Hidden Treasure and the Illusion of Elders

When we are younger, particularly in the ‘Western world’, we tend to not see the hidden treasures all around in the form of elder people because we are not looking at them. We have been trained by media, TV, sports, music and fashion to pay attention to and follow youth, and to disregard elders as if they are irrelevant and embarrassing reminders of where we are going, that we don’t want to go. So we make the elders invisible.

I observe many elders desperately clinging to youth and not rising to their grace and wisdom. I have found there are many treasures, like the grandfather of a blog commenter I recently read about, who quietly goes about ‘being an elder role model’.

They have learned and accepted that nobody might be looking and benefiting from the wisdom and grace they offer, but they continue to just be who they are, without raising a ruckus to get attention. They also offer infinite patience and understanding, and the great love expressed by allowing others to just be where they are. After all they’ve probably “seen it all and done it all” themselves and understand what’s going on for you.

These are some of the hidden treasures that younger people often miss because they, like most of the elders, are too busy racing around with their heads down in their own concerns. And, in fact, weird though it seems, many younger people are also desperately hanging onto youth. Not in the ‘looking young’ way, but in the ‘playing the kid’ way. That is, hanging onto being irresponsible, reactive against parents and authorities, self-centered, wanting to do their own fun thing without having to consider others, avoiding commitment to relationships, work and life, all driven by the fear that if they step up into responsibility and commitment, life will become ‘restrictive, dull and boring’ (which can only be true if you make it so). I know people in their twenties and thirties who still live like this, and even people middle aged and older than me who still live like this!

I observe that we have ‘teenage’ energy and mindset spread throughout the whole population, regardless of age. In truth, as many people have lately been pointing out in blog comments, we can have elder energy at any age.

Hmm… it would be interesting to do a detective job on why we at any age choose ‘childish’ irresponsibility over the elder wisdom and grace that is available to all, and is even present in babies and young children.

I’m not a mother, by choice. I have done 16 years of part-time step-mothering but was, and am still, not a mother, so when I interact with children it is not in ‘mother’ energy or “I’m an adult and you’re just a kid” energy. It’s wonderful!! I get to be me, let them be them, and see and feel them as equals with as much wisdom and understanding as I have just with a little less training in the specifics of this particular time on the Earth. I enjoy lots of awesome ‘eye to eye, heart to heart’ moments of silent, ageless, mutually-conscious understanding with little ones. The physical age of our bodies means nothing in that context.

Adding the factor of reincarnation makes a huge difference to relationships – to know that the 8 year-old girl you’re chatting and painting pictures with has been (many times over) all genders, all ages, many societal roles and a wide range of occupations, and may have even been your own grandfather in some life or other! This awareness imparts an equality that can be felt and sensed by the child, who then is free to express their elder wisdom and grace, which is part of who they have always been.

When adults arrogantly treat children like ‘kids’, lesser beings who ‘don’t know as much’ and have to be constantly told, it suppresses the equality of relationship and the children then play out what you expect them to be: irresponsible, lesser and trivial.

Without blaming, because we’ve all been a party to and entrapped by the same belief, this is a deep, insidious form of training to be NOT ONLY not themselves, but also not in the wisdom and grace of elder energy that is innately within all children, as in everyone.

If it were not for Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I may have continued ignoring the factor of reincarnation as being of great relevance in our lives and relationships. It would have remained at best a curiosity of nature in the 95% of the universe that our scientists currently admit they have no access to, and at worst, a fable that has no validity or value to our life. But seeing it in the whole context makes sense of a great many mysteries of human experience and psychology, and makes a fruitful foundation for the understanding and correction of interactions, attitudes, behaviour and purpose.

Let’s give ourselves and all humanity a big gift by changing the way we relate to our children and our elder people, offering respect and equality right from the get-go.

Thus children can grow up in their elder energy and never have to lose it and painfully re-find it as so many of us current older adults have had to do. Then our children will naturally have respect and appreciation for all the phases of life, and not end up trapped in ‘youth culture’. And our older people can continue to respect themselves and be respected by others for who they truly are without feeling pressured to be anything else, as some most beautifully live now.

