A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

I recently attended a presentation by Natalie Benhayon on “A Sacred Relationship with Self.” This subject has been in my conscious awareness for a few years as I have been learning about and developing more self-love and more self-nurturing which has led to more self-esteem. When I received the notice of the presentation being given by Natalie, I suspected there would be a slant on how to be in relationship with my self as a woman. I’ve been a late bloomer so to speak, in the sense of realising what my true expression as a woman means for me. I was eager to attend, yet still a little apprehensive. The apprehension had to do with not being confident about ‘how to be a woman’. As the presentation began, I quickly learned that the evening would be about a relationship with my sacred self.

If we look at Natalie Benhayon, we see a young woman who is amazing. She is beautiful, sexy, cheeky, fun and a full time complementary healing practitioner. She is seeing people in clinic many days of the week, founder of Our Cycles App, editor of a magazine called Women in Livingness, designer of websites, director of the Esoteric Practitioners Association*, Founder and Director of Esoteric Women’s Health and on the board of the College of Universal Medicine (a charitable institution) and constantly pushing the edges, not to mention a few buttons! How can one woman do all of that? Some of us admire her. Some of us might envy her. Some might even be jealous. Some don’t like what they see. What they don’t like is they know that they too could be all of that but are choosing not to. That isn’t a comfortable reflection.

Natalie Benhayon
Natalie Benhayon

For many of us who have the privilege of attending the sacred movement groups which were initiated by Natalie, we can easily feel what it means to be in our sacredness because the movements allow us to connect to that most holy of places. But how many of us retain that sense of sacredness as we put on our boots, gather our bags and scarves and head out the door? I’m going to guess not many.

Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.

We have had Natalie Benhayon and her family as well as other esoteric practitioners demonstrating what “being with yourself” looks and feels like and I, along with many other women I know, have been inspired to develop our own rhythm and beingness. I have an increasing awareness of when I am with myself and when I have dropped the ball and lost the plot. I am spending more time with myself nowadays so I know what that feels like and I still go in and out of being present with myself.

When I’m showering, I am aware of tipping the shampoo into my hand, aware of how I apply it to my scalp, of how gently (or not) I massage it in. When I’m pouring my cup of tea, I am aware of how I connect (or grab) the kettle. When I’m choosing my clothes I consider why I have reached for that blouse. Is it the colour, the fabric, the style? It’s a rare occasion now that I drive somewhere and arrive realising I was on automatic pilot all the way there. I’ve incorporated little check in points during the drive to make sure I am present in my body. How are my hands placed on the wheel? Does my mirror need adjusting? I am mostly spending time “being with myself” so when I do fall away from that position, I recognise it and can choose to bring myself back home to myself.

At Natalie’s presentation on ‘A Sacred Relationship with Self’, I felt that to be in sacredness as a woman is something even more profound. It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.

Gayle Cue
Gayle Cue – “Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.”

As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness. For me, the biggest distraction to my stillness is nervous energy. If I am anxious or worrying there is a ‘busyness’ in me that disrupts my inner stillness. If I am thinking about things I have to do, and it is not yet time to do these things, this also creates a ‘sense of work or activity’ that is not real or productive. When it is time to do this activity, whatever it may be, I can do it with a sense of my sacred self, knowing there is no right or wrong if I am in activity as my sacred self.

If I am not coming from stillness first I have left my true essence and entered into the male essence of action, the male essence of ‘doing’. This can be a tricky business in a world that acknowledges and rewards those who do and those who produce. But thank God, there are people like Natalie Benhayon who are presenting and demonstrating how to be role models for this profound way of living from their sacredness so that we have a reflection of what it looks like and what it feels like. I feel very fortunate indeed to be able to attend these presentations in person but I feel even more fortunate to be a woman, in a large group of women, who are helping pioneer the return to our true essence; that of living in a sacred relationship with self and in the sacredness of being a woman.

