The Magnificence of GOD and The Mock Lock

I went on a walk with my friend early this morning, in an area unknown to me. She led the way to a lake and surrounding fenced park and walked towards a padlocked, rather narrow and very ordinary tall gate, which looked more like a rusty old doorway into someone’s backyard than the entry to a public park.

I had spotted the padlock straight away, looked at it and thought, “How are we going to get in?” My friend gently pushed the gate open and I realised that the padlock had only been attached to the gate and nothing else and said, “That’s a mock lock.” We laughed and continued on our walk.

But what has that got to do with God?

Well, other than being a funny rhyme – mock lock – it reminded me of the obstacles we humans put in the way between us and the innate knowing of the magnificence of God. We pretend we don’t know and can’t feel it; we deny God’s Beingness, His all-encompassing presence; we believe that we need an intermediary in the form of a member of the clergy, of whatever ilk we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We imbue God with our human spirit’s traits. We depict Him as vengeful, demanding of sacrifices, insisting on obedience; as angry, as meting out forgiveness; as supporting this as opposed to that, as taking sides – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We theorise that God takes sides and pays allegiance to some over others. We claim Him for the Catholic church, for the Islamic faith, for the Protestants, Anglicans and whatever divisions we can come up with – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We call on God in many ways, whether we say we believe in Him or not. We utter things like, “Oh God” or “Oh my God”; we kneel on hard floors or benches that hurt our knees; we prostrate ourselves on cold stone floors; we stretch out our arms in supplication across the distance towards heaven we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We have many images of God. We depict Him as a type of wizard with a long beard, grey hair and sitting on a throne; we paint his outstretched hand coming through the clouds and creating man; we think He lives behind the gates of heaven, guarded by saints and angels; we think He is a man and some think He must be a woman because that is only fair and bugger the patriarchy  – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We try to capture God and put words in His mouth. We craft scriptures hundreds of years after true messengers and masters have walked the earth and turn them into institutionalised religions. We wield dogma and come up with tenets and rules that throw the cloak of secrecy over paedophilia and condone and justify holding sway over a flock of followers – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We exert force in the name of God. We go to war and kill fellow human beings because their version of God differs from ours and must therefore be eradicated. We torture and seek revenge because our interpretation and image of God must be defended and strengthened but is in truth so shaky that we succumb to the vilest behaviour imaginable – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We make sure God is kept busy as we think befits human life. We pray for personal favours and try to haggle and bargain with Him. We swear off a behaviour if only God came to the table and delivered. We pray for others because we think we know what is right for them – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

We make God responsible for the wrongs of this world. We think He should have put an end to war, cruelty, torture, domestic violence, rape and everything else that is wrong in this world whilst we shirk responsibility and keep frantically busy creating more of the mess that we demand or implore Him to fix up on our behalf – we erect gates, padlock them and all the while, ignore His magnificence.

And while all this is going on, God is there in His magnificence and we, merrily or not, live in His atmic body and with the free will to deny, lie, demean, wilfully create, beseech, ignore and pretend whatever takes our fancy next until we understand free will, get honest, drop the pride, stop pretending and take responsibility.

And then?

We realise there is no gate, that there has never been a gate and thus, it and the padlock have been imaginary and our own creation all along.

And then?

We get to know and reacquaint ourselves with the reality of our grandness and that we have always been part of the magnificence that is God.

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

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619 thoughts on “The Magnificence of GOD and The Mock Lock

  1. Is it possible to turn this around, ‘We have many images of God’, and say instead we are given the many images of God that we are bombarded with on a daily basis so that we have a feeling of rejection towards God.Is it possible this is the whole set of the astral’s game to keep humanity in the delay of reconnecting back to God or, if God brings up too much for us then let’s say the Universe. The astral plane knows it will not be able to stop the eventual return of the un-god back to God but it plays the game to keep us all in the separation as long as possible by bombarding humanity with images and pictures stories etc., which we do not check but take on face value that these institutions know what they are talking about.Just suppose they were owned by the astral plane and were fed what to say… what then?

