Sunrise and Sunset – The Dawning of Consistency

There is a fascination in me with the dawning and closing of the day – sunrise and sunset. I love the light, I love the ever-changing patterns of clouds – streaming reds and pinks and visual explosions of deep oranges and yellows across the lightening or darkening sky. The blues, from midnight blue to ocean marine blue, all act as a wonderful backdrop for the myriad light shows that we all can choose to witness each and every day.

I love to photograph these in the wonder of how, from one day to the next, the premise is exactly the same; the sun will rise and the sun will set, yet the way it occurs visually each time is very different.

But the fact remains: the rise and set of the sun is consistent each and every day.

It occurred to me that this is an amazing reflection of each and every human life living on planet earth. We can all count on the rising and setting of the sun – this daily occurrence is an absolute truth, for it never stops.

The fact that WE all have the potential to be in harmony, for we are all from the same source, Love, is also an absolute truth for me. Regardless of different forms of thinking, it is never going to change – it is absolutely true.

And no matter how hard we may try to deny or alter this fact, the truth of that connection with our source, with Love, sits glowing within us, like the brightest sun, waiting for the moment of release.

Consider also that each day, dawn and dusk, the visual treat served up by God is another reflection for each and every one of us. We are given the grace and opportunity in the day to pause, reflect and take stock of how we have been expressing. Observing the magnificence of dawn and dusk allows us this space.

For the sun, expressing so brightly, never alters; yet the day’s clouds, winds or rain do change the way the sun is seen.

How very similar is each of our day’s ever-changing living landscape to the weather that blankets our every move. The changing pace of life, the problems that arise, the relationships that flow or not on any given day, the traffic, our food choices etc., can all end up at the end of the day being so heavy, like a dark storm.

Is it possible that we can forget to stop and observe the sunset within ourselves and know the magnificence we are from?

That tomorrow represents another opportunity to shine?

What would it be like if we claimed the consistency of us every single day?

If we started shining into every dark corner of the world, how powerful would that be?

Inspired by Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

by Lee Green, Student of Truth, Melbourne, AUS

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921 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sunset – The Dawning of Consistency

  1. Our days never alter in as much as we go round and round the sun going nowhere, it is our movements that change the day.

  2. This is such a gem of a blog, I am so pleased I found it today. “For the sun, expressing so brightly, never alters; yet the day’s clouds, winds or rain do change the way the sun is seen”, this is a consistent reflection to us of how we can approach our lives, being consistent regardless of the other elements around us.

  3. Love what you have shared Lee. By being as consistent as we can be with our-selves in the appreciation of what every day brings to us, is a forever deepening part of our evolution as we have the sunrise and sunset as a standard that never varies. Every day has these same movements of the sun passing over us, and the sun is sharing with us that we are more than this physical vessel and God can be in our every breath, this is relearning to Truly appreciate.

    1. This includes appreciation of ourselves, ‘Is it possible that we can forget to stop and observe the sunset within ourselves and know the magnificence we are from?’, and are a part of.

  4. Lee I appreciated the cycles you presented here that the dawn presents a new beginning, to meet the wonder of a new day and the opportunities to grow, and then the nightly sunset to reflect in wonder on the day, and appreciate what we have experienced and where we have grown. Nature itself is also so beautiful, a reflection to remind us of what’s inside ourselves.

    1. A reminder of the beauty and magnificence we too are, ‘Nature itself is also so beautiful, a reflection to remind us of what’s inside ourselves.’

  5. I love the offering to shine regardless of what goes on around us just like the sun shines regardless of whether it is seen through the clouds, fog or rain.

  6. The darkest corners need the most light, that is why it’s important that we don’t shy away when doing anything.

  7. I am struck by your comment “For the sun, expressing so brightly, never alters; yet the day’s clouds, winds or rain do change the way the sun is seen.” If we stop and consider this, no matter what happens to us, no matter what comes in our out, or clouds us, we are still consistently shining in the background, knowing who we are and why we are here.

  8. The consistency of the sunrise and the sunset keep life and its goings on in perspective for me. Whatever happens, however dramatic it feels at the time, nature still offers the same reflection. It is a constant reminder that it is us who choose to walk away from that stillness.

  9. The Earth rotates each day offering us an opportunity to rise to the call of living the truth of who we are, so that at sunset we choose repose to confirm all that we have felt.

