Intelligence Alone is Not Enough

As you look around the world, it seems for centuries now we have thrown our collective intelligence at life to try to improve things.

We have dedicated our schools and universities to fostering greater intelligence and understanding of the sciences, arts, law, or humanities. We have more ‘centres of excellence’ and more PhD graduates than ever before. Indeed we are smarter by the traditional measures than at any other time in history.

Yet while the mind is an amazing tool and some people use their intelligence for the betterment of mankind, at some point we should step back and take stock of how we are truly going.

  • We have domestic violence, family violence, inter-racial violence, sporting violence and, of course, many wars and conflicts that still occur in the world.
  • We have religions professing love yet either tacitly or by omission endorsing child abuse and/or the denigration and at times murder of women.
  • We have growing rates of preventable lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.
  • Then there are the people who have lived with backache, neck ache, headaches, or other niggles for so long they have become ‘normal’.
  • We have global pandemics of disease, starvation and ongoing issues with adult and childhood slavery.

Sure we get it right at times and many live comfortable lives, but there are some pretty big things that don’t seem to be heading in the right direction.

If this is the case, and in spite of our high levels of collective intelligence, our health and quality of relationships are NOT improving, it begs the question “is intelligence alone enough?”

If fact, ‘intelligent people’ often do things that might be considered less than intelligent.

  • Why would doctors smoke, after everything they have studied?
  • Why do some people who have PHD’s in psychology/marriage counselling get divorced?
  • Why do the majority of society eat or drink at least one food that is known to be bad for our health and call it a treat?
  • Why do some journalists, dedicated to truth, become one sided and biased in their reporting?
  • Why does a ‘man of the cloth’ abuse young children, after all their years of studying God’s love and compassion?

In each example there is a person who on some level has made a choice, first of awareness and then an action that leads to a less than intelligent outcome.

But let’s not point the finger… how many of us take ‘better’ care of what we do and how we eat when we get the flu? We may not even go to the doctor but innately know the basics that support the body.

When the body speaks loudly enough we listen, yet when we recover we start doing and eating the same things that contributed to our illness in the first place. The mind seems to kick in and make ‘smart choices’ once again… until the body shows us they are not so smart.

If it is our bodies that send us signals that lead to well-being and our mind that overrides these signals, maybe our connection to our body is where true intelligence lives.

Looking more closely at those mind driven ‘smart choices’, many have a similar outcome – they avoid feeling or ease tension rather than heal it. It gets a mental craving for a certain food not because it’s good for us, but because it stimulates, dulls or soothes us in some way. This is not a bad thing and on an intellectual level this makes sense, but the reality is that physically the body suffers.

If we apply this to the doctor, the counsellor, the journalist, the priest, things begin to make sense. It is possible that what drives these seemingly incongruent choices is a choice for protection/relief. Who hasn’t done the same from time to time?

So we are faced with a conundrum. We have a mind that at times is less than honest about its motives, but that we trust implicitly, and a body that suffers the consequences, that cannot lie but we override regularly.

If this is true, then building true intelligence would start with a deeper connection to the body and relationship to what we feel. It starts with learning to discern the difference between what we feel and how we react to what we feel.

The less we need to protect ourselves or react to what we feel, the less we draw on the mental intelligence to avoid something, which strangely may mean that in that moment we are more free to think!

By Joel Levin, Western Australia

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827 thoughts on “Intelligence Alone is Not Enough

  1. Intelligence from our bodies is very different from our mind. If the mind over rides the body intelligence it could not be from the same source.

  2. Time will show that mental intelligence has caused a huge amount of harm, when we come from the head we are always going to be a million miles away from the intelligence of the body and what it has to offer.

  3. Joel what you raise here is something for humanity worldwide to debate and discuss, the situation is obvious when we ask ‘how are we doing’ as on mass we are not doing well at all, in fact if we looked at us like an animal species in the wild we would be completely out of control. And much of this does boil down to the arrogance of the intelligence that we hold as so important, yet its that intelligence that rewards us for being not being truly loving. Given love and truth are the foundation of life and energy is an integral part of that, to have an intelligence that does not make those Number 1 tells us it can’t truly be intelligent or that what we have settled for as intelligence is much smaller than it really is.

  4. “It starts with learning to discern the difference between what we feel and how we react to what we feel” – This is so important because in order to develop our awareness of the world and open our eyes to see more clearly what is going on, past illusions and glamour, means that we have to distinguish WHY it is going on and how waywardness is simply a distortion of the truth. Our reactions to this are our own distortion of the responsibility, we have to present another way and not get stuck on the world’s woes.

