The Beholding Love of Symbolism

In a world of energy, anything is possible, and one of the magical aspects of life that I just adore and inspires me no end is the language of symbolism – the messages that are reflected to bring more understanding to life and to show me that we are first and foremost divine and heavenly, and not just this human flesh living a human existence. We are connected to something magnificent and grand that connects us all together, no matter where in the world we live.

My days and weeks are filled with many reflections of symbolism in life and I know this to be true for all, however not all are open to seeing and feeling this fact. The language of symbolism is also one of God’s ways of showing us that we are deeply held in love: the whole universe constellating to continuously bring us back to love when we have strayed from it. My mind cannot even fathom how such a thing occurs, let alone on a global scale for all, but I cannot deny this most magnificent language of energy and symbolism that when truly read is so confirming of all that is occurring around me and within me.

The language of symbolism asks me to be more aware and as a result of choosing this I am given more access to a universal intelligence that is very wise and is an invitation to evolve. I love the fact that the universe is communicating and supporting me every step of the way, and it is this beholding phenomenon that makes life rich, joy-full and so much fun. I am never alone as the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, is collaborating with me every step of the way. And this communication is not limited to people, as nature and objects are very much a part of the dialogue of symbolism.

I wrote about one of my symbolism experiences in a blog called ‘My Fridge – The Love Gauge.’ And one of my most recent reflections of symbolism continues along the theme of kitchen appliances, only this time it was my oven rangehood – you know that thing that sits above the stovetop that sucks up and recycles cooking fumes and keeps the airways clear. So what does an oven rangehood have to do with love and symbolism you may ask…?

It all started after an Esoteric Healing session with a Universal Medicine practitioner. It was not the first time my body had gone through a deep transformation after a session, however the symbolism for this one was quite beautiful to observe and understand in the weeks to follow.

Within this session I had made quite a big commitment to write a book – a book that is very much needed to be written that I had started writing two years earlier, but previously got distracted from completing. It was clear that I could no longer delay writing this and with the loving support of my practitioner I said yes to completing this book, knowing that to do so there would have to be some changes to the way I was living in order to bring the clarity of writing that was needed for such a book. When we say yes to true purpose our Soul gets to work, and that it did! 

Two days after my session I woke from a very restful sleep, eager to restart writing the book. I noticed that my body felt quite different – I felt so light in my upper body and shoulders. It felt so different to what I was used to, but I was very much enjoying this lightness of being. As the days unfolded I realised what had actually occurred: the armour of protection that had been in my upper body for so many years was no longer there – it had gone, vanished – and I was left to feel how it was to be in the world more open and vulnerable with people. This felt like a miracle for me and as each day went by I was enjoying the new found freedom in my body and my interactions with people. Something magical was unfolding and I was very much liking the inner shifts.

What was to follow was a massive shift in my body that lasted two weeks. Two weeks of blowing my nose – I couldn’t believe how much snot could exit out of my little body, and it wasn’t the flu! It was like my body (heart and lungs) was getting a grease and oil change… each time I blew out some snot I felt lighter and more open to the world. I felt like crap, but at the same time I felt so good at the core! I could feel that my body was clearing out the old muck to make way for the ‘new.’ I was also faced with feeling the exhaustion that came with not fully letting people in for so many years – such is the case when one lives with the protection of armour around the heart. And so this also needed to be addressed and healed.

It was one gigantic healing in my body that needed the upgrade if I were to have any chance to write the book. A body that was protected, damp and tired was not going to be able to be the vehicle that was needed to write a book that can truly help humanity.

So where does the oven rangehood come into this story you may be asking?

When I looked back in my diary at the timing that this all happened, the adventures of my rangehood aligned perfectly alongside the process my body was going through. When my body started its two-week process, my rangehood just stopped working, and when my body stopped clearing itself of mucus and anything else that didn’t belong, I received a brand new rangehood. There are no coincidences here, just the magic of life’s symbolism confirming what had just occurred. I should also add that I do a lot of travel for work a few days of each week and the oven rangehood in the apartment that I stayed in during this two-week period was also not working. Of course… the symbolism was everywhere. How much clearer could it be!