By Gayle Cue, Office Manager, Bangalow NSW Australia

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

912 thoughts on “A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

  1. What I find about Sacred Movement is that it is for everyone equally and as a man I feel the benefits of this movement as it brings a feeling of more tenderness and fragility to my body.

  2. Treating ourselves and others as sacred, tending to our ill behaviours from a perspective of honouring the sacredness, holding ourselves as the divine beings we are, is all a development that slowly but surely reminds us we are divine beings, every one of us.

    1. Divinely beautiful words Heather. To tend “to our ill behaviours from a perspective of honouring the sacredness, holding ourselves as the divine beings we are..” is melting me. The can be no self-judgement, criticism or self-bashing when coming from this place of absolute love and understanding for ourselves.

    2. Heather I agree with you, coming back to the knowing that we are divine beings and as such should treat ourselves with utter respect and the preciousness we deserve.

  3. ‘If I am not coming from stillness first I have left my true essence and entered into the male essence of action, the male essence of ‘doing’’. Going into the doing or action I know only too well, and in the doing there was always a push and a drive and a rush mode to get even more done – it was an exhausting way to live. However, I have made many lifestyle changes to self-care and self-love that this doing mode just feels yucky in my body now, and I can feel the difference in my quality when I am moving from my innate stillness – it is so much more joyful and light!

  4. Stillness and Sacredness are innate qualities of being. Natalie Benhayon is a stunning example of how we can be in life when we live in respect of our true nature. Stillness does not mean we are quiet or stationary, the quality of stillness moves in and with us in everything we do with a rhythm and flow that is in harmony with all around us.

  5. I like how you mentioned the tangible qualities like feeling the shampoo in your hands, and how you rub it in, as well as other things; the connection this sacredness, lived and expressed, is very beautiful.

  6. Without women like Natalie I would have continued to be so very disconnected as a woman. Through all the support she and other students and practitioners give I can sometimes feel very womanly and even sexy!! I can feel the joy it is to be me – I could never have claimed that a while ago. And I know there is SO much more.

  7. I make no secret of the fact of how much I love and respect this lady, Natalie Benhayon. Don’t take my word for it, you only need look at her track record for young women, women, men and the community. Everything from apps, singing, dancing, tv, treatments, websites and the list goes on, a real community leader at a tender age. We would as a community do well to take her lead and start to bring true change into our lives and to the community. You never get anywhere preaching to the masses, live who you are and all that you do and people are touched and inspired to be that way themselves. This lady represents what a true community leader looks like and what’s more it looks like she has only begun.

      1. Very true and I think people and even I would be taken back by how much this lady does in our communities behind the scenes. The meetings, the phone calls, the emails, the conversations and the support is possibly unimaginable. We are all too quick to be critical of people these days and when we have someone like this who is genuinely into our communities supporting them we tend to not make a big fuss and in place often we actually have a go at them, it’s a strange place to live at times, almost back the front.

      2. Easier to criticise than it is to appreciate. If we criticise, then we can stay where we are. If we appreciate then we have to accept the reflection and the pull that we too can be more, because in truth that is all she is doing – “check me out…you too can do this…because we are equal.” The power of true leadership.

  8. Anxiety and nervous energy really does wreck the stillness that is possible within our own bodies. And then we can become anxious about feeling anxious! It can be a merry-go-round of anxiousness. I find it helpful to come back to the movements I am making. Sometimes I am too far out of my body to even realise. Other times it just takes a little reminder and I am back with myself. It is a total other thing to remember I am a woman as well!

  9. Gayle, this is beautiful to read, ‘I feel even more fortunate to be a woman, in a large group of women, who are helping pioneer the return to our true essence; that of living in a sacred relationship with self and in the sacredness of being a woman.’ I have experienced this way of living and feels divine, it is so different from the rushing; the lack of self worth and the nervous energy I used to live in, I too am choosing to be present with myself more and more and I’m getting to know who I truly am – a gentle, playful and tender woman.

