to life and deepen our Love.

  3. ‘The dream to me clearly indicated that when trapped in emotional pain you cannot free yourself by using the mind… it is through our connection to the whole body that we quieten the mind, bringing the mind into conscious presence with what the body is doing.’ The more I surrender to my body, letting go of not just emotion, but pictures, ideals and beliefs the more settled and at ease I feel and the less in my head I am. In this way I allow my body to support me in making choices. It is remarkably easy to make decisions this way as my body confirms them every time.

  4. Is it simply a reflection of all of our worries and everything we are thinking, or is it communication about those things? How crucial is our perception on life…

    1. Sometimes my recent dreams are puzzling, but if I stay with the feeling upon waking, there is a message that is being communicated, and I find it supportive to allow a few moments to ponder what the dream is communicating, and where it has come from.

      1. Yes, absolutely. It never helps to try and analyse every aspect of it because the message gets lost – I also try to stay with the feeling and see if there’s any relevance in my day-to-day.

      2. I haven’t remembered my dreams in a very long time, but recently I have been dreaming again and remembering them in the morning. I know they are communications of support from my soul and I am paying careful attention to them.

  5. “My thoughts were of the grandness of the universe, how our particles are aligned to the stars.” Yes, there is a much bigger grandness we all come from and if we can allow that knowing to be what we honour in our every day movements, then we will understand our responsibility on earth is not to earn more or to ‘get’ more but to remind each and every one of us that we have within us all the answers we seek.

    1. How many of us have that awareness in sight? Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be many. The majority of us think there’s something wrong with us, that we are bad & deserve all the things that are happening. We have no awareness of the fact that we are actually precious, and the way we are living our lives is so much less than what we are capable of & made for.

      1. viktoriastoykova I agree we are not brought up to consider ourselves as part of the universe quite the opposite in fact. We are taught from young that life is rather ‘humdrum’ and something to be got through rather than lived to the fullness of all that is on offer. It is as though our bodies are being squashed into a certain movement that prevents us from actually reconnecting to the universe. It’s such a strong sensation that even though we may feel there is more this over arching energy will do anything it can to stop the reunion. In the reunion with our soul the energy is rendered naught. We have a constant battle within us as our spirit fights to survive the inevitable return to our soul.

  6. Ok, just want to comment on finding this blog with this written, ‘“The Kingdom of God is within you.” Felt a little wobbly this evening asking myself do I have what it takes to be myself in this world. I have just read a new blog with this written and was great, this is exactly what I needed to read. But clicking apparently randomly on a month I came to this one- how’s that for being shown that we are all looked after. Shown that no matter how things may appear we are always deeply loved and looked after. My part is to connect to the Kingdom of God within just as others have done in times gone by that were far more challenging.

    1. Karin you asked yourself a powerful question and I feel that this is how we connect to the kingdom, looking within rather than looking outside us for answers. As you have experienced here, when we ask we are loved and supported in return. Thank you for sharing how it works!

  7. A dream has a way of catching our attention that doesn’t happen in everyday life. We know the dream is just for us and just about us whether we choose to honour it by acknowledging it or ignoring and discounting it. I deeply appreciate the dreams that come knowing they are always an invitation to go deeper into myself and re-connect to my wisdom and love.

    1. Christine dreams are definitely a way to catch our attention and if we just sit with the dream we can get a sense of what is being shown to us. I have just sensed a deeper meaning to a dream I had 2 nights ago. Which is that no matter what it may feel like or look like, we are always looked after. The more we get ourselves out of the way the more the support can be there. All we have to do is let go of the need to control life.

  8. ‘my Soul – ­my inner knowing, loving guide and forever best friend.’ Sometimes `i forget about my soul, which is a bit nuts really, but when I remember to connect, the power of love that is there within me reminds me to simply be.

  9. Without purpose in our day to day life we will always struggle to commit to it. But if our dreams and the symbols or patterns that keep coming up in our day to day life can help provide clarity on that purpose, it is wise to appreciate them and see them as the learning opportunities they are.

  10. ‘Serge presented the difference between spirit and Soul, that we have a choice of energy in every moment, with every thought, every intention, every movement throughout our day, and all of these affect the quality of our dreams’ Dreams are amazing. They show me what is there for me to clear, they bring an awareness to consciousness that I’m aligning to so I can choose otherwise. Dreams ask me to evaluate my choices in life and make more loving ones.