The new rangehood that was installed was symbolic of the new body that I now had. The exhaust fan in my rangehood was no longer burdened or clogged by the excess oil and dampness – and my body was no longer burdened by the dampness from all of those years of protection and not letting people in. I could now feel how much lighter, clearer and open my lungs and heart were, appreciating the magnitude of what had just occurred.

We cannot separate what is happening within our bodies from the objects around us. Because “everything is energy, and therefore, everything is because of energy” (Serge Benhayon, 1999), we are intricately interconnected with the all. And what my oven rangehood so beautifully reflected to me was the confirmation of what had been occurring in my body. The symbolism was so perfect and exactly what I needed to see to confirm what my body had discarded. What a gift life is when we allow ourselves to feel what is happening all around and within. The interconnectedness of life is something to behold and something I deeply treasure about life.

And now I get to explore the deeper relationships and connections that I am so enjoying with people. Feeling how open and light my body feels now, without carrying the plate of armour that was my protection, it is hard to fathom how it was there for so long. We often don’t realise how great we can feel until we arrive in that new place and reflect back.

 By Marika Cominos, Yoga & Complementary Health Practitioner, Allied Health Trainer & Assessor, Melbourne, Australia

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697 thoughts on “The Beholding Love of Symbolism

  1. How amazing is it that the universe communicates with us constantly with an invitation to grow and evolve.
    Meeting Serge Benhayon and attending the courses of Universal Medicine has enabled me to reconnect back to the sense of heaven and feel that we are never alone, we just lost the transmission as we grew up because everything in this life is set up for us to be in the disconnection to God.

  2. Heaven is in constant communication with us every day and for most of us we have stopped listening or caring, so these love letters never get opened to reveal the grandness they convey, yet they never stop being sent. That is the magnitude of the love of God. We are never ever forgotten no matter how much we think we are, or the denial of God we are in.

  3. I can’t help but smile reading this straight after receiving a message from my radiator. Of course the radiator doesn’t talk, but when I feel into what the energy behind the situation is communicating that is where the message is found.

  4. It makes sense that in order to make space for the new we have to clear and let go of all that is now love.

  5. I watched today two teenage boys observing a squirrel eating an apple on the school campus. These boys are normally quite shut down but the expressions on their faces were priceless as they were soaking up the playfulness of the squirrel. Whatever was being reflected certainly supported them to connect to something more deeply.

  6. ‘the oven rangehood in the apartment that I stayed in during this two-week period was also not working. Of course… the symbolism was everywhere. How much clearer could it be!’ We are supported so beautifully to come to awareness and understanding, especially when we are open to it.

  7. I needed to read this ‘The language of symbolism is also one of God’s ways of showing us that we are deeply held in love’ and to remember. Your blog also showed me how I do not read the symbolism we are given. Only today I found a cricket in my bedroom ceiling. I removed it, I took a photo of it …. but I did not read it! 😶 What I feel now after reading your blog and in where it was positioned in my room was that it was asking me to be aware of my relationships and what I am bringing to them. A message to wake up 💫

  8. Truly lovely to read this again, thank you Marika. I’ve always felt there was more to life than just what’s occurs on the surface or in the physical world, to me everything has to have meaning even if I’m not aware of what that is. It made perfect sense to me about your rangehood and the changes you were experiencing, with the home representing the body and the upgrade you had around letting people in.

  9. Whenever we complete a survey for how we are feeling it is based on our perception of what we should feel. For example, I may complete a survey at one point in time that says I feel great and then find when I do the same survey a year later only to find that I feel really different and consider that to be great too but looking back I can see that what I felt the first time was not great at all! It is based on the prism of our normal, therefore, it is so important to deepen and expand our relationship with our body, continually asking to hear the subtleties of what it is sharing with us so we can continue the dialogue of what feeling great actually feels like to us. As you have shared, sometimes feeling great can mean we are physically quite sick.

    1. Lucy I get what you are sharing here. As we deepen our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings, what we felt on one level has to change as more ideals and beliefs that we have been saturated with come up to be looked at and discarded as not being the truth of who we are. It is in the discarding that we deepen and so more ‘crap’ as it were, can be presented and released. It’s a continuous movement.

  10. It is always a choice to connect to the grandness and magnificence of who we are that connects us all together and this can never be taken away from us no matter what comes our way to try and take us out.

  11. We are so loved, and it is in our clocking and being aware and having a relationship that the magic seems to magnify and become more constant.

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