How Serge Benhayon Supported me to Trust what I already Knew

This year I attended a retreat presented by Serge Benhayon. What was so incredibly profound for me was that it confirmed everything I already knew. I say ‘all’ very loosely, as there is nothing small or little in what Serge Benhayon presented… far from it.

What he shares is always deeply profound, and as I heard someone else describe so eloquently, it is ‘hold on to the edge of your seat’ kind of profound. What I mean when I say ‘all’ he presented is that, in all of the enormousness of the great wisdom he shared, what actually happened was that Serge Benhayon confirmed all that I already knew. He confirmed to me that I am Divine; that I am a son of God; that he is not special simply because he is the one on the stage, and that we are all equal and can access the same profound wisdom if we so choose. That means no one person is more than another – we are all equally powerful and able to live with the same grace and consistency as the next. It is a choice.

He showed me with simple and practical exercises, what he has always said – that we already have all of the wisdom we need inside of us. This is something I have fought tooth and nail to not accept and boy oh boy has this hurt! I did not want to see the truth (although I knew it very loudly and clearly in my body). Instead I chose to refine, specialise and become an expert in deceit, numbing, comfort and indulgence. A choice, and with this choice I shut out all the beautiful awareness I naturally have.

If we roll back a few years before I met Serge Benhayon, I was drinking copious amounts of alcohol (I’m very petite but this did not stop me trying to keep up with the guys), taking drugs and propping myself up during the day with sugary and caffeinated drinks, like coke and coffee, to keep me awake. Underneath this socially accepted chaos, although I thought I was alright, were anger, despair and mood swings. I knew the reason I felt dreadful was because of the lifestyle I was living… I just didn’t know how to stop. I felt pressure to continue in order to fit in, as a life that did not include these things was perceived as dull and boring. I also did not want to accept that I was making these choices to avoid feeling the lovelessness I knew I was living, as well as the lovelessness I felt in the world –– so perversely, there was comfort in my self-abuse.

It was only when I hit rock bottom – losing my business at the same time as becoming acutely aware of the ravaged state of my body – that I chose to make changes.

My choices at this point were clear: I could not sustain my work if I was not taking care of my body, well-being and state of mind. It was one of those lightbulb moments when we realise for ourselves something that we may have been told by others many times before. I simply knew I could no longer function like this.

The anxiety, mood swings and emotional rollercoaster felt dreadful, so I chose to stop. And then what? What was my next step? I stopped working in a stressful situation; I cut right down on my alcohol and cigarette consumption; I started to consider the food I was eating and took some baby steps into taking care of my body.

This all happened BEFORE I met Serge Benhayon.

Three years after the collapse of my business I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. In the presentations I attended it was confirmed to me that choosing to not drink was a loving choice and that there was nothing wrong with going to bed when I felt tired. In fact, so much more than that, Serge showed me that these were very basic loving choices to make and that anything other than this was self-abuse. What Serge Benhayon presented allowed me to feel I was worth loving; I gave myself permission to be the gorgeous and delicate woman I have always been and had just wasted a lot of energy hiding.

I can now see my life is anything but boring. It has more purpose, joy and playfulness than it has had since I was a child. I look younger and more vibrant and as a 40 something woman who spent 20 something years destroying her body with drink, drugs and smoking, I’m looking pretty damn hot.

My body feels lighter and more energised, and like my life, has become a dance where I stop from time to time and sing. Yes, I still have down days and off days, sometimes quite a few of them, though what is so different is that they are only down relative to where I am at now. And where I am at now is consistently building a foundation of love, self-care and appreciation of life.

I already knew precisely what I was doing before I met Serge Benhayon. All Serge has ever done is confirm to me what I always knew deep inside was true.

By Anon, London UK

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442 thoughts on “How Serge Benhayon Supported me to Trust what I already Knew

  1. ‘All Serge has ever done is confirm to me what I always knew deep inside was true.’ This is true for me also Anon. He has also supported me to deepen my knowing and understanding and supported me to access more wisdom that I hold within to come out.

  2. Not knowing how to stop making the choices because of standing out is a very real concern and worry, so much so that we rarely make the big lifestyle changes till we have a massive stop and have a reason to need to stop and honour our innate knowing over the ‘choice-train’ we have been on without questioning.

  3. There is nothing small or insignificant about what Serge shares because it is common sense. What is shattering is that we have walked away from that common sense to subscribe to a model of living that speaks for itself. The levels of illness and disease, the correlation to lifestyle illnesses, it all speaks for itself.

