A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

I recently attended a presentation by Natalie Benhayon on “A Sacred Relationship with Self.” This subject has been in my conscious awareness for a few years as I have been learning about and developing more self-love and more self-nurturing which has led to more self-esteem. When I received the notice of the presentation being given by Natalie, I suspected there would be a slant on how to be in relationship with my self as a woman. I’ve been a late bloomer so to speak, in the sense of realising what my true expression as a woman means for me. I was eager to attend, yet still a little apprehensive. The apprehension had to do with not being confident about ‘how to be a woman’. As the presentation began, I quickly learned that the evening would be about a relationship with my sacred self.

If we look at Natalie Benhayon, we see a young woman who is amazing. She is beautiful, sexy, cheeky, fun and a full time complementary healing practitioner. She is seeing people in clinic many days of the week, founder of Our Cycles App, editor of a magazine called Women in Livingness, designer of websites, director of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*, Founder and Director of Esoteric Women’s Health and on the board of the College of Universal Medicine (a charitable institution) and constantly pushing the edges, not to mention a few buttons! How can one woman do all of that? Some of us admire her. Some of us might envy her. Some might even be jealous. Some don’t like what they see. What they don’t like is they know that they too could be all of that but are choosing not to. That isn’t a comfortable reflection.

Natalie Benhayon
Natalie Benhayon

For many of us who have the privilege of attending the sacred movement groups which were initiated by Natalie, we can easily feel what it means to be in our sacredness because the movements allow us to connect to that most holy of places. But how many of us retain that sense of sacredness as we put on our boots, gather our bags and scarves and head out the door? I’m going to guess not many.

Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.

We have had Natalie Benhayon and her family as well as other esoteric practitioners demonstrating what “being with yourself” looks and feels like and I, along with many other women I know, have been inspired to develop our own rhythm and beingness. I have an increasing awareness of when I am with myself and when I have dropped the ball and lost the plot. I am spending more time with myself nowadays so I know what that feels like and I still go in and out of being present with myself.

When I’m showering, I am aware of tipping the shampoo into my hand, aware of how I apply it to my scalp, of how gently (or not) I massage it in. When I’m pouring my cup of tea, I am aware of how I connect (or grab) the kettle. When I’m choosing my clothes I consider why I have reached for that blouse. Is it the colour, the fabric, the style? It’s a rare occasion now that I drive somewhere and arrive realising I was on automatic pilot all the way there. I’ve incorporated little check in points during the drive to make sure I am present in my body. How are my hands placed on the wheel? Does my mirror need adjusting? I am mostly spending time “being with myself” so when I do fall away from that position, I recognise it and can choose to bring myself back home to myself.

At Natalie’s presentation on ‘A Sacred Relationship with Self’, I felt that to be in sacredness as a woman is something even more profound. It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.

Gayle Cue
Gayle Cue – “Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.”

As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness. For me, the biggest distraction to my stillness is nervous energy. If I am anxious or worrying there is a ‘busyness’ in me that disrupts my inner stillness. If I am thinking about things I have to do, and it is not yet time to do these things, this also creates a ‘sense of work or activity’ that is not real or productive. When it is time to do this activity, whatever it may be, I can do it with a sense of my sacred self, knowing there is no right or wrong if I am in activity as my sacred self.

If I am not coming from stillness first I have left my true essence and entered into the male essence of action, the male essence of ‘doing’. This can be a tricky business in a world that acknowledges and rewards those who do and those who produce. But thank God, there are people like Natalie Benhayon who are presenting and demonstrating how to be role models for this profound way of living from their sacredness so that we have a reflection of what it looks like and what it feels like. I feel very fortunate indeed to be able to attend these presentations in person but I feel even more fortunate to be a woman, in a large group of women, who are helping pioneer the return to our true essence; that of living in a sacred relationship with self and in the sacredness of being a woman.

By Gayle Cue, Office Manager, Bangalow NSW Australia

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

1,080 thoughts on “A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

  1. This is beautiful Gayle, how amazing if we all adopted this simple principle, ‘As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness. For me, the biggest distraction to my stillness is nervous energy. If I am anxious or worrying there is a ‘busyness’ in me that disrupts my inner stillness.’

  2. There is also a grander sense that there is more than just the ‘self’ the possibilities are endless that we can tap into when we connect to the universal mind, which makes our so-called ‘intelligence’ no intelligence at all but a regurgitation of someone else’s force-fed ideals and beliefs. We are vessels of energy and depending what energy we choose we are either accessing the universal mind or regurgitated intelligence from the astral plane. We can easily see from our present state of affairs we have not been using universal intelligence. We have placed all our eggs in one basket and gone for regurgitated intelligence. We just have to look at our current education system and the facts are before us.

  3. Thank you Gayle, I have practiced many sessions of Sacred Movement since I last read this and my understanding of what you are sharing has changed so much. Now I have more experience in my own body from what Sacredness is and how that feels and what it means – a completely different understanding. Thanks for everything you have shared, it’s one of my favourite blogs, it always communicates something so deep to me and inspires me, beyond the words. I love this line, “Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.”

