Facts about Universal Medicine: A Dangerous Cult – I think NOT!

I would like to start with a little of my personal history. I grew up in a cult in which my mother was heavily involved. This was a group she stayed with for approximately 10 years: over this time I experienced a whole lot of questionable behavior from older men and women whom I was supposed to look up to and learn from.

There has been a complete denial of the true facts as people accuse Universal Medicine of being a dangerous cult with founder Serge Benhayon as the cult leader, for I truly know what a dangerous cult looks like and is, having experienced it firsthand! Labelling something as such is not an accusation to make lightly as the way a real cult impacts people’s lives is very destructive and emotionally crippling.   Continue reading “Facts about Universal Medicine: A Dangerous Cult – I think NOT!”

Universal Medicine & the Media: Why the Elephant is more Interesting than the Fly

There’s an old tale I’ve heard and it goes something like this:

‘Once there were four blind travellers who came across this ‘Big Thing’ in the jungle. One bent down, felt around, and said, ‘No sweat! It’s only some tree stumps’. Another felt the middle and said, ’It’s a wall – we can’t get around’. Another felt a swish against his face and said, ‘Hey! It’s a flying insect!’. The fourth reached up, got a fright, and yelled, ‘Run for your life – a snake!’ Continue reading “Universal Medicine & the Media: Why the Elephant is more Interesting than the Fly”

I have Watched and am Now Inspired

by Sandhya Mistry, Brisbane, Australia

Today I was truly inspired by my partner of 26 years.

Over the past few months, I have watched while my partner and others have had to endure constant harassment on blog sites that a few disgruntled people who blame Universal Medicine for the break up of their relationships, have been writing on. They have blatantly told lies, have manipulated information to incite hatred, are constantly barraging them with insulting comments, and are now trying to ruin their professional reputations with completely unfounded allegations.

I have watched while she has been lied to by journalists to firstly obtain an interview, then be interviewed for up to an hour, to then only have one line manipulated to fit their story.

I have watched how the media have tried to threaten her with another false story to ruin her professional standing when she has objected to their behaviour. Continue reading “I have Watched and am Now Inspired”

What the Media have Reported about UniMed Brisbane is not my Experience

by Donna Harris, Brisbane, Australia, PA to General Manager/Office Administrator for QLD, Diploma in Business Administration – Front Line Management, Justice of the Peace (Qualified) 20 years

I am a single mum with a young daughter, and a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Universal Medicine Practitioners at the Brisbane Clinic have been supportive beyond words during this time.

So that I might have the support I required over that time of my treatment and recovery my daughter and I stayed at the Brisbane UniMed Clinic for three months. Not only did I receive the utmost in care, but I was also supported through doctor’s appointments and financially, as I was unable to work. I was given the love and care that was needed and not once during this time was a treatment ever based on whether I could afford it or not. What was even more honourable was that all of this was done without any expectations in return! Continue reading “What the Media have Reported about UniMed Brisbane is not my Experience”

Our Relationship & Universal Medicine – Just One of the ‘Gruntled’ Many

by Frank Tybislawski and Victoria Lister, Brisbane Australia

It appears the recent media interest in Universal Medicine (UniMed) is the result of some rather vigorous pot stirring by a ‘disgruntled few’ – a handful of men who lay blame for the demise of their relationships at the feet of Universal Medicine. Happily, we can report the opposite is true for us: although we didn’t meet via UM, our involvement in the organisation has only strengthened our relationship and we are both the better for it – singularly, and as a couple. Here, we present a ‘his’n’hers’ version of events, in which we discuss how one of us was already a regular participant, how one of us wasn’t, how no-one felt threatened by the supposed inequity, how we both feel totally ‘gruntled’ about our relationship and UM, and how we know many others who would claim the same. Continue reading “Our Relationship & Universal Medicine – Just One of the ‘Gruntled’ Many”

It Defies Common Sense!

by Jeanette Macdonald. RN (palliative care), Esoteric Healing Practitioner (EPA accredited), Tauranga, NZ

On the one hand we have people gathering together in a public place, by choice, to listen to someone (Serge Benhayon) who openly and consistently presents simple loving ways of living and being in the world: by openly, I mean the doors are always open and have always been at any Universal Medicine presentation I have attended.

And on the other hand, David Millikan, who Serge (due to his open door policy and having nothing to hide) had generously agreed to give the time and space to go on stage so that he could ask questions, supposedly prepared for those gathered.  Continue reading “It Defies Common Sense!”