Dreams ­– What are they Showing us About our Life?

Years ago I used to have a recurring dream about being alone in the yard of a concentration camp. The dream was about total desolation and incarceration, barrenness and despair. When I would wake from this dream, I felt like I could hardly breathe. Had I lived this experience in a past life? I would have to make a determined effort to struggle from the heaviness of the dream into my day.

Recently I had a dream about being with a group in a dark space and wanting to escape by climbing up and out from a dark dungeon into the light. As I attempted to find my footings, the climbing felt difficult and uncomfortable. It also involved precision, dedication, and trust. When I arrived at the windows above the dark space, the first window was too small for my head. I reached further to open another larger window and was able to climb my whole body through into the light.

When I woke from this dream, I felt light and clear. There was a sense of freedom. The dream to me clearly indicated that when trapped in emotional pain you cannot free yourself by using the mind… it is through our connection to the whole body that we quieten the mind, bringing the mind into conscious presence with what the body is doing. Practising conscious presence enables us to feel the stillness, and in the harmony of stillness, our connection to our Soul, and to God

How are these two dreams related?

The first dream is telling me how limited I am when I allow outside forces to dictate how life is or how I am, or who I am. How successfully thoughts of lack of self worth, frustration, guilt or any emotions keep us separate from who we truly are. They are the barriers to feeling our true beauty and worth. On a deeper level, as a young woman I knew what felt true, I knew integrity, I could feel my sensitivity and I could feel love, but I didn’t know how to express or live these qualities fully in the world. There was a tension between what I knew in my heart and how to live it. What was missing was a deeper connection to my Soul.

The recent dream confirms that there is a way out of this self-imposed prison. The ‘way out’ is my dedication to The Way of The Livingness, to live to the best of my ability with energetic responsibility. This way of life asks us to be disciplined, aware, self-loving and consciously present – bringing the mind in line with what the body is feeling and doing.

On the morning that I woke from this dream, I could feel how spacious and light my body felt. My thoughts were of the grandness of the universe, how our particles are aligned to the stars. We are more than a physical body; we are part of a much grander oneness. It is a wonderful feeling of liberation and expansion to feel our connection to each other, to our energetic responsibility to life on earth. It opens us up to consider what quality of energy collectively we citizens of earth are emanating into the universe.

This profound shift in my consciousness from the incarcerating prison to the feeling of being at one with the universe did not happen overnight. For many years I was searching for answers to the frustrating sense of limited thinking, and to the inner questioning that there has to be more to life, and I sought these answers outside myself. I used to say to myself, “There must be one man on the planet who is at the forefront of true consciousness, who can get us past this limited, old way of being.” It seemed that life on planet earth was full of pain and suffering, even for those of us who lived in relative comfort and success.

From the first time I attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon, life began to hold a deeper purpose. I began to forge a loving connection to my Soul.

I realised that this purpose to life was to learn to trust and love myself and to listen to my inner-heart so that I could live my truth free of limiting, ingrained patterns. Old ideals and beliefs about how to be were gradually worn down as I began to accept and appreciate who I am. Judgments about the world were relinquished as well – the layers of protection that I had been using to guard myself from being hurt. I was ready and willing to get out of gaol.

Serge presented the difference between spirit and Soul, that we have a choice of energy in every moment, with every thought, every intention, every movement throughout our day, and all of these affect the quality of our dreams, as I experienced for myself.

What is so very powerful about Serge Benhayon is that he reflects a lived way. A way to be in life that is founded on a deep connection and trust that we are all Sons of God, that we are love in our essence, and that when we choose to connect to our Soul, to the love that we are, we need no longer look for approval or answers from outside of us. We are all worthy of healing. And that is the beauty of knowing Serge: he has inspired me to come home to me and to the inner knowing that,

“Love is a stillness that needs nothing.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations p. 664)

I have found that when I connect to my inner-heart and pay attention to its messages, I am complete. There is no need for perfection in this completeness.

