Dreams ­– What are they Showing us About our Life?

Years ago I used to have a recurring dream about being alone in the yard of a concentration camp. The dream was about total desolation and incarceration, barrenness and despair. When I would wake from this dream, I felt like I could hardly breathe. Had I lived this experience in a past life? I would have to make a determined effort to struggle from the heaviness of the dream into my day.

Recently I had a dream about being with a group in a dark space and wanting to escape by climbing up and out from a dark dungeon into the light. As I attempted to find my footings, the climbing felt difficult and uncomfortable. It also involved precision, dedication, and trust. When I arrived at the windows above the dark space, the first window was too small for my head. I reached further to open another larger window and was able to climb my whole body through into the light.

When I woke from this dream, I felt light and clear. There was a sense of freedom. The dream to me clearly indicated that when trapped in emotional pain you cannot free yourself by using the mind… it is through our connection to the whole body that we quieten the mind, bringing the mind into conscious presence with what the body is doing. Practising conscious presence enables us to feel the stillness, and in the harmony of stillness, our connection to our Soul, and to God

How are these two dreams related?

The first dream is telling me how limited I am when I allow outside forces to dictate how life is or how I am, or who I am. How successfully thoughts of lack of self worth, frustration, guilt or any emotions keep us separate from who we truly are. They are the barriers to feeling our true beauty and worth. On a deeper level, as a young woman I knew what felt true, I knew integrity, I could feel my sensitivity and I could feel love, but I didn’t know how to express or live these qualities fully in the world. There was a tension between what I knew in my heart and how to live it. What was missing was a deeper connection to my Soul.

The recent dream confirms that there is a way out of this self-imposed prison. The ‘way out’ is my dedication to The Way of The Livingness, to live to the best of my ability with energetic responsibility. This way of life asks us to be disciplined, aware, self-loving and consciously present – bringing the mind in line with what the body is feeling and doing.

On the morning that I woke from this dream, I could feel how spacious and light my body felt. My thoughts were of the grandness of the universe, how our particles are aligned to the stars. We are more than a physical body; we are part of a much grander oneness. It is a wonderful feeling of liberation and expansion to feel our connection to each other, to our energetic responsibility to life on earth. It opens us up to consider what quality of energy collectively we citizens of earth are emanating into the universe.

This profound shift in my consciousness from the incarcerating prison to the feeling of being at one with the universe did not happen overnight. For many years I was searching for answers to the frustrating sense of limited thinking, and to the inner questioning that there has to be more to life, and I sought these answers outside myself. I used to say to myself, “There must be one man on the planet who is at the forefront of true consciousness, who can get us past this limited, old way of being.” It seemed that life on planet earth was full of pain and suffering, even for those of us who lived in relative comfort and success.

From the first time I attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon, life began to hold a deeper purpose. I began to forge a loving connection to my Soul.

I realised that this purpose to life was to learn to trust and love myself and to listen to my inner-heart so that I could live my truth free of limiting, ingrained patterns. Old ideals and beliefs about how to be were gradually worn down as I began to accept and appreciate who I am. Judgments about the world were relinquished as well – the layers of protection that I had been using to guard myself from being hurt. I was ready and willing to get out of gaol.

Serge presented the difference between spirit and Soul, that we have a choice of energy in every moment, with every thought, every intention, every movement throughout our day, and all of these affect the quality of our dreams, as I experienced for myself.

What is so very powerful about Serge Benhayon is that he reflects a lived way. A way to be in life that is founded on a deep connection and trust that we are all Sons of God, that we are love in our essence, and that when we choose to connect to our Soul, to the love that we are, we need no longer look for approval or answers from outside of us. We are all worthy of healing. And that is the beauty of knowing Serge: he has inspired me to come home to me and to the inner knowing that,

“Love is a stillness that needs nothing.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations p. 664)

I have found that when I connect to my inner-heart and pay attention to its messages, I am complete. There is no need for perfection in this completeness.

I feel that I finally understand the teaching of Jesus:

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

My Soul was communicating to me in these dreams the difference between existing with self-created, imprisoning constructs, and living life from my connection to my Soul – ­my inner knowing, loving guide and forever best friend. To cherish this deeper connection and to live with a moment-by-moment awareness with delicateness and grace is now my purpose ­ – surrendering to God’s Divine plan and feeling his beholding Divine love for us all. Life is not to be about suffering, achieving or striving. True freedom comes with knowing that there is a much grander picture to belong to and to embrace this with all of our being.