  10. I have got to a point where my body has told me that I can no longer use nervous energy to fuel the body in order to get through the day, and every time I use nervous energy my body shows me how exhausting it is on the body. My body is truly amazing and I’m beginning to realise it is my best friend because it tell me the truth always. It loves the stillness I am returning to and the difference in the quality of my life if I come from stillness the stillness in my body is quite profound.

    1. I too have had a pattern of using nervous energy, but it now only leaves me depleted and exhausted such that push and drive I need to let go of. Having no attachment to what tasks I achieve is key in this and making it about my connection and quality first. From that place I simply know what I need to do, I am actually more focused and efficient in what I do work on, everything feels complete and I am not drained and exhausted afterwards. A new way of living to be embraced for sure. It makes so much sense.

  11. Very beautifully expressed Gayle. There is a massive difference between living present and living present as a woman. Life is indeed made so much about what we do instead of the quality we are living in, we do not often consider to live in the quality of a woman or the quality of a man if you are a man yet this is very important as we are living in a woman’s or man’s body and this needs to be honoured.

  12. I fully agree Gayle – thank God for women like Natalie Benhayon who is an unwavering beacon of the sacredness every woman holds within her body. Sacredness offers very powerful magnetic pull – the pull back to divinity, to our essence at one with God. And so, a woman like Natalie claimed in her sacredness pulls us all up – and eventually there will be more of us offering this sacred magnetic pull as well.

  13. It’s so supportive to have check-points throughout the day, something we do often and regularly so we can continually confirm and deepen the quality we are choosing to express within us, or reconnect if we have chosen to wander away from ourselves for whatever reason. It can be anything we do a lot – like opening doors (as a dear and wise friend of mine shared she does), turning on and off lights, putting on shoes, making tea – any and all and many many more. If we chose one or a few and consistently check in when we do these things, the effects on our relationship with ourselves is profound.

  14. Most of us women of today do not have any appreciation or even the awareness of the quality and inspiration we bring when we choose to live in the honour of our sacredness.

  15. I relate to your every word Gayle, from being a late bloomer to your source of inspiration in Natalie Benhayon. In the past 10 years I have been deepening my relationship with myself, my body and the essence of who I am. This has accelerated with Natalie taking the helm of women’s health. No longer am I so willing to abandon self-connection as I used to be. Nor will I abandon my body or push it to the sort of excesses that were once so easy. It is the holder of sacredness, and as such precious and dear to me.

  16. Natalie Benhayon, simply by just being herself, is changing the lives of women everywhere. It just goes to show the power of what one woman alone can do when she chooses to live her sacredness. Imagine if all women made the same choice? We would have a very different world.

    1. “Imagine if all women made the same choice?” wow thank you Elizabeth for expressing this in such a way that I can feel how all encompassing this is for every man and woman and the joy in choosing this, versus something that before I felt would be an honerous task, exhausting or overwhelming…
      I love how in the reflections of Natalie here that it also is (1) the deep appreciation of her qualities and lived sacredness first and foremost and what this inspires beyond her roles and achievements, and (2) the reminder of how incredibly simple it is – to be ourselves and allow that to emanate our beauty and worth in whichever tasks we do.

  17. Natalie Benhayon is reflecting to women that we can be delicate, fragile and live our divinity on earth and still lead a very productive, busy life with out the drive and push that many women go into.

  18. What you have shared here has many layers and, each time I read it, I read it from a body that is unpeeling those layers in myself therefore I read the blog differently and see different things each time I read. Each time we make a movement without awareness or go into being distracted we feed a way of living that takes us away from the connection to our sacredness. I would not have known this had I not felt it, and your words have offered me an opportunity to appreciate that more fully. It is a constant unfolding and unpeeling of many layers of ‘doing’ to remember the ‘being’!

  19. ‘I feel even more fortunate to be a woman, in a large group of women, who are helping pioneer the return to our true essence; that of living in a sacred relationship with self and in the sacredness of being a woman.’ I love this Gayle and it’s very beautiful to see how women all over the world choose to be inspired and change the quality in which they do things. Natalie is leading the way for us and continues to do so by deepening her sacred relationship with herself showing us there is no end in evolving in being a woman in this world.