I feel that I finally understand the teaching of Jesus:

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

My Soul was communicating to me in these dreams the difference between existing with self-created, imprisoning constructs, and living life from my connection to my Soul – ­my inner knowing, loving guide and forever best friend. To cherish this deeper connection and to live with a moment-by-moment awareness with delicateness and grace is now my purpose ­ – surrendering to God’s Divine plan and feeling his beholding Divine love for us all. Life is not to be about suffering, achieving or striving. True freedom comes with knowing that there is a much grander picture to belong to and to embrace this with all of our being.

By Bernadette Curtin, Artist, Art Tutor, Writer, Bryon Bay, Australia

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367 thoughts on “Dreams ­– What are they Showing us About our Life?

  1. It makes a big difference to know that a dream is a message from our soul as opposed to dismissing it as some sort of entertainment that ‘disturbs’ our sleep.

  2. For sure our dreams share something with us, there is so much symbolism with them, I have noticed if I try and over think them and work them out they are elusive, if I sit with it and allow it to bubble, up the meaning is with me.

    1. And allowing myself the space to be aware of the dream and consider its significance reminds me that there is so much more to life that this temporal reality. Things are being communicated all the time in a multitude of different ways.

  3. There is such deep joy to break through of our own self-imposed limitations, all the exposing and discarding of false pictures we have held onto for so long, letting them go frees ourselves up to be so much more of who we are. This is a deeply inspiring process I would re-visit and re-visit, for there is so much joy and power to unfold.

    1. I love your words here Adele, and yes there is deep joy breaking through our limitations and discarding false pictures. Everything it seems must be examined piece by piece so that we can be ‘more of who we are.’

  4. The symbology of our dreams is divine and something we are not taught as children but thanks to Universal Medicine we are being offered this again for ourselves to support us to live who we are. What a beautiful sharing from your dream “it is through our connection to the whole body that we quieten the mind, bringing the mind into conscious presence with what the body is doing. Practising conscious presence enables us to feel the stillness, and in the harmony of stillness, our connection to our Soul, and to God…”

    1. I agree tricianicholson, that dreams were not given credence or explained to us as children. My parents were attentive whenever I had ‘bad’ dreams at night and I appreciate their care. I now appreciate as you do, that dreams can reflect much about how we are living, and bring valuable messages to heed.

    2. I dreamt a lot as a child and was told on waking from a recurrent nightmare, “it’s only a dream.” Its only in the last few years, with the support from Natalie Benhayon, that I fully understood the message I was being given back then. Talking about our dream life with young ones is so important; listening and meeting them with respect and equality is invaluable for relationship in later life.

      1. Good Point Sueq2012, often our dreams are dismissed as young children and then we practically ignore them as adults, and do not feel the benefit of the dream. For years I had the same dream and just did not know what it was trying to tell me but just lately without trying the meaning slotted into place, and it has given me understanding of why I was having the dream for all of those years, and that it is still relevant today.

  5. Dreams are not just random, they often hold messages or reflections about our life. Sometimes they are trying as well to disturb us. Dreams often relate to how I have been living as in if I had a chaotic day my dreams reflect the chaos back and when I had a very flowing connected day my dreams are clear too and it is often in those last dreams that I receive clear messages about my life.

    1. I agree Lieke, and they can also be very practical. I have known for the last week that I need to put some oil in my car and I keep forgetting. Last night I had a dream in which I was driving my car and the engine was sounding very ‘sick’. I knew in that instant that it was because the oil was low. First thing to do this morning is a trip to the service station! And yes a dream might be practical as in this case but I am also aware this is an even deeper message for me around my body and that I am ready to hear.

      1. Yes, they are amazing teachings and the more I learn to not react to my dreams the more I am able to ‘read’ them and understand what they mean. Because when I am in reaction I only see negative messages which give me a reason to be hard on myself … Around we go!

  6. It’s a real moment of truth as we realise how much we limit ourselves when we become caught up with the games that we allow the mind to play with us. When we are young we have a connection to the truth through our body which over time becomes eroded, and then we are inclined to allow the mind to dominate. Finding a deeper connection to my body has allowed me to not be so attached to the mind and the games that we allow.