  5. We have a mind that at times is less than honest about its motives,… This is an extraordinary statement… So simple and yet so incredibly revealing that is understood would wake us up to this Machiavellian existence that so many of us put such great stead in

  6. The body clearly has wisdom. It has a natural ability to heal when we are sick or wounded and yet rather than work with this nature, we use it to ‘justify’ our less than loving lifestyle choices. Yes, the body does eliminate the poisons we drink and eat but this just uses our precious energy resources in a constant effort to bring us back to its innate harmony and balance. What would it be like to work with this wisdom and intelligence? How much more harmonious could our lives be?

  7. I always find it fascinating how even after going through the highest echelons of education the world has to offer, we do not know how to do the basics of life, how to be consistent and committed and have loving relationships – we have gained all this knowledge but we have not learnt about life along the way.

  8. This is how we currently live in a nutshell: “We have a mind that at times is less than honest about its motives, but that we trust implicitly, and a body that suffers the consequences, that cannot lie but we override regularly.” Start with connection to our bodies which never lie… and all else falls into place.

  9. “It starts with learning to discern the difference between what we feel and how we react to what we feel.” So true Joel… when we respond to what we feel there is no attachment to anyone or to things being a certain way, however when we react we are attached and or invested in a particular outcome.

  10. Joel it does amaze me that we put so much emphasis on intelligence, especially when this intelligence is missing so many fundamental facts like truth, purpose and love. Until we have whole body wisdom/intelligence we will be relying on something that is not considerate of the all and hence we will not resolve the state of the world that we find ourselves with.

  11. Another great question is : why do we feed our elderly who live in aged care homes and do very little, if any exercise, 3 meals a day which consist of 3 courses, fruit juice and tea or coffee, and in between the main meals morning tea, afternoon tea and supper which consists of cake/biscuits/ ice cream in a cone/sausage rolls or party pies, lemonade and tea or coffee Does not seem very intelligent to me.

    1. Yes it begs the question what are we trying to fill? That is more food than most can comfortably digest in a day, and not even considering the quality of the food. Food has become so much more than nourishment for us it stimulates, rewards, fills our emptiness and more. Giving the body some space to feel what it truly needs, and listening to the body is key to our true health.

      1. Yes, it certainly does “beg the question, what are we trying to fill”. I would say, from my own recent observations, that in an aged care facility the food would be filling many gaps; loneliness, fear of what’s next, missing the life they had and much more. Unfortunately, there is a danger that with the over-feeding of the residents in this situation that they could end up with body issues that could easily be avoided if wisdom, not intelligence, was brought into the catering equation.

      2. That is exactly the problem Victoria they have no space to feel what is going on in their bodies because the space is filled with eating and the body is filled with food. Their whole day revolves around their 6 meals….sad but true.

  12. “It starts with learning to discern the difference between what we feel and how we react to what we feel”. Now this would be an intelligent move.

  13. With the advance of intelligence, we are discovering more about the amazing intelligence of our body, but instead of appreciating and treasuring it more, somehow we seem to think we can abuse it even more – because the body knows how to work towards restoring its homeostasis. Clearly there’s no intelligence in such way of thinking.

  14. Beautiful – this is one of the examples of how mental construct is not actually helping us in truth but actually the mere contrast.. It helps us to detract away from being in our body – hence the greatest intelligence can not be in our minds but the one and only organ that beats the body forth – our heart.

  15. A brilliant blog Joel exposing the intelligence so many rely on being ‘everything’, if this was true why is the current state of the world in such a mess? This blog offers us an understanding of true intelligence and how it connects us deeper to our bodies allowing us to feel the greater awareness and wisdom we all hold.

  16. Given we are so called intelligent how come we continue to over eat and get fatter and fatter, comprising our health and our quality of life or we continue to smoke cigarettes even when we have lung cancer. These are just 2 examples of how we continue to abuse ourselves when we know it is harming us, even killing us. Does not make sense really unless we can see that the mind overrides the body in these instances, because our bodies wisdom would never allow these behaviors

  17. Yes, indeed. Going into the mind to avoid what we are feeling is the norm, as we are not taught from a young age the importance of staying connected to our bodies as a constant source of truth.

  18. In the place I work, the staff continually complain of headaches, sore backs, tiredness, stomach aches etc. It seems normal to them and they love to talk about their pain with each other and it feels like they support each other in their dysfunction.