  10. I love seeing the sunrise and sunset as it helps remind me of the start and end of the day as well as the magic of God that we essentially get to start again, like ground hog day forever learning and deepening the love that we are. The sunset feels like a completion to the end of the day, ready to awaken the wonders we are given at night.

  11. “Is it possible that we can forget to stop and observe the sunset within ourselves and know the magnificence we are from? That tomorrow represents another opportunity to shine?” Great question Lee, and a great reminder of who we are and that the only person who stops us shining is ultimately ourselves.

  12. A beautiful reflection of the sunrise and sunset in our lives, and the absolute truth and glory this offers to us, so we can see and know we are part of and as one with God, and bringing us back to shine brightly too.

  13. I love the fact that when you are the sun there can be clouds bellow you but they will never come into you so to speak.

  14. Thank you Lee. I am aware I don’t appreciate the start and end of each day nearly enough – and your blog has been a great wake up call for me to begin doing this to help me wind down from the day and prepare for the next.

  15. When in connection to our love within, to our Soul, we naturally live and are implused and moved by a source of energy, a vibration that represents who we all are in essence. This quality is ever-present within us and so our consistency is governed by the quality of our connection to it, which in every movement the opportunity is present.

  16. Lee I like your symbolism of the sun of God and the Son of God. I’ve definitely been spending a lot of time in the storm but learning how the consistency of my love, light and warmth is there ever present and untouched, and learning how to stay connected to that despite what is happening in life.

    1. Absolutely Melinda, our love emanates no matter what, ‘ how the consistency of my love, light and warmth is there ever present and untouched,’ love what you share here.

  17. I too absolutely love and appreciate the beautiful messages we are offered by God all through our days, and especially the magic that often accompanies the sunrise and the sunset; “the visual treat served up by God”. These two times of the day, with eternal consistency, can be the most spectacular moments and hard to miss, but there are also moments that may not be as visually spectacular but equally as grand. Yes, every moment matters.

    1. Yes, the sun doesn’t decide to not turn up if it is having a bad day! It knows it is part of a grander order and that is just what it does. We can say our lives are more complicated, but nature is a simple reflection and constant inspiration.

  18. ‘Sunrise and Sunset – The Dawning of Consistency’ beautiful Lee and I could feel how it also reflects that every day is the same day to sparkle and shine, we don’t have any excuse as Serge Benhayon is reflecting consistently to all of humanity.

  19. Gorgeous sharing Lee thank you, the gift of a new day and all that it brings, the clouds may gather and the rain may come, hiding the sun from our view but behind it all the sun is ever shining waiting for the storm to pass to show us its brilliance, just like us as we live each day with its differing situations that arise.

  20. I love reading this. It is such a beautiful reminder that the sunrise and sunset are perfect reflection that there is only one day, that the days of week etc. are but man-made markers, yet every day is different determined by our quality.

    1. The sunrise and sunset are great reminders of the ongoing cycle that we live in, the one day that repeats itself over and over.

  21. There is something very settling and steadying about consistency: reminding us of a settlement that we all hold deep within. Each new day is another opportunity to connect more deeply to that steadiness and stillness, and bring more love, than the day before.

  22. Your description of sunrise and sunset makes me realise that there is nothing to be perfected. But simple allowing and surrendering reveals the incredible beauty and majesty of our potential in a way and manner that is most befitted in each and every moment.

  23. I love the Sunrise as I feel the stillness of the day beginning and it’s such a great reminder that each day is a new beginning, at the end of the day the Sunset is a great reflection of a beautiful day.

  24. I was watching a beautiful sunset with my daughter yesterday and said to her that I would love to live in a house where you could see both sunrise’s and sunset’s really clearly, it is such a magical part of the day that I always enjoy experiencing.

  25. Dawn and dusk have always been my favorite times of day and Lee has really helped me understand why that has been the case. The sunrise seems to be always offering us a fresh, clean palette to ‘paint’ our day on with more loving choices and the sunset giving us a sense of reflection on those choices and the space to wind down and prepare for the next day.

    1. A great description Michael, the expansion on offer with the dawn and a chance to live more love again by reimprinting our daily cycle, and reflection and confirmation at dusk.

  26. Yes everything in nature is actually showing us consistency from the sunrise to the sunset, to the seasons, to the animals breeding every year at the same time to the flower blossoming and dying. If nature is a reflection of our true inner essence than it means we are absolutely amazing and consistent too, even though we might not live the fact at the moment.