  7. Sometimes my dreams are super clear like getting a download of data in the night and others so totally scrambled like getting the reflections of light and shadows of something I cannot see directly. Either way they can reveal so much about how we are living.

  8. How many of our inner prisons are self imposed, and what is really great about that is they can be dissolved simply when connection to the inner heart is felt.

  9. The subtle world is not so subtle. And so we need first to discern if what is being communicated to us through our dreams is coming from our spirit via the astral plane, or from our Soul via the Soul plane. The former will lead us astray. The latter will reign us back in.

    1. Thank you for raising this Liane, yes discerning where the dream is coming from is super important. Years ago the night before beginning a Universal Medicine retreat I had a dream in which I was being bullied and harassed out on a road by men in grey suits. I spoke up to them. The astral bullies were trying to frighten me and they did not want me to attend such a life-changing event.

  10. Lovely to see how you are reading your dreams, because this says to me that you are deeply committed to learning about yourself and the world around you.

  11. It’s interesting how common that search, the itch we all feel for some truth or way that is absent from our lives when we reach adulthood.. a feeling that is plainly not met by our parenting, education or broader society. That itch is the knowing deep inside that there is more, and that more is a magic that is relevant to our worlds on a day by day, moment by moment basis. When we discover that it is within us all the time, and there are practical steps laid out by Serge Benhayon for living it here and now… we feel as if we have finally come home.

    1. It is very common isn’t it simonwilliams8, that feeling that there is more to life…..developing the being within with loving steps enables us to live with so much more understanding of who we are, and thereby appreciate our true nature. The truth of who we are is there for everyone.

  12. Our soul is offering us messages all the time – through symbolism during the day with nature and the animal kingdom and through symbolism at night via our dreams. To dismiss this fact is to dismiss the gold that is available to us – and that’s when our dreams can often be no longer soul-infused, but sourced from another energy that we are choosing.

  13. I once thought that dreams were just the ramblings of the mind. But now I see them in a different way and if I take the time to ponder on them, they can be quite revealing.

    1. Ramblings are also something to be fearful of sometimes, or escape into at other times. I now feel that “Nothing is nothing and everything is everything” thanks to a deeply wise man I know.

  14. It’s great to know that there is more and I like the response from above not to analyze instead sit with it be with it and I love to just express the dream and when my partner does express his dreams in the morning that feels supportive sometimes I understand sometimes I don’t there’s a lot to learn within this.

  15. Bringing our mind back to an awareness of our whole body really does help us to re-gather and reconnect with the whole of who we are, rather than letting our thoughts run off isolated and unchecked.

  16. “Old ideals and beliefs about how to be were gradually worn down as I began to accept and appreciate who I am. Judgments about the world were relinquished as well – the layers of protection that I had been using to guard myself from being hurt. I was ready and willing to get out of gaol.”

    There ain’t no ‘get out of gaol free’ card. Only a steady commitment to love, truth, openness, getting honest and self-care – and a willingness to let go of what you are not, and appreciate what you are.

  17. We are given messages all the time either in dreams, by nature, by our car, by our body, the list is endless, all there to support us to evolve and return to the love that we know ourselves to be.

  18. The combination of humility and grandness I feel when I read about the Divine Plan and how we are held, prepared and supported for all that we are called to be and do is very inspiring. Thank you, Bernadette.

  19. I love what you have shared Bernadette. Dreams are fascinating to me as they show what I may not even be conscious of, yet it is still impacting on my life, past or present. I had a long-term childhood dream regarding a lion and my inability to call for help. No matter what I tried in the dream I could never call out for assistance. Dreams are fascinating and helpful – provided we read them correctly and honestly.

  20. Dreams can be extraordinary… I had a Interesting dream the other night where I had to follow and find something in the mouth of the Sphinx… what is always revealing how one feels after the dream

  21. ‘The ‘way out’ is my dedication to The Way of The Livingness, to live to the best of my ability with energetic responsibility. This way of life asks us to be disciplined, aware, self-loving and consciously present – bringing the mind in line with what the body is feeling and doing.’ – Obedience to Love and energetic Truth

  22. Our dreams are a reflection of how we are living our life, so we would do well to pay attention to the messages they are giving us. Sometimes confirming, sometimes showing us our choices both good and bad, but always something more for us to learn about ourselves.

