How Serge Benhayon Supported me to Trust what I already Knew

This year I attended a retreat presented by Serge Benhayon. What was so incredibly profound for me was that it confirmed everything I already knew. I say ‘all’ very loosely, as there is nothing small or little in what Serge Benhayon presented… far from it.

What he shares is always deeply profound, and as I heard someone else describe so eloquently, it is ‘hold on to the edge of your seat’ kind of profound. What I mean when I say ‘all’ he presented is that, in all of the enormousness of the great wisdom he shared, what actually happened was that Serge Benhayon confirmed all that I already knew. He confirmed to me that I am Divine; that I am a son of God; that he is not special simply because he is the one on the stage, and that we are all equal and can access the same profound wisdom if we so choose. That means no one person is more than another – we are all equally powerful and able to live with the same grace and consistency as the next. It is a choice.

He showed me with simple and practical exercises, what he has always said – that we already have all of the wisdom we need inside of us. This is something I have fought tooth and nail to not accept and boy oh boy has this hurt! I did not want to see the truth (although I knew it very loudly and clearly in my body). Instead I chose to refine, specialise and become an expert in deceit, numbing, comfort and indulgence. A choice, and with this choice I shut out all the beautiful awareness I naturally have.

If we roll back a few years before I met Serge Benhayon, I was drinking copious amounts of alcohol (I’m very petite but this did not stop me trying to keep up with the guys), taking drugs and propping myself up during the day with sugary and caffeinated drinks, like coke and coffee, to keep me awake. Underneath this socially accepted chaos, although I thought I was alright, were anger, despair and mood swings. I knew the reason I felt dreadful was because of the lifestyle I was living… I just didn’t know how to stop. I felt pressure to continue in order to fit in, as a life that did not include these things was perceived as dull and boring. I also did not want to accept that I was making these choices to avoid feeling the lovelessness I knew I was living, as well as the lovelessness I felt in the world –– so perversely, there was comfort in my self-abuse.

It was only when I hit rock bottom – losing my business at the same time as becoming acutely aware of the ravaged state of my body – that I chose to make changes.

My choices at this point were clear: I could not sustain my work if I was not taking care of my body, well-being and state of mind. It was one of those lightbulb moments when we realise for ourselves something that we may have been told by others many times before. I simply knew I could no longer function like this.

The anxiety, mood swings and emotional rollercoaster felt dreadful, so I chose to stop. And then what? What was my next step? I stopped working in a stressful situation; I cut right down on my alcohol and cigarette consumption; I started to consider the food I was eating and took some baby steps into taking care of my body.

This all happened BEFORE I met Serge Benhayon.

Three years after the collapse of my business I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. In the presentations I attended it was confirmed to me that choosing to not drink was a loving choice and that there was nothing wrong with going to bed when I felt tired. In fact, so much more than that, Serge showed me that these were very basic loving choices to make and that anything other than this was self-abuse. What Serge Benhayon presented allowed me to feel I was worth loving; I gave myself permission to be the gorgeous and delicate woman I have always been and had just wasted a lot of energy hiding.

I can now see my life is anything but boring. It has more purpose, joy and playfulness than it has had since I was a child. I look younger and more vibrant and as a 40 something woman who spent 20 something years destroying her body with drink, drugs and smoking, I’m looking pretty damn hot.

My body feels lighter and more energised, and like my life, has become a dance where I stop from time to time and sing. Yes, I still have down days and off days, sometimes quite a few of them, though what is so different is that they are only down relative to where I am at now. And where I am at now is consistently building a foundation of love, self-care and appreciation of life.

I already knew precisely what I was doing before I met Serge Benhayon. All Serge has ever done is confirm to me what I always knew deep inside was true.

By Anon, London UK

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350 thoughts on “How Serge Benhayon Supported me to Trust what I already Knew

  1. It is indeed remarkable how one man has been able to inspire so many to live the truth of what they know for themselves, and in doing so have inspired others to do the same. This is the ripple effect and deep inspiration of Serge Benhayon, who stands for truth in every single thing that he does.

    1. It is incredible how the steady reflection of one man has inspired so many others to change their lives. The majority of us are accepting abuse in one form or another as normal, whether this is abuse of ourselves or abuse from others. Anything less than love is abuse and it is this consistent reflection that has supported so many to know the truth of who they are.

  2. Yes the greatest support one can offer another is to confirm who they truly are and support them to reconnect with their essence as . . . “we already have all of the wisdom we need inside of us”.

    1. Yes and if we did this with our children from when they are little we would see a very different set of young adults growing up.

  3. We all know, of that I am sure, and I am rekindling this knowing of life within me. We know because we know what does not feel true and we feel hurt when we are not meet with love, it is pattern that keeps showing itself until we choose otherwise and / or until you meet a person with the qualities that Serge Benhayon lives and shares. He is wonderful, that is for sure. And I would say that for me, trust in myself within has returned, through meeting this amazing man.

  4. Feeling very much a forever evolving student of The Way of The Livingness, a student of live who deeply learned to see by The teachings of Serge Benhayon that it is all about the quality of energy we choose to align too.

  5. The support and love of Serge Benhayon to all of us to confirm who we truly are is enormous and all Universal Medicine offers us and the world as a whole. This is a beautiful appreciation of this and a joy to read and I am learning to trust my self again by connecting to my essence with confirmation and love.