By Bernadette Curtin, Artist, Art Tutor, Writer, Bryon Bay, Australia

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450 thoughts on “Dreams ­– What are they Showing us About our Life?

  1. Thank you Bernadette, your blog was practical and magical at the same time. I have recently been focusing on conscious presence and appreciated this line “Practising conscious presence enables us to feel the stillness, and in the harmony of stillness, our connection to our Soul, and to God…” Conscious presence is simple and everyone can do it, yes it takes time to learn to live this way but the outcomes are pretty amazing – supporting us to be in connection with our soul and God. When I am in conscious presence I feel like the body is the frame for the art work of God, right there in my inner heart all the beauty of the universe held steady by the body.

  2. Self-constructed prisons are very hard to detect. We need help to become aware of it to extract ourselves out of it. The problem is the familiarity and a level of awareness generated by a pattern of movement that precludes us from realizing how we set ourselves up. The good news is that the Soul does not play ball with what our Spirit offers us.

  3. I loved returning to your blog again Bernie, and I loved the line – “How successfully thoughts of lack of self worth, frustration, guilt or any emotions keep us separate from who we truly are. They are the barriers to feeling our true beauty and worth.” – I had a moment of feeling down, lack of self worth and separate, and it just goes to show that it is only an energy feeding us these emotions and so called issues, because in truth we don’t have lack of self worth issues, we just need to honour ourselves deeply and feel the true beauty within us. It was beautiful to read and feel how you live your life.

  4. We all have big deams about life – but if we realised these are just pictures we’ve been fed, perhaps we’d be more open to hearing what our real dreams at night have to say?

  5. That disconnect between what we know to be true, our knowing of our massive potential, and what we are living: when we go deeper within and connect to our soul- that quiet voice within that knows how to live in accordance with our true nature, the gap diminishes, and we start to build and live from a steadier foundation, based on that absolute knowing of who we are.

    1. Beautifully said Bryony, I loved your words about the soul …’that quiet voice within that knows how to live in accordance with our true nature’. The more we connect to our body and stillness, the more joy and steadiness and settlement is there for us.

  6. These dreams are quite profound, and it is beautiful how you have taken the quality from each to confirm what is true and not true in life. I too find that when I am still and with my body there is no need, trying or perfection sought as I know I am complete. This is such a blessing to know after living most of my life trapped by living from my thoughts and trying to fit with whatever was happening outside of myself.

  7. Being connected to Love, to our true essence is like discovering the ignition button after 59 lifetimes of fumbling with the wrong keys. It’s starts us up and gets us going in a totally powerful way.

  8. One day we will come to realise that we are busiest when asleep and that things happen here in the quiet of this space that allow us to peer into ourselves and our life much more deeply.

  9. Since attending Natalie Benhayon’s presentations on the true purpose of our dreams, I now see them not only as a reflection of how I am living on a daily basis, but also as occasional signposts towards my final destination in this life.

  10. “This way of life asks us to be disciplined, aware, self-loving and consciously present – bringing the mind in line with what the body is feeling and doing.” This is simplicity at its best – it is so simple what is being asked, but I feel it is the disciplined part that stops it being complicated.

  11. Since I can remember and up until today my dreams have featured prominently in my life. They are messages and communication from the body that offer understanding of everyday life and the energetic inter-play of it too. Without them life for me would be like losing one of my senses.

  12. Our dreams can communicate 1000 words, but if we go seeking the meaning and trying to understand it by analysing, the communication disappears. Perhaps that’s why we often forget our dreams?

  13. I find my dreams fascinating – I love how much I can learn from them and how they are a bit like a compass in life showing me if I’m going in the right direction or not.

    1. Very true Meg, they can also help us understand behaviours because when shown in a dream we can almost be the observers of a story as it plays out.

      1. Yeah great point, our dreams can help us step back and observe what we do, rather than be totally consumed by our current situation.

  14. Many of my dreams are a message to review my life, and the most recent one showed me that all of my cupboards in my house were filled with junk food. In the dream, the food was not mine but still a clear message that this is an area in my life that would benefit from an overhaul.

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