Inspired by the comments of Gill Randall, Helen Simkins, Rebecca Briant & Lucinda G on Being an Elder Role Model

by Dianne Trussell, BSc Hons, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

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1,172 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure and the Illusion of Elders

  1. Yes Dianne, this sad phenomenon is a testament to the upside down way we tend to see life. We have fully bought into the idea and premise that youth is our greatest day. We disengage and dismiss the wisdom and learnings we have every day, pining for a utopian child likeness, all the time missing the crucial fact: we can have agelessness in the joy and vitality we bring, when we appreciate and see every day as an enriching education in life.

  2. When we truly understand re-incarnation we will know that all children have a wealth of experience to bring to the world, We have a responsibility to allow our children to be who they are and nurture their innate qualities. They see and feel everything but they are not encouraged to express this and so they start to push this aside and it is is very rarely rekindled in later years.

  3. It’s all, in truth, about accepting the being behind the apparent facade of someone’s ‘age’ in life, isn’t it… That same being remains throughout – exercising its will to either be in alignment to the love and truth inherent within, or to rebel against and resist this, bringing lack of responsibility, and harm to oneself and others…
    If we accepted reincarnation as fact, we would far more readily connect with the truth of the being – who is indeed age-less, and holds the capacity to be a true elder at any point in life as you say Dianne.

  4. There is so much that is not true in the way the generations relate to each other and how they behave. We do undervalue the elders. Yet when I meet an elder who lives with joy and enthusiasm for life, they shine out like a bright star. So many of our elders retreat away from life, getting caught in their own issues. I can see why our young people do not want to look to this role model. The middle ages do not have the answers either, and the checking out from life is starting here. We say we love our kids yet we don’t fully engage with them, allowing TV and computer games to raise them so we can get on with what we think is important. Then the young appear to me to be more disengaged than ever. I see little willingness to be responsible, perhaps due to the lack of role models who know the depth of what this means. Valuing each generation as equal feels very key to changing this malady in our society.

    1. True Fiona, we don’t seem to have the time or take the time to engage with our children, we keep them and ourselves busy and miss the opportunity of truly connecting and valuing what each of us brings regardless of our age.

  5. It really is so wonderful to feel that all of us have been here many lives before and even when we are with children we can feel and appreciate that at some time over the lives lived they have been where I have been and experienced many things making them full of wisdom and insight and when we allow them the space to simply be themselves its amazing what comes though in our connections with them. Holding children just as they are is simply glorious and feels me with much joy whenever I have the opportunity to be in their presence.

  6. Children are such interesting little studies. They are smaller, yes, but you can feel that they are just like any of us, they have lived many lives before and can choose to access an elder energy at different times if they choose to, as can we all. I think as a society we need to relish the elderly, I for one go out of my way to show the elderly that visit my work place a great respect and care. Making sure they have a backed chair, that they don’t have to stand up and down too many times and that they feel very heard. This honouring is what will bring us closer to the each other and welcomes more elder energy into our lives from all ages.

  7. It really is amazing to look into the eyes of a young child and realise they have been here many lifetimes over and carry a wealth of experiences, and wisdom. It can be quite profound what comes out of a child’s mouth when they have not been shut down but allowed to be who they truly are, held in equal love by the parents.

    1. I have the privilege of sometimes teaching and there is nothing quite like seeing a whole class of children become alive in their knowing and observations of life, they have the same wisdom within as someone touching the 100 mark!

      1. This made me smile Vanessa – children enjoying being fully in their knowingness as no big deal – an attitude of ‘yes, been there, done that, worn the t-shirt many lifetimes over’.

  8. It is so true – as we grow up, most of us let go of our connection with the innate wisdom and the knowingness that we are born with, and struggle so much, desperately seeking to fill the emptiness. The elders are our future generation of babies to be born, and we have a responsibility to assist them prepare themselves for their next round of cycle.

  9. It is very arrogant and totally limiting to use age as a marker of wisdom. We can appreciate wisdom as vibration of truth that can come from anyone at any time . They simply need to be connected.

