Humanity Pty Ltd and Organisational Change

I spend a lot of time working in organisations – from small, to very large – whose focus is on organisational change, on change management programs, team development and the like.

One of the things that fascinates me is the interplay between the people with a clear sense of the change in organisations that is required in the organisation, and the responses and reactions to that change.

Some get on board quickly and ‘sign up’, so to speak; some get on board and then drop off; some only become interested in organisational change when enough other people are involved; some fight tooth and nail for what they feel they will lose; some try to ignore the need for change altogether (comfortable that ‘they are doing okay’ and/or ‘it doesn’t apply to them’).

Regardless of the starting positions, a person’s level of willingness to sit with discomfort appears to be the critical attribute. It’s interesting to observe that those who have no interest in any discomfort can cause extreme discomfort in others, all so they can avoid looking at their own way of working, while others see the discomfort as a growth opportunity and find a way to develop from the process.

Of course, there are also the cynics who – after seeing so many failed changes in organisations, or changes that move from one way of working back to another – are soundly (and at times rightly), sceptical of anything new.

When you look at the literature about organisational change, peoples’ varied responses seem to apply regardless of whether you are dealing with a multi-national or small organisation. It was this fact that led me to the possibility that humanity could be the biggest ‘organisation’ on earth.

If you look at humanity as an organisation, it is possible to see all of these same responses and reactions to change in organisations at play.

 Like an organisation, the only way we, as humanity, truly develop, is by working together.

The only way we stay viable is by adapting as the external circumstances shift and move – whilst still staying true to what is central and core (organisations would call these values).

Like an organisation, some divisions can form, and different departments can start to think they are more important than the next. Like organisations, humanity sometimes requires a visionary – able to offer an alternative to how life might be.

And like organisations, for every visionary there are those that defend, reject, ignore, challenge, blindly follow, wait for others to join, or just watch cynically from the sidelines hoping for it to pass.

It is fair to say that Serge Benhayon is one such visionary: someone bold enough to present an alternative to the way life is at the moment. However, from the view of someone who has tested the practicality of that vision, it is so very, very normal.

The biggest difference I find with the presentation of ‘The Way of the Livingness’, is that while it presents a possible future for humanity, what is presented is done so in very real and practical terms.

It also doesn’t ask me to ‘believe’ or ‘have faith’ in anything other than the evidence provided by my choices in life.

In that way, ‘The Way of the Livingness’ is not a faith in what might be, but very practical and simple ‘potential’ for how our lives can be right now.

… A life that is more interested in self-responsibility than it is about a grand vision for the future by making a difference in other peoples’ lives. A life that, through self-responsibility, builds a level of vitality that can be of true value to society; a life that understands true change begins with self; a life that reflects true organisational change, and true working together for all…

Starting with self-responsibility allows us to understand what affects us, and what supports us in truth. It also brings awareness and consideration for how we impact others.

By Joel Levin

449 thoughts on “Humanity Pty Ltd and Organisational Change

  1. “Starting with self-responsibility allows us to understand what affects us, and what supports us in truth. It also brings awareness and consideration for how we impact others.”

    Hear hear, and so this is the very foundation in which we can truly bring around change.

  2. There are no differences to changing organizations as to change humanity as a whole. In that sense, it would be also interesting to see companies arise that make it about people first, make it about love first, truly serving society. Humanity would greatly benefit from companies like that, where there are a few on this planet already.

  3. What I love about what you share Joel is the fact that as an organisation the only way it can truly work is if ALL members of the organisation pull their weight and are equally valued and appreciated. We ALL have a responsibility to this earth and the universe as a whole and it only serves the level of comfort we have settled for to think that separation is even remotely ok.

  4. When we live in connection to love, guided by our love within, we naturally live for the all as in essence we are all love, as such no real effort is required other than surrendering to our responsibility to live in honor of our love, as it is our love lived that represents and reflects the love of us all.

  5. “Like an organisation, the only way we, as humanity, truly develop, is by working together.” Absolutely and we need to realise that every choice we make affects not only us but everyone else too.

  6. Taking responsibility for our own lives lets us see all the choices they make and the impact on our health, wellbeing and vitality. Every moment is another opportunity to make wise and responsible choices to take care of ourselves and ensure we’re always ready for whatever is next.

  7. Being true to our core values and being responsive to the world from that foundation is really key for true change; it’s the lived values that brings the quality in how we are with everyone in Humanity Pty Ltd!

  8. I feel having personal responsibility is the key to living in harmony both with ourselves and all others, for if we take responsibility for our choices and their resultant consequences, then we automatically become a responsible team player.

    1. Great point Elizabeth and all our choices count as we are always a part of the team even those times when we are alone as each moment contributes to the whole we are all in…

      1. Yes.. so easy to switch off and pretend none of our choices and our movements make a difference. But they do, not just on our own bodies and lives, but also the energetic quality of the whole planet.

    2. Absolutely Elizabeth well said – in love we are all equal and with this quality lived we set the standards that are in respect for all, in honour of the love we know we all are in essence

  9. Well said Joel, Serge presents a real way forward for humanity and we can go kicking and screaming or we can align and bear the fruits of life lived with love, truth and harmony.

  10. ‘It also doesn’t ask me to ‘believe’ or ‘have faith’ in anything other than the evidence provided by my choices in life.’ It does not ask us to invest in it in anyway but instead to look to ourselves and from there to humanity and back again. A way of living that is tried and tested as we live it, not trying to live up to anything in particular but opening our eyes to what is in every moment.

  11. The abdication of self responsibility is a massive problem – we think we can indulge in food, alcohol, harm ourselves without considering that we are always contributing to a greater whole – and in truth we can never live an individually harmful life without also harming others.

  12. It sounds like you get to see and observe a lot in your job with regards to people and change (or no change!). I have heard it said before that in order to heal or truly change anything within the world, first we must start in our very own backyard and that is exactly what The Way of the Livingness teaches.. for us all to lovingly look at the choices we have made and have a willingness to start to take and be truly responsible in and for our life and to also willing to heal all that is disharmonious in our life. Bringing self-love and self-care back to the forefront.

    1. It is the only place we can start, it is utterly pointless hurling others before your own home is in true love, care and order.

  13. I think it starts with self responsibility too. In a sense though it’s strange that we as humans have the capacity to not work in harmony together when the rest of the inhabitants of the universe does. Everything in nature is working in symbiosis but we humans seems to have quite a lot to learn there.

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