Hidden Treasure and the Illusion of Elders

When we are younger, particularly in the ‘Western world’, we tend to not see the hidden treasures all around in the form of elder people because we are not looking at them. We have been trained by media, TV, sports, music and fashion to pay attention to and follow youth, and to disregard elders as if they are irrelevant and embarrassing reminders of where we are going, that we don’t want to go. So we make the elders invisible.

I observe many elders desperately clinging to youth and not rising to their grace and wisdom. I have found there are many treasures, like the grandfather of a blog commenter I recently read about, who quietly goes about ‘being an elder role model’.

They have learned and accepted that nobody might be looking and benefiting from the wisdom and grace they offer, but they continue to just be who they are, without raising a ruckus to get attention. They also offer infinite patience and understanding, and the great love expressed by allowing others to just be where they are. After all they’ve probably “seen it all and done it all” themselves and understand what’s going on for you.

These are some of the hidden treasures that younger people often miss because they, like most of the elders, are too busy racing around with their heads down in their own concerns. And, in fact, weird though it seems, many younger people are also desperately hanging onto youth. Not in the ‘looking young’ way, but in the ‘playing the kid’ way. That is, hanging onto being irresponsible, reactive against parents and authorities, self-centered, wanting to do their own fun thing without having to consider others, avoiding commitment to relationships, work and life, all driven by the fear that if they step up into responsibility and commitment, life will become ‘restrictive, dull and boring’ (which can only be true if you make it so). I know people in their twenties and thirties who still live like this, and even people middle aged and older than me who still live like this!

I observe that we have ‘teenage’ energy and mindset spread throughout the whole population, regardless of age. In truth, as many people have lately been pointing out in blog comments, we can have elder energy at any age.

Hmm… it would be interesting to do a detective job on why we at any age choose ‘childish’ irresponsibility over the elder wisdom and grace that is available to all, and is even present in babies and young children.

I’m not a mother, by choice. I have done 16 years of part-time step-mothering but was, and am still, not a mother, so when I interact with children it is not in ‘mother’ energy or “I’m an adult and you’re just a kid” energy. It’s wonderful!! I get to be me, let them be them, and see and feel them as equals with as much wisdom and understanding as I have just with a little less training in the specifics of this particular time on the Earth. I enjoy lots of awesome ‘eye to eye, heart to heart’ moments of silent, ageless, mutually-conscious understanding with little ones. The physical age of our bodies means nothing in that context.

Adding the factor of reincarnation makes a huge difference to relationships – to know that the 8 year-old girl you’re chatting and painting pictures with has been (many times over) all genders, all ages, many societal roles and a wide range of occupations, and may have even been your own grandfather in some life or other! This awareness imparts an equality that can be felt and sensed by the child, who then is free to express their elder wisdom and grace, which is part of who they have always been.

When adults arrogantly treat children like ‘kids’, lesser beings who ‘don’t know as much’ and have to be constantly told, it suppresses the equality of relationship and the children then play out what you expect them to be: irresponsible, lesser and trivial.

Without blaming, because we’ve all been a party to and entrapped by the same belief, this is a deep, insidious form of training to be NOT ONLY not themselves, but also not in the wisdom and grace of elder energy that is innately within all children, as in everyone.

If it were not for Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I may have continued ignoring the factor of reincarnation as being of great relevance in our lives and relationships. It would have remained at best a curiosity of nature in the 95% of the universe that our scientists currently admit they have no access to, and at worst, a fable that has no validity or value to our life. But seeing it in the whole context makes sense of a great many mysteries of human experience and psychology, and makes a fruitful foundation for the understanding and correction of interactions, attitudes, behaviour and purpose.

Let’s give ourselves and all humanity a big gift by changing the way we relate to our children and our elder people, offering respect and equality right from the get-go.

Thus children can grow up in their elder energy and never have to lose it and painfully re-find it as so many of us current older adults have had to do. Then our children will naturally have respect and appreciation for all the phases of life, and not end up trapped in ‘youth culture’. And our older people can continue to respect themselves and be respected by others for who they truly are without feeling pressured to be anything else, as some most beautifully live now.

Inspired by the comments of Gill Randall, Helen Simkins, Rebecca Briant & Lucinda G on Being an Elder Role Model

by Dianne Trussell, BSc Hons, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

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1,220 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure and the Illusion of Elders

  1. When I was young I cannot say that I discounted old people. There were several older people that I enjoyed being with and chose to spend time with. It was the energy of these people that counted not how old they were or what they looked like. On reflection I feel that it was that they did not consider themselves old and had not succumbed to any of the beliefs about what it is to be old that made them so likeable.

  2. With reincarnation comes responsibility, some run a mile from this truth and the ones that embrace it are blessed with a deeper understanding about life and others.

  3. You talk here about ‘teenage energy’ and this really resonates with me – the way in which people are irresponsible and refuse to shift to the next level. It is very common at the moment, and it asks us to look at how we as a society are treating each other. It is not OK to ignore the elderly and let the younger generation get away with indulgence. This is not reflective of a community in harmony working together

  4. Closing off out awareness to reincarnation is a simple act of irresponsibility. It is very easy to claim that we don’t remember past lives and avoid the responsibility of our karma.