  10. Simply exposed this ‘teenage’ energy that is rampant around the world and across all ages as you share, we love the recklessness and irresponsibility that fulfilling any whim or fancy affords us. But yet look at our world on every level it is disturbed and out of harmony. We need to pay heed to our elders and the wisdom that is lived.

  11. I had a conversation with a child recently and I was telling them about something from when I was young. They responded with “Oh, that was when I was older than you”. It was true, it their past life they most likely would have been older than me at that point in time. When you bring this into awareness, judging people by their age is crazy.

  12. We are trained to look life in a way that stops at some layer and do not go beyond it. Part of the training is to make sure that we are satisfied with it and look no further. That training, however, guarantees us not finding any treasure, hence a life devoid of true appreciation for what has true value. Until we renounce the blinkers and go for it.

  13. “I observe that we have ‘teenage’ energy and mindset spread throughout the whole population, regardless of age.” This is true, as the world makes us identify with staying young and the fear or aging, however it is only through our deeper connection to self that we can embrace all of who we are and then we understand the responsibility we hold to express and share it with the others to inspire them and hold them in the love that we all are.

  14. Beautifully said Diane, we all have a role to play in claiming our own wisdom so we can offer what is already within, and we all have a role to play in respecting and honoring what wisdoms lies within another.

  15. Powerful sharing Dianne, it is the missing link in the way we live as a society in order to be in true brotherhood, raising our young to be all-knowing beings and honouring of the elder and wise reflections from others.

  16. I agree, the elders of our community are hidden treasures and it is beautiful to see an elder such as yourself Dianne live and express their deep wisdom for others to be inspired by.

  17. I absolutely love the wisdom you share Dianne and find I am super blessed to be witness to all you share because what you (and many other elders like you) share not only exposes all of the craziness and lies that befud many in the younger generation it also inspires so many to open up to how life can truly be different and grander. It allows for the older repeated behaviours through generations age old to heal and to truly change.

  18. Let’s give ourselves and all humanity a big gift by changing the way we relate to our children and our elder people, offering respect and equality right from the get-go. What a very different world we would find ourselves in, a world where we relate to each other with respect, dignity and kindness, a world where we could love and accept ourselves and the all others.

  19. Inside us all, no matter our age, lives a shining light that is not dependent on others watching for its glow to emanate. Yet we treat it this way and place conditions on it right through our lives so that when we are in the final chapter we have already decided to what degree we will illuminate the world with our love or not. Thus why it can be said that we live a darkened existence in a Land of Shadow, yet to collectively turn all our lights on full beam.

  20. You bring a depth to the appreciation we can feel about ourselves and others, a depth which comes from much more than just this one life.

  21. The most natural way to parent for me is to be my most transparent self, and allow my child to be that too. True our wisdom cannot be held back sometimes, and true also that we feel super playful and the two do not have to be exclusive. Also true we are sometimes vulnerable and we just express it matter of factly, and then come back to ourselves.

  22. When a child is allowed to be themselves with no imposing they feel it. There’s no pressure and trying to be something that they are not. We don’t realise the harm and abuse we are putting on our kids wanting them to achieve and do things beyond their years believing it is the right way to bring up our kids all because we as parents and grandparents want recognition and attention because of the lack of love towards ourselves. It is this lack of love that needs addressing within ourselves.

  23. I think you are onto something here Dianne. There is so much talk about the divide of the young and the old, and the trouble with our young people these days, the lack of respect for our elders etc…. and to start with bringing a focus that we are all equal and have been around the traps many times before to our relationships and interactions, could be the game-changer we are looking for.

  24. So beautifully presented Dianne! So spot on as usual In your observations. We all have been guilty at some time of not appreciating those who have wisdom young or elderly.

  25. The wisdom from within can express through us at any age. When we don’t impose our pictures on ‘age’ and what that apparently represents, we can appreciate everyone for all they bring.

  26. It is true there is so much wisdom that goes to waste due to the fact that we ignore (at least in some cultures) our elderly and for the best part see them and treat them as if of no use anymore. This is partly down to the younger generation who do not want to age or take responsibility, and also down to the elderly having given up on themselves, which feeds this notion that they have nothing left to offer society.

