Where is the Love? Where Has it Gone?

In our present time of wars, drug wars, binge drinking, corruption at all levels (e.g. from pharmaceutical and weapons industries all the way down to local government), religious fanatics killing and enslaving, the booming global slave trade (now referred to as human trafficking, including child trafficking, sex trafficking and refugee extortion), poverty, extreme wealth, abuse, cyber abuse, self abuse, bullying, suicide – the list could go on and on – where is the love in this world? Where has the love gone?

Were not all religions originally based on love? Were not all religions originally from the one religion of love?

Love for one another, love thy neighbour, love all of mankind, love will save the world, love is all we need, love conquers all, unconditional love… but what have many institutionalised religions become? Nothing but a human created set of rules (sometimes cruel, harsh and discriminating and definitely NOT loving) based upon some old scriptures that have been twisted and turned, re-written and re-translated to become the basis of how almost the whole of humanity act, think, indulge, hate and disregard one another.

I stop now and think; I have been a part of this, joining the masses, saying this is normal, ‘I’m all right Jack’, ‘we have to look after our own’, or just hiding inside my own little bubble of life, doing my own thing, cutting off the rest of humanity as though I was not a part of them and they were not a part of me. A ‘part’ of this, not by being a drug trafficker or any of the other abhorrent pastimes listed above, but a part of it nonetheless by accepting that all this happens, and never doing anything about it.

We can all do something about the state of the world we live in, from the smallest word lovingly spoken to the greatest act of love; every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society.

Yes I did hear all those love statements and think “yea, OK, nice thoughts, lovely sentiment, but really I mean, really, does anyone, apart from the Dalai Lama that is, think that it is possible to not just love thy neighbour but love the whole of humanity?”

The answer is YES, there are many people who truly believe; large and small groups spread across the globe, growing steadily in number, in strength and most important of all, in love.

Normal everyday people who truly believe that love is the way, laying down the foundations for a better world to live in for the generations to come. Already enjoying harmonious lives and living examples of true beauty. Lovingly helping others around them unconditionally.

Through the living example of love personified, Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine, with an ever growing number of students practising true love for all humanity, there is the greatest possibility to find where the love is. It has not gone anywhere, it can be found inside us all! Truly inspired!

by Christopher Murphy, Kindergarten Assistant and Universal Medicine student, Drøbak, Norway

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1,116 thoughts on “Where is the Love? Where Has it Gone?

  1. “We can all do something about the state of the world we live in, from the smallest word lovingly spoken to the greatest act of love; every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society.” I love this Christopher – we all have a part to play in making a difference. So many of us give up, expecting the politicos of this world to make things better – but small everyday changes in our lives – if made by everyone – will change the shift back to love – a one unified world. one small step at a time.

  2. We can only change the world we live in by changing the way we live, and if we choose to live a life in accordance with what our inner-heart impulses us love will return as an expression in our societies once again.

    1. I agree Nico – and, the choice is ours, all of ours, and has always been a choice as we can all choose to connect to our inner-heart which is always there and has never gone away.

      1. This shows that love surrounds us and is within us constantly, we just have to choose to be love and it’s there, patiently waiting. Even in the darkest places in the world, love is always present for us to choose and it certainly never goes away.

  3. A great call to arms – so to speak – one that has been expressed so many times before, and one that calls to make us consider the question that every human being has most likely pondered on at some point – just what makes human beings so capable of evil? Is it innate? Well, it is hard to consider that possibility if you look at every babe, who seems incapable of anything but love.

  4. Its easy to write off humanity when we look at the state the world is in with its wars, racism, slavery, murders etc. The problem seems so big it’s easy to feel there is no point trying to make a difference because it’s only a drop in the ocean, but I know a smile or a kind word can make the world of difference. Love magnifies and ripples out.