  6. Its easy to forget where I was and what life was like before attending workshops with Universal Medicine. There never seemed a day that went by without feeling tired and cranky. Fast forward nearly 15 years, and life as a 56 year old woman is more vital, energised, enthusiastic and loving than ever before. Universal Medicine certainly delivers when it comes to stepping out of the societal miasma, and stepping into the light and joy of yourself.

    1. Yes, I agree if I rewind 10 years and remind myself how I was living then and look at the way my life is now I find it hard to believe what I was willing to live with. I was angry and blamed the world, the stress and anxiety I felt in my body was difficult to cope with and if something stressful came up to deal with it was almost always too much and I would go into overwhelm. Now living with vitality and joy on an almost daily basis is becoming my new normal, the two are absolutely poles apart.

  7. It is a great testimony to Serge Benhayon’s mastery and skill that he is able to present that we are all the Equal Sons of God and for this to be actually felt and accepted by the group he is presenting to as not only a possible truth but their truth, known and confirmed.

    1. Yes, what is presented is felt within the body, it is a knowing, a sense and undeniable truth when we are open to receiving what is being offered.

    2. I notice every day in life how so many have given up on such awareness to an extent that any mention of it is laughed at and ridiculed as pure fantasy. And at the same time everyone lives in deeper and deeper despair about life and looks forward to the next point of relief in whatever shape or form that may come.

      In such a climate it is a ginormous gift to be offered an absolute understanding and knowing that we are equal Sons of God and far more sensitive, aware, resourceful, powerful and loving than we have been letting on.

      And yes a great testimony “for this to be actually felt and accepted by the group he is presenting to as not only a possible truth but their truth, known and confirmed.”

  8. This is a great sharing deeply honest, and confirming that whatever it is that we do, we know what we are doing. When we drink alcohol eat sugary food we are hiding and protecting ourselves from the hurts that we feel, and as you say through Serge Benhayon you got to trust what you already knew that we are truly all about love, and how through making changes to our choices we are able to not only feel that love from the inside out, but to live it for others to see and feel too, it is by that reflection others will learn to trust what they deeply know to be true too.

    1. I agree Sally, the simplicity of living and reflecting that livingness with consistency is huge as it allows others to come to their own understanding in their own time.

  9. “I gave myself permission to be the gorgeous and delicate woman I have always been and had just wasted a lot of energy hiding.”

    My whole body did a little dance and a big smile came onto my face. I love that another woman is giving herself permission to be the gorgeous and delicate woman that she is, because when you do, it gives permission to the world all over.

  10. There is a knowing that sometimes we don’t always put words to… Serge Benhayon has often articulated that deep knowing I always contained but never expressed. This has been deeply confirming.

  11. What is beautiful and different about Serge, is that he does not claim to know more than anyone else, but accesses the same intelligence we are all able to connect to, and bring through.

  12. The more I develop an awareness of myself and what I am actually capable of the more I appreciate Serge Benhayon. I don’t feel I will ever get to truly understand exactly what he represents, that may take many more life times to unfold. But I know that he and his family have supported me to see that there was a way out of the self imposed prison I had locked myself into. He cannot save anyone, however he lives in such a transparent way that humanity is able see and fully understand that there is a simple way to live. So that now we have a choice and the rest is up to us, we save or selves or not.

  13. It has certainly been a revolutionary way to look at life for me to come to understand that I already am a son of God, meaning a divine, precious and powerful being equal to all others and that all the wisdom I will ever need is already accessible through a connection within me.

  14. It is very important and powerful to accept that when we hear truth it is something we already know within… how we respond to this fact is our choice… do we berate ourselves for not getting to it on our own or do we confirm our inner wisdom and be inspired to live more connected to this?

  15. I always thought that whatever I was involved in prior to Universal Medicine lead me to Universal Medicine. I don’t think that’s true, I think they kept me away for longer.

    1. I agree, it is only when I started to be honest about the way I was living that I felt I started to make the steps towards the truth.

  16. Imagine being confirmed in all that you are and all that you know. I was just pondering on that alone and feeling how incredible that is but sad too because in a normal everyday life situation this rarely if at all happens. At some point in our life, whether as children or through an event, we feel a greater connection to life, each other and we feel we are more and that there is possibility of a deeper connection to God. What Serge Benhayon presents but more so lives for all to see makes all this not only possible but very practical and step by step. With that comes our responsibility in how we are living our life and what we are aligning to. That is the foundation of our following choices.

  17. Serge Benhayon, delivers Love in so many ways that the concept a forever deepening Loving existence becomes a reality! “What he shares is always deeply profound, and as I heard someone else describe so eloquently, it is ‘hold on to the edge of your seat’ kind of profound.” To me at times why I have to hold on to the edge of our seat is because the Love that is presented shakes the foundations of the ill patterns in my life and they are exposed for the lies they are. Being open, vulnerable and transparent to the way we have been living is a key to transforming our ill-choices and by simply seeing them for what they are nominating them.

  18. Although we tend to think that comfort is something that feels good to the human being, there is a deeper dimension that may explain why we hold on to things that bring unsettlement and hurt to us. There is also comfort in keeping what we know well even if this is a source of unsettlement, if we find comfort in unsettlement because is the way we know and have said yes to. That bring us to a more general point: we find comfort in something we have said yes to even if brings malaise our way.

  19. It is amazing to receive “hold on to the edge of your seat kind of profound” in a way that confirms to you that the same wisdom is also accessible to you and supports you to start trusting and honouring the depth of sensitivity and awareness you already have.

    Serge Benhayon is a wonderful example of living the light of the Soul and knowing that everyone else is an equal Son of God also.

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