  2. What you are sharing Gabriele is very beautiful because what you are saying is no matter how many barriers and excuses we erect as gates we cannot get away with the fact that we are held within God’s Atma. This is something that the mainstream religions have purposely failed to tell us, because if we were taught this truth then there would be no need for any type of religious building, or worship or any religion other than the personal religious intimacy between ourselves and God. But that doesn’t make any institution any money so it is no surprise that the Roman Catholic Church is the wealthiest institution which originated from the people in centuries past being coerced to give donations to the RC church for favours which the institution could never truly give because the Roman Catholic Church is so far removed from a religious intimacy God in truth.

  3. When we accept that we can Align to God this makes all the difference as the way we live can bring so much distraction. When we make the Alignment to be connected to our Essence, Inner-most-heart/Soul, all the locks are removed so we have a deeper awareness and access to the wisdom of God.

  4. “the padlock have been imaginary and our own creation all along.” We created them, it’s our responsibility to remove them. Until that responsibility is taken up so much nonsense and craziness ensues.

  5. “We get to know and reacquaint ourselves with the reality of our grandness and that we have always been part of the magnificence that is God” Oh yes to feel this is fundamental to our evolution.

  6. Thank you Gabriele, it’s both a beautiful and painful read, beautiful because of the simplicity and magnificence of an ever present God, and painful because of what we have done by ignoring God.

    1. It could frankly be said that we are idiots but that doesn’t go down so well in some circles.

      1. Gabriele I can put up both hands and admit to being an idiot because I resist the absolute knowing of God. This is why the Ageless Wisdom and Universal Medicine makes so much sense because the presentations, workshops, books all present the fact that there is a spirit and the one soul and it is the spirit that is a splinter of the one soul which separated to form this way of life which we call creation. Our spirit resists the pull back to the one soul and purposefully keeps us all in the constant distraction of life. I know this to be true because I can feel the resistance to the pull of evolution back to God. It feels like I have my foot on the gas pedal but my other foot is on the brake. This is why I really deeply appreciate the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom because via those teachings I have an understanding about myself and life which is so clear and to the point. We are all held by a consciousness that keeps us separated from our soul and until we can renounce the lies we have all bought into we will not be able to see past the veils in front of our eyes to behold the magnificence we come from which is God. At least I know the truth and cannot be lied to again by the false prophets who say they have the answers when they do not, they are just peddling lies. There is only one true teaching and that is the Ageless Wisdom that has been with us all this time throughout the ages.

      2. Interesting how we are led to believe that we can resist the knowing of God – can we really un-know something that we already know and have always known?

  7. You have made me wonder Gabriele just how many ‘mock locks’ do we think we have in front of us throughout our day when there are actually none.

    1. We keep creating them – we see closed doors when they are in fact wide open; we see locks where there are none. It suits us to struggle and live in the hardship of our very own creations.

      1. Is it possible that we see our parents struggle with life and therefore we take on that struggle because that’s all we know and understand. Then someone comes along and asks the question why are we struggling when life can be so simple. Is it then possible that we go into reaction because how dare that person say life shouldn’t be a struggle when that is all we have known and identified with and if there is no struggle then what? Does it come down to an identification we have become so comfortable with struggle it has become a security blanket for many of us.

      2. As strange as it might seem, but struggle has become the meaning of life for many and some kind of justification for how they are feeling about life and in general.

  8. This is so true ‘we deny God’s Beingness, His all-encompassing presence’ … but why? Why would we not want to feel something so beautifull that we are part of, yes in order to feel that we would have to acknowledge all we have lived that has not been that. Maybe its time to stop being so stubborn, having tantrums and feel the love instead of not feel it! ✨

  9. There is certainly a feeling that permeates so much of our lives that suggests life needs to be a struggle and that personal development is about struggle as well.

    1. We hate struggle, we don’t want it, we declare that we want simplicity and ease and yet, we are addicted to struggle; it gives a graininess to life, turns it into an existence and garners acceptance and recognition.

      1. It’s true Gabriele, we fit in when we choose struggle, we even champion those that do it tough here in Australia with the affectionate term “Little Aussie battler”. Some people have definitely had a lot to face in life and all respect is meant to that group, but we can sometimes choose to be in struggle which is what I’m referring to.

      2. Yes, I understand what you mean – it is easy to get identified with the struggle and defend its seeming valour with all one’s might.

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