  5. Yes indeed – Serge Benhayon lives love and it has been inspirational to witness this way of living over the many years and experiences. At no point has he wobbled, he has been consistent and his example has been simple. I have learnt what love is and that it is possible to live that love by being that love and seeing how we are all part of and come from that love. Love is our essence and our normal, so let’s live it and yes – change the world.

  6. Love is what will save the world, this is so true Christopher. Love is our only way to restore harmony. It is the little every day changes that ripples out into bigger changes. One ripple made with love has the power to inspire and touch many lives.

  7. “Were not all religions originally based on love?” – for me, there’s only one answer to this question, and that is yes! Love is what was presented by the many world teachers that have blessed us over the centuries, and now we have another world teacher in Serge Benhayon who is not only presenting the truth of love, but offering us The Way of The Livingness so we can know and live what is a true religion; a religion that has love as its foundation.

  8. No matter what is going on in the world today – this world is on our watch – and, whilst we may not feel responsible in any way for what is happening e.g. in a country far far away – we are all responsible for the way the world is as everything we do, say, think, has a ripple effect. As you say everyone of us hold a key to making change, by simple loving acts in our daily lives – that can change the ripples in the pond that can impact on the way our world is today.

  9. The love never left, it is we who left it but even this is not entirely true because try as we may, how do you leave that which you are made of?

  10. All these wars, the loveless acts we see, they are our attempts to deny the love that we are. Like how crazy is that?! And I’ve been a huge part of this and can still be most definitely – those moments I choose to ignore my inner heart and opt for what I think the outside world is asking of me. What if the world is actually asking me to show the consistency of love that Serge Benhayon lives so that they, like me, can be inspired to trust themselves again and this love within?

  11. It is easy to look around to see and feel the devastation and corruption in our world. What you have expressed here Christopher shines a glimmer if hope and light to overcome this extremely harmful way of living;
    “Normal everyday people who truly believe that love is the way, laying down the foundations for a better world to live in for the generations to come. Already enjoying harmonious lives and living examples of true beauty. Lovingly helping others around them unconditionally”.

    1. So true, it is easy to get sucked in to giving up and not believing we can be the change we want to see, that who we are and how we live, doesn’t matter and could never affect the ugliness of what is being accepted as normal. Yet it can and does make a difference. The experiment is already in the making and simply calls more of us home to the love we truly want for each other.

  12. This blog is a call to us all to accept our part in creating the evil which is now rampant in our world, and to re-connect back to the love we are and all come from.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, we cannot wait for the world to change by giving our power away to others and waiting for them to change, it truly changes when we each take responsibility for ourselves to return to living from love – our true essence.

    2. Yes Elizabeth, social atrocities, illness and disease, and all manner of dreadful things happen here in this world, and until we realise we are the creators, and that it the world is in our hands the rot will continue. We all have a part to play to turn this around.

  13. Serge Benhayon is indeed a living example of love personified, reflecting this ability to live and breathe every moment as love for us all equally.

  14. And it all starts at home, within our own bodies first. Appreciating that we all have something to reflect to the world, and allowing that reflection to be received by everyone and anyone in full so that we leave ourselves open to receiving the same reflection back to us…and that’s where the power lies.

  15. Love never disappears but it can become obscured by corruption and wars etc. Serge Benhayon is a beacon in this apparent darkness shining a love that encompasses all and is a true inspiration to so many who are now taking this loving way out to all corners of the globe.

  16. Accepting my responsibility for contributing to the lovelessness in the world and committing to living in a loving way will continue to expand the more that I am open to allowing it.

  17. Every time I emphasise the importance of love to somebody, I feel like a 5 year old girl who knows in her heart that that’s the answer everything. However, often, I feel that adults won’t understand and I have to speak in this sophisticated way, and DEFINITELY avoid the L word, because everybody is so afraid of it!

    1. How very true that we avoid the L word. I wonder though if it’s because we are afraid of the word or because we all know it so well, and it’s so apart of who we are but through our choices we have essentially rejected this fact and we don’t want to see our part in this. Otherwise known as accepting responsibility for the fact that we have made the choice to not accept the truth of love. Hard pill to swallow.