  27. I am going through a challenging time as I prepare to get married. I’ve tried to work the issues out myself and God knows that doesn’t work. What I have come to see is that everyone around me, young and old, has sage words and wisdom to impart. We all can support and offer each other guidance in this elder way, but in particular there are people I know who have had so much experience in living life. If I am just a little bit open to receiving their help, so much can be lifted up and change. Time to let their love and support in, I’ll start by receiving and appreciating your wise words Dianne.

  28. “I enjoy lots of awesome ‘eye to eye, heart to heart’ moments of silent, ageless, mutually-conscious understanding with little ones. The physical age of our bodies means nothing in that context.” I love what you have described here Dianne, I have also experienced some of these moments and this is exactly how it feels – there is so much equally conveyed and understood with each other in these silent and joyful moments!

  29. There is an incredible empowerment that happens when we treat children as the elders/multidimensional beings they are.

  30. Holding each other as equals in all our relationships is such an important quality – it allows us to truly work together and be inspired and supported by one another rather than crushing or diminishing another or doing the same to ourselves.

  31. People are wise if given a chance, where we get it wrong is giving our power away and negating our inner wisdom. By all means, listen to what others have to say and share your wisdom, but it is wise to feel the quality of the advice given whether it is from an adult or a child, as I remember my children being very wise with pearls of wisdom far beyond their years when they were younger, only at the time I did not see the value in what they were telling me because they were children. Whereas I have had endless advice from adults who were speaking from their own pictures of life and followed this to my detriment believing they knew better than me.

  32. More and more I am feeling the grace and wisdom of elder energy in my expression. It’s a deep healing to embrace this (not just for me but for everyone else too). Life becomes simple and my body becomes at ease and filled with space.

  33. If we do not connect to and appreciate our own inner grace and wisdom it makes it less likely that we will observe it in others. If we change the way we relate to ourselves we will naturally change the way we relate to others.

  34. “Let’s give ourselves and all humanity a big gift by changing the way we relate to our children and our elder people, offering respect and equality right from the get-go.” Now this ought to be the present on the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year; the gift that will keep on giving and giving. There is no doubt that 2018 would then be a very different ‘New Year’.

  35. The more energetic awareness we have the more respect we have for ourselves. The more respect we have for ourselves the more we respect all others around us and we soon discover through connection with any other has the capacity to bring through the wonders of many lives lived. This beauty you can have with any age group .. “The physical age of our bodies means nothing in that context.”

  36. Reading this blog today made me stop and to feel deeply into what is being shared about the equality we innately are. About the fact that we have lived many lives before so when entering this world we to have the same life experience as the adults who are our parents. Living form this innate knowing will change the way our societies will be. They will change into a place where everybody will be met as equally responsible whatever their age, but too to deeply appreciate for what they bring into the lives of us all.

  37. It’s like when children come out with incredible pearls of wisdom… where does that come from? I recall talking to a woman who was sharing about her early childhood and how committed she was to life and work at a very young age, answering the phone in her family business and taking orders, very completely and professionally at the age of 7 and this was not taught to her. This was all within her naturally. There is no other reasonable explanation for this, other than reincarnation.

  38. Embracing reincarnation as a part of life allows us to develop a deeper level of appreciation in our relationships for every interaction has a purpose where we can deepen our intimacy and love with one another.

  39. We are the ones missing out when we blind ourselves from recognising and adhering to the elder wisdom, which can be expressed at any age. Respect is not based on age but agelessness.

  40. It is true that we write off and make invisible our elders but surely they have in many cases given up and chosen to be invisible. Being an elder is a responsibility that most do not appreciate or step up to.

  41. We grow up but don’t – we get older but stay stuck in teenagerhood, expecting others to look after us and declaring life isn’t fair. But when you consider we have lived many lives on this earth this indulgence makes no sense. Except that we refuse to take responsibility for the choices we make. Thank you Dianne.

  42. We dismiss old age as being irrelevant because we dismiss the responsibility that reincarnation asks of us. When we surrender to our knowing of reincarnation every last movement matters as much as every movement that has been made before it.

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