  5. It’s beautiful to see how small children are now visiting the elderly in their care homes and generally both parties getting so much out of the exchange.

  6. I agree Dianne, the ageless wisdom of a child can be utterly life-changing, and huge fun to have conversations with.

  7. I think it’s a really good point about how we can dismiss responsibility and commitment because we think life will become ‘restrictive, dull and boring’ but as you say that is only if we see it that way rather than appreciating the true joy in commitment and responsibility and how genuinely enriching it is; there may not be the ‘highs’ and thrills that we’re used to but instead a steadiness that supports not only us but everyone.

  8. There is so much wisdom and hidden treasure within elders, and once you start talking to them it is often amazing the amount of life’s experiences they have to share, and they do it in such a way that they don’t judge others and offer the younger ones more respect than they get in return, how loving it would be to go back to respecting those with so much lived experience of life.

  9. A powerful case to ditch the notion of youth culture and to embrace elder energy at any age knowing that it is there for each and every one of us.

  10. As adults we do treat children like they know nothing and that we have to constantly remind them or teach them everything. But when you listen to a child they do actually know a lot and are very wise.

  11. Basically you remind us of the fact that we are in essence timeless beings that only happen to go through a physical cycle of birth, aging and dying without being defined or limited by those cycles – certainly an eye-opener to approach a lot of things in life very differently.

  12. Awesome blog, Diane, essentially reminding us all that the same wisdom is one we all have access to from within, regardless of age. If we were all to treat each other as the wisdom that we are, there would be no room for not living it.

  13. “Thus children can grow up in their elder energy and never have to lose it and painfully re-find it as so many of us current older adults have had to do.” I so love what you have presented here about how children can actually grow up accepting their elder energy. This goes against everything that the world tells us about children but says everything that our heart actually knows.

  14. “Adding the factor of reincarnation makes a huge difference to relationships” this one is key, I know with our daughter that no matter how cute she is, she is incredibly wise and has been through thousands of lives. A whole different relationship to support her to develop everything she is without the baggage of the past getting in the way.

  15. There is something so powerful and transformative in being seen as the wise and glorious person we are. Over the years when people have placed their trust in me, having seen through all my pretense of being irresponsible, I remember being deeply impressed by them reflecting back to me the authority I was being asked to command and me responding. Initially it was like, really, if you say so, and then I reconnected to ‘oh yeah, I’ve got this.’ Different ages do come with different themes and stages but we are all ageless and can bring through gold at any point. It is foolish to miss this because of prejudice and preconceptions.

  16. No wonder humanity is so tired all the time, we fight so much that we don’t need to. This blog highlights just one fight – the fight of not accepting with grace the age you are and accepting all that comes with that.

    1. It’s incredible how much we fight. We’ve picked time which is one we will lose if we engage with it the way we do. So many expressions encourage this ‘turning back the clock’, ‘fighting the tide of time’, race against the clock’ etc. I used to be embroiled in this, but how exhausting it is! Just the thought of I’ve got to finish this before x time is exhausting – it takes the joy out of anything I’m doing because I’m too busy racing against time to appreciate what’s there to be done outside of time.

      What’s been lovely this weekend is to realise we all get to the same point at the same time – no-one is winning or beating me at time! Whatever I do in my day we will get to the same point in the day at the same time. There are no winners or losers, so no point in engaging with something that will continue as it is – let alone trying to stop my body from succumbing to gravity over time! I live in a physical body that will never be perfect. Accepting this is bringing a great freedom because I’m appreciating we are so much more than our physical form.

  17. Being honoured from day one as being a child of light from heaven and with the true understanding of what the out-play will look like from how they have passed-over, will definitely bring more Love to our interactions with everyone. So this will bring in a way of living for us all to eliminate any form of judgement, as each of us have to unfold and heal our own issues from the past.

  18. What you have touched on here about not treating children as children but as wise elders who are in a small body offers such a respect to the innate knowing that is rarely given credit or tapped. Therefore poor behaviour does carry on into adult life making the patterns more stubborn.

  19. I have no doubt that reincarnation is where we all stem from, if you have ever held a brand-new baby in your arms and you are willing to connect with it you can sense a fully complete being, they are no empty vessels to be filled – they are who they are when they are born. I also see that in my experiences, somethings are just known and it is not because I have lived all this life, some things I can only know because I have lived it in lives past.

  20. I’ve found just like with everyone elderly or not, when we lose appreciation we are blind to what another offers.

  21. I like the sense of equality that you bring in here for the young, the middle and the elders. Imagine if we lived like that? That regardless of your age, we were all equal and treated ourselves like that. The world would feel far less separated for sure.

  22. Being encouraged and supported to hold on to the innate wisdom we have as children so we don’t have to “painfully re-find” it later in life as many adults struggle to do, would turn our way of living and our world right around. We are all living treasures and therefore have so much to value about ourselves, but if we are not supported to do so from young how then can we value the wisdom and the treasures of those around us?