  19. The only intelligence that matters is that which comes from the body, as anything else is fed to us. It doesn’t take a very detailed look at humanity to see we are a seriously retarded species in terms of our physical health and wellbeing. Any other species that became so unwell would start to die out or be picked off by stronger animals.

  20. In future times, the understanding of true intelligence will be an accepted awareness, and the isolated linear thought streams known as intelligence today will be relegated to its rightful place.

  21. ” ‘intelligent people’ often do things that might be considered less than intelligent.” A great question to ask Joel and one that makes no logical sense. If we consider that we accept intelligence just to be based on what the mind can recall rather than on what the body knows and feels to be true, we are leaving out a major factor in the equation and one that we really need to start paying more attention to.

    1. Indeed Sandra, we leave a major factor out of the equation when we only trust the intelligence of the mind. While doing so, in indulge in giving importance to the mind, we too inadvertently close the connection we naturally had with our body like when we were a child.

  22. ‘The less we need to protect ourselves or react to what we feel, the less we draw on the mental intelligence to avoid something, which strangely may mean that in that moment we are more free to think!’ this is so true.I’m discovering the more I switch from what’s going on in my head and return to my body, the clearer I become and the simplicity of what’s next is revealed. No matter how enticing working something out in my head seems to be, I know it’s not the way and just a smoke screen for the clarity that is waiting for me – even if initially it is to feel an old hurt I’ve been carrying around.

  23. There are so very many ‘whys’ that can be added to this list and I agree it is definitely not about pointing the finger but instead taking a step back, taking stock and choosing to see all that is going on (and there is a lot going on). Love is intelligent and comes from whole body intelligence as Universal Medicine presents. It does not judge, compete, want recognition or think it ‘got there’ wherever ‘there’ may be on its own. It is a movement with the whole being, the whole body and this is the education we need to teach.

  24. The question for me really is, ‘What type of intelligence are we using if we are going down a very dark hole in almost every aspect of human life”? I would say without doubt that every decision made from the mind without consulting with how our body feels first is doomed to only deliver short-term solutions that keep us spinning around and not evolving as a species.

  25. It is interesting to consider that we, like you say, Joel, implicitly trust our mind while most of the time it is not that honest about its motives or when these motives happen to be exposed are heavily defended.

  26. No matter how intelligent we may think we are it is proof by what is presented here that it is impossible to say that intelligence as we know it today is the answer to everything. Intelligence may bring us a great job, money, a position in power or that education/intelligence is the answer to our problems with our youth etc. but are we truly content believing intelligence has all the answers? The answer has to be no, otherwise we would not have the extreme abusive behaviours carried out by those who are regarded and think they are intelligent in our society today.

  27. We hold intelligence of the mind to be the pinnacle of achievement but staring at us in the face is the pure and simple fact that it is not working. In fact, we hold it in such regard that as children we grow up believing that we are less if we do not possess this power of intelligence and that we have nothing to offer if we can not master it. And within that, as we strive to be intelligent and have others acceptance, there are always others who reach higher levels of unobtainable levels of intelligence.

  28. This is a brilliant reality check you offer here Joel. For yes, we seem to be advancing as a society in terms of technology and our academic achievements, but is all this truly supporting us to live with greater health and well-being or with greater truth and love for ourselves and each other or with a greater understanding and connection to who we are so we can live our true potential. For as you have pointed out, in all honesty we are not experiencing this and in fact underneath the façade and gloss of our ‘advancing intelligence’ we are increasingly becoming more ill, violent and abusive with ourselves and each other with the advancing technology and intelligence supporting this. Yet our bodies are what continue to provide us with the evidence of how we are faring as a humanity. Evidence that regardless of how much we try to numb, dull or escape it, it continues to call to us to listen. From every step we take to every choice we make, our bodies reflect the absolute truth, as wise it would be for us to invest in establishing a deep and loving relationship with this marker that knows in any moment what is true, what is loving and what supports us to be our true and Soulful selves. For the purpose is lost as is the love, if we are not living the truth the represents the truth of us all.

  29. I too have witnessed how ‘intelligent people often do things that might be considered less than intelligent.’ This all depends on how we define the word intelligence. If it is knowledge based is there any wisdom? I know which I prefer. Learning to listen to my body – and honouring its messages – has taught me so much.

  30. It is only through honesty that we can understand the current state of our health and wellbeing and the fact that it is a total disaster! We are being offered the opportunity to correct such issues if we can understand that true intelligence is a whole body experience with access to the wisdom of the universe and not just from the mind that is driving our bodies to the ground.

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