  4. We know precisely when we make a bad choice what we are doing, or if we are not aware at the time we know by how we feel after and the consequences. The choice to begin to take care of ourselves can only come from us, we can take heed of great advice but at the end of the day we’ll only make the choice to truly take care of ourselves and others when we get sick and tired of living and contributing to an endlessly abusive way of living.

  5. What Serge shares really feels like common sense, meaning it’s something we can all sense, so I can understand that for you it felt like Serge was confirming what you already knew. For whatever reason we can override what we know is true, so the confirmation can be supportive to begin honouring what we feel.

  6. Its interesting that we can think that just because someone may chose to go to bed early and no longer drink alcohol and other things that life will be boring. But what we realise is that life is never boring when we are not only connected but committed in life but that what we were holding onto for fear of boredom was actually very boring in the highest order, because it brings us nothing, offers us nothing and therefore offers nothing to others.

  7. I love that phrase ‘socially accepted chaos’. It highlights the normal we have accepted, that we see all around us, and therefore give ourselves permission to fall into as well.

  8. What I have found with Serge is that there is a feeling of equality in what we can both know, the difference being I’ve spent much more time fighting that knowing and he has accepted what he knows. When that acceptance is shared I feel I can do the same.

  9. Anon, I also had this experience when I met meeting Serge Benhayon; ‘How Serge Benhayon Supported me to Trust what I already Knew’. Before meeting Serge I had fallen into the false belief that there was something wrong with me. Listening to the presentations of Universal Medicine confirmed to me that it was natural to be sensitive and that being tender was not a weakness but in fact a strength. I remember as Serge presented feeling a knowing of what was being shared, it was what I had always felt but dare not live and express as it was not the way that society lived. I felt like I as given permission to me – the true me.

  10. There is a deeply settling feeling when Serge Benhayon presents and you get to feel that you already ‘know’ what he is presenting. This may not be a tangible or fully formed but it is a yes coming from your body.

    1. Indeed – wisdom that is rooted in our bodies and who we are. I always have that feeling of ‘I know that’ and it is simply that I am not living it. It then simply begs the question of whether I am prepared to make a change and start to live what my body already knows.

  11. “All Serge has ever done is confirm to me what I always knew deep inside was true” – agree, in his immense capacity of love, Serge confirms the love we all are, and it is in this that he stands before us, in awe of us equally too.

  12. “I already knew precisely what I was doing before I met Serge Benhayon. All Serge has ever done is confirm to me what I always knew deep inside was true.” And Ive no doubt this is true for most of us who have been inspired by Serge Benhayon. All Serge has done and continues to do is confirm to all of us everything that we always knew, but were not aware that we already knew it.

  13. The effort that we go to, to not know who we are and to diminish our awareness is extraordinary and our efforts are on the increase.

  14. Self-abuse under the cloak of normalcy and ubiquity is rife today and ravages the human body no end, no matter how much we choose to deny the fact.

  15. We do know ‘all’ that Serge Benhayon presents as it comes from within us, with no one an exception to this. What I sometimes find as he shares, is that a fog is lifted where I can see something clearly that I had previously accepted as the social norm, or hadn’t allowed myself to even consider. It is a lovely process re-discovering the wisdom within you.

  16. The importance of being confirmed is understated and eventually this is something we offer ourselves from the feeling within us that we carry consistently.

  17. To be presented with the statement that we already know everything can be received as quite provocative, challenging or simply ridiculous in the face of all the unanswered questions we have about so many things and would swear that we have not the slightest inkling of a knowing. A really good question then would be, what may be the reasons for us not being aware of the all-knowingness?

  18. The profoundness is recognised by the instant inner knowing of the truth being presented by Serge Benhayon – it always puts its a finger on the essentials of life.

  19. I have had a similar experience from knowing Serge Benhayon, with his support and that of the Benhayon family; I have found a settlement in my body that is quite profound. And I came to this realisation recently when I was listening to a phone conversation between friends and one of the friends I felt was like an atomic energy centre. I could feel the nervous energy they were caught up in and to be honest that was me too not that long ago. I used nervous energy to get me through the day fueling it with lots of sugar which was my way of hiding from myself. Giving myself permission to settle into my body and enjoy being there has been because Serge Benhayon simply shows everyone another way to live which doesn’t drain our bodies.