  20. This blog is a great reminder of how much many of us tend to put what we do before the quality of how we are within ourselves when we do it. There is a great power with our presence when we are with our bodies.

  21. The beauty and sacredness of all you share Gayle is very inspiring “I felt that to be in sacredness as a woman is something even more profound. It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.” with the knowing of what that really means. Natalie Benhayon is an amazing inspiration leading the way for us all back to who we truly are and the honouring and livingness of this.

  22. Natalie Benhayon is always pushing at the edges of what I understand a woman to be. In the few years that I have known her she has always been a constant – absolutely constant – reflection for what is possible, and what is so beautiful is that she does not ever give off the impression that only she can be beautiful, in fact she actively encourages other women to join her in their beauty. This is very rare.

  23. Every time I am with Natalie Benhayon and see how she is in the way she moves, talks and deeply honouring it is extremely inspiring and I get reminded every time not to settle for less. That there is a quality within me as a women and this Sacredness is worth Gold.

  24. This incredible woman recently introduced me to my sacredness; one of the most profound and important things that has happened in my entire life. She has changed everything and given me a gigantic gift. Thank you Natalie Benhayon – you are the queen and king of sacredness!!

  25. Beautiful Gayle. When I look into the eyes of Natalie Benhayon all I see is a depth of strength and mastership of love. She is so open, transparent and real – seeing her live from her femaleness, womanliness, than inspires me that I am exactly the same and can live all of that. When I am not living that I can feel a indeed uncomfortable feeling when I see her reflection. This is now my marker of that I need to appreciate the woman within me and take a step closer to who I am and to appreciate Natalie (instead of taking a step back to avoid feeling what I miss within myself).

  26. I thank God for Natalie Benhayon every day. If it was not for her reflection, my self and women world-wide would not know that we can live and express divinity on earth consistently. I would have thought it was not possible, but Natalie does this, so if she can then we have no excuse as to why we are not.

  27. Natalie Benhayon shows us all our natural qualities and how simply these can be left every day when we honour them. When you meet Natalie you will feel grace, lightheartedness, and an endless depth of beauty she enjoys sharing and much more, and you will remember beneath the stress you may carry you are all these qualities as well.

  28. As women we seem to herald being busy, being able to do more than one thing at a time (actually impossible), but all that just takes us away from the natural quality of being a woman, which is a stillness that shines through in all we choose to do.

  29. It’s so amazing reading all the comments on this blog – especially the ones from the women who are all extolling the virtues of what Natalie has reflected for them, and inspired in them, as women. Well, as a man, I can say that each and every single example that has ben given, is also exactly what she also does for me and us men!!

  30. I grew up thinking that strength in a woman was being in action and getting things done, this was what would be praised and what I thought would make me equal to men. Stillness is not something I was taught growing up nor was it present in any role models until I came across Natalie Benhayon. Its beautiful you are finding your way to stillness now and it proves that we all have a choice at anytime to reconnect to this very natural part of us.

  31. Thank you Gayle the title of Natalie’s presentation caught my attention ” A sacred relationship with self ” from what you describe the important part of this, is to acknowledge and live ones sacredness and have a relationship with that livingness, beautiful .

  32. In a world that is set up to push us, our greatest challenge is to not move forward in this and instead make the choice to reconnect to the deep pool of stillness within us and allow the quality of this to impulse us forth.

  33. Natalie Benhayon is the living embodiment of sacredness and this is deeply inspiring for women and men the world over.

  34. I have been inspired by exactly this myself, observing how Natalie Benhayon is, in how she moves and lives, she is a great example of ‘being’, no need to prove a thing. I can also see this lovely surrender to purpose and service for others, this feels deeply sacred. I live more of this and come into more contact with it in myself from the inspiration that is Natalie Benhayon.

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