    1. Karin, I don’t know anyone except Serge Benhayon who has explained the difference between spirit and soul so clearly, so that there is not a shred of doubt as to how our spirit manipulates and controls our thoughts so that we think that the thoughts we have are our own which makes us individual and just human. This is one of the many things I hate about the set up of life that we can get trapped in our minds so that we are disconnected from our bodies which is how the spirit can then control our lives so that there will not be a connection back to soul. Serge Benhayon by fully explaining the difference between spirit and soul has laid bare the games that this part of us continues to exert over us, because our spirit feels the pull back to the one soul and is in resistance to this inevitable outcome.

  11. I used to dream and now I don’t get them as much as I used to and sometimes I ponder as to why? But I find the most intriguing is the deja vu’s and I suddenly have this feeling that I have done or been here before, its like an epiphany.

    Everything has a meaning behind everything, no different to the responsibility we have in everything. We bring understanding then life just doesn’t happen, it happens for a reason – it is that simple if we are open to this.

    1. I used to dream a lot more too and used to love the efficiency of communication by the soul through them. I wonder if I am less open, or is it that where I am currently at in my initiation my lessons need to come from another source?

  12. I used to have recurring dreams about trying to get home and being lost in a city, missing trains, wrong trains or driving around the wrong ways. This week I dreamt I was on a motorbike driving home from the countryside and I knew my way, had a GPS and was aware of the wrong turns. It was a lovely confirmation from my Soul. Our dreams can be a mirror of how we are living, they aren’t just ‘random’.

    1. Our dreams are always a conversation and an opportunity to consider how we are living, how we are putting ourselves to bed, and how much we are open to continue our awareness into our sleep rather than switch off and crash at the end of the day.

  13. Everything has a meaning in life, it is not like we are told that we just dream, there is symbolism in dreams and they often are a reflection of how we are living or have lived our days.

  14. Thanks Bernadette for sharing these dreams for we can all learn from them. Life is set up for us to be imprisoned unless we do see the true purpose of it and not get caught up in the zillions of distraction to keep us from connecting and remaining connected to our souls.

    1. kevmchardy life is set up in such a way that it imposes on us all constantly to wear us all in submission to accept a lesser life, not the life of grandness that we come from and is our birth right. realigning ourselves back to God is the only way out of this mess we have made for ourselves.

  15. Because of our choice to descend into this dense creation in which we will return to incarnation after incarnation until we arise from it, asks from us to be very focused on the goddess that we are to be able to resurrect ourselves to the light we are from.

  16. From my experience my dreams can either come from my spirit or Soul. The spirit dreams often leave me feeling tired, drained, unwilling to wake up or revved up and buzzy. The Soul dreams on the otherhand always come with a deeper message that feels very clear and solid.

  17. It is very true that we have a choice to live imprisoned in our minds or to harness the connection to our soul through our body. Just watched a clip on you tube about how our bodies have the same atoms that can be traced to the stars and when i look up at the stars I can’t help but feel wonderous.

  18. ‘It is through our connection to our body that we quieten the mind’.. yes- simple tools like bringing our attention to how we are breathing and moving, walking and exercising regularly- all of this supports our connection with our body and the development of a steady and solid confidence.

    1. I agree with you Bryony that building a steadiness in our bodies gives us a natural confidence that holds steady so there is less likely hood of going into overwhelm.

  19. Thank you Bernadette, your blog has reminded me of how much there is to appreciate. I used to yearn to understand the world, the Universe, myself, and our place within it all, and since finding the work of Serge Benhayon I have found all this and more, not just because Serge’s work offers so much, but also because by reconnecting to my own soul I also have equal access to the truth, intelligence, love, and wisdom of God. It doesn’t get much bigger than that!

    1. The work of Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom give the world a opportunity to reconnect back to a way of being that will support humanity to climb out of the self incarceration back to the light of our soul. It’s the only gift worth having.

  20. I love remembering my dreams, they’re always so interesting and the detail very telling. At some point I used to have different dreams every night, I used to love waking up in the morning and sharing with friend and family around.

  21. There are times when I can have a mish mash of dreams and when I wake up I write down as much as I can remember and I ponder on the dream and the messages within them too. Sometimes my dreams are of past lives and within these are the things that I either didn’t deal with or healed. Just recently I dreamt about something and it was symbolic of what was playing out during the week and upon discussion with another friend who held and offered the space, with the no judgment, I broke down and felt the enormity of what was and had been playing out in my life and lives.

    I felt a huge revelation and understanding of why I was the way I was or had been.

  22. ‘it is through our connection to the whole body that we quieten the mind, bringing the mind into conscious presence enables us to feel the stillness and in the harmony of stillness, our connection to our Soul, and to God.’

    ‘when we choose to connect to our Soul, to the love that we are, we need no longer look for approval or answers from outside of us’.

