‘Buggism’ and The Science of Symbolism and Reflection

One of the myriad of teachings from the Ageless Wisdom is The Science of Symbolism and Reflection, a truly Divine Science that is a joy to behold and to be a student of daily. This living Science presents the truth of how everything in life offers multiple points of reflection of aspects of what we truly are, and how to firmly set and sustain our footsteps upon our Path of Return to Soul, Divinity and God. This Science has also reconnected us with how Nature is one boundless aspect of this ‘physicalised’ voice of Our Father constantly communicating His Love and Wisdom to us, beckoning our return, our evolution back to Him. Continue reading “‘Buggism’ and The Science of Symbolism and Reflection”

Truth in 30 Minutes after a Lifetime of Searching

Until the age of 45, my life was very draining and exhausting. There was a feeling of something incomplete inside me, and I was always searching for what it might possibly be. I remember this restlessness in my stomach – even lying down and resting would not stop this nervous knocking inside me. I felt I had to be always on the go, looking for something to provide relief, and to feel I had found the right solution for this strong pulsation in my body. Continue reading “Truth in 30 Minutes after a Lifetime of Searching”

In the Flow of Loving Humanity

I have finally, wonder-fully and amazingly reached the point where I am beginning to feel my love for humanity.

The dawning of this feeling came upon me one morning not so long ago as I sat in a short meditation. In its powerful simplicity, The Gentle Breath MeditationTM has always allowed me to fully feel what is coming towards me as it were, and where my next movements are taking me. With tears of joy streaming down my face, I allowed myself to feel the depth of my love for humanity, a universal depth that reaches beyond the stars and beyond time. Continue reading “In the Flow of Loving Humanity”

Living the Antidote to Fear

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fearful.

As a child I feared anyone wielding authority and the dark of the night. As a teen I feared rejection and as an adult I’ve feared many things such as being a passenger in the car, flying, losing money, the dire consequences of global warming and conspiracy theories … Continue reading “Living the Antidote to Fear”

Living in Joy

Last week while on my morning walk, I felt to pick these silver flowers for the design department I’m working with. While I was walking to the office, I felt joy and gratitude for having this job, but also for the life I live.

When I share with others that this is how I feel whether it’s Monday morning or Sunday, they are surprised. “You’re very lucky,” they say. But it’s not a matter of luck, it’s a choice, a choice to bring my all in every aspect of my life and not make work any different.

Continue reading “Living in Joy”

My Soul is My Safety

For most of my life I have used my mind to plan, organise and arrange every detail of the day-to-day. This calculation was mostly time based, as in when I would do things and what order I would do them in. Not only was each day planned to the minute, I would have things in place for months ahead. Continue reading “My Soul is My Safety”