  20. WOW what a turnaround and to hear you feel you have more joy and playfulness now than since you were a child as well. We tend to think that as we get older this goes, we lose it but truly that innate spark, joy and playfulness is always there and should never be lost. It is only our life choices that bury this, particularly if we live in misery, sadness or anger. Also, isn’t it crazy that we give ourselves a hard time (or others give us a hard time!) when we stop doing something that isn’t loving for us, like drinking alcohol and going to bed late. Crazy that we currently see truly loving ourselves as something a bit strange or weird. My learning here is not to follow the crowd or what people see as normal, but instead listen and respond to what feels right for me and my body.

  21. Usually it is just that – to be confirmed in our own knowing, a knowing we may be aware of or not, but that needs to be reinforced by reflection and or confirmation for us to come back to and trust ourselves in who we are.

  22. What I’ve noticed with talking with Serge is that it is the opposite of imposing – when I really listen I am constantly reminded of truths that I know for myself already but have not been aware of, or admitted to myself. It reminds me of my innate wisdom and an incredible support to have someone who can shine a light into a corner that I have forgotten was there.

  23. “…there was comfort in my self-abuse.” – This is a brave and powerful statement in that it is counter intuitive for most people to admit. But the truth is that the numbing effects of drugs, alcohol and over-stimulation of coffee and sugar leaves us such that we can not really deal with the hurts and issues that have gotten us to the point that we feel we need to use these substances. This is a comfortable and irresponsible stance that keeps us the ‘victim’ and from evolving to be more our true selves.

  24. “This all happened BEFORE I met Serge Benhayon” – in this line Anonymous in which you are referring to all the changes you were making prior to meeting Serge Benhayon, it’s the same thing I noted about myself too in that in the year prior to coming across Universal Medicine, I remember ‘searching’.. and being compelled to look at various courses about energy having already felt a growing disquiet of my inner life at that time.. even though i was outgoing, in a great job, friends etc. Amongst all the other one day workshops i dipped my toe into, it didn’t take too long (6-9months) before I met Serge Benhayon at a Heart Chakra workshop and for me to dive in and bathe in the ocean of trust I instantly felt with him and the Universal Medicine Ageless Wisdom Teachings. I remember at the time feeling that I must have heard some sort of ‘final call’ – because the venue Serge had held that course at, was the very last time he was hosting it there. I’m so glad and thankful I chose to attend there instead of the usual bar/party night i was so used to back then.

  25. The moment I met Serge Benhayon I realised straight away that he was someone I could trust, I felt almost instantly connected and through his talks, and our personal sharings he has become a man I deeply admire because he has helped me to become me, the me I have always been, I had just lost my connection.

  26. Our lives change so much when we choose a different way of living when we bring in self care consistently. This builds a foundation of love in our bodies, something our bodies innately know.

  27. Anon, I so appreciate what you have shared with us. In a world where we have lost trust with ourselves and each other, Serge Benhayon stands out by the way he lives his everyday life which is very steady and reassuring. Serge Benhayon has presented the fact that everything is energy and I now know this to be a fact, because I can feel energy myself. Even though Serge lives the other side of the world to me, I can feel his absolute steadiness, solid as a rock and he offers this way of living to all of us. That we can also live this way; it’s a choice that we make to move with the same grace and harmony. So no one is more special than another, we are all the same.

  28. I know I also always had this sense of what I was doing, but the way Serge presents about life is in a way that actually says everything we are already feeling. With this there is even more of an opportunity to say yes to this than when we were just feeling it on our own. The one thing that I always feel with Serge Benhayon is ‘that makes sense and I actually felt that before’.

  29. ‘Yes, I still have down days and off days, sometimes quite a few of them, though what is so different is that they are only down relative to where I am at now.’ A very loving perspective, giving yourself the Grace and appreciation to accept all of you even in those wobbly days.

  30. This is it and why my life has turned around because “All Serge has ever done is confirm to me what I always knew deep inside was true.” I am inspired to live more of who I am within, who I have always been. A true teacher inspires this within others.

  31. ” How Serge Benhayon Supported me to Trust what I already Knew ”
    Its so wonderful having this reflection from Serge Benhayon .

  32. No one that I have met in my 60+ years of life has ever confirmed to me that I am a son of God with such absoluteness and that I don’t need an intermediary, I have direct access to God 24/7/365 days a year.
    To be honest this seems to go against the teaching of the religion I grew up with which says there is only one son of God which is Jesus, and if you want to access God you have to do so via a priest. Well that didn’t make any sense to me and so I didn’t bother. I feel many people get turned off from God because so many religions say they have the true version of God or the ear of God. And again this doesn’t make any sense to me because when I look around I see God everywhere, he is not something that can be owned by anyone or any religion, to me he holds us all equally and we are all equally the same. We come in the same way and we leave the same way and whatever happens in between is down to the choices we make in life.

