What the Media have Reported about UniMed Brisbane is not my Experience

by Donna Harris, Brisbane, Australia, PA to General Manager/Office Administrator for QLD, Diploma in Business Administration – Front Line Management, Justice of the Peace (Qualified) 20 years

I am a single mum with a young daughter, and a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Universal Medicine Practitioners at the Brisbane Clinic have been supportive beyond words during this time.

So that I might have the support I required over that time of my treatment and recovery my daughter and I stayed at the Brisbane UniMed Clinic for three months. Not only did I receive the utmost in care, but I was also supported through doctor’s appointments and financially, as I was unable to work. I was given the love and care that was needed and not once during this time was a treatment ever based on whether I could afford it or not. What was even more honourable was that all of this was done without any expectations in return! So it was with utter shock and disbelief that I read in a prominent Brisbane newspaper recently that UniMed Brisbane was a business that was ‘out for profit’ when here I could see that the focus is not on profit, but on giving back to the community through hundreds of people who, like myself, have been ill at one time or another and required support. This was such a critical time in my life and people from all over Brisbane also associated with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon joined in to support my recovery. I have NEVER felt so supported in my entire life! This kind of support is truly rare and should be celebrated.

Living in the UniMed Brisbane clinic for three months is now one of the greatest markers I have in my life. I had, for the very first time in my life, living examples all around me of how to deeply care for and nurture myself and my daughter. The practitioners that helped me in my recovery were just like me, living normal lives and responding to what they felt was true for them – none of them being told what to do/eat/how to sleep, each of them different to the other (contrary to what the press has erroneously reported). No one was ever imposed on with what they should or should not eat. It was left to the individual to feel what effect food had on their own bodies and make their choices based on that.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have inspired me to look after myself first, and in doing so I have rediscovered a love within myself that I thought was ‘out there’. At no time have I ever been told that an Esoteric Breast Massage cures cancer as some articles have so falsely misled their readers to believe, yet the Esoteric Breast Massages have played an instrumental part, with profound results, in helping me to develop and look after myself as a Woman. My life is richer, more balanced and clearer than it’s ever been. I am a better person to be around and this has only deepened over the years. The Universal Medicine teachings are so simple, practical and down to earth – they are a parcel of Truth out there that, until Serge came along, no-one else has had the courage to present. I thank UniMed and their team in my heart every day for this wonderful opportunity to live a more fulfilling life.

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  1. This is the real story the public need to here. What a wonderful transformation and what wonderful organisation Universal Medicine is.

  2. ‘I was given the love and care that was needed and not once during this time was a treatment ever based on whether I could afford it or not. What was even more honourable was that all of this was done without any expectations in return!’ AMAZING! We could do with a lot more of this in the world. Universal Medicine really does set the standard when it comes to true care, integrity, quality and making it about people.

  3. ‘I have NEVER felt so supported in my entire life! This kind of support is truly rare and should be celebrated.’ This says it all and from my experience it has been exactly the same. Universal Medicine is about people first and foremost and never ever about profit that is a fact.

  4. Life is imposing it imposes the rules and regulation that we have to abide by they are unfair and unjust as the rules favour the few over the many, which equals control.
    Since knowing Serge Benhayon Universal Medicine I can truthfully say I have not been imposed upon quite the opposite in fact and that is the nub of my change around because I have been left to work things out for myself based on my understanding and as this has deepened then more has naturally opened up for me to be aware of. Too me this is true education.

  5. Giving back to our community in simple practical ways and not have an ounce of recognition, is an aspect of The-Deep-Humble-Appreciative-Ness that is a part of what The Students of The Livingness bring so willingly.

  6. It doesn’t surprise me that you were cared for so well Donna at UniMed Brisbane because the staff there live from the inner heart (the soul), which is to live from love and truth, and taking care of others is a natural part of that. This is what brotherhood is, an all encompassing love holding all equally and lending a hand to our fellow man. I’m so pleased you experienced this when you needed care, and your experience exposes the lies the media have chosen to run with about Universal Medicine Brisbane.

  7. This story should be printed in the newspapers and be recorded for history to see and read. To me it sounds absolutely amazing that someone or some organization would do this for someone else.

  8. The UniMed Brisbane clinic is a thriving centre for true health and wellbeing and therefore nothing like how the media like to portray it or any other Universal Medicine clinic for that matter.

  9. Even the best intentions and practices can turn into something ill-intentioned when it falls under the hands of someone who has an agenda which has no interest in truth whatsoever; just pure malevolence. Yet, the truth remains untouched.

  10. It’s absurd to paint Universal Medicine as a “out for profit” company – I constantly see, hear and experience myself the generosity, absolute care and brilliance of this business. And I can categorically say that nothing about Universal Medicine is about making money, but about really supporting people with their health and well being and offering tools that support us with life – and that is incredibly rare.

