The Beholding Love of Symbolism

In a world of energy, anything is possible, and one of the magical aspects of life that I just adore and inspires me no end is the language of symbolism – the messages that are reflected to bring more understanding to life and to show me that we are first and foremost divine and heavenly, and not just this human flesh living a human existence. We are connected to something magnificent and grand that connects us all together, no matter where in the world we live.

My days and weeks are filled with many reflections of symbolism in life and I know this to be true for all, however not all are open to seeing and feeling this fact. The language of symbolism is also one of God’s ways of showing us that we are deeply held in love: the whole universe constellating to continuously bring us back to love when we have strayed from it. My mind cannot even fathom how such a thing occurs, let alone on a global scale for all, but I cannot deny this most magnificent language of energy and symbolism that when truly read is so confirming of all that is occurring around me and within me.

The language of symbolism asks me to be more aware and as a result of choosing this I am given more access to a universal intelligence that is very wise and is an invitation to evolve. I love the fact that the universe is communicating and supporting me every step of the way, and it is this beholding phenomenon that makes life rich, joy-full and so much fun. I am never alone as the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, is collaborating with me every step of the way. And this communication is not limited to people, as nature and objects are very much a part of the dialogue of symbolism.

I wrote about one of my symbolism experiences in a blog called ‘My Fridge – The Love Gauge.’ And one of my most recent reflections of symbolism continues along the theme of kitchen appliances, only this time it was my oven rangehood – you know that thing that sits above the stovetop that sucks up and recycles cooking fumes and keeps the airways clear. So what does an oven rangehood have to do with love and symbolism you may ask…?

It all started after an Esoteric Healing session with a Universal Medicine practitioner. It was not the first time my body had gone through a deep transformation after a session, however the symbolism for this one was quite beautiful to observe and understand in the weeks to follow.

Within this session I had made quite a big commitment to write a book – a book that is very much needed to be written that I had started writing two years earlier, but previously got distracted from completing. It was clear that I could no longer delay writing this and with the loving support of my practitioner I said yes to completing this book, knowing that to do so there would have to be some changes to the way I was living in order to bring the clarity of writing that was needed for such a book. When we say yes to true purpose our Soul gets to work, and that it did! 

Two days after my session I woke from a very restful sleep, eager to restart writing the book. I noticed that my body felt quite different – I felt so light in my upper body and shoulders. It felt so different to what I was used to, but I was very much enjoying this lightness of being. As the days unfolded I realised what had actually occurred: the armour of protection that had been in my upper body for so many years was no longer there – it had gone, vanished – and I was left to feel how it was to be in the world more open and vulnerable with people. This felt like a miracle for me and as each day went by I was enjoying the new found freedom in my body and my interactions with people. Something magical was unfolding and I was very much liking the inner shifts.

What was to follow was a massive shift in my body that lasted two weeks. Two weeks of blowing my nose – I couldn’t believe how much snot could exit out of my little body, and it wasn’t the flu! It was like my body (heart and lungs) was getting a grease and oil change… each time I blew out some snot I felt lighter and more open to the world. I felt like crap, but at the same time I felt so good at the core! I could feel that my body was clearing out the old muck to make way for the ‘new.’ I was also faced with feeling the exhaustion that came with not fully letting people in for so many years – such is the case when one lives with the protection of armour around the heart. And so this also needed to be addressed and healed.

It was one gigantic healing in my body that needed the upgrade if I were to have any chance to write the book. A body that was protected, damp and tired was not going to be able to be the vehicle that was needed to write a book that can truly help humanity.

So where does the oven rangehood come into this story you may be asking?

When I looked back in my diary at the timing that this all happened, the adventures of my rangehood aligned perfectly alongside the process my body was going through. When my body started its two-week process, my rangehood just stopped working, and when my body stopped clearing itself of mucus and anything else that didn’t belong, I received a brand new rangehood. There are no coincidences here, just the magic of life’s symbolism confirming what had just occurred. I should also add that I do a lot of travel for work a few days of each week and the oven rangehood in the apartment that I stayed in during this two-week period was also not working. Of course… the symbolism was everywhere. How much clearer could it be!

The new rangehood that was installed was symbolic of the new body that I now had. The exhaust fan in my rangehood was no longer burdened or clogged by the excess oil and dampness – and my body was no longer burdened by the dampness from all of those years of protection and not letting people in. I could now feel how much lighter, clearer and open my lungs and heart were, appreciating the magnitude of what had just occurred.

We cannot separate what is happening within our bodies from the objects around us. Because “everything is energy, and therefore, everything is because of energy” (Serge Benhayon, 1999), we are intricately interconnected with the all. And what my oven rangehood so beautifully reflected to me was the confirmation of what had been occurring in my body. The symbolism was so perfect and exactly what I needed to see to confirm what my body had discarded. What a gift life is when we allow ourselves to feel what is happening all around and within. The interconnectedness of life is something to behold and something I deeply treasure about life.