  18. As I read this I couldn’t help but feel how very many very beautiful and powerful words have been bastardised so that we are kept at arms distance from the true meaning of words such as love and religion. We do know what the truth is of these words, for the truth is apart of us, but the choices we have each made are what creates the divides and avoidance of there true meanings.

  19. Everything we do creates a ripple. If you’ve ever watched ripples in water, they just keep expanding in all directions. I’ve not actually seen underneath the water but I’m pretty sure the ripples would be 3D and not just on the surface. And if they touch something they move back to where they originated from. So every move we make does count.

  20. Brilliant Christopher, there is part of us that constantly thinks, ‘if I just get a little bit better at this, if I get a new job, a faster car, everything will be clear’. In keeping on in this way, we steadfastly ignore the bare facts of it all, that life is not working ‘quite well’ at all but causing us all massive harm and disaster. We may have numbed ourselves to this fact, but the only true way out of this mess is for us to totally renounce our old ways and make truth and Love the guiding light of every thing that we do, with no compromise or dilution.

    1. Well said Joseph – we know things dont feel right, we see the world is as it is, yet we dont ask the question why it is this way? What if there is another way? And there is – love is the way.

  21. It’s great to see this written and to see people looking to live this consistently in the world, “We can all do something about the state of the world we live in, from the smallest word lovingly spoken to the greatest act of love; every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society.” We often look past the small things we can do and the knock on effect these have in our everyday. From a small gesture to a big plan it doesn’t matter when it comes to the effect. Each part is a part of a whole movement and at this time we need to move back to love.

  22. Is there anything more natural than being love to ourselves and other in the world, no matter stranger or family? Love feels to be the most natural way, one which innately and intrinsically is known absolutely in the heart. So it is the most simple to just live what feels natural; isn’t it true?

  23. It is ironic that so many of us today go on quests to find and constantly look outside ourselves for love when it has always and will always be within.

  24. Love is our true nature, so what has happened that we allow these atrocities to go on? We don’t have to go on a crusade or demonstrating our reactions as we, like you say Christopher, we all play our part in not coming from a loving place ourselves, and all this’not love’ is adding to the misery we are in..together. Love is in our bodies, all we have to do is re connect and feel we are all equal Sons of God.

  25. Knowing that love when expressed is equal to all is honoring what is felt within us. Living what we know is a continuous unfoldment with a lot of re-correction. Love never judges itself, it is always patient, so in this process of unfolding, surrender and surrender some more. There is no destination and no recognition of where we are at, love simply allows us to love (or not), and is there forever waiting for us to deepen more into the truth of who we are. We are there already without any pictures to follow, and once we are there we are already in movement towards the next step, so there is never any one point to identify and hold onto. Every moment deserves to be appreciated.

  26. “Were not all religions originally from the one religion of love?” So relevant to read again today. We all have love inside of us, some of us bury it deeper than others. As you say, we can all do something about the state of the world we live in – “every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society.” Thus we can all take responsibility for bringing about a more loving world.

  27. For so long I cut myself off from what was happening feeling powerless and frustrated because it felt as though I couldn’t change the world on my own. As I connect with others I realise that I am no longer alone and with support and love there is something that we can do. As I embrace responsibility in the way I live life and express my feelings of love and tenderness to another, this reverberates outwards like a stone dropped on the surface of a pond – little ripples will build into big waves of love and harmony.

  28. Right down to the deepest core of us, we are love and such love has never ever gone anywhere, it is simply us that have ‘walked away’ by withdrawing from our expression of it.

  29. Never has love left us it is we that have left it and can return to it. Love simply IS. I like what you say here Christopher, it is true, “every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society.”

  30. Love never goes away. It is like the air we breathe, always there to be reconnected to inside of us. The world simply lacks the expression or activity of love, so when we look around there is love to be seen and felt rather than the mess we currently see.