  23. After reading this blog before I decided to keep a diary of dreams and yet I notice this is something I’ve avoided putting into action. Today reading your words Bernadette what I am getting is that we don’t need to work out the answers in life, we don’t need to solve all our issues and our problems, we just need to be open to receiving the messages our Soul sends our way. They help us understand everything in a beautiful and profound way.

    1. I have too Joseph. I have previously thought that I didn’t dream or that I could not recall my dreams. That’s how I know how powerful they are now, because of how I saw them. I too am going to start recording them and see what happens.

  24. A beautiful sharing on dreams and the real support they can give us from our soul from the way we live and the connections we choose to support us on our journey to living the true love we are. I always loved my dreams as a child and they were very much part of my life and the real relevance and offerings from them are so beautiful to claim appreciate and know again thanks to Serge and Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine .

  25. The moment I attended my first presentation with Serge Benhayon I knew that what he was presenting I had been looking for. I had been interested in 1 or 2 teachers that were is the USA and was considering on travelling their to study with them. But I just had this feeling that there was someone much closer. I have to say I have not been disappointed at all and what I have been offered has been life changing.

  26. It is only connection to the whole body that quietens my mind and stops me from running wild with stories, struggle and doubt. It allows me to put everything into perspective and feel the loveliness in me and others again.

  27. The struggles we feel in life come from the pictures we have of how we think life should be, yet isn’t. The more I surrender to honour the stillness that is inside me, the more I re-connect to the purpose of why we are all here and I find it is simple to dedicate myself and my life to being part of that. The more distracted I get by the business of life, the less connection I have and the more pushed and pulled I feel by life.

  28. Developing our connection to our Soul is a beautiful experience and allows us the space to read life and respond, rather than react to life and miss the constant opportunities our Soul offers us to evolve.

  29. Being open to healing by what our dreams present is also bringing a deepening of our Soul connection.
    Reading our dreams is an art based on a science of the Soul, which clearly brings True healing to this area of our life.

  30. It would be easy to write off dreams as ‘random’ and meaningless, but if we are such ‘intelligent’ human beings as we claim to be then would 40% of our entire lifetime be a purposeless drift? Could there be more to it?

  31. I sometimes find that my dreams present scenarios for me to explore myself in that might not happen, or therefore need to happen in my life. I can explore and learn about myself and discover my strengths and weaknesses to evolve without waiting for a real life situation to manifest. The soul is very wise.

  32. ‘I have found that when I connect to my inner-heart and pay attention to its messages, I am complete. There is no need for perfection in this completeness.’ Beautiful Bernadette, nothing else is needed.

  33. I love how our bodies communicate with us 24/7 and if we are prepared to listen the messages we receive are absolutely invaluable…

  34. It is not always easy to feel into the prisons we place ourselves into since they are mostly invisible to us to the point that we ignore we are in one. The image of prison, on the other hand, is a tricky one since it brings the idea that we are brought to one by someone else. As such, it is not that easy to accommodate the fact that we say yes to them, but this is what happens…. Until we decide that it is time to move on.

  35. Our connection with dreams and multidimensionality is a great assistance for us during the flow of our every day – have a good sleep and get out of bed correctly results in much more joy being loved as we move forward.

  36. Dreams I find for me can be quite active experiences where I throw myself around in my sleep. I have learnt that there is unfinished business from the previous day that I often act out. Being aware of this now I know that any unfinished business from the day needs to be let go of.

  37. I love dreams – last night I had a dream that on one level made no sense and was totally bizzar, and yet on another level the feeling of the dream, in the dream and the way I felt on waking made the otherwise random dream make complete sense. Our dreams have the ability to reflect back to us much about life – when I am willing to really feel this with honesty I get learn a lot.

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