And now I get to explore the deeper relationships and connections that I am so enjoying with people. Feeling how open and light my body feels now, without carrying the plate of armour that was my protection, it is hard to fathom how it was there for so long. We often don’t realise how great we can feel until we arrive in that new place and reflect back.

 By Marika Cominos, Yoga & Complementary Health Practitioner, Allied Health Trainer & Assessor, Melbourne, Australia

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687 thoughts on “The Beholding Love of Symbolism

  1. It is true that when we say Yes to the soul it does not delay in getting to work because the soul knows it is all about us returning back to where we come from.

  2. It is so hard for the mind to grasp that the whole of the universe constellates to show us exactly what we need at any given time and that is why we need to feel in our bodies the truth of this.

  3. The science of symbolism is the language of the Soul. It does not ever need to be decoded, just simply reconnected to.

    1. I love how you use the word decoded. We have made life so much about ‘decoding’, thinking we have to discover and find out how things are, all the while the answers are within us, with the connection to our soul.

  4. You have a beautiful way of saying look there is more, just open all your senses and you will see there is so much more to life than you allow yourself to see.

    1. Esther – I love how you have so beautifully expressed this. Symbolism showing us that there is so much more and so much richness in life to see and experience. Thank you.

  5. The world will be a very different place when we realise how precious our bodies are and that there is magic, alchemy and unmeasurable amounts of love that are waiting to get poured into us to express.

  6. We are not just connected to something magnificent. We are magnificent ourselves. We are part of something magnificent. That is where we belong alongside everything that is magnificent.

    1. “We are magnificent ourselves.” This is something for us all to take in and then live it, step by step, all our grandness all of the time.

  7. When we understand the science of symbolism, we also get to understand how much we are constantly being supported and communicated to by God.

  8. It is unfathomable how much rubbish we store in our bodies. No wonder we are exhausted, depleted and given up – if we saw everything we were carrying on our backs in physical form, we would never put ourselves forward to do it.

  9. It always makes me smile when I get confirmed through symbolism as it is like a dear friend has just said well done.

  10. Being open to the fact that behind the physical everything is energy gives us the opportunity to open up to an awareness of why things are occurring on a deeper level (considering the energy behind it) and from that having more clarity in how we live life everyday.

  11. Symbolism is something I value and marvel at regularly. It provides me with a stop, a moment to actually appreciate something that I may have dismissed that has changed in my life. Even when it is a symbol that reflects that something needs to change, it always comes from reminding me of the fullness I am not.

  12. Everything in life is here to suppport us, nothing is here by mistake and if that’s not enough God sends us love letters encouraging us to see the truth. This symbolism is placed right under our nose where it cannot be missed – all we need to do is take our head out of phone, open our heart and look around and the message will be received.

  13. When we recognise that everything in life is energy, it is then impossible to live life in separation or isolation, because even if something seemingly occurs randomly, there is energy behind it to cause it.

  14. The magic of symbolism had how it works is too much to fathom sometimes, but it is amazing to know how huge the intelligence is that we come from and is on offer if we care to be open to it.

  15. I love how you go to the detail in life and join the dots. How could we ever say that life is boring.

    1. Exactly Esther, I agree, life is very far from boring and it only feels like it is boring when we choose to shut it down and numb what we can feel.

  16. As long as we are open to the ‘beholding love of symbolism’ there is always an opportunity to evolve and deepen our understanding of our place in the world. We are given messages constantly that offer us an opportunity to read, feel and be more.

  17. “The language of symbolism asks me to be more aware and as a result of choosing this I am given more access to a universal intelligence that is very wise and is an invitation to evolve.” When we open ourselves to our surroundings and the symbolism that is always there, life seems magical.

  18. When we become aware of the symbolism that is being offered to us constantly, life becomes deeper and richer. God holds us in such love, constantly communicating and supporting us in returning to who we truly are.

  19. “It was one gigantic healing in my body that needed the upgrade if I were to have any chance to write the book. A body that was protected, damp and tired was not going to be able to be the vehicle that was needed to write a book that can truly help humanity” – amazing how the body knows what is before it, and therefore what is required for what’s next, the next aspect of evolution. I can recall the last three jobs in which whenever I started each one and then departed from them some years later losing my voice and each time felt the loss as clearing the way/expression of the past and in this adjustment paving the way/expression of the future.

  20. I love hearing about the clarity and expanded awareness people get from observing the reflections offered by life and feeling into how this relates to their life, and how playful they often are. When aspects of nature clearly parade in front of you, it is easier to remember such a link. But here is an example of a range hood and how perfectly it expands the understanding. This suggests that there is nothing in life that is not worth observing and considering what extra awareness it provides.

