How Small is Small Talk?

Have you ever been in a situation, like being in an elevator with someone you don’t know, of feeling the awkwardness as you both are looking forward at the door as if the other person isn’t there: you suddenly break the silence with the profound observation of… “Nice weather we’re having lately, huh?” to which they reply “Yeah, it sure has been.” Continue reading “How Small is Small Talk?”

Sympathy, Snow and a Robin

Recently, in the lead up to Christmas, I travelled from Australia to the UK to attend the funeral of a close family member. I had been working through a natural sense of physical loss prior to my trip, and so I was feeling a gentle sense of acceptance within myself as I undertook the long journey north to celebrate the passing of this person’s life.

Travel protocols and security require us at several stages of air travel to declare our reasons for travel, and we often converse with fellow travellers and share our reasons for making such a long trip. Continue reading “Sympathy, Snow and a Robin”

The Missing Link to Understanding Reincarnation

For as long as I can remember I have not understood why it is said that some people go to heaven and some go to hell – it never really made any sense to me.

I did notice however, that someone could create heaven or hell on earth for themselves, or other people, depending on their personal life choices.

I could not understand either, that if God was love, why would he send some people to hell to rot for eternity, and others that were good to fluffy clouds, to kind of um, well… sit around with angels playing harps. Even though I was quite scared of the hell option I remember feeling heaven felt a bit boring, a bit mundane and a bit surreal. Continue reading “The Missing Link to Understanding Reincarnation”

Hidden Treasure and the Illusion of Elders

When we are younger, particularly in the ‘Western world’, we tend to not see the hidden treasures all around in the form of elder people because we are not looking at them. We have been trained by media, TV, sports, music and fashion to pay attention to and follow youth, and to disregard elders as if they are irrelevant and embarrassing reminders of where we are going, that we don’t want to go. So we make the elders invisible. Continue reading “Hidden Treasure and the Illusion of Elders”