  33. Serge Benhayon has changed each life that he has touched through his presentations of the Ageless Wisdom and The Way of The Livingness to name just a couple of ways he offers us support and Love. We are blessed to be here on earth at this time.

  34. The presentations of Serge Benhayon given to us all directly from the hierarchy have changed my life completely and it is so utterly gorgeous. I don’t know how else to describe this feeling as words cannot express the depth of beauty and wonderment I can feel in my body. As I reconnect to me and my body it feels as though I am constantly deepening into such a silky stillness that then is me in everything I do.
    The anxiousness and nervous tension that was my constant companion has been replaced by stillness.
    For me this is such a transformation from someone who was constantly fidgeting, constantly on the go and never sat still for 5 minutes.

  35. You have highlighted such a key point that Serge Benhayon simply presents and reawakens within us that ‘we already have all of the wisdom we need inside of us’. He starts to put to stop to our incessant outward search for answers and reminds us everything we could ever want is accessed from within and nothing in this world is comparable.

  36. I had already begun to make changes in my life, especially where the food I was eating was concerned, before I met Serge Benhayon, but I realise now that I didn’t have total trust in the decisions I had made, even though I was feeling so much better. It was through Serge’s presentations, full of common sense, that I had the confirmation that yes, I was on the right track, but now it was time to go deeper into why I was eating what I was eating, and in doing so, that’s when my life truly began to change.

  37. We know that our choices affect our life and how we feel. Sometimes it just takes losing something important like your job or your health to stop us in our tracks. I had also made changes to the way I lived from before Universal Medicine like giving up alcohol, which proved to me that we do all have access to the same wisdom and Serge is not special. He is just a lot more respectful to the wisdom of his body and his divine origins. This I find constantly inspiring and something I know deeply, just am not yet so obedient to!

  38. Serge Benhayon presents so beautifully on what self-love actually is, that it can be very very inspiring and so self-abuse naturally starts to become a thing of the past.

  39. This to me is what sets Serge Benhayon apart from any other presenter he confirms to us all that we are Divine, that we are sons of God, and we are all equal. Most importantly that he is not special simply because he is the one on the stage, that we can access the same profound wisdom that he lives as his normal everyday. I may struggle with my access to such knowledge but my body knows that what Serge represents is true.

  40. “…. we already have all of the wisdom we need inside of us.” Yes, so why do so many of us resist this knowing? ” All Serge has ever done is confirm to me what I always knew deep inside was true.” The same for me – but it is up to me to live it, not just pay lip service…. We can always go deeper….

  41. To be supported to pay attention to and trust our inner awareness is a great gift, and being encouraged to use that inner awareness to discern everything in life including the work of the presenter himself, as Serge Benhayon does, is absolutely priceless.

    1. I totally agree Golnaz it is hard to think of a greater gift we could be given. For we can apply this to everything in our lives and so instead of looking to the outside world for answers instead develop, explore and access our inner awareness. No longer will we walk around like the assumed lost souls we once were, for we have it all within.

  42. What an honest conclusion: ‘I also did not want to accept that I was making these choices to avoid feeling the lovelessness I knew I was living, as well as the lovelessness I felt in the world –– so perversely, there was comfort in my self-abuse.’
    Who would have sought for comfort in self-abuse, but I agree there is familiarity and a reason to prefer that over feeling and taking responsibility.

  43. Deep within we know the truth of life and the universe but we have created a life and world in which is has become almost impossible to access this depth within ourselves and life as we know it and it is just as we know it. It takes a person who lives in a very different way to what has become the norm – even in it’s millions of differing expressions – to wake us up to the truth of who we are and what the true purpose of life is.

  44. There is so much that makes us lose trust in one another, so it is a beautiful thing to come across someone that we can trust. Serge Benhayon is such a person because he walks his talk.

    1. Having someone restore a sense of trust is beyond the worth of gold, for you are right in saying there is so much that will destroy that. This one man is living in a way that makes it possible for us all – we can live the same way and many are choosing to do so from his inspiration.

      1. ‘Having someone restore a sense of trust is beyond the worth of gold’ absolutely and I am one of those many who’s trust has re built in myself and in the world.. inspired by Serge Benhayon.

    2. I remember the moment so clearly when I felt that my trust in life had been rekindled, it was a breath that brought the body back, opened to connection and back into life.

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