Sunrise and Sunset – The Dawning of Consistency

There is a fascination in me with the dawning and closing of the day – sunrise and sunset. I love the light, I love the ever-changing patterns of clouds – streaming reds and pinks and visual explosions of deep oranges and yellows across the lightening or darkening sky. The blues, from midnight blue to ocean marine blue, all act as a wonderful backdrop for the myriad light shows that we all can choose to witness each and every day.

I love to photograph these in the wonder of how, from one day to the next, the premise is exactly the same; the sun will rise and the sun will set, yet the way it occurs visually each time is very different.

But the fact remains: the rise and set of the sun is consistent each and every day.

It occurred to me that this is an amazing reflection of each and every human life living on planet earth. We can all count on the rising and setting of the sun – this daily occurrence is an absolute truth, for it never stops.

The fact that WE all have the potential to be in harmony, for we are all from the same source, Love, is also an absolute truth for me. Regardless of different forms of thinking, it is never going to change – it is absolutely true.

And no matter how hard we may try to deny or alter this fact, the truth of that connection with our source, with Love, sits glowing within us, like the brightest sun, waiting for the moment of release.

Consider also that each day, dawn and dusk, the visual treat served up by God is another reflection for each and every one of us. We are given the grace and opportunity in the day to pause, reflect and take stock of how we have been expressing. Observing the magnificence of dawn and dusk allows us this space.

For the sun, expressing so brightly, never alters; yet the day’s clouds, winds or rain do change the way the sun is seen.

How very similar is each of our day’s ever-changing living landscape to the weather that blankets our every move. The changing pace of life, the problems that arise, the relationships that flow or not on any given day, the traffic, our food choices etc., can all end up at the end of the day being so heavy, like a dark storm.

Is it possible that we can forget to stop and observe the sunset within ourselves and know the magnificence we are from?

That tomorrow represents another opportunity to shine?

What would it be like if we claimed the consistency of us every single day?

If we started shining into every dark corner of the world, how powerful would that be?

Inspired by Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

by Lee Green, Student of Truth, Melbourne, AUS

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933 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sunset – The Dawning of Consistency

  1. Our days never alter in as much as we go round and round the sun going nowhere, it is our movements that change the day.

  2. This is such a gem of a blog, I am so pleased I found it today. “For the sun, expressing so brightly, never alters; yet the day’s clouds, winds or rain do change the way the sun is seen”, this is a consistent reflection to us of how we can approach our lives, being consistent regardless of the other elements around us.

  3. Love what you have shared Lee. By being as consistent as we can be with our-selves in the appreciation of what every day brings to us, is a forever deepening part of our evolution as we have the sunrise and sunset as a standard that never varies. Every day has these same movements of the sun passing over us, and the sun is sharing with us that we are more than this physical vessel and God can be in our every breath, this is relearning to Truly appreciate.

  4. Lee I appreciated the cycles you presented here that the dawn presents a new beginning, to meet the wonder of a new day and the opportunities to grow, and then the nightly sunset to reflect in wonder on the day, and appreciate what we have experienced and where we have grown. Nature itself is also so beautiful, a reflection to remind us of what’s inside ourselves.

  5. I love the offering to shine regardless of what goes on around us just like the sun shines regardless of whether it is seen through the clouds, fog or rain.

  6. The darkest corners need the most light, that is why it’s important that we don’t shy away when doing anything.

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