  11. People’s lived experience of a service is what I mainly listen to in regards to accessing a service and even that needs to be discerned.

  12. It seems that there are so many lies told about Universal Medicine because what Universal Medicine offers exposes how far from true care and love most businesses are and people don’t like to see this so shaming and blaming is the easy way out for now.

  13. The integrity and deep care, with no expectation of return or profit has equally been my experience of Universal Medicine over here in England. No matter where it is the quality holds itself throughout the organisation. Anything said otherwise is a pure lie.

  14. There is much about Universal Medicine that deserves to be celebrated. If anyone was truly looking to see the truth, you only need to observe the students of The Way of The Livingness to see incredible transformations of many lives inspired by the teachings, principles and healing modalities presented by Serge Benhayon. For this truth you cannot argue with.

  15. Through my association with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have come to have a much deeper appreciation of the power there is in words. Like many people I used to believe what is generally believed in society – that words don’t really affect people. But they do and this is very clear to me now and is something those in the media must come to appreciate and respect. If we have any sense of respect and responsibility for our world, our communities and our fellow man, we need to use words wisely – more so than we currently do.

  16. What a beautiful experience that puts to shame what has been reported about Universal Medicine. This is newsworthy and inspiring yet lies make it to print.

  17. In today’s world where reality shows are all the go, one would think that real life experiences as shared here would make first page news. Or do they not, because there is no emotional hook when one shares with the honesty and humility that Donna has.

  18. What UniMed Brisbane offers is true community, that is a community where people genuinely care about each other and not because they belong to a certain cultural group, religion, football club etc but simply because they are fellow human beings.

  19. What the media often omit are the actual facts from people’s experience that would otherwise tell a completely different story. Yet sensationalism and selling papers is the predominant drive of the media today which is to the complete disregard of all those they are writing about.

  20. Donna I loved reading about your experience and support that you were given by Universal Medicine, they are so supportive when you need someone to be there and deliver the truth you need to hear too, the bad press only goes to show how little the journalists have truly looked into what Universal Medicine offers humanity.

  21. This is a powerful testimony Donna on the true services and quality care that UniMed Brisbane offers to everyone equally – thank you for setting the record straight and exposing the lies that were published.

  22. Let’s ask ourselves, how many places like UniMed Brisbane are out there that could match what they offer to their communities as an overall package? I would say not many if any at all.

  23. What UniMed Brisbane offers is one of our most natural inclinations towards fellow human beings. We have just become so accustomed to expecting an agenda behind someone offering support, particularly if it is outside our closest family or friendship groups. It is also increasingly hard for many to accept this sort of true support with nothing asked in return as payment or favour.

  24. The level of care and commitment to themselves and the communities they live and work with continue to inspire others to find a true way of being and living in the world. There is a true story of fact to be written with no fiction required to make it amazing.

  25. The problem with the media is that there is no regulation. And of course, neither should it be, cries the defender of free speech. Of course, the downside to that is that there is very little to hold the media to account, and very little to prevent those that hold the power of persuasion in there hands from abusing that power to their own ends and means.

  26. The generosity that Donna describes does seem remarkable by present day standards yet wherever in the world that is the norm within the Universal Medicine community. I can attest to that from personal experience here in the UK and I know of many people from many different countries who say the same thing..

  27. The generosity, love and support that is offered by Universal Medicine is second to none, I mean none. I have never been treated so well by anyone and as Donna points out in this blog, they expect nothing in return, there is no agenda. This type of fabric is what our society should be made up of and I feel like once upon a time it was; we use to care for each other like this. What Universal Medicine is offering is us returning to something we already know, and that is to truly love thy neighbour, we must love thyself.

  28. Don’t you love when you get the facts of the matter or the truth of what is really going on? I do and I while I didn’t read the article that this blog relates too I can see the level of care and generosity you were shown by Universal Medicine in Brisbane and Universal Medicine in general leaves me no doubt who I would be calling if it was needed. It’s great for people to share their real life experiences of what something is as far too often these days we seem to be getting only parts of a story through our traditional media channels Maybe at some point we will call for this to change and possibly a blog like this is already part of that change, which ever way it goes you can’t deny what in fact happened in this case. Thank you for the blog and making clear what in this actually happened and I am sure others now and in the future will appreciate the same thing.

  29. Thank you Donna for giving an honest account of your experience. I question whether the journalists were speaking from experience, because I’ve read many a testimonial like yours that suggests nothing untoward about the Universal Medicine Clinic both in Brisbane and in Goonelabah, NSW, and everything about the utmost care, love and attention received.

  30. There is no doubt truth exposes. I have felt on numerous occasions uncomfortable in my seat with what Serge Benhayon was saying. It wasn’t because what was being said wasn’t true but the fact that what was being said was true and I didn’t want to hear it because I was being offered to take a look more deeply at the choices I was making. We can embrace truth to evolve or we can slam the door and pull down the messenger – the choice is ours.

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