The Mirror Never Lies – The Power of Reflection

One morning a mirror appeared in the town square of a small village. Like all other mirrors it could only reflect what was presented.

It was the mirror of Love and Free Will, a mirror that never lied and that allowed people to be seen by others exactly how they themselves chose to be seen. If you stood there as a labourer, a teacher or a student – that is what you would see reflected back. If you stood there as an orphan, a leper, a self-made millionaire, a sports star – that is what was reflected back. But if you stood with a willingness to look beyond the surface, the mirror reflected much, much more.

Some walked up to the mirror and saw the image they wanted to show the world and were happy to have this confirmed, others ignored its arrival altogether, but some stood wanting to look deeper.

Those who looked deeper saw that no matter how perfect their outer image was, they also saw sadness in their eyes, or hardness in their shoulders, or the extra weight that they carried. Some saw this and blamed life for these woes and went back to trying to improve the image they presented, some tried to build new ones; others were honest about what they saw and began to explore the choices they were making – what they were eating, how they were working, how they were relating to themselves and others.

The mirror was impartial to those who stayed and those who moved on. All it could do is reflect to the depth people chose. The choice to do something about what you saw was always yours. However, without this reflection, there was no way for people to see the possibility that things were not as they seemed.

Those who started making new choices both struggled and marvelled as each time they stood in front of the mirror it would reflect both the part that was the surface image and the possibility of something deeper. They still noticed layers of sadness, hardness, grief … and at times it was all they could see. Some felt guilty about their past choices and blamed the mirror for what they saw. They resented the growing possibility that they might need to let go of the façade, and they turned away. Some started shouting to others to remove the mirror from the town square, fearful of what they saw in themselves.

Some used these reflections to refine their choices – they took responsibility for what they saw and knew the only change worth making was to go deeper and become more responsible for their choices.

Over time, what was inside these people all along began to be lived on the outside. The more they dropped the façade, the more joy and vitality came to the surface. But it did not end there…

One day, enjoying the new (but really old) self they had rediscovered, some wondered if they could look deeper still. They stood before the mirror and saw that what lived behind the joy was a sense of their own divinity. They stood very still not wanting to walk away from the absolute sacredness they had just felt. The easy thing to do was to enjoy all they had felt, and keep it for themselves. They could stay with the joy and vitality they had uncovered for themselves, or go deeper still.

Some stayed basking in that joy for a long time, others knew that over time, without going deeper, they would just turn the joy into a new surface image; one that made them at best ‘comfortable’ and at worst ‘special’.

As always the mirror was impartial – the choice was theirs.

A few let go of the layers they had previously protected themselves with, appreciating the divinity that lived within them more than they feared how the world might see them. After all, they could not see this within themselves without seeing how this divinity lived in all equally.

In that moment they became a Mirror that Never Lies: others who looked into their eyes now had the chance to see that they too are much more than the outer image they project to the world.

By Joel Levin

583 thoughts on “The Mirror Never Lies – The Power of Reflection

  1. our reflection is gold because we can see everything we are and everything we have put between who we truly are.. And so meanwhile we can sense the divine reflection we are being pulled up to re-discover more of who we are and live by it.

  2. To look in a mirror that never lies is a gift from heaven. If we want to truly heal and we want to see what we bring to the world we would have no fear of looking because we would see our own divinity. Yet we are taught to be ashamed of making mistakes and not being perfect and therefore when there is a reflection that we are not perfect, all too often we blame the messenger, or the reflection, rather than address the layer of protection that hides our own divinity.

  3. The willingness to look beyond the surface is the key to understanding ourselves and our choices. It’s not always fun nor is it easy, but when we realise that we’re already enough, it’s easier to let go of striving for perfection and hence everything becomes simple again.

  4. The power of true reflection is deeply felt within our body, it is our choice as to what depth of awareness we are willing to choose to observe and understand what is truly there to see.

  5. I love the magic of what is presented here we get inspired and shown by life how we are and we can then choose to take it deeper, or not until we get to the pinpoint where we are in fact mirroring for others and we can all do this for each other.

  6. If we are willing to take an honest look everything is revealed to us. The power of reflection is a true gift and we get to see all that may have been layered over that which is already divine, or we see divinity meeting itself.

  7. How do we relate to ourselves and others? What would the world look like if we studied this deeply, from young? Our relationship with ourselves is so fundamental to everything else, that addressing that helps us to let go of unhelpful behaviours that get in the way of us being who we really are, all of the time.

  8. Wow amazing to consider that we can all become mirrors of tremendous honesty and authenticity in the world for each other to learn from.

  9. I can relate to seeing people shout to take the mirror away, sometimes the reality of the reflection is very confronting and asks us to address choices we do not want to take responsibility for. If we support each other by showing that regardless of how fearful it looks, it is far safer to look and address what is holding us back, than to delay, as the delay will poison our bodies till we have to look whether we are ready or not.

  10. When the world is against you and feeding you the many things it sees you as, you can always return to the truth of who you are. We are all loving beings and that knowing is there within if we allow it.

  11. It is worth considering what reflection we are each offering the world. We can never stop reflecting no matter how much we may think we can live in our own little world…the question is what quality are we reflecting?

  12. “As always the mirror was impartial – the choice was theirs.” The reflection is always the truth of what we choose to see.

  13. Joel, I just love reading your blogs – reading this is such a confirmation that we are constantly reflecting to each other and I love reflecting more and more who I truly am.

  14. A beautiful parable for how the journey within, the willingness to see and be honest and to live respecting that allows all of us to come back to the divinity we are.

  15. The mirror never lies and it is our choice whether we embrace the truth of what is being reflected to us or not. How clear we are as mirrors in the world, is determined by our willingness to heal our layers of hurts and protection that we have allowed to overshadow our divinity.

  16. “Those who looked deeper saw that no matter how perfect their outer image was, they also saw sadness in their eyes, or hardness in their shoulders, or the extra weight that they carried.” I love this, there is such a care and love in just seeing what is going on for us if we are not truly doing well by honestly seeing our own reflection in a mirror, looking beyond the images we are portraying and seeing ourselves as.

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