Living in Joy

Last week while on my morning walk, I felt to pick these silver flowers for the design department I’m working with. While I was walking to the office, I felt joy and gratitude for having this job, but also for the life I live.

When I share with others that this is how I feel whether it’s Monday morning or Sunday, they are surprised. “You’re very lucky,” they say. But it’s not a matter of luck, it’s a choice, a choice to bring my all in every aspect of my life and not make work any different.

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Coincidence or Constellation?

There is one word that I never use these days and that is the word ‘coincidence’. This is a word that I hear used very often, signifying that the speaker considers that the event which has just happened in their lives was really nothing to do with them: it was an accident, bad luck, good luck and so on, but the general gist is the belief that it was totally out of their hands. I used to be one who believed the same, but as the years have rolled on by and these seemingly random events continued to ‘just happen’ in my life I began to see a pattern, a pattern I eventually could no longer ignore. I began to see that these events which appeared to be out of my control were actually messages for me and often for others as well, with some of them resulting in seemingly divine constellations. Continue reading “Coincidence or Constellation?”