  23. If we understood how wise children can be when encouraged to be responsible and treated as equal, parenting and education would be so different. Kids would know they have as much to offer as the teacher or parent and equally would feel the consequences for irresponsible behaviour. Maybe if this was the start to our lives we would not have so many given up, invisible elders.

  24. “And, in fact, weird though it seems, many younger people are also desperately hanging onto youth”. This is such an excellent point and one that I have seen often not only in young people but in those well into their twenties and even thirties.

  25. I agree the balance is not correct when it comes to how we spend our elder years – it feels to me like this is the time when we have most to give back yet this is the time we retreat or “retire” from life.

  26. If we can accept that we are here to reconnect with our innermost and that is a cyclical journey, wisdom can be seen in the very young or the very old. We always have the opportunity to drop old patterns of behaviour when we commit to living who we truly are more fully.

  27. It is true we do make the elders invisible, but didn’t they first make themselves invisible? Have they not a responsibility to step up and be the elders that we so badly need in a world where wisdom is rarely if ever encountered?

  28. Elder energy is something that Natalie Benhayon does very well and she is not 30 yet; and, as you mention, some adults of all ages prefer to keep themselves small and shirk responsibility by not growing up and sounding and looking childish, not child-like with has a beautiful innocence and freshness about it.

  29. You are so true in saying that we are all elders at any age Dianne. What the desire to be young brings to me, is the idea that we can get away with being irresponsible by not being true to ourselves or another, which is something we cannot get away with so easily as a true elder.

  30. I love the idea that “children can grow up in their elder energy and never have to lose it”, in fact, how the world as we know it would change if this was to happen. Letting go of the need to be the so-called wise adult and to connect with the essence of the child in front of us can be the most delightful and surprising gift, not only for us but for this very wise child as well.

  31. Many elders in our communities are overlooked for the wisdom they have to offer as they are dismissed as ‘old people’. Shame, because their lived experience is a valuable asset and one that we can all benefit greatly from.

  32. I see the impact of life on our youngsters. We hear about the fatalities on the road, or drug problems or violence. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for children if the elderly were to go to school and offer their life’s experience as a form of education, then the education system teaching subjects or things that probably would not prepare them towards life?

  33. I love what you have shared here Diane, the elder energy is just as important as the chid energy. They are no different and both seek attention and resect irrespective of their age and body size.

  34. That addiction we have to youth energy affects all of our society, and it means that everyone gets trapped in youth or wanting to be young without embracing how each stage of life has it’s magic and it’s there to be offered to all stages. They’ve now starting having child day care in the same spaces as nursing homes as they’ve found both the elderly and the children love it .. it makes sense but the fact that we have it as a model right now tells us a lot of how we live … we need more of this and more normalisation of interactions across all stages and ages of life.

  35. What I love about this blog is that it offers the possibility that no matter what age we are, can effectively choose what age we want to act and behave. I know for me I often choose younger, and I would agree that much of the population also has a teenage mentality, but what if there was the opportunity to embrace the elder, wiser, steadier part of us now – what could that look like? And what would that mean for ourselves and the people around us?

  36. What I am gathering from this blog Dianne is just how much we spend time and energy as a race in trying to be somewhere that we are not and how the lack of appreciating what each age range provides in its own level of wisdom holds us ALL back from learning and growing together the way we could. Also, what you shared about acting as if elder people do not exist sometimes in order to avoid feeling our ultimate immanent death really hit home and I look forward to staying more open to older generation people in my own life. I’m sure there is much healing in order with approaching life in the way you proposed.

  37. We think life is like a line – and so believe we can make assumptions about one thing without it affecting something else. But life doesn’t work that way – it is spherical and so one lie we allow, about reincarnation say, leads to misguided views about getting old, which colours our whole approach to the world and so on. So you can see how pretty quick one lie pollutes it all. We can’t pick and choose truth the way we think we can – this is a key that elders teach me, thank you Dianne.

  38. To be honest: a young face with no wrinkles and imperfections is as boring as an elderly face with wrinkles, if both people are not living their true spark and essence. The physical shell is nothing without the inner fire of each one of us.

  39. I love your call in your blog Dianne! I find it quite irritating, when adults talk to children with a voice that communicates ” you tiny little thing, you don´t know because you are small” for example. And even if it is just a comment to a child it actually gets infiltrated from young on, that they have to act a certain way, like a child! No wonder we all struggle with true self confidence to call out only ONE issue we create by being treated less than adults.

  40. “Adding the factor of reincarnation makes a huge difference to relationships” – this is so true as it opens us up to the necessity of needing to take greater responsibility for the lives that we live.

    1. And it does explain some dynamics or instant connections we have with people although we haven´t met them in this life before. Which calls you in responsibility as well, as dynamics needs to get healed and if you feel a strong past life connection with someone, you are asked to live, express and represent this constellation for the all.

  41. Within every age bracket in society there are many treasures to be found, from the young child whose wisdom is not often accepted or appreciated by adults to the elder whose lived wisdom is passed over by the youth of the day. If we were to stop and take the time to be with and to listen to whoever we are with, we will probably realise that here in front of us is a wonderful treasure, one to be appreciated and honoured.

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