    These two statements are what I needed to read this morning, that connection to the body is the connection to Soul and when this occurs, nothing can touch us when we are in the movement of this. A great reflection of where I am with my life.

  23. ‘Life is not to be about suffering, achieving or striving. True freedom comes with knowing that there is a much grander picture to belong to and to embrace this with all of our being.’

    Someone I felt was quite flippant with me today with something I said. It was said as if I wasn’t in the room. At the time I ignored it but on the way home I felt terribly hurt. I can see I can make it about me versus the person and avoiding them. But I was feeling judged, which I ignored. I said a few things in conversation, though true, without being present in my body meant it was easy to be dismissed and spoken of as if I wasn’t present – which I wasn’t! I felt hurt but didn’t feel this until the drive home. Thinking ignoring things and feigning a lack of authority doesn’t protect because it’s there.

    Honouring my sensitivity I can feel the real hurt is how I retreat from the world, become apologetic and dismissive. It’s happening in a few areas where I’m new to things. I could make it about me versus the world which is how I can make life a struggle defending, protecting, feeling great anxiety, justifying etc. Or, I can choose to be present, not avoid life and feel the truth that can come through. People may well dismiss me, that hurt as a child, but the pain has always been my dismissal of myself. And my life is not short of specific opportunities to practice being present and expressing without investing or getting anxious about outcomes.

  24. Bringing my mind back to being in tune with my body and how it’s feeling as I’m moving and doing whatever is there to be done in that moment, helps me feel much more together and settled in myself and connected with a sense of what’s really needed from me, it’s something I keep learning from.

  25. “Love is a stillness that needs nothing.” – well that throws 99.9% of our current love songs out the window as so many of those songs are about needing love, needing to be loved by someone etc…

  26. Dreams can often show us that which is not healed within us that we are still carrying around with us. They can be pointers to the energetic poison we have loaded into our spiritual bodies and therefore serve as a guide as to what we need to heal and deal with. Dreams can be messages from our Soul or they can be direct plantings from the astral plane that will try to knock us off course. As always discernment is the key to any dream reading.

    1. I agree, energetic discernment is key, something we can connect with from our whole body sensitivity and not just a processing from the mind in isolation.

  27. For the most part we live in a hole that buries our divinity underground. Until one day we begin to arise ourselves out of this mud only to realise that the incarceration we have suffered was only by our own hand (i.e. we dug the hole) and the beauty within us is still pure and completely unaffected by our actions.

    1. Yes, that is what is so stunning, the hole is of our own digging! Awkward moment! But the challenge once we recognise that the hole is of our own making is to not go beating ourselves up for digging the hole, for in so doing we put ourselves right back in it.

    2. It’s quite something when we can bring ourselves to admit we dug the hole and so we have to get ourselves out of it. All I can say is truly Thank God for Serge Benhayon that he has opened our eyes to see that we are in a hole of our own making and has given humanity the tools to get out of it if we so chose. Some will and some won’t because they have made the hole very comfortable so why leave? When they see the many that have left their holes then they will make the steps to get out of the hole as they will realise that it’s actually not that comfortable at all and everyone is leading a joyful life but they are not.Reflection is very powerful.

  28. I’ve had many recurring dreams where the messages are so clear. One of them is when I miss a class or a group excursion because I was disorganised and distracted. When I wake up and remember the dream, I reflect on my recent choices and it all makes sense.

  29. ‘The Kingdom of God is within us’, I remember hearing those words as well Bernadette and wondering what they meant, and now I can feel and embrace what it truly means to be connected to God and divinity.

  30. Before I met Serge Benhayon I didn’t believe in Jesus or God. I thought Jesus was made up like Robin Hood and God was like an old man sitting on a cloud. Now I KNOW God, live and breathe Him / Her in everyday life and have a very strong connection to Master Jesus as the great initiate he was. The Kingdom of God is indeed within us all whether we know it or believe it or not.

  31. When I get caught in a loop of negative thinking it does invite in all manner of feelings that can keep you feeling trapped. Whereas in connection, there is always a light to follow and way out of the dark.

  32. Thank you Bernadette, your blog was practical and magical at the same time. I have recently been focusing on conscious presence and appreciated this line “Practising conscious presence enables us to feel the stillness, and in the harmony of stillness, our connection to our Soul, and to God…” Conscious presence is simple and everyone can do it, yes it takes time to learn to live this way but the outcomes are pretty amazing – supporting us to be in connection with our soul and God. When I am in conscious presence I feel like the body is the frame for the art work of God, right there in my inner heart all the beauty of the universe held steady by the body.

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