The Body is a Temple for the Soul

There was a time in my life when I was hugely arrogant and this largely came from my misplaced identification with my body and the lives I knew I had lived earlier before coming into this one.

Why do I say misplaced? Because I was in the illusion of an image – a conditioned picture, laid down by false information, giving way to certain ideals of how a man’s body ought to be; the utterly belying and beguiling warrior consciousness so to speak. Continue reading “The Body is a Temple for the Soul”

‘It Was Meant to Be’ and ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’

I recall as a young adult wondering if there could be a cause and effect going on in life and if I would ever understand ‘why things happen’. This question seemed to immediately bring a realisation that it was possible that things didn’t just happen randomly; that there may be a reason for the sudden bad mood or lost school report and there may even be something behind the seemingly random illness or accident… Since then I have discovered that life can be understood and as a result I no longer feel like a passenger on a runaway train – allowing things to happen to me without taking initiative to choose the quality of my path to be one that feels true for me.  Continue reading “‘It Was Meant to Be’ and ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’”

Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?

I used to think I was responsible and yes, in many ways I was – and in many more ways I was not. The latter I slowly realised once I started attending Universal Medicine courses and workshops by Serge Benhayon.

The responsibility Serge talks about goes far beyond social responsibility or any other conveniently sectioned off and delineated responsibilities, whether at work, at home, as a driver on our roads, as a taxpayer, neighbour, friend, partner, etc. Continue reading “Energetic Responsibility – How Responsible Are We Willing to Be?”

Esoteric Women’s Group: Supporting Each Other to Build Foundations

by Lucy Dahill

The Esoteric Women’s Group (EWG) presentations have introduced a greater focus of self-care to my life. Over the years, this simple approach has meant I have been presented with some beautiful opportunities to change some of my old patterns which had left me exhausted and resentful, more often than not.

What has been shared in those groups were things I had started to connect to myself, but hadn’t realised their importance. Things like being tender with myself, noticing the roles I take on automatically, my monthly cycle and giving myself permission to pay close attention to all of it – even what my bra feels like to wear and how I set up my cupboards and drawers. None of the presentations were instructional; Natalie Benhayon simply shared how she lived. It was an opportunity to question the ‘norm’. I found the presentations brought a practical focus to what it is to be a woman. Continue reading “Esoteric Women’s Group: Supporting Each Other to Build Foundations”

A True Role Model: Universal Medicine = Universal Responsibility

by Kylie Jackson, Goonellabah, Australia

I have always been naturally ‘responsible’. I knew on some level that I needed to live by example, and ‘walk the talk’, so to speak. And so, I always did the ‘right’ thing and thought that as long as I ‘did’ the right things that I was being a good example and being ‘responsible’. What I didn’t fully realise though, was that greater than the ‘doing’, was my way of ‘being’. When others looked to me, they were actually seeing a way to be with themselves. Continue reading “A True Role Model: Universal Medicine = Universal Responsibility”

First Time Mum: Realising Control is just too much Hard Work

by Trish Mazur, Marine Charter Co-ordinator, Gold Coast, Australia

I had my first child recently, during the time I have been attending Universal Medicine (UniMed) workshops and courses. The support I have received from the UniMed workshops has helped me to look and focus on myself and has given me an understanding that I am responsible for the choices that I make in my life.

By focussing on myself and not blaming others around me for the things I don’t like about my life, my relationship with myself and others has only grown and blossomed as a result. It has also enabled me to make the ongoing small changes to start living the way I want to live, and not wait for others to change. Continue reading “First Time Mum: Realising Control is just too much Hard Work”