A True Role Model: Universal Medicine = Universal Responsibility

by Kylie Jackson, Goonellabah, Australia

I have always been naturally ‘responsible’. I knew on some level that I needed to live by example, and ‘walk the talk’, so to speak. And so, I always did the ‘right’ thing and thought that as long as I ‘did’ the right things that I was being a good example and being ‘responsible’. What I didn’t fully realise though, was that greater than the ‘doing’, was my way of ‘being’. When others looked to me, they were actually seeing a way to be with themselves.

For a while, I was doing some modelling. What I didn’t realise then, was that every time someone looked at me I was actually ‘selling’ something to them. I was ‘selling’ a way of being. I thought it was about the clothes, or the way I looked, but it was so much more than that. I found that a lot of people looked to me, including the younger girls in the modelling agency. They always asked me lots of questions – they wanted to know about what and how I ate, how I exercised, how I lived. But when I would answer these questions, I secretly knew how much I actually hurt my body by over-exercising, not eating enough, being very self critical, being anxious, trying to be perfect, and punishing myself constantly – there was no way I would want them to be that way with themselves.

People would look to me as being ‘healthy, nice, polite, friendly, sweet etc’. But if you looked more closely at my choices, I used to be a walking advertisement selling how to –

  • Abuse your body,
  • Starve yourself,
  • Never feel enough,
  • Be hard on yourself,
  • Appear to be ‘perfect’ – no matter what the cost,
  • Be critical,
  • Push to extremes,
  • Live in anxiousness and disregard,
  • Always look for recognition from people around you,
  • Have to be or look a certain way to be loved or to be accepted in the world,
  • Not honour how you feel,
  • Always put others first.

People would get all of this, just by looking at me, or by being around me.

I didn’t realise how much my choices influenced others – and that I was constantly selling a picture; a whole package that looked so sweet on the outside it enticed others to make the same choices. Now I know how harmful this was… because if I wasn’t being myself, I was also encouraging others to not be themselves.

It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I got a deeper understanding of what responsibility truly is. Yes, responsibility is about being honest, abiding by the law, paying your bills and being respectful of others. BUT, it is also about so much more than this.

I have since learnt that being truly responsible is being who you naturally are. It might sound simple, but being who you truly are is the greatest responsibility of all.

Being responsible, I have come to realise, is about just being the real me – without feeling like I need to change who I am to fit in, or to pretend to be someone else to please others. It is simply being as loving as I can be with myself and then also naturally with others. It is the quality that I choose to live in, my quality of being in everything I do – my way of living.

Before I was aware of this, it may have looked like I was very ‘loving’ with everyone around me, but I didn’t extend that same level of love to myself first. I would make kind gestures to others, even if it put me out, or left me as less. Even though I did a lot of ‘good’, it still wasn’t ‘it’, because I wasn’t truly caring for myself first, before I did any of these things.

Since meeting Serge Benhayon around 8 years ago, I have been constantly and consistently inspired by Serge, as well as all of the practitioners at Universal Medicine. I have been inspired to be more loving with myself.

What I feel, particularly being around Serge, is the deep level of care and love that he lives with himself, and all others equally so. When I visit the Universal Medicine Clinic, see a practitioner, attend a Universal Medicine course or workshop, I have found that just being in that presence inspires me – I want to care for myself even more deeply.

It is quite an amazing thing to meet someone who truly loves themselves. It can be felt in their every step, movement, the way they meet you and speak with you. There is no judgment or imposition because they do not judge themselves. Choosing to live lovingly has an enormous ripple effect.

I now realise that I too carry this power for others. The way I am with myself affects everyone and everything else.

Why was I not taught about this kind of responsibility in school?

In attending the Esoteric Women’s Presentations by Natalie Benhayon I have also deepened my relationship with my body. I can feel from Natalie the exquisite quality that she holds herself in; this inspires me to really love myself in a whole new way. To me, this is what a true role model is about. How lovely to have someone remind me that being a woman is not about what I do, or how I look, or dress; but very simply, honouring how I feel.

I am now so much more honouring of myself, and I have learnt what it is to truly cherish me, every day.

I now love spending time to get ready for me, and not to get ready to please the world like I used to. It feels completely different to get dressed, put on makeup and do my hair in this way… there is a whole new quality present. In choosing to be with myself in this way, I am now reflecting something different – a different quality – love.

Now this is something I truly want to reflect.