  31. Your blog reminds me of something my mother use to say to me when I was young. I used to get very overwhelmed when she would ask me to clean my room. I would be so stressed I would cry, not because I didn’t want it clean it but because I didn’t think it could ever be finished, that it was impossible to clean and that made me very sad, for I knew I played a big part of all the mess. Anyway, my mother would say, don’t worry about all the mess, just lovingly start in one corner, just slowly take your time and enjoy that corner and the rest will follow. She was right and the rest did follow and I learned slowly that the less mess I contributed made it easier to clean each time. If we give up because of the “state” of the world, we give up on ourselves, we all count and we all can make a huge difference in the world.

  32. It is our unloving choices that have created the world we now live in and by making choices that come from the love that lives inside of us we can slowly change the world for we are all made from love which is innate in us all.

  33. Even before I begin to look out to the world, I know for myself, some days I feel as though being loving is the hardest thing to do, and I really have to be making a conscious choice – and a few years ago, I was not even aware that there was a choice, my choice.

  34. Beautiful Christoph, sharing with us what love is and how we all know it, living it so or not – that doesn’t matter as it is our nature of knowing.
    This sentence truly makes sense: ‘Lovingly helping others around them unconditionally.’ This is what brotherhood is about – love. Hence it is not about who is right or wrong or who has it all – it is about living in collaboration and supporting each member of society to grow and return to the love that he/she is.

  35. Serge Benhayon is the first person I ever meet who not only spoke about love but also lived and expressed love consistently. It is very powerful when we see others live in this way reminding us that we are all equally this love too.

    1. He was the first person for me too Anna, who reflected how to be and live in this world just being himself and sharing all the love that he is, and to which we all have equal access to. We all hold this innate wisdom and power within and Serge Benhayon is a living example of our glorious divine nature.

    2. I don’t want to say he is the first because I so want to believe I had the reflection before – I probably did in glimpses. But Serge was indeed the first person I had met who consciously, consistently and openly knew what he is here to do, the first person to show me love was something to embrace because it is where we are from, what we are made of and there are not enough people consciously living with that awareness in the world.

  36. where is the love in this world? It is right there inside each one of us, and all we have to do is let it out…. every single loving act large or small makes a difference in some-one’s life and sometimes we have no idea how much we touch people’s lives.

  37. Love is always within us equally, and we have separated from it long ago in pursuit of being an individual and safety and security when in truth all these and more is a there when we live from an open heart.

  38. Yep, you are right, the love has not gone anywhere, it is right there inside us! It may have been buried under a large pile of protective covering but it is there inside each and every one of us and it is our job to let our love shine as brightly as it was designed to in order to show others the reflection of what lives inside them too.

  39. Love is the way home, and we should not under estimate the ripple effect of one person who begins or returns to self-love, because all is felt, in that we all live in one big giant human fish bowl.

  40. I was a love skeptic for most of my life. I really thought it was a big fat joke, and when anyone referred to something being done with love, I would probably scoff, or a more classic trademark move was rolling my eyes! I turned a love corner some years ago now, and now I’m all about Love. It has proven to be absolutely true and I’m not talking the conditional kind, or the lust kind. I’m not in a romantic relationship, and so it’s not some cloud 9 feeling. It is 100% tangible, and when we bring love to ourselves, it flows naturally onward to everyone and everything around us. It’s powerful, and it’s nothing like what I perceived it be all those years ago.

  41. Words of love without substance is the most empty and these words are on the rise every day because we want to distract ourselves from the emptiness that we have chosen. No right or wrong, but this is fact. But there is another way and nothing can compare with words of love which actually are full of love, but these words can only be expressed from a body full of this love. #selflove

  42. Every journey starts with the first step. So, too, does the journey to establish true brotherhood on Earth with each and every person taking the first step of love and to keep walking. Many have begun and each who does inspires many to follow suit. Hence the journey has begun.

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