  4. This makes me really appreciate to be in a woman’s body at this time, to be with other women who are equally rediscovering what it is to be a woman in-truth.

  5. There is so much wisdom in this blog, the way it unravels it calls us right back into stillness, into realising that we don’t need all of the chatter & all of the things that we think we should be doing. For they come from a place of insecurity, a place of feeling not good enough. Perhaps we may think that if we do all of the things we have listed in our heads, we are good enough – but at what expense, with what quality? Nothing is worth doing if it is done in abuse of you or your body.

  6. Thank you Gayle, you make being Sacred feel like it is the responsibility for everything, and this is equally for all of us so when we move in our essences we feel the sacredness of ourselves and the responsibility that it brings to everything we do.

    1. Gregbarnes888 I’m beginning to understand the responsibility we carry towards ourselves and all others. When you know something is true and do not express it then that is being irresponsible but we do this a lot because we don’t want to lose friends/ family or seem to be the party pooper we become a bystander and allow the un truth to become a truth by not speaking up.

      1. Absolutely Mary, putting a button on our lip has never worked, and even when something is not said because we have discerned that what is needed would be too disruptive. Thus when we appreciate this level of responsibility the space will open where the True words are ready to be heard because we have responded in True-timing with Love.

  7. The feeling of raciness is so horrible, I feel it right now. There is a nervousness about the day ahead which I don’t exactly want to go into, but it feels like my diaphragm is being filled up with acid and there is a flickering under my skin – kind of like a wing-flap of an insect. It amazes me how much the body actually communicates with us, it has been said many times that the body sends very clear messages but it’s almost as if I am hearing it for the first time.

    1. What a blessing it is to be able to feel at the level you are sharing Viktoria, and those feelings are usually lost when we feel the sacredness in our walk.

      1. Very true Greg, we don’t appreciate the awareness we have because it usually shows us the things in life that are not so pretty. But seeing them is such a gift because the majority of us, for the majority of the time are so stuck in our perceptions that we don’t even recognise the harm we are doing to ourselves and others.

    2. Spot on Viktoria, we live in a cycle or what we think life can be as one of Living Love and no harm and one of critique, which is usually judge-mental to self or others, then what we are living or thinking circles back to pay back with either a deeper level of Love or further judge-ment’s and the ill energy that ensues. It is not really pay-back but Karma.

  8. This blog has unclicked something for me, I have no idea how many times I have heard the phrase “a woman’s body should not be rushed” or how many times I have repeated it to myself, but here’s another layer peeled off, a “woman’s body should not be engaged in thought of what to do next” – Thank you Gayle

  9. “a relationship with my sacred self.” Deepening our awareness of the sacredness we hold within our body as a woman is to feel the equal sacredness within everyone.

  10. Thank you Gayle, this is one of my favourite blogs to read and all the reminders in there on how to be with my Sacred self are very practical. We don’t really have a world that values who people are, it’s all about what you do, qualifications, credentials, how much you can do in a day, etc, but we live all of this without a connection to the truly sacred beings we are.

    1. Being in sacredness, is something many of us are choosing to return to, ‘Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.’

  11. Natalie Benhayon is an amazing inspiration. Nothing will stop her from living sacred and bringing sacredness to the world, as every woman is in desperate need of a loving and sacred relationship with herself and her body. Natalie will keep going until we all get the foundation of what it truly means to be a woman in this world.

  12. Sacred Movement brings us back to what being a ‘Woman’ truly feels like and how we as “Women naturally’ are designed to be, equally so.

  13. It’s quite an amazing journey learning to live from my sacredness, the more I connect to that within myself the more I realise how I have lived in the rush, push, busyness, anxiousness, racy thinking, when inside me is this deep well of stillness and sacredness that I can instead choose to connect to and live from. It’s like learning to walk again, plugged into a different source.

    1. And when we ‘fall’ as in choosing to go in drive, push, busyness etc. (which comes from the other source we can live from but it is not the source we are naturally a part of) we just stand up and enjoy the walking again.

  14. Yes and it is because of my increased awareness and choosing to be with myself that when I do lose myself it is very clear and obvious. I am also aware that I/we are being presented with opportunities constantly, perfectly constellated to support ourselves to learn what we are to learn so that we do not lose ourselves. It is a matter of saying yes to these constellations and what they are offering, for us to let go of that which does not support us and hence offer and support everyone, for us all to grow and expand.

    1. Being with ourselves in every moment is paramount, ‘I have an increasing awareness of when I am with myself and when I have dropped the ball and lost the plot. I am spending more time with myself nowadays so I know what that feels like and I still go in and out of being present with myself.’

  15. The world as we know it today would be very different if women were taught to honor and live from their sacredness.

  16. I probably find the most successful places of having a sacred relationship with self is in the shower / bath or in your bedroom. And there is participating in a Sacred Movement class which is second to none.

  17. In our world today that has become so way off course….that is losing the fundamental tenets of decency and respect towards our fellow brothers and sisters bringing the Sacredness back is a pure blessing. Natalie Benhayon is sharing with us practical ways that we can do just that. The practise of Sacred Movement has us releasing from our body energy that is holding us back from expressing ourselves in full. It allows for a connection to the divine in us.

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