Intelligence Alone is Not Enough

As you look around the world, it seems for centuries now we have thrown our collective intelligence at life to try to improve things.

We have dedicated our schools and universities to fostering greater intelligence and understanding of the sciences, arts, law, or humanities. We have more ‘centres of excellence’ and more PhD graduates than ever before. Indeed we are smarter by the traditional measures than at any other time in history.

Yet while the mind is an amazing tool and some people use their intelligence for the betterment of mankind, at some point we should step back and take stock of how we are truly going.

  • We have domestic violence, family violence, inter-racial violence, sporting violence and, of course, many wars and conflicts that still occur in the world.
  • We have religions professing love yet either tacitly or by omission endorsing child abuse and/or the denigration and at times murder of women.
  • We have growing rates of preventable lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.
  • Then there are the people who have lived with backache, neck ache, headaches, or other niggles for so long they have become ‘normal’.
  • We have global pandemics of disease, starvation and ongoing issues with adult and childhood slavery.

Sure we get it right at times and many live comfortable lives, but there are some pretty big things that don’t seem to be heading in the right direction.

If this is the case, and in spite of our high levels of collective intelligence, our health and quality of relationships are NOT improving, it begs the question “is intelligence alone enough?”

If fact, ‘intelligent people’ often do things that might be considered less than intelligent.

  • Why would doctors smoke, after everything they have studied?
  • Why do some people who have PHD’s in psychology/marriage counselling get divorced?
  • Why do the majority of society eat or drink at least one food that is known to be bad for our health and call it a treat?
  • Why do some journalists, dedicated to truth, become one sided and biased in their reporting?
  • Why does a ‘man of the cloth’ abuse young children, after all their years of studying God’s love and compassion?

In each example there is a person who on some level has made a choice, first of awareness and then an action that leads to a less than intelligent outcome.

But let’s not point the finger… how many of us take ‘better’ care of what we do and how we eat when we get the flu? We may not even go to the doctor but innately know the basics that support the body.

When the body speaks loudly enough we listen, yet when we recover we start doing and eating the same things that contributed to our illness in the first place. The mind seems to kick in and make ‘smart choices’ once again… until the body shows us they are not so smart.

If it is our bodies that send us signals that lead to well-being and our mind that overrides these signals, maybe our connection to our body is where true intelligence lives.

Looking more closely at those mind driven ‘smart choices’, many have a similar outcome – they avoid feeling or ease tension rather than heal it. It gets a mental craving for a certain food not because it’s good for us, but because it stimulates, dulls or soothes us in some way. This is not a bad thing and on an intellectual level this makes sense, but the reality is that physically the body suffers.

If we apply this to the doctor, the counsellor, the journalist, the priest, things begin to make sense. It is possible that what drives these seemingly incongruent choices is a choice for protection/relief. Who hasn’t done the same from time to time?

So we are faced with a conundrum. We have a mind that at times is less than honest about its motives, but that we trust implicitly, and a body that suffers the consequences, that cannot lie but we override regularly.

If this is true, then building true intelligence would start with a deeper connection to the body and relationship to what we feel. It starts with learning to discern the difference between what we feel and how we react to what we feel.

The less we need to protect ourselves or react to what we feel, the less we draw on the mental intelligence to avoid something, which strangely may mean that in that moment we are more free to think!

By Joel Levin, Western Australia

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1,093 thoughts on “Intelligence Alone is Not Enough

  1. This raises another point Joel which is that our ‘roles’ and accolades do not determine our choices. Getting a degree or spending many years of our life studying a particular subject may give us temporal authority to talk about it, however true authority comes from how we live. Spending many years studying only makes you an excellent student if an openness to learning is applied to all areas of life, relationships etc.

  2. “If it is our bodies that send us signals that lead to well-being and our mind that overrides these signals, maybe our connection to our body is where true intelligence lives.” A great and significant point you raise here Joel. And if we are really honest with ourselves, how often do we override a message from our bodies and listen to and act on what the mind is telling us instead?

  3. Intelligence is not enough for sure because we have made intelligence a mental thing at the expense of the body. When we come to see that there is more intelligence in the body than there ever will be in the brain, we will be starting to get somewhere.

  4. The longer we live with a pain or feeling that things aren’t quite right in our body, and the more we tolerate this, the harder it is to re-establish true vitality. It might seem like a small ‘I’m sure it’s nothing’ at the time, but continuing to ignore signs and symptoms of pain or disregard can build up.

  5. What intelligence are we talking about when we celebrate a person’s qualifications but they are not looking after themselves and are unhappy in life? So many of us have been distracted into seeing intelligence as our achievements and qualifications and to celebrate this over and above our innate intelligence that seeks always to bring harmony and balance when allowed expression.

    1. This is so true, but in that process, we look down on those who do not have that piece of paper and look at them as though they are the defective ones, and yet that person without the certificate could be living a far more full-filled, simple and healthy life by choice.

  6. “Why do the majority of society eat or drink at least one food that is known to be bad for our health and call it a treat?” – Joel you have asked some very pertinent questions here. As a society we are very good at looking for solutions to fix things, rather than asking what is really going on. For these choices are a symptom of a societal condition and not the disease itself.

  7. It is such a contradiction that we live championing our seeming ‘intelligence’ and giving it kudos for signifying power when in truth and alongside this ‘intelligence’ we are displaying acts of violence, abuse to ourselves and others, rising illness and disease, worsening discontentment in life with the rise of suicides in the world along with the rise of drug and alcohol abuse. All the while our body is reflecting the truth of our choices, the truth of how we feel, the truth of how we are living, and this is an intelligence that is available 24/7, is accessible to all as is true power when we live in connection to and guided by the intelligence of our body.

  8. A person can be very intelligent and clever but also very abusive and undermining with others … where is the love in that? We need to completely re-define or re-claim what true intelligence is. That is the BODY’s intelligence

    1. Agreed. This display of behaviour is commonly seen in our society and yet why are we not questioning what the meaning is the true meaning of intelligence? It is our right to be wilfully ignorant to avoid living with responsibility and in honesty with the truth our body?

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