The Meatball Story

Recently when I was visiting the UK I had an experience I’d like to share with you. It was one of those moments where I could have felt that I made a mistake and I could have easily been hard on myself about it, but instead I had such awesome support from the people around me that it didn’t feel like a mistake at all but rather a moment to learn and grow from.

The Story… Continue reading “The Meatball Story”

Community Living

For much of my life I lived in a self-imposed isolation where I looked on at community as an outsider, wishing I were a part of it. I didn’t have the awareness that I was the creator of my isolation, nor that it was only my choices that led to the way I was living. I had a chip on my shoulder against the world and humanity, and whilst I still played ball, I did so from the fringes. I did what was needed to stay in the game but when my turn was over, I retreated to the sidelines. Continue reading “Community Living”

What is My True Religion?

When I came to the works of Serge Benhayon, I was invited to look at my relationship with religion. At first, all I could do was worry – worry about what would be said about religion and the effect this would be having on the people around me, including myself. I seemed to carry an inner-tension I had built up since I was young that would result in an increasing heartbeat the moment religion was spoken about. Continue reading “What is My True Religion?”

What do Religion and God Truly Feel Like?

Growing up I have felt a lot of different things in the mainstream institutionalised religions of today – Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism etc. – like the energies and emotions in their buildings, the temperature, the colors, the people, the furniture, which all made me feel quite small and insignificant at that time. When I saw the other people in these religious places, they were seemingly not noticing these things, even though they were so obvious to me. This made me feel like what I felt was not true and confirmed the feelings of being small and alone. Continue reading “What do Religion and God Truly Feel Like?”

Living a Religious Life & The Way of The Livingness

As a child I was brought up in the Anglican religion. My mother was quite ‘religious’ – she prayed a lot and went to church whenever she could. We lived in the country and it was not easy for her to get to church. I was sent to an Anglican Girls Grammar School but the religion taught there was so ‘dead’: it was simply a set of rules of things one should not do, some moral values which were worth living by, but that was all.

Although I believed that Jesus had told his disciples to be loving there did not seem to be love anywhere, just fear that one would not be ‘good’ enough. Church services were something we had to attend and I cannot remember one ‘sermon’ inspiring me in any way. I do remember the gossip after the service, which was all about what ‘Mrs So-and-So’ was wearing, or some scandal or other; I could feel this was all very unloving. Continue reading “Living a Religious Life & The Way of The Livingness”

The Way of the Livingness – What it is and What it Means to Me

Today I feel anxious because I had sugar. It sucks because the days before I hadn’t, and I felt awesome; my body felt warm, at ease with myself and others as I had learned to live with the awesome realisation that I am responsible for my choices and have come to the understanding of how those choices impact on how I feel in my life, in my body, and with others. This realisation had allowed a strength and dedication to life that fed the purpose of why I am on this planet. Continue reading “The Way of the Livingness – What it is and What it Means to Me”