Students of The Way of The Livingness: True Miracles

What is a Miracle?

A ‘miracle’ is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as:

An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.” (1)

It is a commonly shared belief that miracles are impossible phenomena and that the word ‘miracle’ was used by the Christians to help explain stories such as Moses ‘parting the sea’ to allow the Israelites to escape from the Egyptians thousands of years ago.

Due to the bastardisation of the words ‘religion’ and ‘miracle’ (along with their true meaning), people often tend to believe that miracles are just ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or make-believe stories. Institutionalised religions would have us believe that it’s only ‘chosen ones’ such as Moses or Jesus who could perform such divine occurrences because they were spiritually blessed. This then encourages many religious followers to believe they are less, in comparison to the ‘chosen ones’.

Could it be that this is not the case, and miracles are not just ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or impossible phenomena? Could miracles relate in some way, if we so choose, to every person, not just a few ‘chosen-ones’ throughout history?

What then would miracles look like if these were true?

Students of The Way of The Livingness

I have been attending presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for many, many years and have witnessed some absolutely incredible changes in many of the students of The Way of The Livingness. The Before and After Universal Medicine project shows some of these phenomenal transformations that have taken place due to students of The Way of the Livingness simply making more loving and healthy choices in their everyday lives.

According to ‘natural and scientific laws’, as we grow older we physically begin to age; wrinkles occur, our body generally weakens and illness and disease become more common due to the immune system being exhausted…

However, for all those who have been inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to live responsibly, committing their lives to loving themselves and sharing this with humanity, these so called ‘laws’ seem to not apply, or not apply so harshly or suddenly.

Instead, the students look younger, more vital and fresher faced; they are living in their natural body shapes (whereas often as we age our bodies become less fit and can disfigure, age or weight-wise), and they also have become more joy-full and play-full… In other words they seem to be aging backwards!

By choosing to make loving choices in their daily lives, they are transcending the ‘norm’, so what is happening right before our eyes are in fact TRUE MIRACLES. They are indeed ‘extraordinary events’, so to perform a miracle one does not need to part the sea, but simply LIVE LOVE and make simple choices based on what you feel to be true. It really is that simple.

The Students of The Way of The Livingness: True Miracles (by their True Definition) Right Before Your Eyes…

True Miracles are not something that only a chosen few are destined to perform and/or be at their receiving end. In actual fact, true (living) miracles are the results of choices, and really what the students of The Way of the Livingness are doing is not miraculous or difficult; they are naturally returning to love and in doing so are re-learning the true laws of what it is to live for humanity, and not self.

The miracles we see in the Before and After Universal Medicine Project are a natural by-product of this way of living as we can see from these pictures below.

Carolien Braakenburg

Carolien Braakenburg Before Universal Medicine
Carolien Braakenburg | 6 Months AFTER Universal Medicine

Carolien Braakenburg | After Universal Medicine
Carolien Braakenburg | 5 Years AFTER Universal Medicine

 Jonathan & Rowena Stewart

Jonathan & Rowena Stewart | Before Universal Medicine
Jonathan & Rowena Stewart | 1 Year BEFORE Universal Medicine

Jonathan & Rowena Stewart | After Universal Medicine
Jonathan & Rowena Stewart | 7 Years AFTER Universal Medicine

Stephanie Stevenson

Stephanie Stevenson | Before Universal Medicine
Stephanie Stevenson | 4 Years BEFORE Universal Medicine

Stephanie Stevenson | After Universal Medicine
Stephanie Stevenson | 6 Years AFTER Universal Medicine

By Susie Williams, Student

(1) “Definition of Miracle in English:.” Miracle. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 May 2015.

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553 thoughts on “Students of The Way of The Livingness: True Miracles

  1. This is a great article because it is true and a fact that the students of the Ageless Wisdom are getting younger and more vital it is amazing to watch this occur. As an example I saw a friend and a student of Ageless Wisdom presented this time around by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. My friend glowed from head to foot there is no other way to describe the sheer beauty of her grace, I have never seen her face so radiant, open and so clear. What I also felt was a compulsion that I too can be that way that this grace and vitality is there for everyone to claim for themselves it just comes down to a choice. What do we want out of life superficiality or something more sustaining?

  2. Thank you Susie, deepening our understanding of what a miracle is definitely making our day more alive, and as this awareness will promote more insight-full-ness into each day I look forward to expanding my relationship with divinity.

  3. Growing up, i was surrounded by elderly who were exhausted from life – some overweight, others underweight. Some talking to themselves, others talking to nobody. To come into a community where the elderly are this vital and approachable has changed my perception on 1) Getting old and 2) the elderly themselves. We don’t have to get angrier and angrier as we age, nor do we have to give up and feel useless.

    1. Absolutely Viktoria, for me at 66, old-age is looked forward to in the most amazing ways, and adding to that my relationship with passing-over, as this is something that is also bringing such a joy to the way I am living and this will be until my last breath. Enjoying life will never stop and gets more Joy-full.

  4. Not only do many students of The Way of The Livingness look younger and more healthy, they feel younger, more healthy and have more vitality.

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