  27. I’m becoming more familiar with this word ‘consistency’, a word that can keep you stuck in a place or a word that can break old habits that no longer serve and bring on changes – but forever evolving.

    1. It’s a good point that we can be consistent in the negatives also, so yes, we really do know consistency!

  28. I just loved reading this blog, I’ve always loved the majesty of the sunrising and the glimpse of the first crack of light shining through the dark sky – God is with us to greet us and then to add to this is the chorus of birds singing – beauty full.

  29. This is beautiful Lee, the shining consistency of humanity. Our light and warmth never leave, if we all lived brining forth this truth and allowing the clouds to part we would all be showered in Glory with our every breath.

  30. Thank you Lee I loved your sharing on the rising and setting of the sun in all its glorious expression. Looking at the sun in all its shining and radiant beauty reflects to us the glory that we hold within and each day offers us the opportunity to shine and sparkle with our own sonship light.

  31. Thank you Lee for a beautiful sharing on the sunrise and sunsets that grace us every single day, I love that nature is constantly offering us reflections and opportunities to shine the truth of who we are everyday.

  32. A beautiful analogy shared here Lee, of how the sun never alters the degree of brightness it shines with, consistently shining in full power with every particle in its body. So too we, the sparks of God, have the same opportunity with every day that dawns, to shine the light of who we are with every particle in our bodies, so that with every breath we magnify and bring the lightness of who we are to this world.

  33. Beautiful to read today as I contemplate walking with the rising sun, thank you Lee for sharing, what a great reflection that the rising and setting of the sun gives to us at the start and end of each day “Is it possible that we can forget to stop and observe the sunset within ourselves and know the magnificence we are from?”

  34. The questions you ask when you write a blog always make me smile Lee. Of late, I have been so caught up in the storm, the clouds the winds, I have almost forgotten the sun is shining, my sun, its never changing in its warmth and brightness, its just what I put in the way of it that makes me feel as if it is gone. I am grateful for the reminder to shine and to me that feels like appreciating who I am and bringing the joy into everyday tasks.

  35. There is something about nature that always brings me back to a steadiness and a knowing. The consistency and simplicity that you describe is very beautiful and when I reflect on it I am brought back to the magic of God and what we are all from and can live.

  36. Whatever we try to do to not feel or see from what source we are coming, the sunrise and sunset will always remind the light that lives within us just as consistent and natural as the sun, the reflection of divine light, bright and shiny always.

  37. Thank you Lee, this is truly beautiful to read, your words touched on a deep truth in me, particularly “For the sun, expressing so brightly, never alters” – who we are never alters even when we choose to believe or live otherwise.

  38. Everyday the sun rises and sets. It lights our days and warms us up in probably the most reliable and consistent cycle known to man. The question I am asking myself is do we live our days and nights without really realising what a blessing this truly is.

    1. Thanks for your comment Suse, Lee’s blog opened up for me the truly amazing world we live in, that we have a sun, a celestial body of fire, and a moon, that our planet is a gem, and that all of these things are part of a grandness that is our universe. The beauty and magnificence of it all is incomprehensible, but what a sense of awe and wonder it can bring.

  39. Your blog reminded me of how regardless of the truth humanity may argue against it, such as in history when the Earth was considered flat and the centre of the Universe, even though it was not. Many people are now discovering through the work of Serge Benhayon that we are each magnificent and equal Son’s of God, from the One God, the One Source, and with the same equal love and truth – it is in fact a One Unifying Truth. We are not becoming anything but returning to this truth. How many may argue against that? And, in the future when we look back what might history reveal in terms of humanity’s response or reaction to this fact?

  40. A beautiful reflection that in truth nothing can change our deepest inner essence, and how reassuring to know that even in the most difficult times the consistent warmth of the sun can be equally felt within our hearst and bodies.

  41. What a wonderful understanding and awareness to have – that we create our own interference to dull our natural shine and sparkle day and night. I can feel the colours of the sky reflecting to us the qualities of our essence. Do we know which ones we let reflect to All through the day regardless of the conditions around? Or did the external forces have us keep the cover on our loveliness deep with-in and therefor even hidden to ourselves?

  42. I also love sunrise and sunsets very much. There is indeed a beauty in it that always seems different because of the things that cover up the sun. But it remains beautiful, no matter what happens. For me it seems this is because the sun is so consistent in its divinity, that makes every sunrise or sunset beautiful.

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