With the support and amazing reflection of Universal Medicine, I have begun making choices to love me. This has changed everything.

I am still asked a lot of questions, but the questions are different to what I used to get asked, such as, how can I be so calm all the time? Why am I not tired? Why is my skin so clear? And now, when I answer these, I know that I am actually inspiring another to make choices that are loving for them also. There is no pretending.

The beautiful thing is, I have seen an enormous change in my life, and in all of my relationships – with myself, my partner, my family, my friends, my work and also my dog. I am now seeing how my choices can inspire others, and how they too are blossoming and being more loving with themselves.

For me, this is True Responsibility.

Thank you Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine for being true role models in this world. You are the living proof that it is not just about our worldly responsibility, but our Universal responsibility – to be ourselves.

Thank you for showing another way.

Thank you for the True Reflection.

480 thoughts on “A True Role Model: Universal Medicine = Universal Responsibility

  1. By living a life of being tender, caring, nurturing and loving with ourselves, we reflect this way of living to others, and are giving them permission to live this way too.

  2. This world has been built based on effort, achievments, good results and grades. In order to be ‘someone’ you need to achieve a high social position, have a good job, and do whatever everyone else expected you to be… As long as you tick the boxes who cares about how you feel and the quality in which you live? It seems we have created a society that puts so much effort into the external, but doesn’t even consider the being within us. We have lost ourselves building a reality that allows abuse, disregard and diminishes our clarity to feel and discern about what shouldn’t ever be accepted.

    Working with Universal Medicine has entailed a turnaround in my life. I lived being not aware of my body either but what I can feel today is that by reconnecting with ourselves we turn over the established reality and start to question what this so called ‘succesful life’ is about. I came to realise that if there is no love life just makes no sense. Living from the inner-most is the ultimate success we can get because it makes you feel enriched, joyful and truly blessed.

  3. Thank you Kylie for sharing. This is a beautiful and very honest testimonial that reminds us how key is the quality we live in because the ripple effect it has in everything and everyone around. The most precious thing we can share is us living in our fullness, because the light and beauty we emanate from this choice is priceless.

    1. Living in our fullness, and with awareness of the quality we live in and with is super important, ‘ how key is the quality we live in because the ripple effect it has in everything and everyone around.’

  4. It’s a joy having people like Serge and Natalie around who don’t try to impress or to look a certain way. What they emanate is a deep tenderness and delicacy, a presence that doesn’t project or impose, a solidness and authority that makes you feel safe and deeply loved. A very needed reflection for all at this moment.

  5. “being who you truly are is the greatest responsibility of all.” A responsibility to live the love that you are.

  6. When I love myself in the smallest and daily details, I feel that I am truly living my life. I give space to what I need in the quality I need and then, I can bring myself to the world in the same spaciousness and love in which I’m simply breathed and moved.

  7. We put so much effort in how we want to be seen by others, and it’s very interesting how we can actually end up being totally irresponsible in what we are communicating in its process.

    1. What are we communicating to another, what really counts…’It is the quality that I choose to live in, my quality of being in everything I do – my way of living.’

  8. Actually I feel our level of responsibility has dropped to an alarming level. I was waiting in a hospitals A&E recently where it was extremely busy, at one point it was standing room only. After about 6 or so hours the waiting room started to clear and then it was possible to see the empty wrappings of sandwiches, chocolate bars and empty bottles. It was a mess. People had eaten or drunk something and left behind the debris. I personally didn’t feel there was any sense of collective responsibility to just clean up the space they were sitting in for someone else to sit in. I felt how we live in a very loveless society.

  9. Knowing what I know now I can say we have fallen for a lie that life is all about the doing, If you talk to the older generation it was their mantra, which they have then passed down generation after generation. So we could say we live in a deep rut of just ‘doing life’. But actually life is all about the being, the being of oneself if we can get this then everything else falls into place. I feels this starts with giving oneself permission to not follow the crowd but to do what feels true to oneself.

  10. Such a blessing to read this today as we all find the deepening awareness of our next step in life and this blog jumped of the page for me so being responsible for being me has taken a deeper level of being aware of the Love available and how we reflect that Love.

      1. Understanding the space that is there for another as how could we consider another in a more Loving way as this level of Love is a grander part of Love that we are still learning to embody and understand.

  11. You make a great point here, I have never looked at it as if we are selling something to others but we are, we are selling a way of being or confirming their choice, and we have a responsibility to reflect a true way of being.

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