  21. It is beautiful to consider that all we have to do is observe more than what we see – to actually understand what is behind the symbolism and as a result we are saying yes to the bigger picture. We are asking for more multi-dimentionality from the universe.

  22. The word ‘beholding’ is a great description as it totally captures the communication and essence of what is happening when a person recognises the symbology of something.. It is a moment of intimate relationship between one and the All.. A communion and communication of Love that is felt throughout your body.

  23. The fact that one can stray away from love, and be called back to it by the natural world and its symbolism is testament to the fact that we are held by love, and so there can actually be no straying but more of a turning away, which perhaps means that coming back to the Love that we are is no big deal.

  24. “We cannot separate what is happening within our bodies from the objects around us” – Beautifully put. You cannot separate the two because we are in fact made of the same particles and atoms as all other matter, and thus everything is connected!

  25. Everything is a communication, I love seeing leaves, settles, feathers, even foxes and cats – things that are constantly confirming whether I am in connection or not – it’s all just that simple.

  26. “I love the fact that the universe is communicating and supporting me every step of the way” – yes Marieke, me too, and even those times when what is being “thrown at us” is equally something that’s allowing us to evolve. Entire life and every single aspect in it is designed for us to expand and evolve.

  27. There are many moments of symbolism surrounding us. We, on mass, just don’t appear to be paying attention or letting ourselves be in the awareness of these symbolic moments that, by virtue of noticing, connecting and blossoming with these insights and awareness, does this then graciously link one to the multidimensionality of life …

  28. Recently in the last few days I have had a lot of symbolism presented to me whilst I was working on something, something that required a decision fairly quickly. What I found was I really had to read every one that came to me, some I didn’t get. But what I realised was I had to discern too in how they were supporting me, confirming something or showing where I needed more awareness and understanding of myself or whether they were simply not in alignment to what was taking place.

  29. The symbolism of everything around us is quite beautiful to observe and understand as it reflects back to us just what we need to hear and feel in any given moment. We are truly blessed with signposts pointing us back home.

  30. As I read this sharing I can feel the immense joy just being ourselves, letting people in and feeling secure in ourselves, it is gold.

  31. So often we are helped to see clearer with symbolism. I recently had a dream where a black lab ran over to me and grabbed my finger in his mouth; he wasn’t aggressive, it was purely to bring my attention to something. A few days later I was attending a course run by Universal Medicine and the dream popped back into my head, and I understood the meaning of the dream – to pay attention to detail, and as it happens at that moment, we were talking about paying attention to detail.

  32. This is a huge topic here you are presenting, the fact that there is no coincidence and that we are constantly being communicated to on many levels.

    1. Yes, there is communication all around us. From the obvious reflections from flowers, birds and the sky to perhaps even the angles in which we place our dishes on the drying rack after we have given them a good wash… I wonder what areas of life are communicating to me all the time and I’m not even aware of it…

  33. Marika I agree with you when you say
    “We are connected to something magnificent and grand that connects us all together, no matter where in the world we live.”
    I feel this too and I love getting messages from God who lets me know by the presents he leaves me that he is there always there and I have to say he has a wicked sense of humour. Some of the messages he shares with me has me laughing out loud.

  34. If we ever want confirmation that we are part of the all, symbolism in life is definitely a big yes! All we need to do is to pay attention and be in the moment to listen to its constant communication.

    1. Absolutely Jennym… when we stop and open our ears, to listen and allow our body to become more alert and aware of nature going on around us, you can’t help but feel that you are part of the whole grand Universe… Its all there with you in any moment

  35. Symbolism is everywhere in every moment of our day. The only thing is we have to become aware of this and allow ourselves to live in this life of magic. Because if we do we have to agree on the fact that we do not live on our own but live together with 7 billion people, in relationship with nature, the universe and the stars. We are not on our own, we are part of a stupendous whole and the magic of God, symbolism is one of its expressions.

  36. I am currently upgrading a beautiful home that I have bought a couple months ago. I had to get a new Vanity in my bathroom to replace the current one and this has uncovered a pocket of energy buried in the house (and thence in my own system) that can now be released and re-imprinted. The same quality of energy is also trapped in a small storage space off the garage. Knowing something on the symbolism of the home and its room, it is good to be reminded of how I have held back on my power (and still do by interrupting the ‘power supply’ from the universe through a certain reactivity). Such symbolism is so helpful in making one completely honest about how one uses energy and power.

  37. I love the feeling of the word ‘beholding’. I get the sense of being an innocent child being held with unconditional love when I let myself feel the love that surrounds us all. I can let go of any tension in my body and surrender into its universal arms.

  38. You may call it an upgrade when our body is healing itself but actually it is not because the quality was already there but held concealed and inactive. We better can name it a resurrection as to me that is closer to the truth of the powerful beings that we are.

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